Turkey’s best resorts in the Mediterranean

The 10 best resorts in Turkey on the Mediterranean Sea

Turkey is a country of four seas, washed by the Black Sea to the north, the Marmara Sea to the northeast, the Mediterranean Sea to the south and the Aegean Sea to the east. However, not every coast is suitable for a beach holiday in the usual sense. In this article we’ll find out which sea is better to rest on and what are the advantages of the Mediterranean Sea resorts.

At what sea is better to rest in Turkey?

Of all the resorts in Turkey, the Sea of Marmara for a beach vacation tourists choose not often: the main part of the coast – rocky, the infrastructure is worse developed, and the coastal zone is strongly indented by bays. However, the lack of holidaymakers coast does not suffer, you can find here a cozy and windless coves with clear water, and even a light breeze from the sea makes it more comfortable to feel in the intense heat.

The Black Sea is also not very popular with tourists, it is preferred by those who value the proximity to Istanbul and the opportunity to be treated at the thermal springs. In addition, the mild climate and budget prices can be an advantage of Black Sea resorts. Because of the location in the north, the resort season in this part of Turkey lasts less and the water is cooler, but the resorts will suit those who can not stand the heat. Black Sea resorts are not the usual Turkey with the “all-inclusive” hotels, it is better to look for a cozy family hotel.

The main difference between the resorts of the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea is that the first beach is mostly sandy, and the second – pebble and sandy-pebble. Russian tourists choose the Aegean Sea less often, hence the possible language barrier. Aegean coast is closely connected with the Greek culture and architectural monuments. In summer it is cooler here than in the resorts of the Mediterranean, and the water is clean because of the pebble bed. Resorts on the Mediterranean Sea are rightly ranked first among the best for a beach holiday: the warm sea, a rich entertainment infrastructure for all ages and tastes, many hotels, working on “all inclusive” and the longest bathing season. Below we’ll figure out where to go to the sea in this part of Turkey, where to rest best with children and when to come to the sea.


One of the most popular resorts in Turkey, which is on everyone’s lips. The minus of such popularity is the crowds of tourists on the coast during the season. According to other parameters Antalya wins over many other resorts: clean beaches, soft sand, warm sea and the most developed infrastructure on the coast. Here you can find an all-inclusive hotel as family-friendly as well as more party or romantic, all at more than reasonable prices. In addition to entertainment within the hotel with children, you can visit water parks, a zoo, a dolphinarium and amusement rides. Nature, history and culture lovers should visit the old town of Kaleici and the Düden waterfalls.


Not far from Antalya is a young and promising resort of Belek. Hotels here are more expensive, but the resort is known for quality service and comfortable rest. “Chishka” Belek – modern golf courses, which were created from scratch on the spacious area of the new resort. Belek beaches are clean, with fine golden sand and easy entrance to the water. Since the hotel here is more expensive, and represented mostly by five-star and club hotels 5 stars “all inclusive”, there is no such a crowd, as in Antalya. Of course, whichever hotel you go to, in Belek you will get high class service, the best restaurants, spa centers, swimming pools and beauty salons. Rest in Belek is quite possible and inexpensive, choosing a hotel and easier away from the beach, and swim at the municipal beaches, which are not inferior to the hotel recreation areas.

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Side is one of the best resorts for recreation with children in Turkey, and many of its beaches were awarded the Blue Flag. Get the best out of Antalya Airport, which is located 75 kilometers away. Stunning southern nature, sandy beaches, warm sea and bright colors waiting for tourists from May to October, but the special chic is to come in September when the sea is still warm, and the main heat and flow of tourists falling. Side is full of modern chain hotels with entertainment for all tastes and high quality services. You can dilute the beach holiday with evening walks on the long promenade along the sea, sightseeing ancient ruins and ancient monuments of architecture.


Kemer is another popular resort among Russian tourists. The climate here is softer and more comfortable than in Side and Antalya, so the resort is suitable for all who can not stand the summer heat. Kemer beaches are pebble, so the water is very clear, and the entrance to the water is comfortable and suitable for small children. Kemer has a sandy embankment beach Moonlight Park, but the bottom will still be pebbly. Kemer is a universal resort, which is suitable for families with children, elderly couples and partying youth. If you prefer a noisy holiday and dancing until morning, choose any hotel on the coast, if quietness and tranquility is more important – one of the many family-apartment hotels or villas.


Alanya is a beautiful resort on the Mediterranean coast, combining a comfortable climate, sandy beaches, clear azure sea, beautiful nature and advanced urban infrastructure. In Alanya, it is pleasant to walk around the city outside the hotel, go to atmospheric cafes and enjoy the landscaping, park areas and flowering plants. Alanya is a budget resort, and even in high season prices will be lower than in the more popular Antalya and Side. Alanya is great for holidays with children, but need to consider that the way from the airport in Antalya will take 2.5-3 hours, which often scares travelers with toddlers. Alanya is also the warmest resort in Turkey, you can swim from May to October. Be sure to visit one of the most picturesque beaches of Turkey – “Cleopatra”, where a fairly steep descent into the water, but the panorama and soft velvety sand will not leave anyone indifferent.


The popular small resort village of Beldibi is located between Antalya and Kemer. Local beaches consist of medium and fine pebbles, right from the beach you can see the picturesque mountain scenery. In Beldibi there are also sandy beaches with embankment sand, which belong to the territories of the hotels located on the first beach line. But the city pebble beaches are comfortable for recreation, and besides, they are free. In Beldibi reigns a quiet resort atmosphere, there is always something to do, whether it’s riding a “banana”, interesting excursions or colorful restaurants. The village captivates by its leisurely and comfortable environment, which is especially pleasant to enjoy the “velvet season”, starting in September and ending in October. During this time, there are significantly fewer tourists and there is no exhausting heat.

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A quiet and relaxing resort Tekirova is located 12 kilometers from Kemer. The beaches are covered with fine pebbles and loose sand, the entrance to the water is gentle, but the bottom is covered with small stones, so it is better to have special shoes. Tekirova is one of the most beautiful resorts in Turkey, it has clear blue water, lots of greenery, pine forest and majestic mountain ranges surround this resort. On the coast a wide range of modern hotels and villas, and a little further away you can find a nice small family hotel. All the beaches in Tekirova are free, and you can swim anywhere. The resort is popular for water activities: jet skis, “banana boat”, paragliding and diving. You can diversify your leisure by taking a cable car up to the summit of Tahtali, which offers an incredible view.


The resort is known primarily for a stunning sea of beautiful turquoise hue and is located 15 kilometers from Fethiye. There are few Russian tourists here because of the remoteness from Antalya. Resort is located on the border of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, and the unusual color of the water makes it seem as if you are not at all in Turkey, not for nothing Oludeniz called the Turkish Maldives. The most famous beach is the Blue Lagoon, protected from the sea by a sand spit. The Festival of Air Games, the mecca of paragliding in Turkey, is held annually in Oludeniz. You can stay at an all-inclusive hotel and a small comfortable hotel. In the second case, there is an opportunity to get acquainted with the stunning local cuisine.


A picturesque resort with a casual and relaxed atmosphere, located near Kemer. The beaches at the 4-5 star hotels are sandy, and in the rest of the resort consist of fine pebbles, pleasant for the feet. There are no strong winds in Kirishe, the sea is calm and the entrance to the water is gentle. The region’s visiting card is the tall slender pine-trees and the snow-covered peak of Tahtali Mountain. The resort would be an ideal choice for a holiday with young children, the atmosphere here is quiet, the entrance to the water is comfortable, there are no strong waves. The village of Kirish is quite small, but you can walk down the main street of the village with inexpensive cafes, shops sweets and local spices.


At 10 kilometers to the south of Kemer and not far from Kirish is another remarkable village – Chamyuva. The resort is surrounded by coniferous forests and mountain ranges, so there is a very comfortable microclimate and is always fresh air. Beaches in Chamyuva pebbly, many of them were awarded the Blue Flag, and the sea is clean and warm. The village is designed for a measured leisurely holiday, no noisy entertainment here, but you can experience true relaxation, away from the city and surrounded by picturesque views.

Turkey’s best resorts in the Mediterranean

Holidays in Turkey on the Mediterranean Sea

For its beauty and excellent climate, the southern coast of Turkey is called the Riviera. Find out which resorts on the Mediterranean Sea are loved by tourists, where the most popular places for holidays with children, and when it is better to come to the sea.

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What’s good about vacationing in Mediterranean resorts

Hot Turkish south – it’s sunny weather, incredibly warm evenings, wonderful beaches, pleasant entertainment and joyful troubles of happy vacationers. Turkey’s resorts on the Mediterranean Sea are so good that they attract the most tourists. Millions of travelers from all over the world spend their vacations on the Turkish Riviera every year.

Competition is high, so the prices of tours in the Mediterranean are always lower than in the Aegean and Black Sea resorts. Vacationers are welcome hotels for all budgets – from the elite “five” to the modest mini-hotels. Almost everywhere offer the “all inclusive” package and animation, which is loved by Russian tourists.

The advantages of vacationing at resorts in Turkey on the Mediterranean Sea:

  • long bathing season
  • the sea is very warm in summer
  • a wide variety of entertainment
  • a lot of all-inclusive hotels
  • nice beaches
  • entertainment for children and youth
  • interesting excursions.

The disadvantages are few:

  • at the peak of summer is too hot
  • large crowds of vacationers
  • at large resorts the cleanliness of the sea leaves much to be desired.

When to go

Beach season at the resorts of Turkey on the Mediterranean Sea lasts seven months of the year – from mid-April to early November. The most comfortable weather, when the sea is warm, but no strong heat – in June and the first half of autumn. July and August are not suitable for everyone, because the humidity on the coast is too hot and stuffy.


Many tourists from Russia consider Antalya the best resort in Turkey on the Mediterranean Sea. Popular does not mean expensive. Antalya has hotels for every taste and purse, excellent sandy beaches, night discos, bars and clubs. The international airport is 19 km from the city.

Antalya is clean and well maintained. Everything is neat, tidy and beautiful. There are pleasant parks, a cozy harbor, historic buildings, large shopping malls, Düden waterfalls and the old town of Kaleici. Parents with children enjoy the warm sea, gentle entrance to the water, water park, miniature park, dolphinarium, zoo and various attractions.

Mermerli beach under the fortress wall in Antalya. The old city of Antalya consists of cozy hotels, cafes, bars and stores.


A young and elite resort is located half an hour drive from Antalya. People come to Belek for a measured, relaxed rest, quality service and comfort. The prices are some of the highest among the resorts of Turkey on the Mediterranean Sea. Most hotels are 5* club, with swimming pools, spa centers and the best golf courses in the country.

All beaches are sandy, wide and very clean, surrounded by pine and eucalyptus trees. If you get bored with golf and beach holidays, go on an excursion – it is a short drive from Belek to the ancient cities. Or go fishing – the local creeks are teeming with young trout. Visit a SPA-salon: Turkish bath, massage and individual therapeutic programs.

Belek is called the Golden Sands of Turkey and the Beverly Hills of the Turkish Riviera. Photo: thecopierguy68 / flickr.com / CC BY-ND 2.0. Belek’s free public beaches are little inferior to the recreation areas of 5* hotels. Belek. Photo: miguel.discart / flickr.com / CC BY-SA 2.0.

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The Turkish resort is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, 75 km from Antalya. Tourists are delighted by the southern nature and bright colors. In the streets and neighborhoods of Side there are many palm trees, olive trees, pomegranates and persimmons. The modern architecture is in harmony with the ancient ruins and ancient buildings.

Side is a seaside town famous for its clean air, mild climate and beautiful sandy beaches, many of which are Blue Flag rated for their cleanliness and safety. Side has very nice promenades by the sea. Ideal conditions for vacations with children!

Wander around Antique Side with its amphitheatre, the Temple of Apollo, the Agora, and other ancient sites. Take a trip to Manavgat waterfall and Green Canyon!

Side is perfect for children! A kid on the beach in Side. Photo: hsmtp / flickr.com / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. Modern architecture blends harmoniously with ancient ruins and ancient buildings. Ruins of the Temple of Apollo in Side. Photo: Saffron Blaze / wikipedia.org.


One of the best resorts in Turkey on the Mediterranean Sea is located at the foot of the Taurus Mountains and is suitable for absolutely everyone. Kemer is good for families with children, elderly tourists and young people who dream of fun and active rest. Beaches are pebbly and with bulk sand. The bottom is stony and the sea water is very clean.

Because of the fresh sea breezes and greenery, the climate is milder. In Kemer, it is easier to bear the summer heat than in Side or Antalya. There are a lot of Russian tourists, so every second Turk speaks Russian.

The beaches of Cirali and Olympos. The sandy beach Moonlight Park with sun beds, umbrellas, bars and cafes.


Alanya can be described by three adjectives: budget, family, sandy. It has gorgeous beaches – the sandy coast stretches for 100 km. The resort is considered cozy and nice. It is clean and neat, more like a European.

This is the most inexpensive and the warmest resort on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey! Even in high season, prices are affordable, and you can swim from mid-spring to mid-autumn. By the number of vacationers, Alanya rivals Antalya. The only disadvantage is that Alanya is far from the airport, the transfer takes 2.5-3 hours, and it’s not too convenient with small children.

The beaches in Alanya are marvelous – the sandy coast stretches for 100 km. Photo: mertkahveci / unsplash.com. Alanya looks like a European resort. Damlatas Beach (the southern section of Cleopatra Beach). Photo: iamfromistnbl / unsplash.com. Walking ships in Alanya. Photo: floodkoff / flickr.com / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.


The resort village near Kemer lies on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by the picturesque Taurus Mountains. Beldibi impresses with its beauty, luxurious hotel complexes and relaxed atmosphere. Nice cafes, restaurants, stores, and interesting excursions – there is always something to do!

All beaches in Beldibi are municipal and free. The beach is covered with fine and medium pebbles. The entrance to the water is gentle, and the bottom is flat. Lovers of outdoor activities are offered to ride a “banana”, rent jet skis and boat rides. On the beaches near the major hotels is imported sand. The more luxury hotels in Beldibi, the more “sandy” its beach is.

Beldibi impresses with its beauty, luxurious hotel complexes and relaxed atmosphere. Photo: Karim Jamal / wikimedia.org. The resort village lies on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by the picturesque Taurus Mountains. Photo: vladimirkrotoff1812 @ gmail.com / Depositphotos.com.

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The stylish village on the edge of the Olympos National Park, 12 km south of Kemer, is a paradise for aesthetes. The Turkish resort is framed by picturesque mountains, and on the well-kept coastline there are buildings of modern hotels and private villas.

Fans of beach activities and excursions love to relax in Tekirova. The coast is covered with sand and fine pebbles. Going into the sea smoothly, and the water is very clear. If you want to admire the surroundings, you can take a cable car to the top of Tahtali. For lovers of relaxation there are luxurious spa centers. It is quiet, cozy and not boring!

The beach in Tekirova. Photo: vladimirkrotoff1812 @ gmail.com / Depositphotos.com. If you want to admire the surroundings, you can take a cable car up to the top of Tahtali. Photo: Anton Nikiforov / wikimedia.org.


During the past fifteen years, an unremarkable village near Kemer has become a luxury resort on the Mediterranean coast. In Turkish the name Chamyuva means “pine nest”. This is the elite part of the resort area of Kemer. A small river Agva separates the village from the neighboring resort Kirish.

Chamyuva is good for family holidays without the hustle and bustle. Tourists like the clean sea, quiet atmosphere, palm trees, oleanders, orange trees, picturesque Taurus Mountains and good pebble beaches. Interesting places are easy to go on foot and around on a rented bicycle or an electric car.

Turkey's best resorts on the Mediterranean Sea

Nature in Chamyuva. Photo: Tanya Dedyukhina / wikimedia.org / CC BY 3.0.


A quiet and peaceful resort near Kemer, this is a clean sea, budget hotels, good quality all-inclusive hotels and plenty of fruit. It does not have such a well-developed infrastructure and entertainment, as in the venerable neighbor, but there is peace and relaxed atmosphere.

The beaches stretch for 2.5 km. There is soft sand in front of 4-5* hotels, and the rest of the coast is pebble. Turkish resort is ideal for a holiday with children – the sea is calm, and the entrance to the water is gentle.

The beach of Maxx Royal Kemer Hotel in Kiris. Photo: fotoall / Depositphotos.com. Clean sea in Kirishe. Photo: Hivaka / Depositphotos.com.


Olyudeniz is called the Turkish Maldives for its soft-blue lagoon and picturesque nature. It is a small and cozy village 15 km away from Fethiye, famous for its clean beige beaches, pine trees on the shore and the beautiful Blue Lagoon. The coast is pebbly with small areas of sand. In Turkey, the resort has no large hotel complexes. They do not come here for hotel comfort, but for the beautiful nature.

Oludeniz is considered the center of Turkish paragliding. Each year in October the coast holds an Air Games Festival, and the sky becomes multicolored with color paragliders.

A beach strip at the resort. Photo: شاملو / wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 4.0. The sea at the resort. Photo: chundy_tanz / unsplash.com.


The young resort in southwestern Turkey delights with long sandy beaches, secluded coves and lush orange groves. The town has a population of 22 thousand people. It has an international airport, so the transfer to the hotel does not take long. The unique Turtle Beach is 21 km away from Dalaman. On a wide strip of 5 km long, sea turtles like to lay their eggs.

Turtle beach in Dalaman. Photo: elenstudio / Depositphotos.com. Pomegranate Garden near Dalaman. Photo: aoblov @ aitek.ru / Depositphotos.com.

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