What to see in Kislovodsk and vicinity – 22 best places

Getting to know Kislovodsk: 22 best places

What to see in the vicinity of Kislovodsk

The sunniest city of the Caucasian Mineral Waters attracts tourists like a magnet. Find out what you can see in Kislovodsk and about the interesting places in the vicinity of the popular balneological resort.

On your own or with a guided tour?

The ideal option is not just to run through the main sights of Kislovodsk on your own, but to take a short but informative tour. So you will learn much more about the city and the fate of the people who lived here.

We do not advise to buy excursions from sellers in the street – many of them badly suffer in quality. They can only disappoint and spoil your impression. It is better to use a special service to find a great tour – Tripster. There are a large selection of programs with real reviews of tourists – so you book only interesting and high-quality excursion. And they often have discounts! We use only this service when we travel.

For example, for the first acquaintance with the city best suit these excursions:

What to see in 1 day.

If you have only one day to get acquainted with Kislovodsk, then we suggest you to take a walk on the following route.

The city in the south of the Stavropol Territory got its name because of the sources of sour mineral water – narzan. In order to appreciate the taste of the healing drink, start your acquaintance with Kislovodsk from the famous Narzanaya Gallery. Try the general, dolomite and sulfate narzanes!

To the south of the gallery, near the elegant Colonnade, begins the territory of the Spa Park . Spend at least a couple of hours in the big green oasis with paths of the health track. There is a wonderful view on Elbrus from above!

After the park go look at the pictures in the house-museum of artist N.A. Yaroshenko, and then along Peace Avenue walk to St. Nicholas Cathedral. Nearby is a public garden with the Eternal Flame, the Kislovodsk mosque and an interesting museum “Fortress”.

The mineral springs and the mineral springs of the city are excellent for recreation. There are many architectural monuments, souvenir stores and restaurants in the heart of the city, and in the evenings here include a beautiful light and music fountain.

Below we will tell more about these and other attractions of Kislovodsk.

Narzanaya Gallery

The first thing worth seeing on your own in Kislovodsk is the spectacular building on Kurortny Boulevard, 4. Narzanaya Gallery is an architectural monument of XIX century and the center of resort life of the city. It was built in the spirit of pseudo-Gothic. The bizarre building is shaped like a key.

Inside, there is a bubbling spring under the glass dome. There are several kinds of cold and heated narcan flowing in the bureaus. Take a mug with you or buy a disposable cup right at the entrance and drink this delicious water as much as you want, you don’t have to pay for the pleasure.

You will learn much about the history of hydrotherapy in Kislovodsk at this excursion:

What to see in Kislovodsk

Hall of the Narzan Gallery. Photo: shinobi / Depositphotos.com

Spa Boulevard

The main tourist street of the Caucasian resort arose in 1803. The luxurious boulevard runs from north to south through the city center and is 500 m long. Come here to see the main architectural sights of Kislovodsk: Zipalova Hotel, Beshtau Palace, Grand Hotel, Spa Polyclinic, Oktyabrsky baths, houses Kalinkin, Popandopulo and Mistrov. Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and buy beautiful souvenirs!

Attractions Kislovodsk

Spa Boulevard in summer. Photo: Eminov / Depositphotos.com.


This elegant architectural monument has been decorating the entrance to the Resorts Park since the beginning of the last century. The Neoclassical colonnade was built for the 100th anniversary of the victory over Napoleon. Locals and tourists love to take pictures near the white columns, the fountain and are happy to make appointments and dates here.

What to see in Kislovodsk

Colonnade at the entrance to the Resort Park. Photo: dmzotov80 @ gmail.com / Depositphotos.com.

Resort Park.

A place that is pleasant to see in Kislovodsk at any time of the year – both in winter and in summer. The large green area occupies 965 hectares and has the status of a national park. It looks like a well-groomed botanical garden and is divided into Old, New and Mountain parks. There are red paths of terrenekurs passing by the tall cypresses and pines, and almost tame squirrels jump on the trees.

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Kislovodsk park is decorated with Lermontov Playground, Tsar’s pavilion, Flower calendar, the Valley of Roses, Red, Gray and Blue stones, bridge “Lady’s caprice”, monuments of poets and writers. Enterprising Caucasians offer to make a photo with the symbol of KMV – eagles. Go up to the Sosnovaya hill and admire the far panorama of the Main Caucasian Range!

See what interesting excursions are held in the park:

Valley of Roses in the Resort Park. Photo: gon4. / Depositphotos.com. Resort Park. Photo: gon4. / Depositphotos.com.

St. Nicholas Cathedral

The golden domes of the main Orthodox church of the city on Prospect Mira, 19, can be seen from afar. The first wooden church on this site appeared in 1803. The five-domed stone cathedral was built at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries. In the 1930s it was destroyed, and in the 1990s it was rebuilt. The modern church rises to a height of 54 meters and can accommodate up to 3,500 worshippers. Entrance to the church is free.

What to see in Kislovodsk

St. Nicholas Cathedral in Kislovodsk. Photo: gon4. / Depositphotos.com.

Temple of Panteleimon the Healer

One of the Orthodox attractions of the city of Kislovodsk stands on Lenina Street, 3a. The first church of Panteleimon was built in 1912. During the Soviet era, the church was closed and the building was used as a dormitory, clubhouse and boiler room. In 1965 it was demolished.

The new church was built in 2002 in the old Russian style. The red and white church with a hipped bell tower looks very smart. It works and is open from morning till evening for believers and tourists.

Photos of Kislovodsk sights

Church of Panteleimon. Photo: wikimedia.ru / Dmitry89.

Glass Stream Pavilion

Since the late 19th century, Kislovodsk’s Lower Park has been decorated with an original graceful pavilion of complex design with colored stained glass windows. The water, which flows out of the Mirror Pond, forms a wide transparent stream. The beautiful place is interesting to see in Kislovodsk in the fall, when the trees around are dressed in yellow and orange leaves.

Attractions Kislovodsk

The Glass Stream pavilion in early autumn. Photo: _Ansud_ / Depositphotos.com.

Castle of guile and love

The restaurant and hotel in the form of a medieval castle is a sight to see in Kislovodsk for lovers of beautiful photos. The jagged walls and lancet windows blend harmoniously into the mountain landscape. Stylized fortifications stand under the high rocky cliff on the outskirts of the city, near the river Alikonovka. To get here you can take a cab or shuttle number 5, which goes to Zelenogorsky. Tourists praise the good Caucasian cuisine and democratic prices.

What to see in Kislovodsk

The castle of cunning and love. Photo: ulia.flax / depositphotos.com.

Artist Yaroshenko Museum

The famous Russian artist-Peredvizhnik lived in Kislovodsk, so a memorial museum is opened in his manor on Yaroshenko Street, 1. At the elegant White House you can see graphic works and paintings of Yaroshenko, other famous painters of the XIX-XX centuries and modern authors. The entrance costs 150 rubles.

Museum “Fortress”.

The historic sight of the city of Kislovodsk is located on a hill, on Prospekt Mira, 11. Unusual museum – reconstruction of the first fortification, which was built in the foothills of the Caucasus more than two centuries ago. There are more than 89 thousand exhibits – findings of archaeologists, ethnographic collection and military relics. The entrance costs 200 rubles.

Museum of the History of Cosmonautics named after F. Zander

A small museum on Zhukovsky Street, 12 is a unique space collection, the only one in the south of the country tells about national scientists who devoted their lives to cosmonautics and rocket production. Admission costs 100 rubles.

It is interesting:

What to see in the vicinity of Kislovodsk

Plateau Bermamyt

We strongly recommend to visit this beautiful place! One of the most impressive views in the Caucasus awaits you there.

A precipitous mountain plateau 2592 meters above sea level is one of the best views of Mount Elbrus from the north. Jeep tours are organized for tourists to Bermamyt. Admire the panorama of the Caucasian peaks and breathe the clean mountain air. To see the sunrise on Elbrus, leave Kislovodsk 3 hours before sunrise. The early rise is worth the spectacle that opens from the mountain plateau.

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You can get to the plateau on your own in a good off-road vehicle, but be sure to read about the road in detail, soberly assess your strength and take into account the weather. The team of our site went to Bermamyt twice, but once we were not lucky enough to get stuck in the mud just a couple of kilometers to the summit – luckily, another crew helped us.

It’s much easier and safer to go to the Bermamyt plateau with a tour, there’s plenty of choice:

Excursions from Kislovodsk on plateau Bermamyt

View of Elbrus from the Bermamyt Plateau.

Honey Waterfalls.

A popular attraction 10 km from Kislovodsk is located in the valley of the river Alikonovka. High rocks, streams of water and a steep path along a narrow canyon await you. For an entrance to waterfalls take 60 rubles. The cab ride both ways takes no more than an hour. In our opinion, it is better to come to Honey Falls in the spring and summer.

The Ring Mountain.

On the way to Honey Falls over the valley overhangs the sandstone mountain with a natural opening. The ring, 8-10 meters in diameter, was formed by weathering. From the mountain offers a wonderful view of Kislovodsk, Dzhinalsky ridge and Mount Elbrus. You can get to the foot by cab, minibus № 19 and the bus that runs from Kislovodsk to Uchkeken.

You can visit the Honey Waterfalls and Mount Koltso as part of these excursions:

Valley of the Narzans

34 kilometers south of the city of Kislovodsk is a beautiful tract, where about 20 mineral springs. The Khasaut River flows through the Valley of the Narzans. We advise to visit this place in winter. During the cold season, the side tributaries of Khasaut freeze and turn into wonderful ice pillars, and from the snow-covered Shidzhatmas plateau, on the way to the tract, one can see Elbrus perfectly.

Where to go from Kislovodsk

Castle in the Valley of the Narcans. Photo: Ultris1981 / wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 4.0.

Suvorov Springs

Thermal springs 38 km from Kislovodsk are popular with locals and tourists. The warm water relieves fatigue, treats rheumatism, bone and joint diseases. Bathing in Suvorovsky baths for one hour costs 350 rubles.


From Kislovodsk to Essentuki only 22 km, so tourists gladly go to the neighboring city by bus, train and cab. In Essentuki visit the local Museum of Local Lore, take a walk through the luxurious Spa Park and drink mineral water in the tanks of Europe’s largest drinking gallery “Five Thousandths”. You can go to Essentuki as a part of a tour or on your own, our guides will help you get acquainted with the city.

What to see in the vicinity of Kislovodsk

Statue of Jesus Christ in Yessentuki. Photo: nikolenko7 / Depositphotos.com.


The city, which is easy to go on your own, is located near Kislovodsk. The road to Pyatigorsk by bus or train takes less than an hour. The Caucasian resort is famous for its pleasant architecture, delicious mineral water and green parks. Climb the mountain Mashuk, visit the grotto of Diana, the famous Failure, the place of Lermontov’s duel and the poet’s museum!

Where to go from Kislovodsk

Signposts on top of Mount Mashuk. Photo: shinobi / Depositphotos.com.


Another pearl in the resort necklace of KVM is located 42 km from Kislovodsk. Tourists take tours to Zheleznovodsk, but we advise you to go there yourself. In this small and cozy town with a population less than 25 thousand people are treated with mineral waters, forest air and mud of Tambukanskogo lake. See the palace of Emir Bukhara, the Grotto of permafrost, Lermontov Spring and Pushkin Gallery.

Group tours from Kislovodsk

Cascade Stairs in Zheleznovodsk. Photo: nikolenko7 / Depositphotos.com.


The reserved tract on the way to the northern foot of Mount Elbrus is one of the natural sights, which is interesting to see in the vicinity of Kislovodsk. You will bathe in healing mineral water, look at waterfalls and drink delicious narsan in the mountain valley at an altitude of 2400 m. You can get to Dzhily-Su on your own car (any car will do) or with a tour group.

Take a look at our Jili-Su vacation tips.

Popular excursions to Dzhily-Su:

Narzan springs from under the ground – take as much water as you want. Emmanuel Glade at Dzhily-Su. The road to Dzhily-Su.


Charming land of glaciers, high mountains and picturesque lakes is available for everyone who has a rest in Kislovodsk. From the resort to Dombaj can be reached with a tour or by rented car. On the way tourists discover the beautiful Teberda valley, the medieval Sintin temple, colorful mountain villages and fascinating landscapes of the Caucasus. We advise to climb the cable car to the mountain Mussa-Achitar.

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Popular excursions to Dombai:

Where to go from Kislovodsk

View from the top of Mussa-Achitar Mountain, which can be reached by elevators from Dombai.

Chegem waterfalls

To see the picturesque nature of Kabardino-Balkaria, go from Kislovodsk to Chegem waterfalls. They are located near Nalchik, so you can get there by cab or with a tour. Thousands of jets fall from a height of 50 meters – you get amazingly beautiful pictures!

Chegem Gorge. Photo: Thirtenth_Marta13 / Depositphotos.com. Chegem waterfall. Photo: Thirtenth_Marta13 / Depositphotos.com.

What to see in Kislovodsk and vicinity – 22 best places

45 Kislovodsk main sights

The city has a long cultural tradition, which continue the Philharmonic Hall, museums of Yaroshenko and Chaliapin, the historical museum “Fortress”. Many interesting things are also in the vicinity of Kislovodsk. Rare beauty cliffs of the castle “Kovardstvo and Love”, the famous Ring Mountain, waterfalls and springs are included in all compulsory routes. To see all the sights will take several days.

Kislovodsk National Park

The largest urban park in Europe and the pearl of Kislovodsk, is a monument of landscape architecture, and a specially protected natural area. In the park there are rare species of flora and fauna, and the air has a unique composition due to specially selected tree species. The main entrance is in the center of the city, near the Narzan Gallery. The park is located on the slopes of the Djinal ridge. The area of the park is 966 hectares.

45 Kislovodsk main sights

Spa Boulevard

The most beautiful pedestrian zone of Kislovodsk. This 500-meter long boulevard looks like a street of a quiet European town. From this place began the construction of the city, here are the old sanatoriums, monuments, cafes and stores, as well as the famous singing fountain. You can endlessly walk among the variety of architectural forms, bright flower beds. It begins from the Colonnade and goes to Kirov Street, the Olkhovka river flows parallel to the park.

45 Kislovodsk main sights

Narzanaya Gallery

For the first time the source of the mineral water was located there in 1823. The Gallery got its present appearance at the end of the XIX century and at the beginning of the XX century. It is a central place where, after drinking the water, you can go for a therapeutic walk in the park. The building is recognized as an architectural monument, inside it is decorated with marble, small museum exhibits are added. Three kinds of narcan are available at the springs, and doctors give recommendations on how to use them on the spot.

45 Kislovodsk main sights

Main Narcan Baths

The building of one of the first sanatoriums of Kislovodsk is recognized as an architectural monument of federal importance. Construction of the complex was completed in 1906. It is situated on Kurortny Boulevard, near the intersection with Vokzalnaya Street. The ensemble in Indian colonial style is decorated with stucco, tiered turrets, unique majolica mosaic. In 2015 – 2018, reconstruction was made, the original historical appearance was revived and the sanatorium was opened.

45 Kislovodsk main sights

Aerial tramway

The cableway is laid in the Resort Park, the starting point is called “Air Temple”, it is easy to find the way to it by the signs. Finish – on the highest point of the park, called “Olympic Complex”, it offers views of the city, the park, the surrounding mountains and Elbrus. There are two cabins along the route, you can see the Valley of Roses and the Blue Stones from above. The trail is open all year round from 10 am to 5 pm with a lunch break, and may be closed during bad weather.

45 Kislovodsk main sights

Seven Winds Gazebo

The observation deck at the top of the park, 1,130 meters above sea level, offers views of the city and the park. The picturesque open gazebo is blown by all the winds, which gave it its name. It is made in the form of a dome on four columns, inside there are benches for travelers to rest. You can get here by a long hike or descend from the upper station of the cable car.

45 Kislovodsk main sights

Nature trails

An important healing component of the Kislovodsk park is its terrenekurs, walking routes. They are designed in such a way that they can be overcome by people with different diseases. In total there are 5 terrenekurs, they are of different complexity and length (from 1,000 to 10,400 meters). There is also a hiking trail, the most difficult one, which leads to the Little Saddle Mountain. All trails are marked in the park with signs of different colors, indicating the angle of slope and distance from the Narzan Gallery.

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45 Kislovodsk main sights

Attractions in the Resort Park

The most iconic and popular places of the Resort Park, which are visited and seen by all tourists and vacationers in Kislovodsk.

Valley of Roses

In summer this place can be called not only the most beautiful place in the park, but also the most fragrant. On the territory of 2 hectares there are more than 35 varieties of roses, and they all bloom in different times, so the Valley of Roses is beautiful from June to September. The main flowerbed is in the form of a huge rose flower, followed by rose gardens in the form of a sun and a checkerboard. Along the Valley there is a shady alley framed by thuas. In the evening, everything is beautifully illuminated.

45 Kislovodsk main sights

Colonnade of the resort park

An iconic place for both residents of Kislovodsk and tourists. Here you may schedule meetings and begin excursions. Two-tier construction of snow-white columns is at the entrance to the park. Construction was timed to the 100th anniversary of the victory over Napoleon, originally there was a coffee house, an orchestra played here. The original appearance has been fully preserved. Today near the Colonnade they sell the tastiest ice cream and souvenirs in the city.

45 Kislovodsk main sights

Lermontov Square

Once there was a restaurant, one of Mikhail Yurievich Lermontov’s favorite places in Kislovodsk. He even described it in his novel “A Hero of Our Time”. Today there is an architectural ensemble with a bust of the poet, to which two stairs lead. On the wall are lines from the poem “Caucasus”, and at the base of the stairs is a grotto with a sculpture of a imprisoned demon. Located opposite the Colonnade.

45 Kislovodsk main sights

Cascade Stairs

The famous staircase leads to one of the entrances to the National Park on the north side. There are 170 steps ascending the slope, with flowerbeds and fountains decorating the terraces of the stairs. The upper part is topped by a colonnade with a viewing platform. Narrow shady galleries, where you can relax on the benches, approach the site. Built in 1935 in the antique classic style, it was renovated in 2015, retaining its original appearance.

45 Kislovodsk main sights

Flower Calendar.

On one of the slopes of the lower park is an interesting piece of landscape design. It is a calendar made entirely of plants. The idea was first implemented in 1924, and is still maintained today. Framed by thuas and junipers, flowerbeds are arranged in the form of inscriptions. Above the name of the city, under it a flower clock, and still below – the year, month and date. Every night, even in winter, the workers change the date.

45 Kislovodsk main sights

Mirror Pond and Glass Flow

A beautiful quiet corner of the lower park with a man-made pond with a gazebo and waterfall. The pond was cut into the thickness of limestone back in 1860, there has always been clean cool fresh water. The current gazebo with stained glass arches is a reconstruction of the original version. Clean water in the pond is always replenished by an artificial waterfall, which comes directly from under the gazebo. The pond is decorated with sculptures of children swimming.

45 Kislovodsk main sights

Monument to M. Lermontov

One of the newest sculptures in Kislovodsk, installed in the early 2000s. Originally the monument was located on top of the Red Sun, a four meter tall figure representing the poet sitting on a rock and looking far into the distance, in the direction of Mount Elbrus. Later it was moved to the Lermontov embankment of Olkhovka. In 2017, after much debate, it was decided to return the sculpture back to the mountain. Every year poetry evenings are held here

45 Kislovodsk main sights

Crocodile sculpture in the Valley of the Roses

It’s not immediately that visitors to the Valley of the Roses notice this sculpture, and that’s because it masks itself in the surrounding landscape as successfully as a real reptile. The crocodile is 4 meters long, lying on the rocks with its mouth open and its sharp teeth flashing. The perfect backdrop for nature photo shoots and humorous shots of hunting the horrible monster. The sculpture was created in the postwar years by park employees.

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45 Kislovodsk main sights

The Temple of the Air

The air of Kislovodsk park is so valuable that they even built a temple to it. It is a pavilion with a classical semi-rotunda on six columns, to which rises a broad staircase. The temple was created in 1914 and has always served as a good place for travelers to rest. Today here, too, you can take shelter from the weather, sit in the reading room, try phyto tea. Located in the upper park, next to the lower station of the cable car.

45 Kislovodsk main sights

Red rocks

In Kislovodsk park there are outcrops of ancient rocks, colored red. Many of them under the influence of the sun and wind have taken bizarre shapes, such as a rock with the snake’s face. Near the sanatorium “Red Rocks” there is a large rock group, on which there is a bas-relief of Lenin. The bas-relief used to be carved in this rock, but was destroyed by an earthquake. The second group of rocks is decorated with a symbol of the city – a sculpture of an eagle. There are two viewing platforms next to it.

45 Kislovodsk main sights

The bridge “Lady’s Folly”.

The name of the bridge is related to the romantic story about the gentleman, who wanted to fulfill a whim of his lady, built for her a stone bridge across the Olkhovka. Before that it was very uncomfortable to walk across the stones. From the bridge it is interesting to watch the raging river, look at the rocks in the clear water. On the opposite bank is arranged rock grotto with benches. Located near the sanatorium “Kavkaz”.

45 Kislovodsk main sights

Cultural attractions of Kislovodsk

Interesting museums and cultural and educational places to visit in the city.

Museum-Estate of Artist N. Yaroshenko

The museum was founded in 1956, is located on the site of the former estate of the famous artist in the city center. The estate complex has three exhibition buildings: White Villa, where the artist lived and worked, and two outbuildings. The estate has preserved the spirit of noble life, there is an arboretum and a park with a fountain. The museum exhibits works by Yaroshenko and artists-Peredvizhniki, changeable exhibitions are held. The tomb of the artist is located nearby, in the St. Nicholas Cathedral.

45 Kislovodsk main sights

Chaliapin’s Dacha Museum

A beautiful atmospheric place where you can get acquainted with the atmosphere that was during the life of the great singer, attend music and literary evenings, children’s music festivals. Chaliapin rented an Art Nouveau mansion built in 1903 for his family. The estate also has a second building, where the museum “Russian Emigration” and the exhibition dedicated to Solzhenitsyn. Also conduct tours of Chaliapin’s places in the city. It is located near the station.

45 Kislovodsk main sights

Historical Museum “Fortress”.

From this place began the construction of the city, in 1803 by order of Alexander I built a military fortification. Later the fortress was rebuilt several times, and it took its present appearance in the 50s of the XIX century. The museum has three exhibition halls, which tell about the history of the city and the life of indigenous peoples, contains ancient archaeological finds. In front of the fortress wall there is a memorial stone, the inscription on which reads: “Here Kislovodsk was founded.

45 Kislovodsk main sights

Philharmonic Hall named after V. I. Safonov

Philharmonic Hall has more than a century history, is also a major cultural center across the country. It includes eleven concert halls in different cities of KVM. The main building – Kurortny Hall in Kislovodsk, built in 1895, is located near the station. Here performed Chaliapin, Rachmaninov, Isadora Duncan, read his stories Kuprin. Philharmonic regularly invites famous artists and holds art exhibitions.

45 Kislovodsk main sights

Theater-Museum “Grace”

In a beautiful old mansion from 1896 not far from the Cascade Staircase is a cozy theater, as well as a museum exhibit. Earlier here lived the teacher Agafonov from Kislovodsk, he initiated the tradition to give theatrical performances to the guests. In 1992, the home theater was revived. After the theatrical performances, a dinner with theatrical serving of dishes begins. The museum is dedicated to famous people associated with the city: Kolchak, Mayakovsky, Sikorsky.

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