Weather and seasons in the Crimea by months. When is the best time to relax?

When to go to the Crimea in 2022

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Choosing when best to vacation in the Crimea, at what time of year and where in 2022, it is necessary to consider all periods, including winter. After all, in every season on the peninsula you can find something interesting, given the rich history, diverse nature and many ways to interesting and informative to spend time.


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Crimea in January

The Crimea in January is really charming.

The first month of the calendar year is not too favorable for comfortable staying on the peninsula. At this time you can go here only if you prefer:

  • View the historical and architectural monuments, and, doing it in the most comfortable conditions – because the number of holidaymakers is quite small in this month. So do not have to crowd and wait your turn.
  • It is interesting and unusual to spend New Year holidays. Choosing a comfortable hotel, such as the Yalta-Intourist or Mriya Resort & SPA, you can not only comfortably enjoy the mountain and sea air at the same time, but also get a real charge to health.
  • But you should be prepared for the fact that in this month the weather is quite changeable. And if there is not a lot of snow, the cold piercing wet winds from the sea can make long walks in the fresh air not too comfortable.

And further we will consider the peculiarities of the weather in the Crimea by months, in order to orient future travelers in the average temperature, the amount of precipitation and other features.


In the last month of the year, the weather will differ intensely, depending on the region. If on the south coast it is already starting to get warm, in other parts of the peninsula it is quite windy and sometimes snowy.

Crimea in March

In spring everything is in full bloom in the Crimea.

Considering when it’s cheapest to vacation in the Crimea – the month of March can boast of low prices, as roughly as in February. This is the low season when there is still no influx of tourists. Therefore you can come here for sightseeing and visiting historic monuments such as the Chersonese Tauride, Sudak fortress, Khan Palace of Bakhchisaray, the palaces of the south coast, as well as a whole string of other unique attractions.

But be prepared beforehand for the fact that the weather in this month is quite unstable and the warm days may laugh with snowfalls.


April already shows a certain stability in terms of temperature. On average it is around +16-18 ° C. Therefore, choosing when best to go to the Crimea to vacation in the fresh air, but do not catch the crowds of tourists in every empty corner, you can look directly to the middle of spring.

But the beach vacation at this time is not yet available because the water is not warm enough, even on the shallowest sandy beaches.

But in this period is the start of the season, when it’s better to go to the Crimea by the sea. However, you should take into consideration the following peculiarities of the last spring month:

  • Optimally warms up the water only by the end of May and in shallow sandy beaches. So you can enjoy the sea in the surroundings of Sevastopol on the beaches of Evpatoria.
  • But in Yalta and other settlements of the south coast the situation may differ from day to day. There are quite active currents that stir up the water layers. So if one day you can swim comfortably, the next day the cold currents might not let you enter the water.

But despite this, the temperature will be warm enough, and the weather is so comfortable, even after sunset, that at this time you can stroll along the seaside streets or visit other interesting places of the Crimea.

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Crimea in June

Summer time in the Crimea is perfect for a beach holiday

The high season in the Crimea 2022 begins with the first summer month. After all, during this period, almost all holidaymakers, even the most demanding to high water temperature, can fully enjoy the beach pastime.

Therefore, June is suitable for those who choose where and when it is better to rest in the Crimea on the sea. In this case it is in this period of tourists is not so much, as in the coming summer months. So you can go here for adults with children or older people who prefer noise and active pastime preferred peace and quiet.

But in July – it is enough active sea season holiday in the Crimea. Exactly in the middle of the summer there is the maximum influx of tourists – the city beaches are full, as well as local resorts and recreation centers. So when planning your vacation take care about where to stay with maximum comfort on the peninsula.

But, choosing when it’s better to relax on the beach in the Crimea, note that not everyone can comfortably survive the high temperatures of the southern region. Daytime marks here may be approaching the figure in the shade of +35 ° C. So, take into account the rather high temperatures, which do not fall even at night below the level of +22-26 ° C.

But the heat and the relative dryness of the air will allow:

  • Lounge in the sun on the beach.
  • Walk in the evenings on the seaside promenade.
  • Rest in shady gardens of the Southern coast of Crimea to enjoy the health-giving air, rich in sea salt ions and essential oils of juniper, cedar and cypress.

But to visit the architectural and historical sites in public transport will not be so easy. Therefore, if you want to pick up the tourist routes in terms of expanding ideas about the area, take care of air-conditioned transport.

It is also worth noting that, choosing the period when it is better to go to the Crimea with children, July is suitable for those who are tolerant enough heat. And if you want to mitigate the effect of high temperatures – prefer a beach region, which is located near the forest. This can be picked up throughout the southern coast of Crimea. Here sea procedures can easily be interchanged with walks in shady parks, where the small murmuring mountain streams and you can always take a sip of invigorating freshness.


For those who want to know when to go to the Crimea in summer, it is worth paying attention to August.

The advantages of vacationing in this month are as follows:

  • The weather is warm enough even at night, but the heat usually comes down gradually “to nothing”.
  • The sea does not give unpleasant surprises with cool water in all corners of the peninsula, on sandy and even stony deep beaches. Its indicators do not fall in the vast majority of cases below the mark of +24 ° C. And only in rare cases there is an unpleasant effect of cold currents.

But you should be prepared for some unpleasant moments, such as:

  • An influx of jellyfish, which can significantly spoil the mood from water procedures.
  • Sometimes due to the long enough heating of the water, pathogenic infections can develop in it and the body. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the reports of SES and other regulatory bodies that allow the population on the beach and inform them about the purity of the water.


Crimea in September

Autumn is the velvet season in the Crimea, a favorite vacation time for many tourists.

But for those who prefer the relative peace and even milder temperatures in terms of the absence of debilitating heat, you should pay attention to the beginning of autumn. This is the so-called velvet period, when it is better to swim in the Crimea with maximum comfort. The water is evenly warm in all layers and on different types of beaches. People become less, as the bulk of tourists have time to disperse by September 1.

Going by bus to the Crimea

And the weather in September rarely gives unpleasant surprises in the form of lower temperatures or prolonged rainfall.


The second month of autumn can still be used for relaxing on the beach. But still in each season the weather can be slightly different. Therefore, you should be guided by the forecast of the Hydrometeorological Center. But still, in October you can rest on the peninsula as follows:

  • To bask on the beach in the sun, but only in the daytime, avoiding the morning and evening.
  • Swim in comfort at the same time of day almost everywhere.
  • Visit any attractions, even the natural parks and wilderness areas of the Crimea. At this time of year it is especially beautiful and quiet.

In addition, October is ideal for those who are looking for the best time to go to the Crimea by your own car. After all, at this time of year there will be a minimum number of holidaymakers, and therefore the roads will be loaded not as much as in high season.


The last month of the fall is not very pleasant weather. Therefore, of the holidays you may prefer only to visit the sights and interesting places in the region. Frequent rains, piercing winds and sometimes at the end of the month there are ice on the roads – not conducive to a comfortable and enjoyable time.


When choosing when to go to the Crimea to celebrate the New Year holidays, you should pay attention to luxury hotels and SPA-hotels, but book your room in advance. After all, this region is quite popular during this holiday period. Here you can enjoy sightseeing, comfortable pastime with a variety of procedures and swimming in indoor pools. In addition, in the mountains falls and lies snow. So you can try your hand at skiing or just wander around the snow-covered Ai-Petri peak and enjoy the view of the sea and the resort towns below.

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Given all the features described above, you can choose the right time to rest in the Crimea, at what time of year and where in 2022 for different categories of tourists. After all, for everyone the best season for a holiday will be different. Someone needs a hot weather in the Crimea, to bask in the sun and swim in the Black Sea with comfort. And someone needs the most comfortable temperature conditions to visit a variety of corners of this unique geographical and historical places.

When it’s better to have a rest in the Crimea.

What weather in the Crimea

Find out when it’s better to travel to Crimea. Weather and Seasons by Months. Take a look at the temperature of the air and sea water. Here you can find interesting reviews about the weather. What to do in the Crimea in winter, spring, summer and autumn?

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When is the best time to travel to Crimea?

Holidays on the peninsula are good at any time of year. In late autumn, winter and spring it is impossible to swim in the Black Sea, so people come to the Crimea for sightseeing and health tourism.

Spa life comes to life in late April – early May. In low season you can go hiking, biking, rock climbing, and paragliding.

The Crimea or Sochi? Honestly compare where to relax.

Beach season in the Crimea begins in June and ends in October. The hottest months of the Crimean resorts are July and August. In late summer on the peninsula is the most crowded.

When does the velvet season begin and end in the Crimea? The best time to have a vacation without suffocating heat is September and October. In autumn there is a lot of sun, the sea is warm and there are not many tourists.

Water and air temperature in the Crimea

Ai-Petri (photo: _ghosty_ /

Weather in the Crimea by months


Water and air temperature. It’s winter in the west and east of the peninsula, but it’s much warmer in the south. During the day the thermometer rises to +8. +10°С. The water temperature in the Black Sea is +8°C. You can not swim!

Weather conditions. Despite the fact that the Crimea is in the south, there is snow in winter. The humidity is 75%, 15% more than in summer. In January there are 6-10 days with precipitation.

Feedback from tourists. The winter weather is good for hiking and sightseeing tours to historical and architectural attractions. In January, Ai-Petri is perfect for skiing. According to travelers’ reviews, the bonuses of winter Crimea are low airfare, uninhabited resorts, and good discounts on treatment at sanatoriums.


Water and Air Temperature. February is the coldest month in the Crimea. In Sevastopol during the day +6. +8°С. At night, the thermometer goes down to -2 ° C. Black Sea is heated only to +7 ° C.

Weather conditions. At the end of winter there are snowfalls and fog on the peninsula. On the coast the piercing winds blow, and in the mountains there is a steady snow cover. There are also some pleasant moments! In Nikitsky Botanical Garden in late winter blooms snowdrops, almonds and Japanese apricots.

Reviews tourists. What to do in the Crimea in February? Vacationers take health courses in resorts, hiking, skiing and going on excursions to the famous palaces of the Southern coast of Crimea, Bakhchisarai, Feodosia and Sevastopol.

What weather in the Crimea

Count’s wharf in Sevastopol. Photo: GIC198 /

Water and air temperature. During the day the air warms up to +8. +14°С. It is a little cooler in Kerch and in the mountainous regions of Crimea. The sea is still cold +8. +9°С.

Weather Conditions. In March the winter crops are green in the fields, in the Crimean forests the snowdrops Voronov, bluebellies, crocuses and primroses are blooming. The weather is capricious. Sometimes it’s sunny and warm, but on other days there are clouds and rain. The largest amount of precipitation occurs in the central part of the peninsula.

What tourists say. Holidaymakers rejoice in the first warmth, sunshine, flowering of first flowers, dogwoods and almonds. Skiing season on the high yailah ends. According to reviews of tourists, in March in Crimea it is better to go for excursions, exploration of cave towns, horseback riding tours and trekking in the mountains.


Water and Air Temperatures. The middle of spring in the Crimea is warm. The air temperature is +13. +16°C, and sea water +9. +10 ° C.

Weather conditions. The sun is shining and getting hotter. In April Crimea everything is in bloom, vineyards are covered with greenery and rivers are full of water. Rains happen, but they are short-lived.

Tourist feedback. April is the threshold of the holiday season in the Crimea. Prices for tours are not yet high. Those wishing to sunbathe in the daytime enjoy the sunny warmth on the beaches. It is still too early to swim in the sea. April is better for tourists who like walking by the sea, sightseeing and active tourism.

Nature of the Crimea

In inclement weather the Bowl of Love on Trakhankut.

Water and air temperature. In May it is warm +15. +22°С. On some days the air warms up to +25 ° C. The sea at the beginning of the month +10. +12°С, and at the end of +17. +19°С. Lovers of short swims are already opening the swimming season in the Crimea!

Holidays in the Crimea in November 2022. Weather and prices

Weather conditions. At the end of spring there are much more warm and sunny days than cool and rainy ones. The May sun is quite suitable for sunbathing.

Reviews of tourists. In May, the holiday season in the Crimea begins. To the peninsula come lovers of active recreation – young people and students. In many places you can see tent camps. Parents with children are still few, because the sea water is still cold for bathing.

Marco Polo Experience. We chose May for travel in the Crimea, because it is not so hot – you can safely hike. At the same time it is warm enough, and at the end of the month we have already risked a swim. True, the water is cold. The Crimea is very beautiful in May – you will see blooming rape and poppy fields. And how the acacia smells in the spring!

Water and Air Temperature. In June, the temperature is +23. +28 ° C. Some days the thermometer rises to +30 ° C. Water in the sea at the beginning of the month is warm up to +18. +20 ° C, and in the end – up to +21. +22°С.

Weather conditions. Rains are rare. In the evenings it cools down to +14. +16 ° C, so you need warm clothes for evening promenades.

Tourist reviews. In early summer in the Crimea comes the beach season, and a lot of tourists come to the resorts. Prices for airfare, accommodation and food go up. The tourist infrastructure works in full swing – all water parks, excursion bureaus, cafes, restaurants and night clubs are opened. According to reviews of holidaymakers, in June in the Crimea there are fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, cherries and cherries.

Marco Polo Experience. We were in the Crimea in early June – not many tourists yet, and the beaches are half empty. The weather is fine, but the sea is still cool, so even adults are not comfortable to swim. But to sunbathe – that’s fine! In the markets sell a lot of ripe and inexpensive cherries, strawberries and extremely tasty mulberries.

Trip to the Crimea

In the poppy field near Bakhchisarai in June.

Water and air temperature. At the beginning of the month the air temperature is +27. +30°С. In the second half of July the thermometer rises to +35 ° C. The sea water is quite comfortable for swimming +22. +23°С.

Weather conditions. In midsummer, the sunshine is high, and the daytime hours are hot. Stay in air-conditioned hotels and apartments! If you can’t stand high temperatures, plan your beach vacation in the morning and evening hours.

Tourist feedback. At the peak of the bathing season in the Crimea there are a lot of tourists. Hot sunny weather is suitable for beach holidays, water sports, diving and sea walks. Because of the intense heat and stuffiness it is hard to go on excursions. Tourists spend more time at the sea and in Crimean parks.


Water and Air Temperature. At the end of summer on the peninsula there is a real heat. The air temperature is +28. +35 ° C and sea water +23 ° C.

Weather conditions. The humidity in the Crimea is lower than on the Black Sea coast of Caucasus, so the summer heat is easier to bear. To avoid getting burned, get a tan before 11:00 and after 16:00.

Traveler’s feedback. August is a month of vacations. In whatever part of the Crimea you go, holidaymakers will be the sea. According to reviews of tourists, because of high prices vacation turns out to be not cheap. But there is a plus – in the summer in the Crimea a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.

The experience of Marco Polo. In August the heat is unbearable, and it’s easy to get burnt. Do not advise to come in this month, because on the beaches there is no place to fall. Especially a lot of tourists with children. Choose for rest the small settlements – it is quieter there.

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Water and air temperature. With the onset of autumn, it gets a little cooler. After September 5-10 the temperature drops to +25. +28°С. The water cools down not immediately, the sea temperature is +21. +23°С.

Weather conditions. In September the weather in the Crimea is warm and mild. There are no strong winds and the air is clean and clear. The frosts don’t last long. For 1-2 days the temperature drops by 3-5 °, and it rains.

The feedback from tourists. In the velvet season in the Crimea with pleasure come pensioners, parents with small children and tourists who for health reasons contraindicated to the summer heat. In early September, the prices are still high, but then the cost of tours declines. In September it is better to go to rest in the Crimea for swimming in the sea, excursions, bike tours, horseback riding tours, hiking in the mountains, riding on jeeps and paragliders.

Experience Marco Polo. The weather is milder in September, but still hot. At the beginning of the month to go hiking is not very comfortable – for the trekking better come in the second half of the month. But it’s great to swim and sunbathe. In the markets there are cheap grapes and figs.

Weather in Crimea by months

With the onset of autumn it gets a little cooler. After September 5-10 the temperature drops to +25. +28°С


Water and air temperature. In October the air temperature is +15. +18°С. You can’t do without warm clothes! Sea water cools down to +17. +20°С. You can swim, but it is not as comfortable as in summer.

Weather conditions. In October in the Crimea there is enough sun, but the days are rainy. Because of the strong winds the sea often storms. Nights are cool, and the trees are dressed in yellow leaves.

Tourist reviews. Autumn Crimea is liked by everyone who likes a quiet unhurried vacation, walks in the parks and interesting excursions. According to the reviews of tourists, beach entertainment comes to an end. Count on long swims it is not necessary! The mild weather is good for active tourism, such as hiking and biking.


Water and air temperature. At the resorts on the southern coast it is still warm +12 ° C and in the mountains the air temperature is 5-7 ° C lower. By the end of the month the frosts begin. The sea water is already cool +15°C.

Weather conditions. Late autumn in Crimea is similar to September in Central Russia. The territory of the peninsula is heterogeneous. In some places the sun shines, while in others it rains. Fogs often prevent you from admiring the beautiful panorama of the mountains. Take with you warm clothes, raincoats and waterproof shoes!

What tourists say. The Crimea has fans at any time of the year. In November, it is better to go here for treatment in sanatoriums and preventive clinics, as well as sightseeing tourism. According to reviews, most entertainment venues are already closed. If you like to spend time in discos and nightclubs, come to Yalta, Simferopol or Sevastopol.

When to have a rest in Crimea

Dolphins in the New World


Water and air temperature. At the beginning of winter the air temperature is +8. +10°C and the sea water +10°C.

Weather conditions. December in the Crimea is characterized by high humidity. Often there are strong winds and storms. Per month there are 8-10 days of precipitation, so from mid-December the tops of the yail already cover with snow.

Reviews of tourists. According to reviews, December is good for leisurely walks by the sea, sightseeing trips and health tourism. The weather is capricious – you should not plan a long trip in the mountains. In palaces, museums and art galleries it is much more pleasant to get acquainted with Crimea.

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