What to bring from India – prices for gifts and souvenirs

What to bring from India – a selection of the best gifts

India is a country shrouded in mystery and unique charm. Indian religion, everyday life and culture are dramatically different from those in Europe. That’s why every year India attracts thousands of tourists with its exoticism, of course, in memory of such a trip you want to bring souvenirs and gifts that best convey the character and national characteristics of the country. What to bring from India – read in our review.

Umbrellas in India.

Gifts from India

About gifts and souvenirs from India should be taken care of in advance, make a list – what to buy in stores, and what is better to choose in the market. In addition, the country has a ban on the export of certain goods. So, let’s go shopping in Goa. We will tell you – what goods are worthy of attention, how much the souvenirs cost. It should be noted that the prices in stores, markets in India are favorable to purchase.

Good to know! It is better to take dollars in the trip, it is more profitable to change them at local exchange offices (be sure to check the license).

India is now on the list of the world’s largest drug manufacturers. Indian medicines are well known in Europe, but in local pharmacies you can buy them much cheaper. The difference in cost is usually twice as much. Not surprisingly, that many travelers tend to bring from India drugs and cosmetics.

Drugs in pharmacies

Tip: Most often tourists buy cough medicine, runny nose, vitamins, painkillers.

Medicines should be purchased in pharmacies. All drugs are on sale freely, except for prescription medications.

Equally popular are medicines of ancient Indian medicine – Ayurveda. Hindus inherited the recipes for many remedies from their ancestors, who believed that the power of roots and herbs could cure from many diseases. Even today local residents use Ayurvedic medicines for normalizing heart and brain functioning, vascular purification, potency restoration, and infertility treatment.

Important: Hindus assure that all Ayurvedic medicines are safe and you had better consult with a specialist before taking them.

Chavanprash Dabur

  • Chavanprash is a powerful immune stimulant. Hindus believe that the drug cures all diseases. Visually, the medicine tastes like jam. The remedy stabilizes the heart, is used for respiratory diseases, blood vessels, for the treatment of the kidneys, liver.

Note: The most popular manufacturer of Chavanprash is Dabur, price – 150-200 rupees per jar.

  • Kailash Jeevan cure.

The ointment has strong wound healing and anti-inflammatory effects, treats joints, toothache, burns. When you have a headache, it is rubbed into the temples. It also helps with insomnia, coughs, and stomach aches are taken internally.

In pharmacies the drug is available in two dosage forms – powder and capsules. With its help, carry out an effective and safe body cleanse, normalize metabolic processes, improve the appearance of the skin, get rid of inflammation.

Tip! Planning to use the drug in cosmetology, choose a powder. For ingestion, it is better to buy capsules.

Cold Balm

Examine the range of ointments, balms in pharmacies. Their cost does not exceed 30 rupees, the effectiveness is quite difficult to find analogues. It is worth buying Tiger Balm (helps with joint discomfort), Cold Balm – a cure for rhinitis, Pain Balm – effectively eliminates all types of pain.

A must-have gift from India, of course, is natural cosmetics. The prices for the products are quite democratic. Pay attention to the packages, where the price is indicated on the back – it indicates the authenticity of the products.

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What to bring from India of cosmetics:


  1. The first thing that draws the attention of the tourist who finds himself in India – a huge selection of handmade soaps. It can be bought almost everywhere, but experienced travelers recommend to go straight to the market, where you can haggle, reduce the price. Keep in mind that cosmetic products in India are very fragrant, and if it is poorly packaged, your bag or suitcase will reek of fragrances.
  2. Toothpaste. Well-known brands are Dabur, Himalaya. You can also choose Ayurvedic toothpaste with charcoal, it whitens, strengthens tooth enamel. As a souvenir you can bring toothpaste with red pepper.
  3. Cosmetic products with the addition of neem. All the well-known Indian manufacturers of cosmetics offer a line of products with neem, the cost is 3 and even 4 times lower than in the domestic stores.
  4. Oils. A lot of positive reviews on the network about the oil trichup. Tourists recommend coconut oil brand Parachute, the cost of 100 ml of product for cooking 30 INR, 500 ml for cosmetics – from 10 INR to 30 INR. It is safer to transport the gift in a container made of plastic.

From India, as a rule, brought as a gift, as well as for their own use, means for the care of the appearance. What cosmetics to bring from India – the best manufacturers:

Biotique Cosmetics

  • Himalaya – a brand that has gained worldwide fame, but in India the goods are cheaper, higher quality.
  • Biotique – an inexpensive brand, whose catalog of cosmetics made from herbs, fruit acids. Tourists note the decent quality of products and inexpensive prices.
  • Swati – Swati brand cosmetics are more expensive, for example, hair products cost an average of 500 rupees, also in the range of essential oils.
  • Khadi, owned by Swati, specializes in luxury cosmetics.

A jar of Indian face cream costs 50-150 INR.

Henna in India

What can be brought from India as a gift for a woman who takes care of her hair – of course, henna. An excellent remedy that can bring back the shine, beauty, and healthy appearance of the curls. And also with the help of henna is applied painting – mehendi. In India, henna comes in various shades ranging from red to rich brown.

A package of henna for hair costs 50 INR, and a tube for painting costs 10 INR.

Good to know! India has a good selection of henna-based dyes – an alternative for those who are wary of using pure henna for dyeing.

The national Indian clothes are practical, comfortable and bright colors. You can choose comfortable pants “ali baba”, dresses, tunics, sundresses, saris. Things are traditionally decorated with rich beads, sequins, embroidery, but there are also models that are more reserved and familiar to European tourists.

The most inexpensive clothes are made of Hemp – a material that is made from hemp, it is crumple, after washing gives the shrinkage. Nepalese wool is used for expensive clothes.

Shawls in India

Prices for clothing in India:

  • cotton pants and dresses – 100 INR;
  • cashmere clothes – 500 INR;
  • Hemp hat – from 200 INR to 500 INR;
  • Cashmere shawls – from 3500 INR.

Textiles in India are strong, durable and beautiful, so tourists are happy to buy tablecloths, tapestries, bedspreads as gifts.

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Textiles are bought as ready-made items, as well as by the meter. Large assortment of fabrics in Varanasi, Kashmir, however, in large Indian resorts, too, the choice is worthy. If you are interested in cotton and cotton products (robes, towels), choose products of Rajasthan, it is considered the highest quality.

Useful information! Cashmere is one of the trademarks of India, but it is often counterfeited. If the seller offers too low a price, you are most likely being cheated.

Jewelry in India

Gold jewelry has a distinctive, rich yellow color. A set costs an average of about 7,000 INR or $100. It is better to buy expensive jewelry in stores, which offer certified goods.

Silver jewelry is much cheaper, with local craftsmen making exquisite jewelry – bracelets, earrings, rings, pendants. The cost of the product is on average 500 INR.

Interesting fact! The best craftsmen are recognized people from Nepal, they offer the highest quality products and relatively low prices.

Many experts do not recommend buying gold and silver jewelry in India, because many of them do not specify the hallmark. But the selection of bijouterie will please fans of massive, bright jewelry. It is better to buy them on the markets, where there is a huge choice of products from simple, minimalistic style, to colorful, with colored stones.

There is something to bring back from India for connoisseurs of alcoholic beverages. Indian rum “OldMonk” is made from sugar cane, this drink is popular in many countries around the world. Produced in Goa, the cost of a bottle of 0.7 liters of 180 rupees.

Old Monk Rum

Tip! The lowest rates for rum in Goa.

What can you take back from India as a gift for a foodie and a lover of creating culinary masterpieces? Of course, spices, their flavor filled Indian streets, in addition, it is impossible to imagine the national dishes without spices.

It is recommended to choose spices in the market, there is a huge selection of unique spices. Some of them are well known and some are exclusive and can be found only in India. Popular spices are cloves, saffron, zira, fennel, red pepper, almonds, cinnamon, and cardamom. A packet of spices costs 20 rupees.

Spices on the market in India

Try masala tea, which is an Indian black tea with a whole spice bouquet added. If you like its taste, you can buy a ready-made masala blend.

Tip! Remember that you can transport from India gifts – spices can be in luggage, in hand luggage transportation is not possible.

If you do not know what kind of tea to choose, visit a teahouse, where you can try different varieties, choose the best one. You can also visit tea plantations, where the prices are a little higher than in stores, but the quality is excellent. No less high quality tea is sold at the local markets, but not at tourist markets, but oriented towards Indians. There is an optimal price/quality ratio. The price for 1 kg of black tea ranges from 8$.

Fruit and nuts are brought from India. You can buy them at the grocery bazaars. No matter what time of year you arrive at the resort, fruit is sure to be found on the shelves. For transportation, buy a plastic basket in which to put your fresh purchases, sign, put in the luggage.

Fruit on the market in India

Tip! Before buying check with the seller – what kind of fruit will survive the flight, will not spoil.

Carpets in India are a work of art, woven from silk, cashmere, and cotton. According to one of the legends, all carpets woven for the palace rooms were first laid out in the city streets to be trampled on by people, elephants and cows. This made the carpet soft and durable.

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The range of carpets in India is huge – Islamic small rugs, plaids, tapestries. The best works of weaving are presented in Jaipur.

Indian Carpets

Interesting fact! In India, craftsmen give a guarantee of two hundred years for carpets.

  1. Cookware, ceramics. It is noteworthy that such products of blue clay do not crack with time.

As a rule, these are all kinds of statuettes, such as the God of Prosperity Genesha, elephant-matres. Figurines are made of different materials (the cost depends on this), traditionally they are decorated with traditional Indian ornaments. The cost varies from 500 to 5,000 rupees.

The original Indian souvenir is singing bowls and masks. If you trust astrology, ask a Jyotish master who will compile a Vedic horoscope for you in 10 days. The cost of the souvenir is about 3,000 rupees.

Singing Bowls

What you can’t take out

There is a ban on the export of local currency, exotic plants, large shells, animal skins, bird feathers, edged weapons. Rum can be exported in quantity not more than two liters.

Important! Jewelry can be taken out, provided that it has a certificate.

Tips for tourists

Indian Pharmacy

  1. Do not hesitate to bargain at the market, if you smile at that, chances to get a discount you rapidly increase.
  2. Remember that you can bring drugs from India only if they are sold without a prescription. Buy the drugs must be in a pharmacy.
  3. Do not rush to buy souvenirs at the first store and the first seller. Take a closer look at the assortment, you will surely find a better financial offer.
  4. If in doubt with the choice of spices, buy ready-made blends – it is a universal souvenir from India.
  5. Before buying clothes, check the quality of the seams.

We have collected for you information on what to bring from India, the reviews of tourists helped to compile a selection. India is an exotic and colorful country. Think in advance what to bring from India, otherwise the huge selection of gifts will cause confusion.

Interesting souvenirs from India:

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It’s not so easy to bring medicines from India now)))) but it’s possible!!! We order all Himalaya on goabay. And they also have real Rama Krishna aroma sticks!!! The most beautiful we have ever tried!!!

What to bring from India – prices for gifts and souvenirs

What to Bring Back from India

How do you like to leave a beautiful memory of a trip to a dreamland? We tell you what to bring from India. You can find out how much they cost for a souvenir. What you can’t take out of the country. Tips tourists – where to buy gifts for friends and relatives.

    And Level.Travel – last minute tours online.

Exchange rate: 1 Indian rupee (INR) ≈ 1 RUB.

What can be brought from India as a gift for a woman? Souvenir No. 1 is considered a wonderful natural dye. Henna gives hair a nice color, well-groomed look and healthy shine. The dye comes in different colors, from light red to dark brown and black.

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In India, the intricate drawing of mehendi on women’s hands and feet is popular. The decoration uses black or red henna, which is sold in tubes. The drawn tattoo is temporary and lasts about two weeks.

Price . A large bag of henna costs 50 INR, a tube of mehendi paint costs 10 INR.

Tip . If you’ve never tried henna coloring, take a more familiar option – henna-based hair dye.

What can a tourist bring from India

Mehendi (Photo: unsplash.com / @aperinastudios)

Coconut oil.

Often tourists bring coconut oil back from India. The coconut has the status of a sacred fruit among Indians. Coconut oil is used not only by the people of this country, but throughout Southeast Asia.

Coconut oil is sold in India for cooking and cosmetic procedures. It varies in the degree of purification and shelf life. Cooking oil comes in simple plastic bottles. It is not refined, so it is stored for a short time. Such oil can be used for body care within the shelf life indicated on the label – usually about a month.

Cosmetic oil is produced in special bottles and stored for a year to a year and a half. It is an excellent means of care for the body, skin, hands, face, hair and nails. Tourists like the blue packages of coconut oil under the brand Parachute.

Price . A 0.5-liter bottle of cooking oil costs 10-30 INR. A 100 ml oil for cosmetics is INR 30.

Tip . For transportation, buy oil in plastic containers, not glass.

What medicines and cosmetics can you bring from India?

Coconut oil (Photo: Monika Stawowy / pxhere.com)

Ayurvedic cosmetics

Indian natural cosmetics are known in the country and far beyond. It is made according to recipes that are described in the ancient treatise Ayurveda. What cosmetics to bring from India? Hair oils, scented talc, mineral deodorant, creams with extracts of tropical fruits and herbal toothpastes.

Price . A jar of cream costs 50 to 150 INR.

Tip . Choose products from popular brands like Himalaya , Shahnaz Herbal , Biotique , AASHA , Raj Rasayana , Vedicline .

What to bring from India


Indian gold differs from ours in bright yellow color. The reason is the amount of silver added. European gold has more of it and Indian gold has less. The Asian gold is softer and the pieces made of it are less durable. Some tourists do not like Indian gold. Others, on the contrary, try to buy gold jewelry as a symbol of Indian culture.

Price . A set of earrings and ring with stones costs $100, which is almost 7000 INR.

Tip . Gold jewelry is dangerous to buy at beaches and dubious shops. There are always a lot of fakes. Get quality goods in official jewelry stores.

What can a tourist bring from Goa

Gold jewelry on an Indian bride (Photo: unsplash.com / @ christopher_a_brown)


What to bring back from India for jewelry connoisseurs? Indians love silver. It is much cheaper than gold. Local craftsmen know how to make elegant silver ring settings, earrings, pendants and chains. India sells unusual shoulder and leg bracelets, earrings and piercing rings.

Price . A simple silver ring without a stone costs 500 INR.

Tip . The main in the hierarchy of Indian silver sellers are considered the natives of Nepal. Their stores have the largest selection of jewelry and the lowest prices.

What can you bring from Goa

India sells unusual shoulder and leg bracelets, earrings and piercing rings. Photo: Kalcutta / Depositphotos.com.

What to Try in India

Clothing and textiles

There are many beautiful, practical clothes for sale in markets and junk stores. These include wide and comfortable “ali baba” pants for men and women, colorful sundresses and dresses. Indian clothes are decorated with embroidered ornaments, sequins and beads. Foreigners eagerly take Indian tapestries, tablecloths and bedspreads.

Tourists leave positive feedback on clothing, hats, and handbags made from Hemp . The beautiful lightweight fabric is made from hemp. Like linen, it creases and shrinks when washed.

Slightly more valuable are items made from yak wool, which is called Nepalese wool. Hats, blouses, stoles and sweatshirts are made from it in India. The most expensive clothes are cashmere.

What to bring from Goa

Price . Cotton pants and sundresses cost 100 INR, a chemp hat – 200-500 INR, a Nepalese wool hat – 200 INR, cashmere clothes – from 500 INR. Prices for the famous pashmina or high quality cashmere shawls start at 3500 INR.

Tip . Cashmere is one of the country’s brands. However, it is easy to fake. If a seller praises a piece and wants little for it, it’s probably not real cashmere.

What Souvenirs & Gifts to Bring Back from India

Behind the hand loom (Photo: unsplash.com / @fancycrave)

Indian rum.

What to bring back from India for the spirits lover? Take rum, one of the few alcoholic beverages consumed in this country. It is made from sugar cane. One of the most popular brands, OldMonk, is made in Goa.

Price . Indian rum is very cheap – about 180 INR for a bottle of 0.7 liters.

Tip . Rum prices in Goa are noticeably lower than in the rest of India.

What to Bring Back from India

OldMonk. Photo: bluesmoon / flickr.com / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

Indian Spices and Spices

Local spices can be brought back from India as a gift for someone who loves to cook. Almost no one leaves here without spices. Fragrant goods are sold everywhere. Different types of pepper, cinnamon, zira, dried garlic, turmeric, saffron, cardamom, cloves and almonds are displayed on the counters.

Price . A small sachet in the store costs from 20 INR.

Tip . Buy spices and spices at Indian markets. The seller will definitely offer to smell the product and give it a taste.

What can you bring back from India?

Indian dried fruits and spices at the market in Mapusa (Photo: unsplash.com / @akhiltchandran)

More things to take back from India

  • Handmade carpet – from INR 1,500.
  • Bronze figurines of Indian deities – INR 200-400.
  • Carved sandalwood statuettes – 650 INR.
  • Bronze musical instrument “singing bowl” – 690-3500 INR.
  • Bamboo bansuri flute – 50-350 INR.
  • Fabric lamp – 70-350 INR.
  • Embroidered jutti slippers – 1000 INR.
  • Essential oils from spices, herbs and bark – from 100 INR.
  • Fragrance sticks – INR 10-15.
  • Indian perfume – from 70 INR.
  • Himalaya shampoo , 400 ml – 220 INR.
  • Colorful paintings on paper and fabric in Madhubani style – from 1400 INR.
  • Gift-wrapped tea – 400-500 INR.
  • Indian sweets 1 kg – from 350 INR.

What you can’t take out of India

It is forbidden to take out of the country Indian rupees, edged weapons, rare plants, shells of live clams, bird feathers, animal skins and skeletons. When buying rum keep in mind that from India you can take no more than 2 liters of strong alcohol.

Jewellery made of precious metals must be purchased in a store and have certificates. The total value of jewelry must not exceed 2000 INR.

What can't you take out of India?

No Indian rupees can be taken out (Photo: unsplash.com / @ishant_mishra54)

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