Tunisia in November 2022. Where to vacation? Weather, prices, reviews

November in Tunisia – unpredictable weather and low prices

Tunisia in November is not at all the “country of eternal summer”, as it likes to draw some cunning tour operators. In the last month of the Velvet season here you will find unpredictable weather, the first cold, deserted beaches and minimal prices.

The November holiday in Tunisia is of a contemplative nature. People come here not so much to bathe in the cooling and stormy sea, but rather for a short sunbathing, thoughtful walks on the beach, spa treatments in the hotel, or excursions to local attractions. In general – a vacation for the amateur.

Let’s consider what this country is like in the last month of autumn, what surprises to expect from the local climate, what happens to prices, and whether you should go there at all at such a controversial time.

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Weather and sea temperature

In the mind of the average European, all Africa is the same. Since high school it has been perceived as a continent where it never gets cold. Unfortunately, it can be. Despite its proximity to the subtropical zone, Tunisia has almost the same climate as southern Europe. This means that the tourist season is limited.

In November, the velvet season ends . This is because the weather begins to deteriorate and is almost not suitable for swimming. The sky occasionally gets cloudy, cold wind gusts intensify, the humidity increases and it sometimes drizzles with rain.

The temperature of the air and the capriciousness of the weather depends on the region where the particular resort is located – the more northern, the colder .

The average temperature is:

  • In the north +18°C during the day and +14°C at night;
  • In the south, +21 by day and +17°C at night.

Average water temperature:

  • In the north – from +17°C to +19°C;
  • In the south, from +20°C to +23°C.

Should I be wary of jellyfish?

Jellyfish are heat-loving creatures, so they are almost never seen in the Mediterranean Sea in November. The peak of activity is in July and August, when the water along the Tunisian coast warms up to +28 ° C.

Beach holiday

Beach holidays in November are only for those who are indifferent to the cold. For everyone else, the only things to see are the crashing waves and deserted beaches. The water is not so cold here, because +18-23 ° C – is almost like the Black Sea in the south of Russia in June or September. However, not everyone wants to dry off after such a bathing in the cold wind.

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Where to have a rest: a comparison of resorts

The choice of the best resort for November is determined depending on the goals of the tourist. If he wants to bathe in more or less warm water and sunbathe, he should go to the island of Djerba. If a beach vacation is not as important as sightseeing and entertainment, you should prefer Hammamet.


The island resort of Djerba, which is located in the southernmost point of the country, near the border with Libya. In the first half of November you can still catch the last echoes of summer: warm air, cloudless (most of the day) sky and the warmest for Tunisia sea. It is worth to go here for a beach holiday and thalassotherapy.


The northernmost of the major resorts of the country. In November here come not for swimming, but to party in the numerous bars, nightclubs and casinos, mud baths and walks on a boat. Hammamet is also good, because it and its surroundings are a lot of attractions, and the capital is close at hand.

A budget-class resort, located in the southern part of the Gulf of Hammamet. It’s not ideal for a beach holiday, but it’s great for nightlife and family vacations. It is also a good starting point for trips to local historical and natural attractions. In addition, there is a beautiful zoo and a children’s ice cream palace.


A large city about half a hundred kilometers south of Sousse. It cannot boast a warm sea and plenty of entertainment, but there are plenty of sights and cheap hotels. The resort is also a major international airport, which makes it a good place for a short-term autumn vacation: arrived, checked in, had a rest, flew away.

Current Prices

Prices in November fall to obscenely low levels. At this time tour operators get rid of the last unsold vouchers and places on charter flights, so the thrifty tourists get an opportunity to rest in Tunisia for next to nothing. For example, only at this time last minute tour for two for 5-7 nights can cost only $ 170.

The cost of food and services is reduced as much as possible. True, and services are less, because most of the tourist infrastructure is closed before the new season.

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Most hotels are closing, and those that are still open tend to stand half-empty. Because of this, the cost of accommodation decreases significantly.

  • A night in a 2* hotel – from 1,000 rubles;
  • one night in a 3* hotel – from 1,500 rubles;
  • one day of stay in a 4* hotel – from 2,500 rubles;
  • at 4500 rubles for a night in a 5* hotel.

The cost of the elite spa hotels “all inclusive”, which function during the whole winter, practically does not change.

Entertainment and excursions

The only thing that keeps a high price is the cost of excursions . The decrease in the number of tourists forces the guides to raise the rates or keep them at the same level in order to get at least some return on investment.

Examples of prices:

  • a tour of the Sahara (with a jeep, bike or camel safari tour) – $100 to $250;
  • Trip to ancient cities and architectural monuments: Carthage, Gordian Amphitheatre, Kairun, Sbeitla;
  • Tours to Arabian architectural monuments of the Middle Ages: Medinas, Berber fortresses, mosques, dungeons, etc. – From $100;
  • Tours to the places of filming of “Star Wars” – from 100$;
  • Trip to crocodile farm – $ 30;
  • boat trip – from $ 60;
  • Tour of the national park – from $50;
  • A visit to the golf club – from $25.


The cost of the average bill in restaurants and cafes is practically unchanged. Those establishments that are still operating are not going to operate at a loss. As for markets and supermarkets, you can find cheap seasonal fruits and vegetables there at any time of the year. Those who prefer to cook in their rooms, there will always be a chance to save money.

Holidays in Tunisia in November

Find out about holidays in Tunisia in November 2022. Is it possible to swim and sunbathe? What are the reviews of tourists? How much do prices go down? Answers to these and other questions.


Prices for tours to Tunisia in November – 2022

At the end of autumn, trips to Europe are not in demand, because the beach season is over. Interest in North Africa is also falling. The attention of tourists switches to more southern resorts, such as Southeast Asia. For this reason, tours to Tunisia are cheaper in November 2022. You can stay at a hotel 5 * in the price of three-star and enjoy the rest on the program “all inclusive”, which could not afford the summer. At the same time at any time of the year the quality of service remains high.

Holidays in Tunisia with children - 2022. Best hotels. Prices. Reviews

Let’s see how much tours to Tunisia in November for two for 7 days with a flight from Moscow cost. Traveling to Tunisian resorts in late fall is a great opportunity to save money. You can get the cheapest tour to 3* hotels in Sousse, Hammamet and Nabele for 40-45 thousand rubles. November tours in Tunisia on the island of Djerba are more expensive – from 50 thousand rubles. If you want to have a rest in a 4-5* star hotel, you’ll need from 60 thousand rubles. Prices for tours “all inclusive” start at 47 thousand rubles.

Prices for 7-day tours to Tunisia in November 2022 from Moscow:

Resort Price for two persons Example
Hammamet from ₽ 41,000 Найти тур >>
Sousse From 42,000 ₽ Найти тур >>
Monastir from 48,000 ₽ Найти тур >>
Djerba from ₽ 50,000 Найти тур >>
Mahdia From 52,000 ₽ Найти тур >>
Nabelle from ₽ 46,000 Найти тур >>

Polina Rudakova: “Having snatched up a hot offer, I went on a week-long vacation to Tunisia. I was not very pleased with the trip. The resort does not offer a comfortable stay on the beach, not to mention swimming. I am even speaking nothing about bathing! The water is really cold. ,

Holidays in Tunisia in November

At any time of year, the service in the hotels remains high. Photo: jonnysek / Depositphotos.com.

Weather in Tunisia in November

Thanks to the subtropical Mediterranean climate, in November in Tunisia is still quite warm. At the beginning of the month the water temperature is +20 ° C and at the end of +17 ° C. It is already cold to swim, so the beach season is closed. Strong winds are rare, but along the coast constantly blows fresh sea breezes. Air during the day warms up to +19 … +25 ° C, and at night stays at the level of +12 … +13 ° C. It rains a little. In such mild weather it is favorable to go on excursions, besides there are not many tourists and there are no lines to the sights.

Weather in Tunisia in November is quite capricious. In the off-season there can be temperature changes and winds, so the tours in this country have contradictory reviews. Some people liked the trip in the fall, and some did not.

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To vacation in Tunisia in November, take warm clothes. For walks by the sea will be useful shirts, sweaters, windbreakers and sneakers. Not out of place an umbrella and a raincoat.

Xenia Livatova: “The sun gets hot closer to noon, it’s the best time to get a golden skin tone. You can use a cream with a medium degree of protection – it’s enough to protect yourself from burns.

November in Tunisia

The beach in Hammamet. Photo: Sek Keung Lo / flickr.com / CC BY-NC 2.0.

Tunisia hotel prices in November 2022

City Price per day Example
Hammamet from 19$ Посмотреть отели >>
Sousse from 12$ Посмотреть отели >>
Monastir from $40 Посмотреть отели >>
Djerba from $17 Посмотреть отели >>
Mahdia from $17 Посмотреть отели >>
Nabul from $20 Посмотреть отели >>

Where to have a rest in Tunisia in November

As in early autumn, the best holiday in Tunisia in November is on Djerba. The island is located to the south of the other resorts, so it is warmer. Stores, market and cafes are open. Do not close Djerba Explore and crocodile farm.

In Sousse, Hammamet, Monastir, Mahdia and Nabeel the temperature is 2-3 ° C lower than on Djerba. It is even colder in the central parts of the country. But even in the more northern resorts on sunny days, many people sunbathe, and there are brave people who swim in the sea.

Holidays in Tunisia in November will suit anyone who does not like the hustle and bustle and large crowds of people. All resorts are half empty. Many hotels and restaurants are closed for low season, and the beaches are deserted.

Evelina Krylova: “Autumn Island Djerba is created for philosophical rest – walks, recreational procedures. For the sights you will have to go to the mainland. There is nothing to do on the beach. Except to come and admire the sea.

The sea in Tunisia

The sea in Tunis. Photo: Venus Evans / unsplash.com.

Holidays with children in November

During the fall vacations, parents tend to take their children out to warm countries. A trip to North Africa is not a bad solution for a family with a child. In November, tours for holidays in Tunisia are inexpensive, there is no need to get a visa, and the flight lasts not long.

Weather in Tunisia in November is not suitable for swimming in the sea and sunbathing, but the holiday can be useful and interesting. Walks along the coast and fresh sea air will improve your health, and excursions to the Sahara and the ancient Tunisian cities will expand children’s minds.

Reviews of tourists about holidays in Djerba. Do I go in 2022?

If in November you want to vacation in Tunisia with preschoolers, buy a tour to a good hotel 5 *. Choose a hotel with an indoor pool and Turkish bath. Some hotel complexes can boast an indoor pool with sea water. The little ones will be entertained by experienced animators, and the babies will have fun in the game room and swim in the heated water.

The best hotels for holidays with children in Tunisia in November:

  • Riu ClubHotel Palm Azur 4*;
  • Sentido Djerba Beach 4*;
  • Iberostar Royal El Mansour Hotel & Thalasso 5*;
  • Vincci El Mansour 4*;
  • Royal Kenz Thalasso & Spa / Thomson Platinum 4*; Iberostar Royal El Mansour Hotel & Thalasso 4*; Royal Kenz Thalasso & Spa / Thomson Platinum 4*;
  • Moevenpick Resort & Marine Spa 5*;
  • Palace Hammamet Marhaba 5*;
  • TUI Magic Life Africana 5*;
  • Nerolia Hotel & Spa 4*;
  • Bella Vista 4*.

Tip . In autumn in Tunisia, dates, plums, clementines, grapes, pomegranates, oranges, lemons and the cactus fruit opuntia hendi ripen. In November, seasonal fruits are cheap. Treat yourself and your child to exotic flavors and a good dose of vitamins.

Holidays with children in Tunisia in November

Port El Kantaoui in November. Photo: Gary Henderson / wikimedia.org / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

What to do on vacation in Tunisia in November

Tunisia hosts the Oasis Festival at the beginning of the month and the Sahara Festival at the end. Tourists use the mild weather for active entertainment. In November, surfers come to Tunisia for a vacation. The best resorts for fans of wind and waves are considered Hammamet and Djerba.

The most popular excursions are to the Sahara. In November, a trip across the dunes in Tunisia will be pleasant and memorable for a long time. The picturesque desert attracts colorful landscapes and interesting sights, so you can travel through it for several days. Tourists like excursions to the ancient Carthage, a colorful village of Sidi Bou Said and the museum of Roman mosaics in Bardo, which is located on the outskirts of the city of Tunis.

During a holiday in Tunisia in November, take care of your health. The country has many high quality thalassotherapy centers and spas. To undergo a recovery course, stay in a themed hotel, such as Hasdrubal thalassa Djera 5*. You will be offered an individual programme, hydromassage and relaxing massage, press therapy, algae and henna wrapping, and other useful procedures.

Tunisian Weather in November

Great Mosque of Kairouan, or Uqba Mosque (Photo: khowaga1 / flickr.com)

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