Visa to Germany for Russians – 2022. How to obtain it yourself

Visa to Germany 2022

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Germany is the most visited tourist country in Europe. Moreover, here live, work and study about 230 thousand Russians. Therefore the question of obtaining a visa is relevant for many citizens of the Russian Federation.

What types of visas are there?

The two most popular types of visas to enter Germany:

  • Schengen category C;
  • National visa category D.

In addition to these visas, there are categories A and B – transit visas.

Schengen visa C

This visa entitles a holder to stay in the country for 90 days every six months and travel within the Schengen Union, which includes Germany. It is suitable for tourist purposes, business trips, medical treatment, visiting family and friends, participating in entertainment events, etc.

To obtain a Schengen visa must be confirmed by an invitation from relatives officially residing in the country, a letter from your employer, from an educational institution, etc.

You do not need to make out a separate Schengen visa to Germany, if you had previously issued a visa to another Schengen country – it provides free movement within the union. Nuance – to avoid questions, you must first visit the country that issues the entry documents.

National visa D

After obtaining a national visa category D (also called German visa), a citizen of another country can stay in Germany from 3 to 6 months. After the expiry date, you must apply to the state authorities for an extension of the visa or for a residence permit, depending on the circumstances.

Type D entry permits are not issued through a visa center, but are issued independently at the embassy or consulate general. The grounds for obtaining such a visa are:

  • family reunification;
  • marriage to a German citizen;
  • studies;
  • Working and running one’s own business;
  • participation in the program of late immigrants.

The list of documents for visa D in Germany will be wider than for the Schengen visa, and registration can take from 2 weeks to 6 months. To speed up the process, you need to fill out the necessary documents without errors and follow the instructions that will be given at the embassy.

Necessary documents

The list of documents for a visa to Germany in 2022 has not changed. These include:

  1. Questionnaire or questionnaire. It can be found on the website of the visa center, then printed and signed in the right places.
  2. A valid passport. And its validity must be three months longer than the expiration date of the visa.
  3. A photocopy of foreign passport.
  4. Two photos. Size 3,5 x4,5 cm. Photo must be clear, no corners, the background is strictly white. Emotional coloring of the picture is neutral, the face is open and takes about 75% of the photo.
  5. Photocopy of passport of Russian citizen.
  6. Proof of payment of visa fee – 35 euros minimum.
  7. Insurance policy for 30 000 Euros which is valid in the whole territory of Schengen Union.
  8. Confirmation of ability to pay for the trip – bank account statement, certificate from employer indicating salary, letter from sponsor who will pay for the trip, etc.
  9. Airline tickets or ground transportation tickets. Confirmed reservations, as well as hotel or hotel reservations, will do.

This is the main list of documents. To get a visa to Germany by invitation, you will need additional papers:

  • If the invitation comes from a private person – the original invitation with information about the place of residence with a notarized copy of the inviting party’s passport. Plus documents on obligations to pay for the trip, if the expenses are covered by the host;
  • If the invitation comes from an organization – the original or a copy of the invitation, indicating the dates of the trip, its purpose and the party paying for the trip.
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Additional documents for children under 18

  • school certificate;
  • birth certificate and a copy of it;
  • permission in German or English from both parents to take the child out of the country, if the child travels without them;
  • if the child travels with the parents, proof that they travel together – flight and hotel bookings, etc.

What does it take to get a visa to Germany?

Visa to Germany is executed according to the following algorithm:

  1. Recording and interviewing at the embassy is a distinctive feature of the German visa service. Many European countries do not use this procedure. After registration for the interview may take from 1 to 45 days – it all depends on the queue, the season, etc.
  2. Passport preparation. From your passport you will need to take a copy of the page with personal data and the page with the marks of the previously issued passports. The internal passport is copied in full.
  3. Filling in the questionnaire. A template will be provided at the embassy or visa application center. You can use Russian or German, but the name and surname are to be filled in exactly as in the passport. It is necessary to fill in all the lines. If any item does not apply to a citizen, indicate “no”. The application form must be completed in duplicate and signed by the applicant.
  4. Photographs – the requirements are described above. The picture must be taken no later than six months ago.
  5. Insurance policy – minimum 30 000 euros per person.
  6. Proof of purpose of trip – tickets, hotel reservation, letter of invitation etc.
  7. It is necessary to provide financial support – a bank account statement, income certificate from work, confirming that the expenses are covered by the inviting party, etc.
  8. Registration of documents for children is required: from parents’ permission to travel to proof of custody.
  9. Personal submission of documents to the consulate or embassy for visa processing.
  10. Getting the visa.

Is it possible to simplify and speed up the process?

Collecting documents is not always a pleasant and time-consuming activity. In addition, you need to take into account the subtleties and nuances in the paperwork. If you don’t want to go through all this to get a visa, apply to our visa center. We will save your time and you’ll get the cherished permission without any hassle.

Visa to Germany

Whether you need a visa to Germany, what documents are necessary for a visa to Germany, where to get a visa to Germany and other visa nuances – in our article.

Many Russian citizens dream of going to Germany: some want to visit relatives, some just want to travel, and others want to live there. In connection with this there are pressing questions: how much money you need for a visa, what documents you will need, what is the likelihood of approval, etc.

German visa

The rules to registration remain unchanged for a long time: to make a trip to Germany, you need a German visa, drawn up in advance. The easiest option in this case would be to go to one of the German visa centers, which are located in many major cities in Russia. It is worth clarifying that Germany is in the Schengen area, so you need to issue a Schengen visa. But also there is a national visa, which is issued directly to the German Embassy, located in Moscow, as well as the consulate of the country in Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk. We’ll talk about how to apply for a visa to Germany in 2022 below.

Classification of visas: Schengen or national?

German visa

There are different types of visas. For example, the Schengen multi-visa has a validity period of 180 days, 90 of which can account for a stay in Germany. There is also the option of choosing a single entry for other periods. German national visa also has a limit of stay of 3 months, but it can be extended directly in Germany.

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Another difference is the breadth of validity: Schengen can be used in all countries where this visa (almost all countries in Western Europe). The same national visa may be used only in the country for which it is intended, but after arriving in Germany, you can go further in the Schengen area.

Types of visas can also be divided according to how long it takes to process your documents. So, a Schengen visa to Germany is issued within 10 days, which cannot be said about the national visa, which is processed up to two months. This is explained by the fact that the process of obtaining a national visa is engaged not only by the visa processing center, but also by the German authorities.

In order to fill in an application for a national visa, it is necessary to use German language. If you fill out an application for Schengen, you can write in Russian.

To apply for a Schengen visa you can contact one of the service and visa centers VisaMetric, they cooperate with the General Consulates of Germany. And in order to apply for a national visa you should apply directly to the visa section of the Consulate General, but you should also sign up through the visa center.

Purposes of visit

German visa

There are various purposes for visiting a foreign country:

  • Tourism and other private visits. These include travel; visiting acquaintances (not relatives); visiting burial sites; owning real estate in the Schengen area.
  • Visiting relatives or family members;
  • for medical treatment abroad;
  • visiting various cultural events: participants in various conferences, professional development, training of schoolchildren, students/exchange students; sports events, learning foreign languages, etc.
  • Work-related travel: employees on business trips, businessmen going out to develop their business, drivers/pilots, journalists, etc.

Where can I get a visa to Germany?

German visa

You can apply for a visa at the German mission, this role is performed by both service and visa centers and consulates of the country. For this you need to be a person who has lived for a long time in the consular district. An important aspect is the place where the applicant actually resides, not the one indicated in the passport.

In order to apply for a visa, you need to choose one of the visa centers located in major cities of Russia, or that consulate that is located in your consular district, on the map you can see the areas of responsibility of German consulates in Russia.

If you wish, it is possible to apply at the consulate rather than at the service and visa center. Applications relating to economic activities (including employment), education, family reunification can be submitted only at the Russian Consulate, and visa and service centers accept only applications for Schengen visas to Germany for tourism and other private visits.

All visa centers stipulate the same rules:

German visa

Documents required for a visa to Germany

German visa

The list provided will make your search for the necessary documents easier, but it is not exhaustive, the visa center may in some cases ask you for other papers as well.

  • The application itself, which you need to fill out completely and put 3 signatures on it. In case there are minors, their legal representatives sign for them. You can fill out the application form on a special website, and then print it out.
  • Availability of a passport that must be valid for at least three months after the planned date of departure from the Schengen area. In addition, it must contain at least two blank pages and must not be older than 10 years. Plus, you must have a copy of the page with your personal information on it; if you have another passport, you must also submit it along with a copy of the same page.
  • two color photos 3,5×4,5; usually they can be taken in the visa centers themselves;
  • provision of visa fee (in case of submission through the visa center and not the consulate – also the service fee);
  • medical insurance, which must cover the entire period of stay in a foreign country and be valid in the Schengen area. In this case, it must pay all costs that may appear in connection with the provision of medical services, hospitalization or death. The cost of services covered by insurance should be no less than 30 thousand euros. It is worth specifying that sometimes it is written in the insurance that it becomes valid after payment. In this case, you also need to provide a document (receipt) of payment. Medical insurance can usually be purchased at the visa centers themselves. Or online, which is much more convenient.
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  • A copy of your Russian passport (of course, if you are already 14 years old). This includes all pages that contain any information about you, as well as information about your passport and the 14th page (even if it’s blank).
  • A document confirming your employment (which also specifies the salary). If there is no such document, you need some other confirmation of your solvency (a bank statement, sponsor’s letter, a document confirming the ownership of real estate in the Russian Federation and other similar confirmations).

For minors also required:

German visa

For citizens of other countries:

  • Any documentary proof of legal residence in Russia (residence permit, registration with the Federal Migration Service, etc.), which must be valid for at least another three months after return from the Schengen area. Application can also be submitted, which confirms the fact of application for extension of the granted document.

For persons who do not reside in Russia:

  • A document confirming the fact of legal stay in Russia, as well as justification of the reasons for the application in Russia and not in the home country.

Separate documents are also required for some purposes of travel

Tourism (tourist visa for Germany):

German visa

Visiting loved ones and relatives who are not German citizens (visa to Germany by invitation):

German visa

For those who own real estate in the Schengen area, including relatives:

  • Documents that confirm the ownership rights of persons in real estate (copy of the contract of sale, an extract from the real estate registry, etc.). In the case of this extract, it must be over six months old;
  • For relatives – documents proving your kinship.

For persons wishing to visit burial site:

  • A document that officially confirms the existence of the cemetery itself, as well as documents proving kinship.

Duration of processing and visa validity

German visa

Schengen visa according to official data is executed within 10 days. In Moscow, in fact all is even better, a visa is made out already in a week, and sometimes even within a few days. But in the regions visa consideration and registration may take more time than it is expected.

How long the national visa is made – it directly depends on how far is your city from the consulate general of Germany, as that is where the documents for the production and processing should go.

As a result, you can get a visa in the capital much faster than in other subjects, as there is no need to spend money and time on repeated sending and receiving documents.

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German visa

Officially there are certain terms for all types of visas, which are regulated in the international acts and are uniform for all states of the Schengen area. Period of validity of C visa is 6 months and D visa is 1 year. Time of stay abroad is C – 90 days, D – 180 days (can be reduced). In practice may issue a visa in a wider range, as for the dates of the trip (if you apply for the first time, so it will be), or multi-visa for a year.

It is worth clarifying that the price of a Schengen visa does not depend on the period of validity of the visa. Regardless of whether you indicate the dates of your departure and return to Russia, or you want a multi-visa for 180 or 365 days – the cost will be the same.

There are other visas with an additional validity period. For example, for those who constantly travel to different countries, you can open a multi-visa, the validity of which will be several years, including more than two. Travelers who have often flown to Germany and have German stamps in their passport and many plane tickets have a good chance of doing so. In this case, even if the visa is valid for more than a year, it is still only possible to stay in Germany for 90 days a year.

Cost of visa to Germany

German visa

Fees for a visa are taken in rubles, but the price is announced in euros. Therefore the fee will directly depend on the euro to ruble exchange rate.

Schengen visa:

  • For citizens of Russian Information and CIS countries – 35 euros;
  • for children (under six years) – free of charge;
  • Express visa (for citizens residing in Russia and Ukraine) – 70 euros;
  • for citizens of other countries – 80 euros;
  • For foreign children aged 6 to 12 – 40 euros.

German national visa:

  • For persons 18 years of age or older – 75 euros;
  • 37,50 euros for under 18 years old.

The visa center also accepts an additional service charge for the service provided:

  • children under six years of age – free of charge;
  • For other persons – 28.90 euros with fingerprinting procedure.

How to apply for a visa to Germany by yourself

At the visa application center

German visa

It is worth clarifying that you can personally and not visit the visa center in order to pick up your passport with the visa, and appoint your representative. For this purpose, you need to execute a power of attorney.

German visa

At the German Consulate

  1. you need to make an appointment in advance (on the visa application center’s website);
  2. as well as in the visa center, you need to fill out and sign the necessary forms. You need to prepare the necessary documents.
  3. filing of the application;
  4. getting your passport with visa.

To pick up your ready passport, you must have the following documents with you at the consulate or visa center:

Personal acceptance of documents: check, agreement with the agency (in the case of a service and visa center), domestic document (Russian passport) proving your identity; a copy of the document.

Acceptance of documents for relatives: cheque, contract with the agency (in case of visa service center), domestic ID document (Russian Federation passport); copy of the document, document confirming the fact of your kinship (marriage certificate, etc.), copies of these documents. In case your Surname/Name/Patronymic has changed, you need to document this fact.

German visa

Acceptance of documents by proxy: receipt, agreement with agency (in case of visa service center), authorization document (passport of Russian Federation); copy of document (including propiska), authorization document of the principal; copy of document, power of attorney on behalf of the representative.

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Acceptance of documents by the representative by proxy for a minor: check, agreement with the agency (in case of a visa service center), the internal document proving the identity of the representative (Russian passport); a copy of the document (including propiska), the internal document proving the identity of the principal; a copy of the document, a power of attorney on behalf of the representative, a power of attorney from one of the parents, a copy of a birth certificate.

Dactyloscopy (fingerprinting)

Beginning in September 2015, fingerprinting (dactyloscopy) has become compulsory. Only children up to 12 years of age are exempt, all others have to come to the consulate or visa center in person. The procedure is performed as soon as possible, simultaneously with the filing of the main package of documents. “Validity period” of fingerprints is 5 years, after that it will be necessary to go through the procedure again.

Prohibited items in visa centers and consulates

German visa

This list may be supplemented. The administration and security staff may prohibit the carrying of other items for various reasons.

It is worth clarifying that there is no service for storing prohibited items at the service and visa center. Therefore, storage of such items should be taken care of in advance.

That said, any visa and service center has a video surveillance system (often hidden). These cameras are recorded continuously for security reasons and to detect possible offenses.

What to do if your visa to Germany is refused

If you are refused a visa, there are at least three ways to solve this problem:

German visa

It is worth clarifying that the German missions in Moscow usually inform the reasons for the visa refusal. Thus only the applicant or his representative can learn about it personally.

Once you are familiar with this reason for refusal, you can choose, depending on the situation, whether you want to re-submit all the documents, appeal, or file a complaint. In most cases, the easiest and fastest way is to resubmit the documents, especially in a situation where the rejection was due to insufficient documents.

An appeal can be drafted and sent to the German embassy, after knowing the written rejection. Deadline for filing: 1 month for a Schengen visa and 1 year for a national visa. It is possible to send your appeal online by E-mail, regular mail or fax. During the appeal process, your documents are checked again by an independent person.

German visa

Generally, a visa is refused in the following situations:

  • If an invalid or illegal travel document is presented;
  • the purpose of the trip is not supported by certain documents;
  • booked hotels or airline tickets were cancelled while a visa was being issued;
  • the period of the visa does not match the period of the leave granted;
  • there is no confirmation of your employment activity or bank statement (or it contains information that does not correspond to reality);
  • you have been in a Schengen Member State for more than three months in that six-month period;
  • you are in the Schengen database with a travel ban;
  • Your health insurance is illegal or does not meet all requirements.

German visa centers in Russia

Visa service centers of German Embassy and Consulates General of Germany in Russia now offer a service to fill out applications for Schengen visas. Applicants can use this service at one of the visa application centers in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Saratov, Rostov on Don, Krasnodar, Ufa, Perm and Ekaterinburg (visa application centers in Novosibirsk, Irkutsk and Vladivostok do not yet provide this service). The service costs 200 roubles per application. The specialist at the visa service center will fill in the online application form on the basis of the information supplied by the applicant and provide a printout of the form.

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