What to see in Georgia. Routes for a week, 3 and 5 days.

What to see in Georgia in a week if you stay in Tbilisi


If you have arrived for a short time in our hospitable country, read this article – in it we will tell you what to visit in Georgia in a week, how to have time to see all the most interesting sights on your own in 7 days.

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Day 1 and 2 in Tbilisi

Start exploring Georgia’s capital from Meydan Square, the central square of the Old City. Many cultures intertwine in this place. Meydani is also called the square of five churches – you can see the Russian church, the synagogue, the mosque, the Armenian church and, of course, the Georgian church all at once.

What to see in Georgia in a week if you stayed in Tbilisi

The famous sulfur baths, called the trademark of Tbilisi, are located very close to Meydan square. If time permits, stop by in the evening – the warm sulfur water is relaxing and revitalizing.

What to see in Georgia in a week if you stayed in Tbilisi

There’s a gorge behind the sulfur baths just down the street, and there’s a beautiful waterfall in it. Take a walk – it’s a wonderful place that not many people know about.

What to see in Georgia in a week if you stayed in Tbilisi

If you like visiting holy places, check out the Metekhi Temple, standing on a huge rock on the bank of the Kura River, and the Sioni Cathedral, one of the main temples of Tbilisi and Georgia.

What to see in Georgia in a week if you stayed in Tbilisi

Take the famous Peace Bridge down to Rike Park. Right from the park, ascend to the Narikala Fortress, another of the capital’s landmarks. Locals call it the soul and heart of Tbilisi. The Narikala fortress is the most popular observation point of the capital, from here you can enjoy gorgeous views of the city.

What to see in Georgia in a week if you stayed in Tbilisi

Near the fortress there is a monument “Mother of Georgia” 20 meters high. The sculpture represents the Georgian character: a woman holding a cup of wine in her left hand for her friends and a sword in her right hand for her enemies.

What to see in Georgia in a week if you stayed in Tbilisi

At the foot of the monument there is a staircase, go down it to the Old Town, the oldest district of Tbilisi. Here you’ll find famous Italian courtyards, decorated stately homes, traditional carved balconies, and the atmosphere that people usually come to Georgia for.

What to see in Georgia in a week if you stayed in Tbilisi

Stained Glass in Tbilisi

Start your second day in Tbilisi with a walk to Freedom Square, where the huge monument to St. George the Victorious is located. It is 40 meters high and weighs 27 tons. Walk from the square along Sololaki, another interesting area.

What to see in Georgia in a week if you stayed in Tbilisi

So you will reach the lower station of the funicular railway, which will take you up to the holy mountain Mtatsminda. At its top there is a wonderful amusement park and attractions, which leaves no one indifferent. From here you can enjoy the most picturesque views of Tbilisi.

What to see in Georgia in a week if you stayed in Tbilisi

Here, on the mountain, there is a restaurant “Funicular” – stop by and try the best doughnuts in town. If you want to enjoy the famous “Lagidze Waters” with a view of Tbilisi – it is a real treat!

What to see in Georgia in a week if you stayed in Tbilisi

At the intermediate station of the funicular railway there is the Pantheon with the burial of famous people in Georgia, including Alexander Griboyedov and his wife Nina Chavchavadze. It is advisable to visit the pantheon with people who read Georgian – it is more interesting that way.

What to see in Georgia in a week if you stayed in Tbilisi

After coming down from Mtatsminda, take a walk to Georgia’s main temple, the Cathedral of Tsminda Sameba. It is located in Avlabari, an old district of Tbilisi that is historically considered Armenian.

What to see in Georgia in a week if you stayed in Tbilisi

Day 3 – Kakheti

Kakheti is a region of winemaking, ancient monasteries and ancient traditions.

Visit the Alaverdi Monastery, the main and most revered temple in Kakheti. At the monastery was founded a museum of grapes, which presents 500 varieties, including rare.

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What to see in Georgia in a week if you stayed in Tbilisi

Then visit the monastery of Ikalto – the oldest temple of Kakheti. It is located 20 km from Alaverdi. Famous for the fact that in the XI century under it was founded a secular academy, where he studied Shota Rustaveli. In the academy was one of the first in the world faculty of winemaking. Today on the territory of Ikalto there are three temples, ruins left from the academy, wine storage (marani) and a wine press, where the monks made their own wine.

What to see in Georgia in a week if you stayed in Tbilisi

From here you will go to Telavi, the capital of Kakheti. Here you can just take a walk – the town is beautiful and comfortable. In Telavi, you can simply walk around the town, which is beautiful and cozy, where they filmed the famous movie “Mimino”, and where the Telavi sycamore tree, the oldest tree in Georgia, grows.

What to see in Georgia in a week if you stayed in Tbilisi

After Telavi visit Gremi castle and Nekresi monastery – these are two iconic places in Kakheti. And also from their territory you can enjoy mesmerizing views of the Alazani Valley.

What to see in Georgia in a week if you stayed in Tbilisi

After seeing the architectural and natural sights, drive to the town of Kvareli, the heart of Georgian winemaking. Visit the Khareba wine tunnel, where about 25 thousand bottles of wine are stored under the ground for 8 km, and stop for a tasting at the Kindzmarauli Corporation.

What to see in Georgia in a week if you stayed in Tbilisi

Here in Kvareli, visit two beautiful mountain lakes – Ilia and Kvareli. The territory of Ilia lake is landscaped, you can come here and just take a walk. There is not a cheap private resort on Kvareli lake. But believe me, it’s so nice to have a cup of coffee, admiring the lake and the picturesque views of the Alazan valley.

What to see in Georgia in a week if you stayed in Tbilisi

The final point in Kakheti will be Sighnaghi – the city of love. It’s a small but very cozy town on a mountainside. Walk along the fortress wall with towers and admire the sunset over the Alazani valley.

What to see in Georgia in a week if you stayed in Tbilisi

Day 4 – David Gareji monastery

The fourth day of your journey dedicate to visit one of the most popular monasteries in Georgia – Davit-Gareji. It is notable for the fact that it consists of caves, carved in the rock, which stretch for 20 km along the Georgian-Azerbaijani border. The caves on the back side of the rock are practically on Azerbaijani territory.

The complex is so huge that it is simply impossible to explore it all in one day. So you are advised to visit its most curious parts. The Lavra of Saint David – a construction of the XI century is very interesting from the architectural point of view. There are caves and towers carved in the rock. Nearby are a church, a refectory, pools, reservoirs and courtyards with terraces. The complex consists of more than 100 caves.

What to see in Georgia in a week if you stayed in Tbilisi

Day 5 – Mtskheta, Jvari, Uplistsikhe

Start the day with a visit to Mtskheta, the first capital of Georgia. This ancient city was founded in the 5th century BC. It’s no exaggeration to say that Georgian culture was born here.

Take a walk around Mtskheta itself – it’s a museum city. All streets are decorated in the same style – natural stone and wood. There are a lot of souvenir shops, wine stores and cafes.

What to see in Georgia in a week if you stayed in Tbilisi

Carved Georgian balconies

Visit Jvari temple – it is one of the most significant and famous temples of Georgia. It is located high on the mountain above Mtskheta. There is a legend that the temple was built on the mountain, so that on the way to it people overcame certain difficulties and only true believers climb. The monastery is interesting both from a historical and architectural point of view.

What to see in Georgia in a week if you stayed in Tbilisi

After visiting Mtskheta, go to the ancient cave city of Uplistsikhe. Its history goes back more than 3,000 years. Before Christianity, Uplistsikhe was a pagan center where sacrifices were made. The greatest interest in the cave town are the hall of Queen Tamara, the church Uplistsuli (Church of the Prince), the ancient basilicas, altars, and wine cellar “marani.

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What to see in Georgia in a week if you stayed in Tbilisi

Day 6 – Georgian Military Road, Stepantsminda and Gergeti Church

This day the Georgian Military Road awaits you. This is the most picturesque highway of Georgia, passes from Tbilisi to the foot of the Kazbek Mountain. Along the way you will enjoy wonderful scenery and sights.

The first point of the route is medieval Ananuri castle on the shore of Zhinvali water reservoir. The scenery here is incredible in any weather and in any season. The castle is well preserved; you can climb its towers and walk along its walls.

What to see in Georgia in a week if you stayed in Tbilisi

The next point of interest on the Georgian Military Road is the Arch of Friendship of Peoples, near Gudauri. The views from here are gorgeous, and you can see a nice oval lake below.

What to see in Georgia in a week if you stayed in Tbilisi

Then your way will take you over the Cross Pass, one of the highest automobile passes in Europe (2379 m).

What to see in Georgia in a week if you stayed in Tbilisi

Immediately after the pass you will see a mineral spring or narzan.

The final goal of your trip is the village of Stepantsminda and the legendary Gergeti Church at the foot of Mount Kazbek. It takes about 2 hours to walk up the mountain to Gergeti church, but trust us, the views that open from here and the atmosphere that hangs in the ancient temple are worth it. You can drive up to the temple, but you can do it only with a good offroad car.

What to see in Georgia in a week if you stayed in Tbilisi

Day 7 – Borjomi

The last day of your vacation dedicate to the city of Borjomi – it is one of the popular resorts of Georgia. The city has a beautiful park, clean air, and, of course, the famous mineral water. From all sides of this small town is surrounded by the majestic mountains of the Caucasus, covered with coniferous and deciduous forests.

The source of mineral water is located right in the park – take your empty bottles, you can take the water with you.

What to see in Georgia in a week if you stayed in Tbilisi

Near the entrance to the park is the lower station of the cable car, which will take you to the top of the mountain. The views from here are great.

What to see in Georgia in a week if you stayed in Tbilisi

If you like to hike, walk through the park. You will see a marked forest trail along the river. Don’t be afraid to get lost – the road is good, unpaved. Only 2 km from the park you are in for a surprise – right in the woods under the open sky there are pools with warm sulfuric water. It is quite possible to swim, so bring swimwear. The pools are new, only after restoration.

What to see in Georgia in a week if you stayed in Tbilisi

Well, that’s all. We hope that your vacation in Georgia will give you great emotions and unforgettable experience.

What to see in Georgia in a week if you stayed in Tbilisi

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The 20 most interesting places and travel itineraries in Georgia

What to see in Tbilisi

Georgia is a country with stunning nature and ancient monuments. We tell you about the most impressive places and help you compose your travel itinerary.

First we will tell you about the most interesting places that we have already visited during our trips. Then we’ll list the places we haven’t been yet, but really want to. And finally we will offer you ready programs with the list of the places that you will see in Georgia in 3, 5, or 7 days.

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How to choose the best way to explore Georgia.

It will take you at least a month to see all the more or less significant and interesting sights in Georgia – the country is very rich in this part. The best way would be to move smoothly around the country, moving from city to city and exploring the surrounding area. However, only the luckiest tourists can travel at such an unhurried pace, the rest on their first trip will have to limit sightseeing to a portion of the attractions, and leave the rest for later.

The best ways to see Georgia for those who have little time, but a good “appetite” for sights:

    . It’s convenient, inexpensive, and you can get a lot done. We chose this way and were very satisfied: in 6 days we drove 1200 km and visited a lot of interesting places.
  1. We can go on several excursions from Tbilisi. We advise to buy them on Tripster – there is a wide range of interesting programs and real tourists’ reviews. You’ll have to spend a little money, but instead of all the cares of travel arrangements you will just enjoy getting to know Georgia. The only drawback – not all of the attractions do not take tours, however, all the most important things you can see just right.
  2. Travel around the country by bus, minibus or train. This is the most economical option, but for such a trip you need to save a lot more time or to refuse to visit certain places, because traveling by bus will eat up a lot of time, and in general will bring a lot of inconvenience.

Old Tbilisi

Tbilisi is a beautiful and comfortable city, which is nice to live in. Take a couple of days to see the city for the first time. The most interesting thing is that even if you went through it far and wide you will find something to see. The bohemian Sololaki, the authentic Avlabari, and the touristy Abanotubani are my favorites.

We usually walk around Tbilisi by ourselves, but on our last trip we decided to get to know the city better, so we chose two tours on Tripster. We loved it! We recommend the sightseeing tour with the friendly Roman and a walk through the Sololaki parades with the enthusiastic Catherine.

What to see in Georgia

Old Tbilisi.

The iconic Mtskheta.

Mtskheta is revered by every Georgian. It is a cult and holy place, the former capital of the country and the cradle of Georgian Christianity. It is also very beautiful: the mountains, the confluence of the Aragvi and Kura rivers, praised by Lermontov, and the churches. Most of all I am impressed by the view of Jvari monastery. In general, Mtskheta and Jvari must be seen during a trip to Georgia.

It’s easy to get to Mtskheta on your own from Tbilisi, just take a shuttle bus or take a cab. There are also many excursions to Mtskheta.

What to see in Georgia

View of Jvari Monastery.

Prehistoric Uplistsikhe

Uplistsikhe is an ancient cave city near Gori, which is nice to climb. It looks like the cave fortresses of Cappadocia. You can see very picturesque views from above, you could paint a watercolor and paint a picture!

We went to Uplistsikhe by rented car, but I know that you can get to Gori by bus, and then take a cab. If you want to know the history of the place, I suggest this tour to Uplistsikhe and Mtskheta.

What to see in Georgia by yourself

The rock city of Uplistsikhe.

Fading Tskaltubo

I’m passionate about beautiful abandoned buildings because they have a special, sad fascination. They kind of whisper: memento mori. And when I heard about the abandoned Stalinist sanatoriums in Tskaltubo, it was these unusual sights that made me want to see more than anything else in Georgia.

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Tskhaltubo’s sanatoriums are stunningly beautiful even now, but what about before! One can only wonder about the scope of construction and luxury of finishing resorts for the party leadership. I highly recommend to everyone who is not indifferent. I was especially impressed by sanatoriums Medea, Metallurg and Tbilisi. By the way, the sanatoriums are abandoned, but not completely: some of them are still occupied by refugees from Abkhazia.

We visited Tskaltubo from Kutaisi by car. It is best to come to the resort on your own and see as many sanatoriums as possible. On Tripster service I saw only one excursion to Tskaltubo, combined with Prometheus Cave – also not bad, but you will see only one sanatorium.

Abandoned sanatorium “Medea” in Tskhaltubo. Abandoned Metallurg sanatorium in Tskaltubo.

Georgian military road

Georgian Military Road is like a thread with a string of pearls on it: on your way you meet a pearl now and then. I guarantee that you will get a ton of impressions. You will see the Zhinvali Reservoir, medieval towers of Ananuri, beautiful mountains of Gudauri, mosaic arch “Friendship of Nations”, observation point at the Cross Pass, a lot of breathtaking scenery and at the very end – Gergeti Church. And if it’s better, you can see Kazbek itself!

We drove all the way by ourselves in a rented car, and we were very impressed by the scenery in Georgia. If you don’t know how to drive, take a tour, because this legendary road is a must-see.

The Georgian Military Road is incredibly beautiful. No one is left unimpressed! The Arch of Friendship is right on the Georgian Military Road.

Magical Mists of Gergeti

A small church drowned in fogs and surrounded by majestic mountains is a photographer’s dream. A very picturesque place!

Come with an overnight stay in Stepantsminda to see both fogs and Kazbek. Also on Tripster service there are many excursions to Kazbek for all tastes.

What to see in Georgia by car

Trinity Church in Gergeti.

Ananuri Fortress.

Ananuri is a must-see in Georgia. It is a photogenic late medieval fortress with two 17th century churches, a rarity in the country. Inside the Assumption Church, frescoes have been preserved, and you can safely climb to the top of the tower. The views to the Zhinval Reservoir are wonderful!

Ananuri is right on the Georgian Military Road, and there is a large parking lot in front of it. You can get here by bus from Didube subway.

What to see in Georgia by car

Ananuri Fortress.

Picturesque village of Sno

The small village of Sno with its watchtower captivated me at first sight – it is so picturesque and nice! If you have time and an SUV, be sure to head towards the high mountain village of Juta to see the Chauha massif and alpine meadows with horses.

We came here on our own while driving along the Georgian Military Road. I did not see any excursions.

What to see in Georgia by car

The road to Giuta.


Another beautiful place in Georgia, which is a must-see. I still remember the morning panorama of white peaks from the window of our hotel. It’s a pity that in summer the ropeways do not work in Gudauri, I really wanted to go there for a drive. Learn more about Gudauri.

We stopped in Gudauri for a night on the way to Gergeti. If you don’t have a car, take a tour from Tbilisi.

What to see in Georgia by car

Gudauri Mountains.

Kutaisi – European Georgia

It’s a cozy and nice town, very European. It’s a beautiful old town, which is nice to walk around, lots of tasty restaurants and cafes. Plus, there are a lot of picturesque places around Kutaisi, so it’s a good place to stay for a couple or three nights. I especially liked it at Gelati Monastery, the forest on the way to Okatse Canyon and the semi-abandoned resort of Tskaltubo.

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What to see in Georgia

Kutaisi is European Georgia.

Medieval Alaverdi Monastery

In Kakheti I was most impressed by the 11th century cathedral at the Alaverdi Monastery. It already at the entrance grows beautifully on the background of the mountains, and inside – what beautiful frescoes! It’s a pity, one can’t take photos inside the temple.

And now that you are in Kakheti, it’s a sin not to see the legend of Georgia – the picturesque Alazani Valley. Look at the wine cellars and taste the famous Georgian wines. It’s best to rent a car for this, but in general, there are plenty of excursions to Kakheti from Tbilisi.

What to see in Georgia by car

Alaverdi Monastery.

More beautiful places in Georgia.

We are sure that we will come to Georgia more than once, so we have a lot of plans for the future. Here is what we want to see:

    . It is modern Batumi and botanical garden, black sands of Ureki, national parks.
  • The mountains of Svaneti, the towers of Svaneti, Ushguli, Mazeri.
  • Abudelaurs lakes.
  • Vardzia – medieval monastery and cave city in sheer tufaceous wall.
  • Sighnaghi – everyone’s favorite “city of love”.
  • David Gareji is an ancient complex of Christian monasteries, which was founded in the VI century.
  • Tusheti – one of the most remote, but very beautiful regions of Georgia.
  • Truso Gorge – pristine nature, silence, fortress and abandoned villages.
  • Vashlovani National Park – a bit extreme route through savannas and prairies.

What to see in Georgia in 3 days

If you have only 3 days for Georgia and you don’t know what to see on your own and how to plan your trip, don’t spread yourself thin. It is better to explore only the nearest surroundings, and leave the rest for the next time. If you are severely pressed for time, these excursions will help you see as much as possible.

If you arrive in Tbilisi, spend the first day sightseeing in the capital of Georgia. Be sure to see the iconic sights: go up to the Narikala fortress, walk through the modern Rike Park and the narrow streets of the Old Town. On the second day visit Mkhtsekhu, the ancient capital, and the Betania Monastery. Leave the third day for a long journey. Go to Kakheti, the main wine region of the country, or to Gori and Uplistsikhe.

If you fly into Kutaisi. There’s plenty to see in Georgia in 3 days: admire Kutaisi’s Bagrat Cathedral and Colchis Fountain, stroll through a botanical garden and go to the wooden White Bridge over the Rioni River. Not far from the city are semi-abandoned Tskaltubo, picturesque Martvil Canyon, Prometheus Cave and ancient monasteries Gelati and Motsameta.

If you arrive in Batumi, visit the small resort of Ureki, which is known for its healing magnetic sands. Visit ancient fortresses of Gonio and Petra, near large waterfall Makhuntseti and Tamara stone bridge. Find out what to see around Batumi.

What to see in Georgia in 5 days

Five days is not that long, but you can visit quite a few sights if you want to. Here are the places you can see in Georgia in 5 days:

  • Tbilisi and Mtskheta.
  • Uplistsikhe cave city and Stalin Museum in Gori.
  • Georgian Military Road with radial trips: Sno, Gergeti, Ananuri, Gudauri, etc.
  • Cave town Vardzia.
  • City of love in Kakheti – Sighnaghi.

What to see in Georgia in a week

I’ll describe the itinerary of our last trip to Georgia for a week. First of all, we once again had a great time walking around Tbilisi, and then we rented a car and went to explore the most interesting places. It ended up being quite an eventful trip! Maybe you will like our itinerary, too. Here is what we managed to see during the 7 days in Georgia:

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