What to see in and around Sochi – our pick

What to see in Sochi and where to go – my TOP 15

Sochi is called not only the city itself, but the entire area, including neighboring settlements, starting almost from Tuapse and up to Abkhazia. Greater Sochi stretches for 146 km along the coast. Therefore, when they say that this or that attraction is located in Sochi, it is necessary to specify where exactly.

In my post, however, we will talk mostly about those places that are located either in the city of Sochi, or not far from it. Sochi is the largest resort town on the coast, so to look here, really, there is something to see. Yes, and go somewhere not a problem, cultural life is also present. It is not for nothing that some people move to this city for permanent residence, and I myself periodically think about it.

Unusual excursions in Sochi

For those who value their time and want to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere and history of the place, I would recommend to take advantage of the author’s tours (group and individual). There are both standard and very unusual. Most with reviews, it will be easier to choose.

Look below at the prices for such tours, you are sure to find something suitable – Sochi, Abkhazia, Krasnaya Polyana, etc.

What to see in the city of Sochi.

In addition to attractions, I also went around the restaurants and cafes, and then wrote a post – Where to eat in Sochi. Of course, I couldn’t list everything there, but I mentioned the most important places. You can add your reviews about your visits, because they will be useful to anyone who will go to Sochi.

Also, if you can’t get enough of Top 15, then check out my Top 35 Sightseeing Attractions, where you can find a wider selection.

Here’s another selection of inexpensive hotels, with good ratings and reviews, just in case. You will come for a couple of weeks, not for a day, and will need somewhere to stay.

Stalin’s Dacha

Atmospheric and somewhat unusual museum. You can go inside the building with a group and listen to the tour. The narration is very interesting and helps you look at the place in a special way. There are few historical exhibits in the building, but the building itself and the surrounding scenery is impressive. Stalin’s dacha is located on the territory of the sanatorium Green Grove. The park offers a wonderful view of the surrounding area. Read more about Stalin’s Dacha – Read more about Stalin’s Dacha.

Ticket price: under 14 years old – 200 rubles, from 14 years old – 350 rubles. Individual tour – 1000 rubles.

Stalin's Dacha in Sochi

Sochi Arboretum

Sochi Arboretum is one of the main attractions of the city. The beginning of the park was laid in 1889, when the publisher of “St. Petersburg Gazette,” S. N. Khudekov bought a piece of land in Sochi, on the slope of Mount Bald. Later his villa “Nadezhda”, named after his wife, was also built there and a park with exotic plants was laid.

In 1922 the park was nationalized. Nowadays the territory of modern Sochi Arboretum is divided in two by Kurortny avenue, under which you can walk from one part to another. There, at the entrance to the Arboretum from the avenue, begins a cable car to the highest point of the park.

Walking through the Arboretum, you can see a Japanese garden, ponds with ducks and geese, aviaries with ostriches and peacocks, pavilions, statues and festively decorated stairs. There are many species of subtropical plants, pines, eucalyptus, cypresses.

The arboretum is maintained in excellent condition, the central part looks like a regular palace park with neatly trimmed plants and wide well-kept stairs. Read more about Sochi Arboretum.

Ticket price: The entrance to the park is 320 rubles, the cableway is 500 rubles one way. For children from 7 to 14 years old – 150 rubles.

Arboretum and cableway

Adler oceanarium

The largest oceanarium in southern Russia, Sochi Discovery World, is located in the resort town (Adler). The aquarium was opened in late 2009. It has 29 rooms, a transparent tunnel under water, where you can walk, sea pool, where you can make a scuba dive, a professional photo studio.

Every day in the oceanarium (above the transparent tunnel for better visibility for visitors) shows are held: feeding of sharks and “Underwater Fairy Tale” – with mermaids who swim above the tunnel and pose for photos for visitors. Aquariums are divided into several thematic zones. For example, a rainforest, ocean dwellers, etc.

In the oceanarium you can see not only different breeds of fish, but also turtles, sharks, morays. There are small open ponds where you can feed the koi carps, the food is sold in vending machines nearby. More about the oceanarium – Oceanarium in Adler – to surprise, delight and amazement.

Honestly about Lermontovo. Leisure reviews and prices - 2022

Ticket price: 950 rubles, children from 4 to 11 years – 550 rubles.

The oceanarium in Adler

Olympic Park

The Olympic Park is a new attraction of Sochi and one of the main venues of the Winter Olympic Games 2014. It is located on the seashore, in the Lower Imereti Lowlands. In the park are located sports arenas, where competitions in skating, figure skating, curling, the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games were held.

Now the Olympic Park is a huge area with bicycle paths, on which you can ride a bicycle or rent a golf cart. There is a big singing fountain (the show starts at 19:30 and lasts an hour), a beautiful promenade with a beach, the territory of Sochi Park with rides and, of course, the Olympic facilities: the Iceberg Winter Sports Palace, the Fisht Olympic Stadium, hotels, and a Formula 1 track.

Admission is free.

The Singing Fountain in the Olympic Park


An amusement park, in the spirit of Disneyland or Spanish Aventura Park, is located next to the Olympic Park. There are fourteen large rides at Sochi Park, including rather extreme slides like Quantum Leap and more children’s merry-go-rounds, playgrounds and small swings. There is entertainment for both adults and children.

The park has tried to create a fairy-tale atmosphere: the rides are called Zmey Gorynych, the Firebird, a magic tree, picturesque ponds, sculptures and puppets of fairy-tale characters. Bogatyr hotel complex towers over the park. In addition to all kinds of entertainment in the park there is a dolphinarium, experimentarium, themed shows, such as “Alice in Wonderland”.

The park is beautifully illuminated in the evenings, there are cafes and restaurants. Learn more about Sochi-Park.

Ticket price: adult – 1900 rubles, children – 1700 rubles.

For 10 years I spent 16 hours a day making guidebooks for travelers. One and a half years ago I was almost killed by a stroke. I survived, but I’m struggling with paralysis.

If my blog helped you, I would be grateful for donations. You can pay with a card of 100 rubles, 500 rubles or 1000 rubles.

Sochi Amusement Park

Southern Cultures Park

Dendrological Park Southern Cultures is located near the Olympic Park in Adler, on the left bank of the river Mzymta. Now the park is being restored, as lately it has been a bit neglected. The park has excellent air, atmosphere, little people, unity with nature. Ponds with swans and ducks. The park was founded at the beginning of the last century, about a hundred years ago.

It was a large landscape park on an elevated part of the territory, a system of ponds separated from the regular French park. Now in the park you can see bamboos, eucalyptus, rare species of pine, ducks and swans on the ponds. A quiet, secluded and tranquil place where you can walk in the shade in the summer, hiding from the hot sun. Read more about Southern Cultures.

Ticket price: up to 14 years old – 150 rubles, from 14 years old – 300 rubles.

South Cultures Park

Abandoned sanatorium Ordzhonikidze

One of the unofficial attractions of the city, where tourists are not brought by buses, and do not offer to buy a private tour. In fact – it is not an abandonment in the full sense of the word, but closed for an indefinite period sanatorium, under guard and with a fence.

I have a separate post with the history of this amazingly beautiful place, which used to be the people’s health resort, where ordinary working people, and now it is empty and is destroyed because of non-compliance with the standards of seismic resistance and the neighboring illiterate carried out construction. More about the sanatorium.

Sanatorium Ordzhonikidze in Sochi

Navaginskaya street.

A great walk from the railway station to the Marine Station, or just a stroll in the city center along the alley, densely overgrown with tropical plants. The place is amazingly beautiful and photogenic, with rows of restaurants, stores, benches and various sculptures.

It is a very popular place, which looks equally good during the day and in the evening with lighting. The only drawback is the problem with parking in the center, but you can still find paid parking nearby. Read more about Navaginskaya Street – Read more about Navaginskaya Street.

Navaginskaya Street in Sochi

Historical Boulevard.

Doesn’t look like a boulevard in its classic sense, but this pedestrian area deserves a separate visit that will probably grow into an addiction. The path begins at the Seaport and runs along the upper edge of the Greater Sochi shore.

It is not as crowded as the central promenade below, it offers gorgeous views of the bay and the port, there are plenty of benches and beautiful secluded spots. The boulevard covers about 30 historic and culturally significant places and buildings, and ends near the Winter Theater. More details and pictures of the boulevard – Read more about the boulevard.

The most beautiful places on the Black Sea in Russia.

Ticket price: free of charge. The territory has no fences.

Historical Boulevard in Sochi

What to see on the outskirts of Sochi

Zmeikovsky waterfalls

Near the city of Sochi, literally half an hour away by car, there is a cascade of four waterfalls on the river Zmeika. The most beautiful are considered the upper and lower waterfalls. To see the whole cascade, you need to start on a hiking trail, which begins near the cafe “Snake”, and the entrance is paid.

The whole way will take about 2-2.5 hours. The upper waterfall is suitable for swimming, so in the hot season bring swimwear. More details and photos about Zmeykovskie waterfalls are available here – Learn more about Zmeykovskie waterfalls.

Ticket price: 150 rubles per person.

Zmeykovsky Waterfall in Sochi

Agur Waterfalls and Mount Akhun

Akhun Mountain is not high, but there is a tower with the same name on it. For a modest fee you can climb to the top of the tower, where the observation deck and a view of Sochi and Adler. Quite beautiful. In my opinion, this is the easiest viewing platform in Sochi in terms of accessibility. Read more about waterfalls.

Agursky waterfall in Sochi

In the summer season, especially on weekends, there are a lot of people on this route, people are invited from everywhere to taste kebab, it is noisy around and you can easily stand in line just to take a photo with a waterfall. The waterfalls look the best in the off-season, in spring or late fall, when they are at their fullest and there are no large crowds of tourists. But in summer in the heat in the lakes below the waterfalls you can swim, it’s refreshing. More information about Akhun Mountain.

Ticket price: entrance to the tower is 300 rubles.

View from the Akhun tower

Yew-Box Grove and Devil’s Gate Canyon on the Khosta River

Yew-Box Grove is an eco-trail approximately 5 kilometers long (the so-called large circle, and there is also a small one). It is a hiking route through extremely beautiful places with relict species of trees and plants, which have survived here since preglacial times. Devil’s Gate Canyon on the Khosta River is a natural pool with stone grottoes, vines and boxwood trees hanging from the top.

In order to walk along the trail and the canyon, you need to prepare a little: a supply of water, food, comfortable sport closed shoes. If you arrive early, before the crowds of tourists and go on a large circle, you can get almost into a fairy tale: moss-covered trees, ruins of the fortress, cave, rocks, lizards and murmuring water in the river. The small circle is asphalt paths and benches, and you can walk it in just an hour.

The canyon area has equipped rest areas, a bathhouse on the river bank, tables and barbecues. More about Yew-Samshit Grove.

Ticket price: 300 rubles. Children under 7 years old free of charge, from 7 to 12 years – 150 rubles.

Yew and boxwood grove


Skypark is one of the most exciting places in Sochi and a tourist attraction, which will appeal to fans of adrenaline. It is located on the way from Adler to Krasnaya Polyana, in the Mzymta river valley. The park includes a high suspension bridge over the river Mzymta, whose length is more than 400 meters. This is the longest suspension bridge in the world.

Also in the park there is a bungee lift, one of them more than 200 meters high – the highest in Europe. The highest swing has a span of 170 meters, and the fastest trolley can reach speeds of up to 150 kilometers per hour. The complex also includes the Mowgli rope park and the Via Ferrata climbing route. In general, Skypark is good for everything, but the prices are a little exorbitant, almost like scenery.

Ticket price: adults from 1700 rubles, children (under 12 years, on presentation of a document) – 800 rubles. Includes only the observation decks and the bridge, all other attractions are paid separately

Skypark and Skybridge

Orekhovsky waterfall

The Orekhovsky waterfall is located in the village of Plastunka, approximately 14 kilometers from the center of Sochi. This two-cascade waterfall is 27 meters high and is one of the most impressive waterfalls in the vicinity of Sochi. You can reach the waterfall along the Sochi River.

From the final stop of the bus, the road will take only half an hour. The path is not difficult, passing through a very beautiful forest with oaks and chestnuts. On the way there are two springs, where you can get mineral water. The descent to the waterfall is equipped with stairs with railings and there is a cafe nearby. More information about the waterfall – Read more about Orekhovsky waterfall.

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Ticket cost: free of charge.

Orekhovsky waterfall in Sochi

Akhshtyrskaya Cave

The cave is located in the Dzykhrinsky Gorge, above the right bank of the Mzymta River, near the village of Kazachy Brod. This is a fairly large cavity in the mountain, going down 150 meters deep, forming a corridor and large halls up to ten meters high. The cave is interesting because people have lived there since ancient times. The thickness of the cultural layer in the cave reaches five meters.

The bones of cave bears and primitive tools were found here. Now it is “a monument of primitive archaeology and history. Entrance to the cave is one hundred and twenty meters above the river Mzymta, you can climb to it by an equipped trail. At the entrance there are stairs with handrails, and there is lighting inside the cave. From the entrance, there is a view of the picturesque White Cliffs Canyon from the outside. More about the cave – Read more about Akhshtyrska Cave.

80+ best places of interest in Sochi

The status of one of the most popular Russian resorts obliges! Sochi tries to please all holidaymakers so that everyone finds an interesting thing to do. Therefore, no one is bored here.

Shady parks with exotic plants accommodate everyone. It is a real pleasure to walk around and breathe the fresh air. Go up to the observation deck, where the panorama is breathtaking, or take a breeze ride on the “roller coaster”.

The best shopping and promenade with a view of the beach, of course, on Primorskaya Street. From here it is more convenient to get to the most popular tourist spots.

Tour guides offer dozens of routes around the city and its surroundings. Mountains, waterfalls, lakes, towers with fascinating legends… And how can you refuse a boat trip at sunset and see Sochi in a completely different light: bright, twinkling with colorful lights. It’s a holiday you’ll definitely want to come back to!

Which district to buy an apartment in Sochi

The unique microclimate, proximity to the mountains and the sea, the worldwide fame after the Olympics in 2014 – all this makes Sochi one of the most expensive cities to buy real estate, second only to Moscow and St. Petersburg. The Sochi market offers a lot of options – from “secondary” and modern new buildings with a sea view to townhouses in the mountains. We tell you how much real estate in Sochi and in what area it is better to buy.

The sights on the map of Sochi

Be sure to see

1. Sea Station

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Sea Station is Sochi’s calling card. From here every day during the beach season motor ships take tourists to the sea to look at dolphins and to admire the coast. By the way, here was filmed the scene of farewell to Semen Semenovich Gorbunkov’s family in “Brilliantovaya ruka”.

2. The main city lighthouse

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Entrance to the building

One of the oldest buildings in Sochi with a rich history. It was installed under the project of a French firm back in the late 1800s. It is hard to believe but it is still working! However, at one time the lighthouse was signaling with different lights. Now you can only see green lights in the dark.

3. Winter Theater

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The Winter Theater in Sochi is always a lavish celebration, whether you came here for a play or a music festival. In June it is also the famous red carpet, on which the stars of Kinotavr walk. And in January, the theater gathers fans of the hilarious KiViN competition.

4. Stalin’s Dacha

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A large green mansion surrounded by a luxurious garden was built in the 1930s on the site of the industrialist Zenzinov’s abandoned estate. It is believed that the Sochi cottage was Stalin’s favorite and most frequently visited, and he had a total of 18 country residences.

5. Akhun Mountain

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Mount Akhun is not the highest mountain in Sochi, but it is certainly the most popular with tourists. People come here to climb up to the famous observation tower or recently appeared here Ferris wheel, to see the city from the highest observation point and then to descend to Agurskoye gorge or to take a walk in yew- boxwood grove.

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6. Observation tower on Mount Akhun

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The tower on Akhun Mountain looks like a medieval castle. It seems to be more than a hundred years old, although it was built less than a century ago. Nevertheless, this small structure is an architectural monument of federal significance. Tourists come here not only for the romantic atmosphere, but also for the breathtaking views: the panoramic view from the observation deck on the tower is almost 70 km long.

7. Olympic Village

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The Olympic Village, home to athletes from all over the world in 2014, has now been transformed into a real waterfront resort area with its own streets, quarters, promenade, cafes and restaurants. The balconies offer wonderful views of the sea, the mountains and the Olympic Park, which is just a stone’s throw away.

8. Fisht Stadium

When you get to the Fisht Stadium, your heart sinks with delight. After all, truly iconic sporting events have taken place here. In 2014, the stadium hosted the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games. In 2017, Fisht hosted the Confederations Cup, and in 2018 – the FIFA World Cup. Even if you are not a fan of soccer, it is worth coming to the stadium at least for the beautiful evening lighting, similar to the light show.

9. Ordzhonikidze Sanatorium

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This sanatorium is more like a sultan’s palace, even now, despite the desolation. Until now, the structure in the style of the Stalinist Empire and everything that surrounds it strikes the imagination. Unfortunately, this landmark has long lost its owner, and today only tourists stroll through the overgrown park, marveling at the scale and luxury of the monument of its era.


10. Park “Arboretum”.

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Arboretum will be a must for your Sochi vacation! This is the starting point for all the tourists who can’t sit still. Exotic plants, rich history, cascades of snow-white stairs and the culmination of everything – viewing platform. Great walks at any time of year.

11. Riviera Park

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Get lost in the mirror maze. Squeal with delight while riding a roller coaster. Look into the eyes of a shark and stroke a dolphin. See the world around through the eyes of a child! In the park “Riviera” there is a huge variety of entertainment for the whole family – such that you will not want to leave.

12. yew and boxwood grove

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Nothing is impossible to travel to the distant past and walk through a relic forest. For that you need to come to Sochi and get to the famous yew and boxwood grove, a real natural monument. The ancestors of these trees grew on the planet millions of years ago. Visitors can see boxwood, the smell of which is healing, yews, among which is a thousand-year-old giant, and many other rare plants.

13. Skypark

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Dare to jump from a height of 207 meters? And walk across the bridge at a height of 330 meters? However, even if you are not an extreme person, you will find entertainment in Sochi Skypark. You can admire the picturesque views from the observation deck or drink coffee with a view of the snow-capped mountains.

14. Solohaul Park

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Active tourists come here to go rafting, fly in a hot air balloon, or even take a ride on an APC. There are activities for children and adults. And if you want, just make a family weekend with barbecues, there are places for that. About the beauty of Solokhaul Park is not necessary to say: the mountains, the noisy river and the tea plantations nearby.

15. Olympic Park

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A unique project, embodied on the wasteland by the Black Sea coast for the Olympic Games 2014. Stadiums, ice palaces, sports complexes, Formula 1 track. Visitors of the resort necessarily include the Olympic Park in the top places they must visit.

For children

16. “Sochi Park.

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The best rides of the country are gathered in Adler. Here is the highest roller coaster in Russia, as well as giant swings, which will make you spin at the height of 18 meters, and a freefall attraction from 65 meters. Even the smallest visitors will find something to do – there are plenty of merry-go-rounds, master classes for kids, dolphinarium and contact zoo.

17. Oceanarium “Sochi Discovery World Aquarium

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The largest oceanarium on the Black Sea coast – Sochi Discovery World Aquarium. In 30 aquariums with five million liters of water, there are more than 100 species of freshwater and sea creatures. Underwater reefs, rocks, sunken ship – all the exhibits are beautifully decorated. There are different show-programs, for example, underwater shows.

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18. Circus

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Sochi State Circus is located in the center of the city and pleases the audience with show programs that change throughout the year. It accommodates two thousand people at once, and therefore even in the peak season you can get to an amazing performance with acrobats, jugglers, clowns and wild animals.

19. Dolphinarium

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Dolphinarium in the park “Riviera” in Sochi is considered to be the largest in Eastern Europe and one of the best on the Black Sea coast. Its hall can accommodate 1,300 people, and the huge pool, where the performances are held, is about seven meters deep. In addition to dolphins, you will see white whales, sea lions and walruses.

What else to see in Sochi

In Sochi, come not only to bask on the beach and swim in the sea. Many tourists come here to see dozens of interesting sights. We have collected for you a list of 82 places that can and should be visited in Sochi and its environs.

  • 20. Cableway Rosa Khutor
  • 21. Vorontsov Caves
  • 22. Agur Gorge
  • 23. Eagle Rocks
  • 24. Dendrological Park “Southern Cultures
  • 25. Orekhovsky Waterfall
  • 26. 33. waterfalls
  • 27. Navalishchenskoe Gorge
  • 28. Mamedovo Gorge
  • 29. Crab Gorge
  • 30. Volkonsky dolmen
  • 31. Svirskoe Gorge
  • 32. Khmelevskie Lakes
  • 33. Polykarya waterfall
  • 34. Matsesta Sochi
  • 35. Navaginskaya pedestrian street in Sochi
  • 36. Sochi Autodrom
  • 37. Abandoned restaurant on Mount Akhun
  • 38. Tea Houses in Sochi
  • 39. Canyon Psakho
  • 40. Waterfall “Dragon’s Mouth
  • 41. Psydah waterfall
  • 42. Water Falls
  • 43. Sochi Art Museum
  • 44. Tea Houses in Sochi
  • 45. Cathedral of the Archangel Michael
  • 46. Cathedral of St.
  • 47. The Temple of the Savior Not Made by hands
  • 48. Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • 49. Church of St. Andrew the First Called
  • 50. Church of St. John Chrysostom
  • 51. Canyon Devil’s Gate
  • 52. Cave of witches
  • 53. Akhshtyrsk cave
  • 54. Tiger Cave
  • 55. The Achipse Fortress
  • 56. The plane-tree avenue
  • 57. Tulip Tree
  • 58. The ruins of the Byzantine temple
  • 59. Arts Square in Sochi
  • 60. Maiden’s tears waterfall
  • 61. Akhtsu Gorge
  • 62. Monument “The Horse in the Overcoat”.
  • 63. Friendship Tree” garden-museum
  • 64. Zmeykovsky waterfalls
  • 65. Museum of sports and classic cars
  • 66. Nikola Tesla Electric Museum
  • 67. Museum of the USSR in Sochi
  • 68. Observation tower on Mount Battery
  • 69. Colonel Kvitko’s dacha
  • 70. Leonardo da Vinci Museum in Sochi
  • 71. Remains of the fortress wall of Lazarev fort.
  • 72. Literary-Memorial Museum of Ostrovsky
  • 73. Museum of Sports Glory in Sochi
  • 74. Organ Hall in Sochi
  • 75. Dacha doctor Jacobson
  • 76. Sculpture Ear “Make a Wish”.
  • 77. Museum “More Spices”
  • 78. Shoe Gallery
  • 79. Southern Residence of Santa Claus
  • 80. Monument Sochi teacher
  • 81. Art object “Diamond Arm”.
  • 82. Neptune” sculpture on Sochi’s Primorskaya Embankment

Taking a train from Tuapse to Gagra to the filming sites of The Diamond Arm

The legendary Soviet comedy “Brilliantovaya Ruka” was filmed in Gagra and tourists have an opportunity to go to the filming place in Abkhazia on a comfortable tourist train of Russian Railways. Carriages are modern, but decorated in retro style: with wicker bags on hooks and still lifes on the walls. The train goes by route “Tuapse – Lazarevskoe – Loo – Dagomys – Sochi – Adler – Imeretinskiy resort – Gagra”. Goes 6 times a week.

How to find a good realtor in Sochi.

More than 86% of transactions on the site Domklik are with the participation of a realtor. The client in this case saves 12 days of time, because all the hassle of paperwork and interacting with the bank takes a professional. Find out how to find a good realtor and where to read reviews about his work on the real deals.

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