UAE in September 2022. Where to rest, weather and reviews

Holidays in the UAE in September

In early autumn it gets cold, but you can extend the summer in a warm country. Do you want to rest in September in the UAE? We have collected reviews of tourists about the weather and the sea. Find out where to rest in September in the Emirates inexpensively, whether there are rains and sandstorms and whether you should go with children.


Air temperature

Only the calendar reminds about the arrival of autumn in the Arab Emirates. By Russian standards in September in the UAE is a very hot summer. The sun burns from early morning until evening. During the day the thermometer rises to +37 … +41 ° C. Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the hottest places. In the rest of the UAE resorts the temperature in September is slightly lower. The coolest emirate is Fujairah (+36 ° C).

Those who holidayed in the Emirates in July and August, noted that in the autumn it gets noticeably easier. The humidity in the air drops, so there is no sense of constant stuffiness. After sunset, from 18:00-19:00 to walk by the sea is nice. At night, the temperature drops to +25 … +26 ° C, and in Fujairah – up to +30 ° C. In the early morning, when tourists are usually asleep, the coast is obscured by fog.

The air temperature during the day and night in September:

Resort t during the day water t
Dubai +39°С +32°С
Abu Dhabi +39°С +33°С
Sharjah +39°С +33°С
Fujairah +36°С +31°С
Ajman +39°С +33°С
Ras Al Khaimah +39°С +32°С
Umm Al Qaywain +39°С +32°С

Kristina: “The heat was so hot that the first few hours we just suffocated, but then we kind of got used to it. In the evening the temperature dropped, we had to put on overalls.

Alexander and Olga: “At least it wasn’t August, but it was hot, too! We went to the beach either in the early morning, or closer to the evening. In the daytime the sun was just impossible”.

Ivanna Soboleva: “I got my first heat stroke in Sharjah. The resort met with heat, stuffiness and cloudlessness. It was cool only in the malls. Even after sunset it was too warm.

Water temperature

In July and August, swimming in the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman is not refreshing, so tourists prefer the pools with cooling water. In September, the water temperature in the UAE is already quite comfortable – like at home in a warm bath. It’s a great time for swimming!

Natalia: “The water in the sea is very warm! It’s hot by the shore! The only downside – if there are open showers on the beach, they also run hot water! The child could not wash there.

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Alla Nikityuk: “Speaking of swimming, the water in the Persian Gulf is unrealistically warm. It’s a real pleasure to swim, but you should take care of your shoulders, they can get burnt if you swim for a long time. You have to be careful.

Water and Air Temperature in the UAE in September

The beach at Dubai Marina.

Dress for the weather

For a holiday in the UAE in September 2022, do not pack too much! Take a bathing suit, beachwear and shoes, outfits for shopping and excursions. For evening promenades by the sea jacket will come in handy.

Lydia Makarenko: “I went on a trip with hand luggage. The minimum number of clothes I got by on vacation. I recommend taking a swimsuit, T-shirts, shorts, dresses, and a hat.

Precipitation and hurricanes

For a vacation in the UAE in September, do not bring an umbrella. In the arid climate, rain is a rarity. You will enjoy cloudless skies during your vacation. Sandstorms, hurricanes and storms are unlikely. Natural disasters occur in the Emirates in winter and early spring.

The real danger of a beach holiday in the Emirates in September – the high activity of the sun. Categorically do not recommend sunbathing in the open areas! In order not to get burnt and not to get a heat stroke, wear a hat, rest under air conditioning, sunbathing in the shade and use a good sunscreen.

Weather in the UAE in September

Desert. (Photo: / @chinkinthearmour)

Tour prices to the UAE in September 2022

Travelata and OnlineTours – tours to the UAE for September.

The first month of fall is a transition from low season to high season. The weather in September in the UAE is better than in summer, and the influx of tourists is still ahead. The golden mean – you can relax by the sea for reasonable money! Prices for tours to the UAE in September 2022 are low. Tours to Dubai, Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah are more expensive, while Sharjah, Jumeirah, Umm Al Quwain, Deira and Ajman are cheaper.

See how much tours to different UAE resorts cost in September 2022. Prices are per tour from Moscow for two people:

Resort Price for two persons Example
Dubai from 63 000 ₽ Найти тур >>
Abu Dhabi From 68,000 ₽ Найти тур >>
Sharjah From 67,000 ₽ Найти тур >>
Fujairah from ₽65,000 Найти тур >>
Ajman From 77,000 ₽ Найти тур >>
Ras Al Khaimah From 68,000 ₽ Найти тур >>
Umm Al Qaywain From 84,000 ₽ Найти тур >>

Holidays with children in September

Fujairah is the most comfortable place to vacation with kids in the UAE in September. On the coast of the Gulf of Oman, there are no big temperature swings, the nights are warm, and there is less risk of a child catching a cold.

To prevent children from overheating, we advise to sunbathe on the beach only in the morning hours. For active walks are perfect after sunset, when it is not so hot. Daytime hours are comfortable in air-conditioned rooms. In the Arab Emirates, there are plenty of activities for children in the large shopping malls. Go skiing at the Ski Dubai and see the inhabitants of the deep sea at the Dubai Mall! The second half of September is better suited to sightseeing, as it gets cooler.

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Reviews about vacations in the UAE in September

Dubai Mall. The famous aquarium can be seen for free, but only partially, from the outside.

Is it worth to rest in September in the UAE

In travel agencies extol the holiday in September, telling tourists that the UAE weather is no longer hot. Compared with the summer months – yes. Prices for tours have not risen, there are few vacationers, so you can safely enjoy a comfortable holiday by the sea.

If you can not stand high temperatures or suffering from serious chronic ailments, postpone a trip to the Arab Emirates until winter or early spring, when it will be cooler. For pre-school children, September in the UAE is a hot time. In early autumn, the climate is more suitable for kids resorts in Europe.

Holidays in the UAE in September

The UAE is now one of the most popular among the Russians. Why do people love the Emirates? It is unusual, super modern, atmospheric and, of course, there is the sea, and it is hot. In the UAE, you can go to rest whenever you want, because there is never cold! On the contrary, during certain months it can be too hot for a northern man. Therefore it is best to travel to the Emirates in October and April when the weather there is the most pleasant. And what is the rest in September? Read below.

Weather in the UAE in September

The UAE has a dry, desert climate. So September, following the super-hot summer, is pretty much the same summer with a debilitating heat wave. However, it’s easier. On the coast of the Persian Gulf (where the resorts of Dubai and Abu Dhabi) during the day on average +38 … 40 ° C (sometimes a little hotter). In the evening the heat subsides a little, but at night in this part is still very hot, on average up to +30 … 32 ° C. The water near the coast of these resorts in September is also very warm (+32-34 ° C), you can swim for hours.

On the coast of the Gulf of Oman (resorts Korfakan, Fujairah) the weather is a little more pleasant because it’s less hot there (but still very hot by our standards): during the day it’s about +34-36 ° C, at night +30-31 ° C. The waters in this bay are a degree cooler than in the Persian Gulf.

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The town of Al-Ain, which is not on the coast, but is usually visited for excursions and entertainment, is insanely hot in September, about the same as in Dubai: on average +38 … 40°C during the day and +29 … 31°C at nights. There are a bit more clouds, but alas, it rains for the whole September. In principle it always rains very little in the UAE and it does not happen in September at all.

It is also worth noting that the temperatures during the month are very stable, there are no jumps. It will be hot during the day and night. The stuffiness can be felt (at times it feels as if you are in a greenhouse), so in public transport, hotels and shopping centers are air conditioners – often the only salvation from the omnipresent heat. On the beach barbecued tourists are saved by umbrellas and canopies, it’s almost impossible to open your eyes without sunglasses, and the sun can burn in just half an hour – better stock up on creams with the highest level of protection, and better yet, go couple of times to the solarium before the trip (or sunbathe at the cottage). It is better to go to the beach or in the morning, or in the evening, so as not to get baked in the middle of a sunny day. Moreover, it is impossible to swim in the afternoon – the sand on the beach is red-hot. And yet, to bear the heat on the seafront is easier, because of the water pulls freshness. And still, we can say that because of the heat the city comes to life only by 9-10 pm (or at least close to sunset), at least at this time it becomes a little easier to breathe.

So the weather in September in the UAE, of course, is very hot and those who are not used to this, it is better to choose a trip to other months of the year. Those who are not used to the heat will find September to their liking!

What to do in the Emirates in September

A big plus of traveling to the UAE in September is the reduced prices during this period. So for those who want to save money, you can choose the sultry Emirates.

In September with its abundance of sun will get a tan. Beaches in the Emirates – a whole industry, the beaches there are a variety of beaches, and, for the most part, sandy. Among them, you can note the bizarre artificial beaches (for example, the famous artificial island of Palma Jumeirah (on the shores of Dubai), on the “branches” which are located housing estates and five-star resorts).

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Go on tours in September is still a bit heavy, but also to miss such a chance would be a mistake. There are plenty of excursions offered by local travel agencies and hotel guides. If you have flown to Dubai, there will be plenty of excursions in the city. If you have a rest in the neighboring towns – be sure to visit Dubai. It’s amazing, modern and yet in a way traditional oriental city. Dubai has a lot of attractions, which you will undoubtedly be able to see in the evening – the city does not fall asleep, the city is illuminated by lights.

Abu Dhabi is a real diamond of the Emirates, a more traditional city, and certainly luxurious, amazing. In the city there is no Dubai fuss and no desire to prove anything to anyone. Abu Dhabi is about 2 hours away from Dubai, and mass tours are organized there. Conveniently, all the attractions of Abu Dhabi are compactly concentrated in one place – on Yas Island, which is very convenient. In general, if you come to the Emirates for the second or third time, you can prefer Abu Dhabi instead of Dubai.

Also after lunch (or in the morning before lunch) you can go to the water parks. And the water parks in the Emirates are great! The desire to be the first and best in everything led this country to the construction of such water masses, which impress and amaze absolutely everyone, even seasoned tourists. Just look at the water park “Ice Land” in Ras Al Khaimah, which is made in … the ice theme (there are the mountain peaks, and “snow on ice, and even penguins).

Another good water park “DreamLand” is located between Ajman and Ras Al Khaim, a 15-minute drive from Sharjah. It is a little more modest than Ice Land, but also a lot of impressions. Water park “Wadi Adventure” in Abu Dhabi is located at the foot of one of the highest mountains in the country – Jebel Hafit, well, the main and most impressive water park in the Emirates – “Wild Wadi” in Jumeirah. To say that this water park is cool – do not say anything!

Also in the hot September you can go to the ski complex “Ski Dubai” . Yes, yes, do not be surprised, this is the Emirates. Ski Dubai is the first indoor ski resort in the Middle East. There you will find five spacious tracks for beginners and professionals, sledging tracks, a playground for children, an ice “cave” and even a penguinarium. This center is located in a huge Mall of the Emirates in Dubai.

The dolphinarium in Dubai is indoor and air-conditioned, so even on a hot September day to be inside is very comfortable. It is also the first indoor facility of its kind in the Middle East.

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Go to Al-Ain, however, there is no sea breeze. But there is a cool zoo, which is the largest zoo not only in the country, but also in the Middle East (who would doubt it). It consists of several zones: the first zone is inhabited by cats, the second zone – reptiles, the third zone – animals and birds of the desert (Arabian wildcats, owls, hedgehogs), and the last zone – exotic birds. Also in the park there is a large aquarium.

Nightlife in the Emirates, of course, there is. Maybe in September, not so many people, but nothing is closed. It all depends on the resort, of course, and Dubai, again, took the palm. For the comfort of tourists, local authorities are trying to soften the harsh requirements of Islam and provide vacationers with conditions no worse than in Europe, so, in Dubai, everything is of the highest order. But remember that in the nightclubs and discos in Dubai is quite strict face control, so do not come to the dance in shorts or revealing clothes. Also, many clubs don’t let people under 21 years old. It is also worth being prepared for the fact that to drink in the UAE clubs – not a cheap pleasure, but even soft drinks at free discos also exorbitantly expensive. In other emirates, the situation is somewhat different. Sharjah, for instance, is one of the most relaxed emirates in the UAE, particularly because alcohol is banned.

Holidays in the UAE in September

In the heat of September in the Emirates there are not many holidays and festivals – too few people will want to visit them. And yet, throughout the summer and at the very beginning of September in Dubai is held the festival “Dubai Summer Surprises”. Commonly known as DSS. The Dubai Summer Surprises festival was realized in order to encourage tourists to visit Dubai at the peak of the heat. The festival lasts about 10 weeks, divided into different sectors (like traditional food days, art days, adventure and nature days), and hotels in Dubai offer special packages for shopaholics.

Also in September and October there is the Motexha Textile Show. Again, in Dubai. The annual exhibition is the largest of its kind in the Middle East and attracts buyers from all over the country. The main fair takes place at the Dubai International Exhibition Centre: over 500 textile industry items in 30 pavilions.

So, it is worth going to the UAE in September for those who love the heat and who are used to the heat. At first it will be unusual, but even not completely comfortable conditions can not spoil the impression of this wonderful country.

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