Visa to Croatia for Russians – 2022.

How a tourist from Russia can enter Croatia in 2022

Croatia has lifted all coronavirus restrictions for travelers

As of May 1, no coronavirus test, certificate of vaccination or COVID-19 carryover are required to enter Croatia.

Air travel between Russia and Croatia has been stopped. It is possible to get to the country with a connection, for example, in Turkey.

Croatia has allowed entry for tourists from Russia who have taken coronavirus tests or vaccination.

To go to Croatia, tourists need confirmation of booking a hotel, apartment, campsite, boat or other accommodation. Even before entry is necessary to fill out a special form.

Children under 12 years and transit passengers who leave Croatia within 12 hours do not need additional documents. Others have to present one of the certificates to choose from: a negative coronavirus test result, a certificate of vaccination or a certificate of illness. They are issued in English. If they are in Russian, you will need a notarized translation into English or Croatian.

I will tell you more about each document.

Where to go on vacation abroad in 2022?

Please indicate your preferences, and we will find a suitable country for you, which are allowed to Russian tourists.

Test for coronavirus. Either PCR- or antigen-test will do. PCR-test must be taken within 72 hours before entry into the country, and the antigen test – within 48 hours. The deadline is counted from the moment the smear is taken. Only those antigen tests that are approved by the European Union will be accepted. The result of the rapid antigen test must indicate the manufacturer and/or the commercial name of the test.

List of approved antigen tests on the European Commission websitePDF, 1.65 MB

Certificate of complete vaccination course. Croatia accepts tourists vaccinated with Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, AstaZeneca, Sinopharm, Johnson & Johnson and Sputnik V. At least 14 days must elapse from the time of vaccination. The certificate is valid for one year. The embassy specifies that the document from the state services will do.

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Certificate of recovery from coronavirus. As a confirmation will fit the positive result of PCR-or antigen test, which the traveler has received within a year before the trip, but no later than 11 days before entry into the country. A doctor’s note can be submitted in lieu of the test result.

A certificate of having had coronavirus and having received one dose of the vaccine. Vaccination must be done within eight months from the date of illness. And the certificate of vaccination is valid for one year.

The rules say that if a tourist does not have a certificate, he can be tested for coronavirus upon arrival in Croatia at his own expense. But without test results or certificates you may not be allowed to take a flight, so it is better to clarify the rules with the airline before departure.

How to get a visa to Croatia in 2022

Russians need visa to Croatia – previously issued the Croatian national or Schengen visa. It is also possible to enter by national multivisa from Bulgaria, Cyprus or Romania.

April 5 visa centers of Croatia in Russia began to accept documents for tourist visas by appointment. So far tourists can bring documents only personally, not through intermediary agencies.

Whether you will be given a multi-visa or a single one depends on the decision of the embassy. But it is important to remember that with a Croatian visa you cannot visit the Schengen countries.

When applying for a visa you will have to book flights and a hotel or apartment. The visa center website says that when applying for a visa, tourists must attach proof of fully paid accommodation. But in response to T-J’s inquiry the visa center informed that from September 17 it’s not required to confirm the payment of the bookings.

If a tourist will stay in a private accommodation, you must get a confirmation of the reservation from the owner and a copy of the permit for tourist services. They are issued to the owner by the local authority. The document is called “Resenje o delatnosti”. Those who book accommodation on Airbnb do not need such a document. The booking confirmation is sufficient.

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A full list of documents for visa application is on the Croatian visa application site.

Urgent examination of documents takes three working days. But if you apply for urgent visa you should attach hotel and air tickets payment confirmation to your documents. Also, a statement in which you explain the reasons for urgency. It is written in free form in English and printed.

Who may not pay the consular fee. Children up to 12 years of age, disabled people of any disability group, and their accompanying person are exempt from it. People with disabilities and children under 6 years are exempt from service charges.

Entry regulations to Croatia in 2022: current conditions

Entry rules to Croatia for Russians

What are the rules of entry to Croatia for Russians. How you can get to the resort and what restrictions now apply. Collected useful information for those who are planning a vacation on the Adriatic Sea.

Your attention! Flights to Croatia from Russia are temporarily suspended since February 2022. But you can get to the country with connections in other countries. Where is the easiest to fly to on holiday now – read here.

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Can the Russians go to Croatia now

Entry conditions to Croatia for Russians

Photo by Hans-Jürgen Weinhardt / unsplash

Croatia opened its borders to Russian tourists back in 2021, with flights restored last July.

Since May 1, 2022 the rules of entry to Croatia have been simplified, there are no more restrictions associated with the Covid. Let’s consider in detail what you need to travel on vacation.

Entry conditions to Croatia for Russians in 2022

To cross the border into Croatia you don’t need any more PCR-test or vaccination. Restrictions for tourists valid till April 30, 2022 are not prolonged any more.

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To travel to Croatia it is necessary to obtain a national visa . Instead of a Croatian visa, you can use the multischengen visa, as well as multi visas of Bulgaria, Romania and Cyprus. The online pro visa of Cyprus is not suitable for this.

What restrictions are now in Croatia

Photo Datingjungle / unsplash

Russian bank cards do not work in Croatia now. Bring the euro or a foreign bank card (how to make a card in Belarus).

To know the actual entry conditions of other popular tourist destinations you can see a special section on our site.

Conditions of visa reception in Croatia

Croatia accepts documents for issuing tourist visas. The country allows staying not more than 90 days within half a year. You can apply for it maximum six months in advance. It is possible to apply for an urgent visa in 4 days (urgent visa will cost 120 euros, ordinary visa 80).

In contrast to the Schengen visa, there is no need to submit biometrics for a Croatian visa.

Entry into Croatia for Russians

Photo by Daria Andraczko / unsplash

The passport must be valid for at least 3 months after the end of the trip.

Booking of accommodation for the whole period of the stay is a requirement for getting a visa.

In October the requirements were relaxed and it is now sufficient to present a booking confirmation. Previously only fully paid accommodation was accepted (a hotel voucher was required for all tourists).

Also international medical insurance is required, which can be taken online.

Last summer in the light of visa delays it was possible to apply for Bulgarian visa for a trip to Croatia. It is cheaper and requires minimal documents – passport, photo, visa application form, insurance.

What restrictions are now in force in Croatia

Since April 2022, Croatia has abolished the requirement to wear masks. So there are no restrictions that interfere with your vacation. Museums, restaurants and other public tourist places are available to tourists.

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How to get to Croatia now

Now there are regular flights from Moscow directly to Croatian resorts – Split, Pula and Dubrovnik. In light of sanctions you can get to Croatia with a connection in Istanbul, UAE or Belgrade. You can choose tickets and book them online via service.

How to have advantageous rest in Croatia

By tour! You can compare offers of all tour operators, choose a profitable tour and buy it with discounted price in the online agency . View current promo codes for discounted tour operator prices here.

Mass tourism to Croatia from the Russian Federation is still at a standstill, as are most other destinations. Where you can fly tour now – we have in the article.

If you prefer to travel on your own, you can save on hotel reservations through the service Yandex Travel or Ostrovok .

What to do after coming back from Croatia

All Russian citizens returning from an overseas trip must take a PCR test within 3 days, and send the result to the State Service website no later than the 4th day. Those who were vaccinated within the last year, or who have had an illness before, do not need to take the test.

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