Turkey in August 2022. Where to relax? Weather, prices, reviews

Rest in Turkey in August

I tell you about rest in Turkey in August. Find out how much the tours cost in 2022, where it is not so hot and what to expect from the weather.


Prices for tours to Turkey in August 2022

Warning. Prices for tours after the opening of the borders jump a lot: fall – because of the launch of new flights, rising – due to high demand.

Rest in Turkey at the end of summer is not cheap – it’s the peak season. Although you can always find a last minute tour for a pleasant price. When choosing a hotel pay attention to the evaluation and reviews of other tourists, because for the lowest price are usually sold bad options with a lot of flaws. Learn how to choose a good trip to Turkey. See also 7 ways to buy a tour cheaper.

The cheapest tours to Turkey from Moscow in August 2022 cost from 50,000 rubles – these are trips to three-star hotels in Antalya. A week’s holiday in a five-star hotel in Turkey in August costs from 76000 rubles. There are also inexpensive trips to Alanya, Kemer and Side. But the rest in Belek, Marmaris and Bodrum is more expensive. See the table below.

The tours “all inclusive” for a week in August cost from 52000 rubles in hotels 3*, from 60000 rubles – in 4* and from 76000 rubles – in hotels 5*.

Search for the last minute trips on Level.Travel and Travelata services – they will find the best offers among different tour operators. Read about all-inclusive holidays in Turkey.

See how much tours to different resorts in Turkey cost in August 2022. Prices are per tour from Moscow for two people for 7 nights:

Resort Price for two Example
Antalya from 50 000 ₽ Find Tours
Alanya from ₽ 54,000 Find Tours
Side from 52,000 ₽ Find Tours
Kemer from 52,000 ₽ Find Tours
Bodrum from ₽ 60,000 Find Tours
Marmaris from ₽63,000 Find Tours
Belek from 68,000 ₽ Find Tours

Turkey in AugustSandy beach in Side, in the area of Titreengöl.

Weather and temperature

August in Turkey is a real scorcher. The sun is very hot in Alanya, Antalya and Kemer: +35°C during the day and +21°C at night. +27°С. But the sea is wonderful – the Mediterranean warms up to coveted +29 ° C, the Aegean to +27 ° C.

In August, even furious sunbathers have to wait out the peak hours of the day in the shade and cool. We advise to sunbathe only until 11 am and after 4 pm. Learn how and when to sunbathe properly.

The weather in some regions of Turkey in August is not suitable for hypertensive people and babies, because it is stuffy and humid. According to reviews of tourists, this month is better to rest in the resorts of the Aegean Sea, where the air is drier and cooler.

Where to have a better holiday

As I have already written, the heat is easiest to bear in the resorts of the Aegean Sea. Comfortable vacation in Bodrum and Marmaris: the air is dry, the temperature is about +33 ° C, and the sea is wonderfully refreshing. With children you can go to Fethiye, Oludeniz and Kusadasi. The water is much warmer there.

But in the coniferous Kemer is humid and stuffy. But how nice night swimming in August: the air in Kemer cools little after sunset, and the sea is unreal warm +29 ° C.

8 Best Restaurants in Side

I do not advise to go to Istanbul in August. We vacationed there at that time, and it’s hard to see the sights in this heat.

Holiday in Turkey in August

Kumburnu beach on the Blue Lagoon spit in Oludeniz. What a lovely place!

Holidays with kids.

In August in Turkey, the sea warms up as much as possible, and for children and adults is available the widest range of entertainment. It would seem the best time for a family vacation! However, judging by the reviews of tourists vacationing in Turkey in August, there are enough disadvantages: hot, high prices, a lot of tourists and exhausted staff at the hotels.

Holiday in Turkey in August with a child is best in the resorts of the Aegean Sea, because there are drier and cooler than in the resorts of the Mediterranean Sea, and the water is warm enough. It would be ideal if the hotel is located in a green area, with shady areas.

With teenage children feel free to go to Marmaris and Bodrum – these are more European resorts. Very good family-type hotels are in Belek, there is comfortable with children of any age.

Read more about holidays in Turkey with children. Check out the 10 best hotels in Turkey with a water park – your kids will love it.

Where to have a rest with children in Turkey in August

Water slides in Turkey are enjoyed not only by children, but also by their dads.

What to do

Holiday in Turkey in August does not differ from the July holiday. Most of the time tourists spend on the beach. The sea is so warm that you can be in it for hours. In the rest of the time you can take a yacht trip, go sea or river fishing, diving or snorkeling, jumping with a parachute or fly on a paraglider. And to relax, go to the hammam.

In this blistering August heat it’s best not to plan long outdoor excursions – you’ll only get yourself in trouble. Opt for mini-trips or boat rides. Also read about the best excursions in Turkey. But especially advise to rent a car and drive around the country – we were delighted with such a trip.

If you vacation with a child, look at the water park and dolphinarium – they are in almost every major resort in Turkey.

Turkey in August 2022 – prices, weather, reviews

Lara Beach

Briefly about the article – Turkey in August 2022: all-inclusive prices, where to rest best, what about the weather, what to dilute the all-inclusive beach holiday and where to go with a child.

At the end of the summer, the holiday season is in full swing – the beaches are full, the hotels are full, and the prices for trips do not go down. Despite this, many tourists still choose August. It seems to me that this month is not for everyone. Why – I explain below.

Useful: in an ATM Ziraat you can withdraw Liras with a MIR card. Cash rubles can also be exchanged, but the exchange rate is less favorable.

Editor’s note: The author herself traveled to the country in July and August. So summer Turkey is familiar to her firsthand:)

Weather in Turkey in August

Cleopatra Beach

View from the funicular to Cleopatra beach (Alanya)

Spoiler: The weather in Turkey in August can spoil the vacation of tourists who are sensitive to heat.

In the first days of my trip to Alanya in late August, it was hard to get used to the heat. Already at 9 am the streets are a red-hot frying pan. Once you leave the hotel, you’re sticky with heat and humidity. In the evening is not better – it seemed that the heat comes from the buildings, asphalt and the crowd of tourists.

How to book a hotel in Turkey by yourself

On walks were saved only by stores and cafes with a pleasant coolness from split systems. In my opinion, the combination “Turkey, rest, August” will suit only the most resilient.

Enterprising hoteliers (not all) willingly take advantage of this – in many hotels air conditioning only works for an additional fee. In my case – $2 per day. Saving on this is unlikely

Water Temperature

Where is the warmer sea in August? The water at this time has time to warm up at all resorts. But for those looking for that “steamy milk”, I made a detailed table with the temperature at the resorts.

Turkey in August – where the sea is warmer (° C):

Mediterranean Antalya 29,3
Alanya 29,3
Kemer 29,3
Belek 29,4
Side 29,4
Aegean Bodrum 26,0
Marmaris 27,2
Fethiye 28,3
Black Samsun 25,8
Sinop 25,5
Trabzon 26,3
Marmara Izmit 24,8
Yalova 24,4
Bursa 24,9

It is not for nothing that the Mediterranean Sea is so popular among our tourists – it is the most comfortable place to swim. The water temperature in August averages +29 ° C.

Air temperature

Where in Turkey is cooler in August? Not on the southern coast. The climate here is mild, but the sun is not spared, so you must use a sunscreen with a high SPF.

In the Aegean resorts the temperature is slightly lower. But where it is not hot, it is on the coast of the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara. During the day +26 ° C … +29 ° C, and at night the air can cool to +17 ° C.

Air temperature in resorts in Turkey in August (° C):

Resort Air
Antalya 34,5
Alanya 32,1
Kemer 32,6
Belek 34,7
Side 33,7
Bodrum 31,4
Marmaris 33,7
Fethiye 33,4

Interested in Turkey Summer 2022, but is August too hot for you? Try a vacation in July or June. And here we tell you about the weather even in the off-season.

All Inclusive Tour Prices – 2022

View from our hotel in Alanya

The view from our hotel in Alanya. We were lucky with it: nice hosts, cozy rooms and great location.

How much is Turkey in August all-inclusive? I look at prices on online services to find tours – they are in real time loads all the available tours from leading tour operators. Without markups and with the mandatory inclusion of all seasonal discounts or last minute offers:

Let’s just say at once. The cost of holidays in Turkey depends primarily on the format of the planned trip. Do you go “savage”, on the ticket, or in a medium-sized or VIP-hotel.

As for the Turkish resort area – I advise you to take a tour. It is more convenient and not much more expensive. Especially in summer, because wishing to stroll along the seashore in the season and without that a lot.

Prices for an all-inclusive tour to Turkey in August:

✓ for two for 7 days start – from 47,000 rubles, for 10 days – from 50,000 rubles.

✓ to a good 4* for a week (couple) – from 56 000 rubles, to a 5 star hotel – from 65 000 rubles.

How to have a cheap vacation in Turkey - 33 secrets

For a family (mother, father, child) – from 60,000 rubles.

Resorts: where to vacation in Turkey in August?

Where better to go to Turkey in August? There are a lot of options, it depends on your needs and expectations. I tell briefly about popular resorts.

Location with a claim to luxury. It is in demand among tourists with children and couples in age because of: a good 5 * hotels, mild climate, clean sandy beaches and easy entrance to the sea. Nearby attractions: a golf center and sports grounds, thermal springs, the ruins of Perge, and the ancient Aspendos.

Useful about Belek:

White Houses in Bodrum

The White Houses of Bodrum

The resort is often called a European resort. It is in the favorites of young people and lovers of diving – there is a rich underwater world. There is no scorching heat in Bodrum, so during the day you can not hide in the shade and see: the Old Town, the Amphitheatre and the Mausoleum of Mausolus. The beaches at the resort are different: sandy, pebbly and in the form of platforms. Read our article about Bodrum – in it about prices, beaches, tours and the best hotels.

In my opinion, Antalya is a perfect mix of beach and city holidays. There is a well-developed infrastructure, large shopping centers, water parks, equipped sandy and pebbly beaches. And more attractions: the area Kaleici, Düden Waterfalls, Oceanarium, museums, and the ruins of ancient cities in the vicinity.

Useful things to know about Antalya:

Boat and yacht tours

Boat and yacht rides are popular in Alanya. The cost varies from $18-$20.

The most budget, but no less developed resort. Alanya has sandy beaches with “Blue Flag”, green parks and something to entertain yourself. For example, the famous ancient fortress, funicular, salt cave, museum and the Dim Chai Valley. Families with children and lovers of noisy parties usually vacation in this area as well.

What to read about the resort:

    Or go straight to the beach villages – Konakli or Okurcalar

The resort is about a quiet family vacation by the sea. There are sandy beaches and gently sloping water. The Manavgat waterfall and the historical center with antique buildings are a lot of attractions.

Driving by yourself from Kemer to Fazelis

Self-trip from Kemer to Fazelis

Kemer has a mix of beach holidays during the day and youth hangouts in the evening. Pebble beach and green mountain ranges around. For a change: the ancient town of Fazelis and the cable car to Tahtali Mountain.

This is my favorite resort, I’m ready to write about Kemer endlessly:

Another “European” youth resort. In Marmaris is relatively inexpensive, the sea is clean, sandy and pebbly beaches, a whole street of clubs and bars. There is also a lot to see: The fortress, the dancing fountain, the bay with many yachts, the turtle beach and the ancient amphitheater.

Useful about Marmaris:

Still wondering which resort to choose in Turkey? Our reviews of two popular resorts in the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea will help you to make up your mind. For clarity – the map:

How to choose an all-inclusive hotel?

Probably everyone asked himself this question. Especially on your first trip. In order not to spoil the impression of the rest, to choose a hotel must be approached responsibly. What to pay attention to?

  • Study reviews of the guests on forums/services and with friends.
  • Appreciate the hotel location and its services: no busy traffic between the hotel and the beach, far or near the center/sea, free wi-fi.
  • Families with children is better to clarify in advance the availability of children’s pool, animation, babysitting or children’s table.
The best sandy beaches in Side. Our review and photos. Hotels 5* by the sea

Some of the good hotel options are:

✓ 4* Dosi – from 79 000 rubles

Grand Viking – from 66 000 rubles

✓ 5* Titan Select – from 91 000 rubles

I have described the criteria for a good hotel in more detail in the article about rest in June:) For those who want cheap – the system Fortuna or early booking.

What is it – all inclusive in Turkey?

Entertainment in Turkey.

Water Activities Shopping

You can do anything in Turkey: from water fun and sea cruises to unrestrained shopping.

One of the reasons I love Turkey is because there is always something to do if you get bored of being on the beach. Here’s a list of things to do in August:

  • Relax in a hammam – from $15 for the standard program (sauna, massage, peeling, tea).
  • Go water-skiing from $30, jet-skiing from $45, jet skiing from $15.
  • Have a shopping tour in the malls of Antalya (MARK ANTALYA, TerraCity, Mall of Antalya and Deepo outlet), Alanya (Alanyum, MarkaMix Outlet) and Marmaris (Blue Port, Kipa, Migros).
  • Go out at nightclubs in Bodrum (Halikarnas, Chico’s Cocktail Bar, Marina Club), Kemer (Aura Club, Inferno, Barby Karaoke Bar) and Antalya (Soho, Havana Club).
  • Go bar-hopping on the bar street in Marmaris (Pukka, HIX).
  • Go to the local markets and buy fruit, nuts and cheese at prices 2-3 times lower than in Russia.

For those who are planning a family vacation with children in Turkey:

  • Oceanarium in Antalya: access to all the halls of the children – 160 lira, adults – 220 lira.
  • Aqualand water park (there): 80 lira for adults, 60 lira for children.
  • Amusement park and water park The Land of legends in Antalya : adult ticket – $60 in summer, from October $45, children – $40 in season. Locker for belongings – $9.
  • Water Planet Aquapark in Alanya : adults 150 Liras, children 120 Liras.
  • Dolusu Park Kemer in Kemer: from 300 Liras for adults, 170 Liras for children 4-11 years old, free of charge for children under 4 years old.

Excursion prices

My Trip to Aspendos Amphitheater in Demre

My Trip to Aspendos / Amphitheater in Demre

Many people are mistaken about a Turkish vacation. They think it’s max beaches/sea or at the worst, the pool. In fact, you can organize a rich vacation and bring a bunch of photos.

Listed a small fraction of trips to / from Turkish resorts:

Excursion Cost
Ephesus from $65
Safari to Taurus mountains by jeep (from Antalya) from $50
Pamukkale from $50
Ancient Olympos and mythical Chimera from $40
Demre-Mira-Kekova from $40

More details about group and individual tours and exact prices can be found on online aggregators Tripster, Sputnik and GetYourGuide. Many of the trips are organized by locals.

From the editor. I took Ephesus, Chimera and Demre. All three were a pleasant experience. Especially since it’s not very convenient to get from the resorts to these places on your own. It is often easier to buy a ready-made tour.

Where is better in Turkey with children in August?

Cozy Kalkan Patara beach

The cozy town of Kalkan and Patara Beach

In the plans of Turkey with children in August – where to go? Based on the reviews of tourists, I have identified three resorts for a comfortable holiday with a child:

  • Belek – if the priority is a good 5 * all-inclusive hotels, quality animation, clean sand and gentle entrance to the sea. The cherry on the cake – the resort is a half-hour drive from Antalya Airport (35 km). Just keep in mind, Belek ≠ budget holiday.
  • Side – for a lazy vacation with the family and the price tag here is lower. The coast is ideal for children – wide sandy beaches and safe entrance to the water. The resort is sparse with entertainment, but next door (60 km) is the next location ↓.
  • Alanya – comfort and plenty of entertainment at low prices. The east coast is best suited for a beach holiday. At 35 km from the center is a water park Water Planet with a lot of slides of varying difficulty. A spoon of salt – far from the airport of Antalya (2 hours drive) and few 5* hotels.
When is the best time to rest in Turkey? Seasons and weather by month

Good family hotels (price listed for parents with a child):

✓ 5* Titan Select – from 89,000 rubles

4* Side West Park Hotel – from 101 000 rubles

Turkey in early August or at the end of August is not the best time for a vacation with children because of the scorching sun. Severe acclimatization, heat outside and air conditioning indoors often leads to colds. I advise to plan a vacation in September and October, when the heat subsides, and the sea is still warm.

Pluses and minuses of rest in August

A break after a walk in Antalya archeology museum

A break after a walk through the archaeological museum of Antalya

To summarize: Turkey in August – is it worth to go?

  • Yes, if you are resistant to the heat, and the overcrowded tourist beaches and attractions do not scare you.
  • No, if the heat and stuffiness badly affects your health (especially if the problems with blood pressure).

Definitive help make sense of the reviews of tourists in 2021 and 2022. Many note the following advantages of rest in August:

+ very warm sea + fruit season in full swing

And the minuses :

– high prices – stuffiness, heat and high humidity (Mediterranean coast) – crowded beaches and tourist streets

The scare stories about the heat in August are not a fairy tale – tested on personal experience. In the period from 9:00 to 16:00 the air is like thick hot syrup. On the beach, even under an umbrella there is a risk of getting burnt, at least in Alanya. If you do go, choose resorts that are warm, but not hot: the Aegean, Marmara and Black Sea coast.

My tips for tourists

I share with you the tips from my personal piggy bank:

✓ Buy a cream with SPF protection at least 50 and apply it to your skin regularly, not only on the beach.

✓ To avoid getting lost in unfamiliar streets, download the MAPS.ME app – works offline (you need to download a map of the city in advance).

✓ Pay in liras – it’s much more profitable.

✓ Study reviews before you travel. A 5* hotel does not always mean quality service.

✓ Clothing in Turkey (including brands) is cheaper and of higher quality than in Russia. If you plan to update your closet – go to the local shopping malls.

✓ If you are settled in a room with conditions worse than those specified in the tour – go to the guide (rarely, but it happens).

Thinking where better to go? Recently, tourists are increasingly choosing: Tunisia or Turkey.

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