Turkey’s 6 Best Hotels with Pool Access

Turkey’s 6 Best Hotels with Pool Access

Pool Access Hotels

For connoisseurs of comfortable rest we tell you about hotels in Turkey, which have rooms with access to the pool and excellent reviews of tourists. Learn how much it costs for a night for two and a tour for 7 days with a flight from Moscow.

Simena Sun Club 5 *

Pearl of Kemer is famous for its excellent service and a special family atmosphere. Beach hotel is located 700 meters from the center of the resort village Chamyuva and 50 meters from the sandy-pebbly beach. The spacious rooms and villas are equipped with kitchenettes, which is very convenient for holidays with children. Guests swim in the sea and two outdoor pools. Some villas and hotel rooms have access to small pools and hot tubs. Enjoy Turkey’s paradisiacal nature and feel at home!

A double room with breakfast costs from 11 500 rubles. This 7-day tour for two people with a flight from Moscow starts at 76,000 rubles.

Some villas and hotel rooms have access to small pools. Photo: Hotel Simena Sun Club. Swimming pool at the hotel. Photo: Hotel Simena Sun Club.

Paloma Grida Resort & SPA 5*

High-class hotel in Belek with its own sandy beach is one of the best hotels in Turkey with access to the pool. It has a lush garden, 6 restaurants, 7 bars, 6 outdoor pools and Harmonia Rebirth Spa with massages, sauna and Turkish bath. For those who love action, try beach volleyball, bocce, surfing, or canoeing!

A double room with breakfast costs from 14 000 roubles, a “ultra all inclusive” tour costs from 123 000 roubles.

Rooms with access to the pool. Photo: Hotel Paloma Grida Resort & Spa. Rooms with access to the pool. Photo: Paloma Grida Resort & Spa.

Susesi Luxury Resort 5 *

The elite hotel is located 200 meters from the sandy beach, oriented to the family recreation in Belek. Marble hammams, blooming gardens, tall palm trees and a luxurious spa center – that’s what tourists come to Turkey for. Many of the rooms have access to swimming pools. The most breathtaking views are from the upper floors. Swim in the warm water and enjoy the panorama of the Mediterranean Sea!

A double room with breakfast costs from 12 000 rubles and the “ultra all inclusive” tour – from 132 000 rubles.

Rooms with access to the pool. Photo: Susesi Luxury Resort hotel. Rooms with access to the pool. Photo: Susesi Luxury Resort hotel. Rooms with direct access to the pool. View: Susesi Luxury Resort hotel.

Paloma Oceana Resort 5*.

An excellent choice for a holiday in the south of Turkey, this hotel with access to the pool is located almost 5 km from the center of Side. It offers a luxurious landscape pool with water slides, stylish buildings and private villas with small pools. Ada Restaurant offers delicious seafood cuisine, while Safran Restaurant offers traditional Ottoman dishes. For outdoor enthusiasts, there are two tennis courts on site.

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Double room “all inclusive” costs from 16,000 rubles, and the tour – from 97,000 rubles.

Photo: Paloma Oceana Resort hotel. Rooms with access to the pool. Photo: Paloma Oceana Resort hotel.

Jiva Beach Resort 5*.

If you are looking for a cooler resort, choose the turquoise coast of the Aegean Sea in Turkey. A superb hotel with rooms that have access to the pool is located in Fethiye, near the airport. Tourists noted comfortable rooms, a beautiful water park, a pond with fish and turtles, comfortable beach and interesting evening shows.

Double room with breakfasts costs almost 7,000 rubles, and the tour “all inclusive” – from 125,000 rubles.

Rooms with access to the pool. Photo: Jiva Beach Resort. Rooms with access to the swimming pool. Photo: Hotel Jiva Beach Resort.

Voyage Belek Golf & Spa 5*.

This is one of the largest and most expensive hotels in Turkey, which has rooms with access to swimming pools. It is located in the golf area, 2 km from the center of Belek. Nearby there are parks, gardens and the famous stalactite cave Zeitin Tas. The hotel restaurants specialize in Turkish, Italian, Mexican and Japanese cuisine. The beautifully landscaped grounds have 9 swimming pools with waterslides and separate bathing areas for the little ones. A true resort town that you would never want to leave!

A first class vacation is expensive. A double room with breakfast costs from 36,000 rubles, and the “ultra all-inclusive” tour from 133,000 rubles.

Pool Access Hotels in Turkey

Rooms with access to the pool. Photo: Hotel Voyage Belek Golf & Spa.

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Beautiful hotel on the coast pleases with a large selection of all kinds of services: spa, several restaurants (there are, by the way, dishes for vegans), entertainment programs, children’s playground, the beach. And there is a whole complex of pools. And for the kids – with cute entertainment, bright and shallow, and, with slides, and, of course, there is room to swim in plenty. Around the pools are sun loungers. You can get out on dry land, dry off, enjoy the sun, have a snack or refresh yourself with a cocktail and go back to the coolness of the clear water.

Ali Bey Club Manavgat HV-1


This hotel may also be very appealing to lovers of water entertainment. Firstly, there are several pools here. Secondly, each has its own “feature”. For example, for the littlest ones there is a pool with furnace bottom, similar to the sea bank, only without the surf, threatening to pull the little bather to the dangerous depth. There is a main pool with geysers, fountains, whirlpools and other wonders, which is difficult to describe – you have to feel. There is a water park with slides. And, of course, the hotel itself deserves attention: restaurants (including – with a view of the sea, on the beach), theme nights, bars, spa center.

Liberty Lykia HV-1.


Another place where swimmers can feel at ease (more precisely, in their pool) is Liberty Hotels Lykia HV-1. It is a hotel complex with numerous restaurants, a huge territory, all sorts of entertainment for children and adults and, of course, swimming pools. There are several of them – with slides, with the effect of the open sea, for a relaxing vacation. Liberty Hotels Lykia HV-1 has an unmatched beach, water of breathtaking hue, mountains and greenery all around.

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Utopia World Hotel 5*.

Thousand and fifty square meters. This is the area of one of the pools of Utopia World Hotel 5*, standing in the middle of the forest above the sea. And the thousand and a half is not all. Because there are several pools here. Regular, relaxation, for children, for adults. And besides there is a water park with rafting, dozens of slides for children and adults, with a terrace for sunbathing. Speaking of entertainment, the hotel has its own rope park. There is also a spa center with Cleopatra room. And several restaurants, including a la carte.

SUSESI Luxury Resort 5*

If you are a seahorse, mermaid or other aquatic creature, take a closer look at SUSESI Luxury Resort 5*. There are so many pools here that if you want you can spend a week just swimming in a new one each time. And a huge “Olympic”, and similar to the river, and slides, and just pools. And in fact there is also a beach with the sea. Yes, the choice is not easy. In addition, the hotel itself pleases and environment, and interiors, and entertainment, and the level of service.

Kamelya Collection Aishen K Club HV-1

If you are planning a family vacation, and the main condition which is put forward to you by younger travelers – the presence of slides and pools – take a closer look at Kamelya K Club HV-1. If it is important to you that the sea was by the side, there was a choice of delicacies, spaciousness in the rooms, and also the spa would be nice, look at Kamelya K Club HV-1 again. Because it has all of the above. Slides guarded by dinosaurs, fountain waterfalls, decorative bridges, water sports pools, just pools, jacuzzis. And all this – surrounded by palm trees, on the coast, under the warm sun.

Orange County Alanya – (Family Concept) 5*

Orange County Resort Hotel Alanya 5* can also boast beautiful pools. First of all they are spacious, so you don’t have to worry about collisions with other swimmers. Secondly, the pool, looking at the sea, is equipped with slides, which can deliver a lot of pleasant impressions not only to adrenaline lovers, but also to those who like quiet entertainment.And the hotel itself is good: nice outside, comfortable inside, with its stage, parties on the pier, spa services and delicious food.

Swandor Hotels & Resorts Topkapi Palace 5*

Swandor Hotels & Resorts Topkapi Palace 5* is known for its design – in the style of a sultan’s palace. And here are the beautiful swimming pools. There is both a water park and just large spaces for relaxing on the water: a relaxation pool, a wave pool. The hotel territory pleases with the abundance of greenery, interiors – with luxury, rooms – with comfort. For children there is a playground and a mini-club, in the evenings there are shows. It is also worth noting the excellent access to the sea at the beach: sandy, gentle.

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Rixos The Land of Legends 5*.

The hotel has its own water park: slides, some novelties like water areas with waves, in addition a spacious pool for those who just like to swim. Spa, fitness, all kinds of entertainment. In general, if you are a fan of active recreation even when people around you prefer to lie on the beach without too much fuss, have a closer look at Rixos The Land of Legends 5*, which is located in Belek. Both children and adults will not be bored here. The large territory, a host of stores, boutiques and shops, restaurants (there is a bistro and confectionery). Yes, there is plenty to do and much to enjoy!

Papillon Ayscha Hotels Resort & Spa 5*

Papillon Ayscha Hotels Resort & Spa 5* is a hotel with villas, comfortable suites and stylish rooms. There is also a spa center and many pools: with and without slides, both indoor and outdoor. There is enough space for those, who are going to tone up, swimming till breakfast, and for those, who prefer calm and leisurely splashing to the music. And around the “ponds” – comfortable deck chairs. It’s nice. By the way, thanks to the fact that the territory of the hotel abounds with greenery, while swimming it creates a very pleasant impression.

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