Ulcinj: reviews, prices and tips for vacations

The most southerly and warmest resort in Montenegro

Holidays in Ulcinj

The main pride of Ulcinj is the magnificent sandy beaches. Read tourist reviews about the Montenegrin resort and learn about the best hotels, attractions, restaurants, and times to come on vacation.


The look of the resort

The city on the coast of the Adriatic Sea has an interesting history. Once here was the center of the slave trade and pirate base. There are so many legends and legends that no one can tell the truth from the fiction.

The resort is famous for its sandy coast, transparent sea and sunshine. Most of the inhabitants are not Montenegrins, but Albanians, so in architecture, manner and atmosphere Ulcinj is a child of the East. It differs from the resorts of Boko-Kotor Bay and Budva by its Muslim motifs.

The development is divided into Old Town and the modern part with stores, cafes, restaurants, a hospital and a bus station. Ulcinj is one of the cheapest resorts in Montenegro. Here eagerly rest the Germans, the Poles and the Norwegians. Few tourists from Russia come here.

Holidays in Ulcinj

Most residents of Albania, so the architecture, manner and atmosphere of Ulcinj – the child of the East. From the resorts of Boko-Kotor Bay and Budva it is distinguished by Muslim motifs. Photo: upslim / Depositphotos.com.

Tourists’ impression of the resort

Tourists are used to vacationing on the coast of the Bay of Kotor and the resorts of the Budva Riviera. Few people get to the southern outskirts of Montenegro, and the locals are not too tourism-oriented. At first it may seem that they are not smiling, but the first impression is deceptive.

Yes, Ulcinj is a bit dirty, but in reviews tourists praise excellent holiday, clear sea, a wide choice of beaches, picturesque nature and good infrastructure. In contrast to the overcrowded resorts of Montenegro, in the south of the country is not crowded.

Tanyushechka: “Ulcinj is a city to which one wants to return. Having read the reviews about the proximity to Albania, we didn’t feel any discomfort. We were pleasantly surprised by the prices, after other European resorts, as well as after the excursion to other cities in Montenegro. How nice to have breakfast and dinner outdoors every day with a glass of wine, admiring the beautiful view of the sea, mountains and olive groves.

Polina: “You have to understand that the city is generally Albanian. It has many mosques, they speak mostly Albanian. There are not many souvenirs and excursions. The city is safe, but by and large it is not a tourist destination.”

Best Hotels

There are few 4-5* hotels in Ulcinj, but a good selection of budget 2-3* hotels, apartments and small private pensions. Accommodation prices are lower than in other Montenegrin resorts. Look for accommodation in Ulcinj on Hotelluk.

The best hotels in Ulcinj, according to reviews and ratings of tourists:

Naser 3* is a budget option in Old Town for a nice vacation by the sea. In high season a room for two costs from 20 €.

Pasha 3* – a chamber guest house 1.5 km from the sandy beach of Velika Plazha. The restaurant offers excellent Montenegrin cuisine. A room for two will cost you 29 €.

Ajana 4* is a dream for quiet holiday lovers. The resort hotel with an outdoor pool is away from noisy roads. Double room with breakfast costs 40 €.

Palata Venezia 4* is a stylish hotel in a castle dating back 2,000 years. Apartments with a unique historical atmosphere are set in the former royal castle. Room for two with breakfast costs from 68 €.

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The Senator 5* is a stylish seafront hotel with indoor and outdoor pools, car and bike rentals. A double room with breakfast costs 63 €.

Plaza Hotel&SPA 5* – A luxurious hotel offers a common lounge with a sea view, a pleasant hammam and entertainment evenings. A room with breakfast for two costs from 120 €.

Where to stay in Ulcinj

In Ulcinj there is a good choice of budget hotels 2-3*, apartments and small private pensions. On the photo: guest houses in public beach area. Photo: efesenko / Depositphotos.com.


In Ulcinj it is easy to find any beaches – landscaped and wild, with light and dark sand, for sunbathing, treatment, diving and nudism. Entering the sea smoothly, the depth begins gradually, which is very convenient for children and vacationers who swim badly. Equipped beaches rent chairs and umbrellas from the sun, there are parking lots and kiosks that sell soft drinks and snacks.

The town, or Small, beach in the bay is 300 meters long. There isn’t much space, so tourists prefer to go out of town. Popular beaches are Liman 1 and Liman 2, Far Beach, Ibiza, Safari, nudist, women’s beach and a wonderful beach on the island reserve at the mouth of the Ada Bojana River.

Away from Ulcinj is the most famous Great Beach or Velika Plazha, which stretches for 13 meters and is covered with black volcanic sand. You can get to the “Ulica Copacabana” by car and by water.

Nadezhda: “In Ulcinj there are beaches with dark sand, such only here, it is the Ulcinj brand. There are also quite ordinary ones. The big beach is a wide strip of clean sand. Just a beauty! The entrance to the sea is perfect.

Best Beaches in Ulcinj

On the equipped beaches rent sun beds and umbrellas, there are parking lots and kiosks selling soft drinks and snacks. Photo: irinabal18 / Depositphotos.com.

Cafes and restaurants

In their reviews of Ulcinj, tourists praise milk, vegetables, fruit, fish and seafood, delicious Montenegrin food and large portions. Prices are low – the average bill for a hearty meal for two is about 12-17 €.

In the Balkans you do not need to pay attention to the appearance of the institution. In an unremarkable coastal cafe can be excellent national dishes. We advise you to try delicate goat cheese, prsut, sweet fresh figs and homemade liqueurs.

Inspire: “Restaurant Lovac Since 1928 is a very decent place. The atmosphere, the food, the people, the attention, the prices – everything makes you feel like you are visiting close friends! Plus Montenegrin authenticity and color. And the pergola with grapes and kiwis hanging overhead is worth a lot.

Prices for vacations in Ulcinj

Restaurant terraces overlooking the sea. Photo: upslim / Depositphotos.com.

What to see

There are plenty of interesting places to see in Ulcinj itself. The main attraction is the Old Town. Take a walk through the medieval fortress with its powerful stone wall, walk through the winding streets and admire the old masonry buildings! There’s a church of Nicholas the Wonderworker and a museum in the historical part of the spa.

According to tourist reviews, from Ulcinj excursions to Montenegro, Albania and Italy are popular. Fans of active recreation enjoy going on boat trips, scuba diving, water skiing and kitesurfing.

Tigrishka: “Many cities in Montenegro have the old part of town, somewhere it is better preserved, somewhere worse. In the old town of Ulcinj everything is pretty good, climbing the stone steps, you get through the fortress gate to the territory of Kalaj Castle. From there, there is a dizzying view of the sea.

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Holidays with children

A quiet resort is perfect for a vacation with a child. In Ulcinj there are a lot of comfortable family hotels, pleasant promenade and beautiful sandy beaches. Parents like the fine soft sand and easy entrance to the sea. When choosing a hotel, note that the area is hilly. Some hotels are close to the sea, but you have to go downhill to the beaches.

Irinka: “The sea is amazing – clean, transparent, you can see fish, children caught crabs. We went to Liman beach and on a Small sandy beach, the way to the sea and from the sea did not strain at all. A lot of different greenery, and what clean air.

Holidays with children in Ulcinj

Some hotels are close to the sea, but you have to go down the hill to the beaches. Photo: efesenko / Depositphotos.com.

When to go

Ulcinj is located in the south of the country, so it is considered the warmest resort in Montenegro. The beach season starts early. In May it is already good to sunbathe, and by the beginning of summer the sea water gets +21 … +23 °С.

Most tourists come in July and August. Summer at the resort is hot and the weather is dry. It is comfortable to vacation in Ulcinj in September. Until early October the weather is warm and you can swim at your pleasure.

Michael: “Holidays in Montenegro in the town of Ulcinj from 2 to 30 May. The weather is not hot. There were four days of rain. We enjoyed the walks at a comfortable temperature. At this temperature it’s good to walk and swim.

Is it worth to go

Ulcinj in Montenegro is an ideal resort for an economical vacation with sandy beaches and a relaxed atmosphere. Some call the seaside town a retirement destination for its quietness. There really isn’t much to do, but the warm sea, spacious sandy beaches, inexpensive food and cozy hotels are guaranteed.

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Perhaps such a place as Ulcinj not many people know, it is practically not sold on the Russian market. To get here, you have to become an independent tourist and book all parts of the tour separately, without the help of a travel agent. Perhaps, some of the tour operators sell this destination, but very few people go there.

Ulcinj is the southernmost city of Montenegro, located on the border with Albania. Most of the public who choose this place for a holiday is the Albanians. The audience is very specific, the beach comes in large families with children, women are not usually bathed, dressed in all black. The Albanians men themselves behave rather loosely in relation to tourists, constantly throw indiscreet looks and try to talk. Resting in Europe, you begin to feel that you’re in Egypt.

Also, the place is known for its Royal Beach – a very long and wide sandy beach. The entrance to the sea here is gradual and very shallow. In order to swim normally, you need to reach at least the buoys. In this case, due to the fact that this is an open space, the wind rises very often, as a result – the fine sand is in the hair and teeth. So to say, the beach is only for lovers, however, as Ulcinj itself.

As for the type of rest, it is more hotel quiet. The infrastructure of tourist here is, but very not active. There are no stores, cafes, night clubs. And the audience, which rests in this place is a family with children and older Europeans.

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This resort is more suitable.

When is the best time to relax in Ulcinj?


Ulcinj is a small town in Montenegro near the border with Albania. The climate here is mild and fairly stable, almost 2/3 of the year in Ulcinj is sunny. The excursion season here begins in April and lasts until the end of October, when the rains and low clouds come. If you decide to go on vacation with children, the best time is from June to mid-September. Water during this time gets up to +25 degrees and higher, the weather is hot and there are practically no sudden cyclones.

Of course, with a decrease in temperature the cost of hotel rooms and food decreases proportionally. If bathing is not the main purpose of your vacation, feel free to go to Ulcinj in March and April. Spring comes there much earlier than in our latitudes! In a leisurely atmosphere, without the crowds of tourists and the summer heat you can explore all the attractions of the town. You will be always welcome in any café or restaurant and the kilometers of sandy beaches, which are so pleasant to walk along under the sound of the surf, will belong only to you!

Where to stay in Ulcinj?


Ulcinj is a Montenegrin resort city located in the south of the country. And despite the fact that it can be called a rather quiet and provincial town, its different areas are very different from each other. Basically there are guest houses to accommodate tourists in the vast majority, but the expensive tourist complexes and some elite hotels in fact quite a bit.

But in principle it can even be called a significant plus, because each tourist can stop here in the area, which is more to his liking. In fact, the city can be divided into four large parts – the Liman, the Center, the Old City and the Business District.

Liman is the northwestern and hilly part of Ulcinj. There is practically no cheap accommodation in this part of town and most of the local buildings are mostly cozy private hotels and villas, which are surrounded by olive groves and have a beautiful panoramic view of the Adriatic coast.

Some hotels have their own private beaches, so the sea is incredibly clean. However, the prices in local hotels are not biting, but still a little higher than the average on the coast. This area is more suitable for people who prefer a quiet vacation away from hectic tourists.

The central part of the town has a mountainous relief, but it does not differ with any… read completely.

Useful information


It is safe to say that the prices for recreation in Ulcinj are quite acceptable. However, of course, they largely depend on the season you choose for the rest and on how comfortable conditions you prefer. For example, if you carefully consider everything, then a month’s stay at this resort, along with accommodation, transportation, meals and travel can cost you up to 1000 euros for two, moreover, in the peak tourist season.

In this case, of course, it is necessary to comply with some of the rules of the resort. Do not book lodging in advance, as there are a huge number of private apartments and guest houses in Ulcinj, so do not be afraid that you can stay on the street. Although even that wouldn’t be such a bad option in principle.

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All you have to do is to arrive and walk through the streets of the Central District, going into all the private hotels and houses where rooms are for rent. You can talk directly with the owners, bargain and at the same time you will be able to save a lot of money.

It’s not a bad idea to pack a tent, as camping is very common on the beaches of the Ulica Riviera. For a couple of euros you can pitch your tent and get all the comforts you need – showers, toilets and even electricity. But besides this you can put a tent for free somewhere on the wilderness.

How to get there?


To get to the Montenegrin city of Ulcinj is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. Despite the fact that this city is situated at a decent distance from the main airports of Montenegro, the road from them in fact doesn’t take more than 2 hours. In addition, do not forget that all the way you will be accompanied by beautiful scenery of Montenegro resort, so that your trip will fly by unnoticed and with great pleasure.

You can also arrive in Ulcinj from the Albanian town of Shkodër either by bus or by car. The bus ticket in this case is 6 euros, but on the way you have to go through the border crossing Sukobin, which is more like a toll booth. They will check your documents and stamp your passport, but don’t worry, everything goes quickly.

If you want to travel from Italy, you can take a ferry from Bari to Bar or from Ancona to Bar. The cost of the ferry ticket varies from 40 to 250 euros, and it depends on the class of accommodation and of course on the season. So it’s better to check the price in advance on the relevant sites. Well, from the Montenegrin city of Bar to Ulcinj you can get by bus for only two euros.

Ulcinj is located in the southern part of Montenegro, so it is quite distant from the airports. The distance between Tivat and Ulcinj is 84 kilometers, and from Podgorica… read more

Food and Drink


The cost of food in almost all mid-level restaurants is the same: dinner for two adults is about 20-30 euros. The only exceptions are a few restaurants in the Old Town, where even a usual cappuccino may cost 5-6 euros (in the city a cappuccino or latte costs 2-3 euros).

Among the dishes of the national cuisine dozens of delicious cheeses, hard and soft, with spicy herbs and goat’s milk stand out. In small stores of the city you can buy very tasty bryndza and goat cheese. The price of such products is quite high: 8-16 euros per kilo. However, the great, incomparable taste of cheese is worth the money. In one restaurant I also asked the manager, why Montenegrin cheeses have such a taste and aroma, which is not present, for example, in Polish or German cheeses. Turns out it’s because of the special kind of herbs in the pastures where the cows are grazed! Be sure to try a few types of local cheeses.

Of those that are not found in our cuisine, we can recommend the Montenegrin homemade butter, which also has that unique flavor. It tastes like a mixture of butter and milk foam. All the locals will unanimously advise you prsut, a special way of salted cured meat.

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The selection of sweets and desserts is a little disappointing. In Ulcinj you won’t find anything national among desserts! The usual panna cotta, pies, biscuits with cream.

Quite a remarkable point: there is no McDonald’s in Ulcinj and Montenegro! Healthy natural food with a bias towards meat is the basis of… read in full

What to see in Ulcinj?


The main attraction of the Montenegrin resort of Ulcinj is the Old City. However, this area is conventionally divided into two parts – the lower town and the upper town, often called the Citadel. This is the place of special interest not only to tourists, but actually the true connoisseurs of classical literature.

The fact is that it was here once upon a time Miguel de Cervantes – the famous Spanish writer – was imprisoned. And in fact this very Citadel, according to the legend, once inspired him to create the image of the beautiful Dulcinea, who became the beloved of the legendary Don Quixote. Also in the territory of the Old Town of Ulcinj there are two beautiful museums – the Archaeological Museum and the Ethnographic Museum.

In general, it is necessary to visit this architectural ensemble, you will not regret about it at all because besides the museums and beautiful architecture you can see there the Turkish fountain of the XVI century and the city Lighthouse, as well as a magnificent panorama of the city. Entrance to the Old City is free except for the museums, so you have to pay one euro.

The second landmark of the city is an olive grove, which is actually located at the walls of the old city. This olive orchard can also be called a city park or a place for leisurely strolls. The olive grove is considered a symbol and the true spirit of the city.

Perhaps it is no coincidence that in the heart of the city, so to speak… read more

What to buy?


No big malls or brand stores in Ulcinj you will not find. And in general people come to this resort not for shopping. In principle even popular Italian things which are sold in many Montenegrin resorts, you will not find here.

But this resort has a very interesting flea market which is open twice a week, i.e. on Tuesdays and Fridays. Sold there all sorts of little things that have served their time – car parts, old rags, helmets, housewares and houseplants, old coins. And in general, you can find something interesting there. So if you like all sorts of antique stuff, you can look here, and suddenly you are lucky.

But all kinds of souvenirs in Ulcinj you will find a huge number. These are magnets, bells and bells, trinkets and plates and all kinds of other different things. But it is better to please your family and friends with pleasant gastronomic gifts. Green and black olives are sold in large quantities here, but they are quite different from those that are sold in our supermarkets.

First of all, they are many times larger in size, and second, they are pickled here in a special way. And their taste is very different, because home-salted olives have a bitter, but incredibly pleasant taste. Also, here you can buy natural olive oil, which is produced nearby in Bar or it is pressed.

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