UAE in November 2022. Where to vacation? Weather and Reviews

Holidays in the UAE in November

We tell you about holidays in the UAE in November 2022. Find out reviews about the weather, how best to dress and where you can rest inexpensively.


Air temperature

November temperatures in the UAE are ideal for those who can’t stand the intense heat. Autumn is less humid and the weather is mild and comfortable. In most of the country, the air warms up to +28. +30°С. At night it is 10-11 ° C cooler. It is warmest in Fujairah.

Although in November, the sun is not as hot as in summer, on vacation in the UAE is easy to get burnt. According to feedback from tourists, for a suntan is better to choose the morning or afternoon hours. Be sure to use a good sunscreen!

Dmitry: “The weather is hot, but discomfort did not deliver. This circumstance allowed to go on excursions and just wander around town. And on the beach we could have a good time.

Sergey: “We stayed for 2 weeks. Weather pleased every day! A warm breeze, sunshine. What can be better.

Table of air temperature in November, day and night:

When t by day t at night
Beginning of November +32°С +26°С
Middle of November +29°С +25°С
End of November +27°С +25°С

Water Temperature

At the end of autumn, the sea in the UAE is very pleasant for swimming. In November, the water temperature in the Persian Gulf is +25 ° C and a couple of degrees cooler in the Gulf of Oman.

Kristina Pantyukhina: “As soon as you arrive in Dubai the sun is warm. It did not rain. The water temperature in the Persian Gulf felt +27 ° C.”

Maria Petrovna: “It is so nice to leave Siberia with the first snow and frost and get warm on the shores of the Persian Gulf. The water is warm, you do not want to go out”.

Table of water temperature in November:

When water t
Beginning of November +29°С
Middle of November +28°С
End of November +26°С

How to dress for the weather

During the day, when the sun shines, holidaymakers wear light beachwear. In November, the difference between day and night temperatures is already large, so the evening by the sea is cool. For evening promenades and trips to the desert, take with you pants, a fleece and a windbreaker.

Tatiana: “In the evenings it was a little cold, we took blouses, but they never came in handy, because it was still warm enough.

Where to go for a rest in the UAE in November

Desert. (Photo: / @chinkinthearmour)

Precipitation and hurricanes.

The UAE has an arid climate; rainfall is rare here. Although November is considered the beginning of the wet season, there is only 10mm of rainfall per month. An umbrella will hardly come in handy!

There are sandstorms in the Arab Emirates. The elements begin suddenly and can last for several days. No one can give an accurate prediction of whether there will be sandstorms in the UAE in November 2022. However, the locals know how to recognize the signs of impending bad weather, and hotel employees warn tourists in advance. If you know that a storm is coming, cancel trips to the desert and excursions outside. It’s much safer to wait out the weather trouble indoors.

Peter: “It may rain, but it will be short and you won’t even notice it passing.”

Weather in the UAE in November

Jeep Safari (Photo: tesKing (Italy) /

Tour Prices in the UAE in November 2022

The end of autumn in the United Arab Emirates is high season. There are a lot of vacationers. Compared to October, tours are more expensive. Prices for a holiday in the UAE for two people start from 60 thousand rubles in November 2022. It’s cheaper to go on vacation by package in Sharjah, Fujairah and Ras al-Khaimah, more expensive – in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ajman.

Excursions in Dubai - 2022: prices and descriptions

Many people think that a package holiday in the UAE is cheaper than a separate trip. In our experience, this is not the case. If you buy tickets and book budget accommodation in advance, you can have an inexpensive holiday in the UAE in November 2022.

Prices for tours for 11 days for two to the UAE in November:

Resort Price for two persons Example
Sharjah from ₽70,000 Find Tours →
Fujairah from 65,000 ₽ Find Tours →
Dubai from 67,000 ₽ Find Tours →
Abu Dhabi from ₽77,000 Find Tours →
Ajman From 96,000 ₽ Find Tours →
Ras Al-Khaim from ₽63,000 Find Tours →
Umm Al Qaiwain from 111,000 ₽ Find Tours →

Holidays with children in November

In early November, during the school vacations in the Emirates it is sunny and warm – the weather is ideal for holidays with children. Tourists with children enjoy vacationing on the shores of the warm Persian Gulf – in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah and Um Al Khaimah.

There are a lot of free entertainment in the UAE. With the child visit the camel race, see the fish in the huge aquarium of the Dubai Mall, go to the show of the singing fountains and the evening laser show at the Burj Khalifa skyscraper.

Holidays in UAE in November

Burj Khalifa Tower (Photo: / @zoltantasi)

Is it worth to rest in the UAE in November 2022

According to tourist reviews, November is the best month to vacation in the UAE. A trip to the Arab Emirates in the high season has many advantages. You get a good tan, warm sea, cool weather and the opportunity to get acquainted with Arabian traditions. This is the time when tourists walk, go on excursions and do not fear to get burnt in a couple of minutes or get a heat stroke. There are not many disadvantages – high prices for tours, rising prices for accommodation and crowds of tourists.

Maria Stepanchenko: “The November weather allowed to visit excursions and to swim in the gulf and to go shopping. It’s a pity that our vacation lasted just a week”.

If you’re interested in a beach holiday, choose the warmer Fujairah. For entertainment it’s better to go to Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Divers in November are out of luck. From October to December in the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman are the so-called “red tides”. In the coastal zone of rapid multiplication of corals and algae. Because of this the sea water becomes turbid and turns brown. Ideal conditions for diving will begin only in January.

Prices in UAE in November

Beachfront in Ajman (Photo: tutanh_blog /

In November, there are many sporting events in the UAE. The most spectacular is the Formula 1 round of the world championship. You can watch the three-day race on Yas Island. Abu Dhabi hosts an international date festival, and at the end of the month the capital city hosts a beautiful Art Festival.

In addition to hyped attractions and entertainment centers, there are interesting places in the Emirates, for which you do not have to pay to visit. In Dubai, go to the Museum of Camels and the Al Fahidi Fort, admire the pink flamingos in the Ras Al Khor reserve and the beautiful yachts at Dubai Marina Bay.

Abu Dhabi offers free guided tours of the Sheikh Zayd Mosque. Very impressive ethnographic village and walks along the waterfront Corniche. If you vacation in Sharjah, go to a free show of dancing fountains, a walk through the Blue Market, check out the Museum of Art and the Al Nour Mosque.

Tourist reviews of vacations in the UAE - 2022

UAE in November – 2022: weather, reviews, prices

Beach in Dubai

A beach holiday in November always gives you strength and energy. It is important to improve your physical and mental health before the beginning of winter – it is not for nothing that the first school vacations are put at the beginning of the month.

Vacation in the UAE in November will fit perfectly into your autumn plans – the tourist season here is in full swing.

In this article I will tell you everything I know about the UAE in November 2022, about hotels and current travel prices, as well as check the latest reviews of tourists. I will share where best to vacation with children and what to do in November in Dubai.

Briefly about the rules of entry into Dubai in 2022: get a certificate Sputnik V, or take a PCR test 48 hours before departure. Children under 12 years old do not need anything. You do not need a visa to the UAE – you get a stamp on arrival, which allows you to stay in the country for up to 90 days. Compulsory for all insurance, which covers kovid.

Is it worth going to Dubai in November?

Because of the difficulties with air communication and borders, the UAE in November 2022 is one of the most popular destinations. Holidays in the Emirates in the fall is a pleasure: the Persian Gulf is still warm enough for comfortable bathing, the sun does not sizzle tourists during excursions, and prices in October-November for recreation are not as high as in December.

In addition to the usual attractions at this time in the UAE can visit the spectacular events. For example, in the middle of November is the championship Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi. Art lovers will love the annual festival of culture – it also takes place in the capital in the middle of the month.

Many tourists claim that November is the best month for a holiday in the UAE and are keen to enjoy a slushy November in one of the sunny emirates. And I agree with them, it’s a shame that vacations usually don’t last more than two weeks!

Weather in the UAE in November

Sandy beach

Despite the fact that the sea and air are a couple of degrees warmer in the UAE in early November – the holiday season lasts the whole month.

At the end of November the temperature outside drops to +28 ° C, and the sea – to +26.5 ° C. Beach holidays won’t suffer from this – it will be warm and pleasant to swim. For evening walks take a blouse and a windbreaker – if you’re going to the desert.

Although Dubai is not as hot in November as it is in the summer, the subtropical arid climate is still dangerous, you can get burnt even if the sun is hidden behind the clouds. Be sure to bring sunscreen and hats!

Water and air temperature

For convenience, I have made a table with the average water and air temperatures in the main tourist resorts in the UAE.

Weather in the UAE in November, the average temperature at the resorts:


air temperature

water temperature


Where to rest in the UAE in November?

Ferris wheel in Dubai Viewpoint in Dubai

Before booking a hotel, it is worth sorting out the resorts. In one emirate will be more attractions, in the other – the quiet and wide deserted beach, in the third – cheap and rest on “all inclusive”, in the fourth – and completely prohibited all alcohol. I will tell you where to vacation in the UAE in November, and the advantages of each emirate.

Tourist reviews of holidays in Sharjah - 2022

So, which region to choose in the UAE for a holiday in late autumn:

    – the main tourist emirate. Here are the main attractions of the UAE, all with the prefix “the most”: the tallest building in the world, the largest shopping mall, the most spectacular show of singing fountains! Here – the biggest water parks, popular restaurants, expensive hotels and huge theme parks. If you want to see a real Arabian fairy tale, you’ll have to pay a lot of money for a vacation in Dubai. – The emirate is next door to Dubai. It is inexpensive, there are good hotels and a quiet sandy beach. Going into the water is gentle – will appeal to anyone who plans to go to the UAE in November with a child. There are no parties and loud entertainment, and alcohol is prohibited even in restaurants – make up your mind, plus or minus.
Mosque in Abu Dhabi Plane in the Miracle Garden
    – The main city of the UAE with the magnificent White Mosque, the Emirates’ Louvre and the artificial island of Yas, where the amusement park Ferrari World. Holidays here are quieter than in Dubai, but also more expensive – as it should be the capital of the country. – It is the northernmost emirate. They come here for the inexpensive all-inclusive vacation and good service. Such a number of attractions as in Dubai, of course, no, but there is a picturesque sandy beaches.
  • Fujairah is a resort, the coast of which overlooks the Gulf of Oman of the Indian Ocean. There are no skyscrapers and traffic jams, just stunning beaches, warm sea and luxury hotels. Fujairah is a favorite destination for divers and families with children, as these two types of tourists know a lot about the good sea.

Map of UAE resorts

Tour Prices in the UAE in November 2022

Here are a few things that affect the price of tours to the UAE in November:

  1. The closer the departure date, the more expensive the tour. It is better to book in advance, in August when the tour operators just put the program for the winter season. Try to get on a promotion “early booking”.
  2. Tours in the first week of November are more expensive because of school vacations. In many hotels “sold out” in September, and the prices go through the roof even on a modest 3*.
  3. The Dubai tours are more expensive than in any other emirate – it is the tourist capital. It can compete with it only Abu Dhabi, but there rarely come for a beach holiday.
  4. If sightseeing and being in the center of events is important to you, but you are on a tight budget, choose Sharjah. From Sharjah you can reach Dubai in 20 minutes.
  5. From Moscow it’s cheaper to fly to Dubai than from the regions.
  6. Packaged tours from tour operators can now cost cheaper than booking your own flights, hotels, transfers and insurance.

Prices for holidays in the UAE in November, departure from Moscow:





from 108 000 rubles

from 114 000 rubles

from 120 000 rubles

from 94 000 rubles

from 94 500 rubles

from 130 000 rubles

from 110 000 rubles

from 130 000 rubles

from 150 000 rubles

from 105 000 rubles

from 107 000 rubles

from 140 000 rubles

from 107 000 rubles

from 112 000 rubles

from 112 000 rubles

Let me remind you about three aggregator-finder tours, which are the first of all display changes in prices, discounts, best dates for departure (because they work directly with major tour operators and are conveniently located on the screen of your phone or computer):

Approved by Rostourism and personally by me

Good hotels in Dubai and Sharjah

Frontline Hotel Dubai New hotel in Dubai

I’ve been on several promotional tours in the UAE and have seen a couple dozen of the best hotels in Dubai. Also, during my time working for a travel company, I have developed my own list of “favorites”. I’ve already written a separate big article about the best 4-5 star hotels in Dubai in 2022.

Self-Drive to Dubai - 2022

I’m tearing away from my heart my favorite hotels in Dubai:

The 3* Rove La Mer is a new and clean hotel located in the popular La Mer area, on the beachfront. The atmosphere here is reminiscent of modern districts of Miami than the Arabian tale. The tour costs from 150 000 rubles.

The 4* Riu Dubai is a modern hotel that was opened in 2020. The concept of “all inclusive”, animation, entertainment programs, swimming pools with slides and a splash zone for children make it ideal for family holidays. Located in the Deira area – you will have to drive to the attractions. The beach is sandy, wide and deserted. The cost of the tour is from 162 000 rubles.

5* Movenpick Hotel Jumeirah Beach – a hotel with modern spacious rooms that have a balcony overlooking the sea. As befits the standards of Movenpick chain the hotel has a high level of service, amazing breakfasts at The Talk restaurant and a good location – located in the popular district JBR, near the beach. The price of the tour – from 150,000 rubles.

I recommend these hotels in Sharjah:

3* Lou’lou’A Beach Resor – the two-story hotel stands on the beachfront, which is rare for three stars. On the territory there is an outdoor pool, fitness center, darts, billiards, massage and even a sauna. Price of the tour – from 100,000 rubles.

4* Coral Beach Resort is a hotel with its own sandy beach. There are two outdoor pools with one slide for adults and one for children. There is a concept of food soft all inclusive – which is breakfast, lunch and dinner, but without alcoholic beverages. Price of the tour – from 96 000 rubles.

5 * Sheraton Sharjah Beach Resort & Spa – located on the first coastal line of Al Mukhtaza sandy beach. Rest here is calm, relaxed, alcohol is prohibited. Of entertainment: 4 excellent restaurants and 3 cafes, swimming pools, a game room for children, spa, squash and water sports. The price of the tour – from 106 000 rubles.

What to do in the UAE?

Subway in Dubai Wild Wadi Dubai

November weather allows not only to relax on the beach, but also to actively explore the country and have fun. Here are a few ideas where to go to break the “languid” beach life:

➢ spend a day at one of Dubai’s best water parks ➢ assemble your “best attractions” checklist and put a cherished check mark next to each ➢ don’t forget the UAE capital – there are inexpensive day trips there ➢ go to one of the amusement parks to get an adrenaline boost and have a lot of fun. My favorite is Motiongate based on the popular Columbia Pictures blockbusters ➢ visit the popular La Perle by Dragone, a water show with visual effects, performers, stuntmen and gymnasts. I was most impressed with the motorcyclists number!

Best Tours

Safari in Dubai

I have already written a big article about the best excursions in Dubai – in the same article you can read about tourist reviews, prices and tips.

Something new is constantly emerging in the emirates – for example, a night crab hunt. Who would have thought that you would feel like a crab hunter, not somewhere in Southeast Asia, and in the land of the sheiks and oil.

I advise you to book tours on Tripster and Sputnik8 – there are all affordable tours of the UAE, Russian-speaking guides, low prices. And most importantly – you can pay by Russian card.

How much does a vacation in Dubai cost - 2022. Calculating the cost of the trip

Best tours in the UAE:




Climb the highest observation deck in the world

From $45 for an adult ticket

Ride through the dunes on a Land Cruiser, camels, quad bikes, sandboard, and see a real Bedouin village.

From $35 per person

See the real palace – one of the most beautiful mosques in the world

From $60 per person for a tour from Dubai

Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Qaiwain in one day with a Russian speaking guide

The most comprehensive 7 hour sightseeing tour of Dubai which includes Dubai Marina, famous Sails and Atlantis Hotels, The Palm Tower, Dubai Mall Aquarium, Madinat Jumeirah area and the magnificent Burj Khalifa

From $35 per person

Where’s the best place to go to the UAE with kids in November?

miracle garden Kids in UAE

A family vacation with children in the UAE implies clean sandy beaches, good service in the hotels and entertainment to keep the kids entertained. Therefore, the best resorts for recreation with children – Dubai and Sharjah.

I’ll give some tips for a family holiday in the UAE:

  • Choose hotels with animation and a children’s club so that the child can be distracted for a while
  • Don’t miss out on the excursions – there are plenty of places to take your child to: waterparks, amusement rides, zoos and the stunning Garden of Wonders
  • Mention Legoland and Ferrari World, and your child will behave perfectly all the way.
  • Wear sunscreen, even on cloudy days.
  • try to book a hotel with a minimal breakfast and dinner so you don’t have to worry about feeding your family.

Tourist reviews of the UAE in November

Hotel room Hotel View

The UAE in November is excellent for a beach holiday, and this is confirmed by numerous reviews of tourists about the weather.

“While in Russia the rain and slush, in Dubai the weather is perfect for any kind of holiday, whether it is beaches or excursions. This is the third year in a row that I’ve shortened my cold days in the UAE in the fall and I plan to come here again in 2022!”

“We were in Dubai in November and didn’t regret it one bit – it was a pleasure to swim! It was warm in the water and on the shore. There are already a little more tourists than September, but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying our beach vacation.”

“For a long time I wanted to ride camels in the desert, but I kept putting it off because it was too hot to go there in summer. Last year the vacation fell on November and I finally realized my dream and went to the desert. In general, the weather in Dubai in November allows to go on excursions with comfort, I’m not interested in beach vacation. So I’m very glad that I chose the Emirates.

Pluses and minuses of the holiday

Kite Beach

Arab Emirates in November – a solid plus: ✓ warmed up to +28 ° C Persian Gulf and sandy beaches ✓ comfortable weather for excursions and safaris ✓ low prices on the eve of December and January holidays ✓ excellent service in hotels and restaurants at an affordable price ✓ direct flights from Russia, which is bustling with search engines for airline tickets.

of the minuses: ✓ the prices of restaurants, stores and entertainment are high – or you have to cut down, or set aside a good amount to feel relaxed ✓ in the UAE can not drink alcohol on the streets, in some emirates it is forbidden – but I think this is a plus

Useful sites for traveling in the UAE that tourists use:

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