What to see in Rhodes? Main sights

What to see in Rhodes? Main sights

Lindos is a city with a history of 3 thousand years. Actually, the acropolis is located here. Also above the city rise the walls of a knightly castle and the ruins of an early Christian church. Go to Lindos best in the morning or closer to evening, with a good supply of water.

Archaeological Museum of Rhodes

The Archaeological Museum of Rhodes is housed in the infirmary building which was built in the middle of the 15th century by the Knights Monks of the Order of the Hospitallers and was established to defend the Holy Land, treat pilgrims and wounded warriors.

Mandraki harbor in Rhodes town

Mandraki is one of the three harbors of Rhodes and the most famous of all: it is believed that the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, stood here. If you walk around the harbor in a circle, you can see many sights, and the length of the route is only 1 kilometer.

Palace of the Grand Masters in Rhodes

The phrase “order of knights” evokes associations with something ancient, medieval, heroic-romantic, mysterious and mystical. Moreover, this associative series works even if we are talking about some purely pragmatic German Teutonic Order.

The Valley of Butterflies in Rhodes

The Valley of the Butterflies is a unique natural reserve located on the island of Rhodes, about 30 km from the capital. It is otherwise known as Petaludes Valley after the municipality in which it is located. In fact, the Valley of the Butterflies is not a valley at all, but a narrow park along the gorge.


Kamiros is one of the most ancient cities of Greece. During Antiquity it played a huge role in the history of Rhodes Island. Today its ruins are recognized as an archaeological reserve and attract tourists like a magnet.

Tsambika Monastery

The Monastery of Tsambika (also called Panagia Tsambika) on the island of Rhodes is known throughout Greece for housing the great shrine, the icon of the Virgin Mary. It is not only considered miraculous, but also as a patron of all married couples, especially childless ones.

The Fortress of Rhodes

The Rhodes Fortress was built in the Middle Ages to protect the city of Rhodes (the capital of the island) from invaders. Its total length is 4 kilometers and it is the longest fortress in Europe. Tourists who want to get into the central part of old Rhodes have to go through 11 gates.

Old Town in Rhodes

Old Medieval Rhodes is a world cultural site. It is like an open-air museum: every street, square or building is linked to some story about ancient times.

Walls and Gates of Rodos

Medieval walled Rhodes has been listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site since 1988. Walking into this inner city, you find yourself in a completely different world. There are eleven gates leading to it, although not all of them are open today.

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Filerimos is the ancient acropolis of Ialysa, which was one of the three powerful Doric cities of Rhodes. The main attractions in the area are the monastery and the church of Saint Mary, the cell of Saint George with frescoes from the 15th to the 15th century, the remains of the temples of Zeus and Athena and the fountain.

Rhodes Water Park

The WaterPark, located in Faliraki, is one of the largest in Europe. Indeed, the size of the territory is amazing – on 100 thousand square meters in the suburbs of the capital of Rhodes a huge complex stylized as a Greek amphitheater is located.

Aquarium of Rhodes

Rhodes Aquarium is not at all like the huge oceanariums, you should not expect anything grandiose from it. A small, architecturally unique building, located at the northernmost point of the island, allows you to plunge into the world of scientific research of the sea and its inhabitants.

Acropolis on Monte Smith Hill

The Acropolis on Monte Smith Hill was the political, administrative and religious center of the island during the 2nd and 3rd centuries BC. In ancient times there were several temples, a stadium and an amphitheater. In the games, dedicated to Helios, the god of the sun, athletes competed and the famous oratorical school performed.

The 7 Springs at Rhodes

The Valley of the 7 Springs, also known as Epta Pegues is about 25 km. from Rhodes and 3 km. from Kolymbia. The powerful spring emerges in 7 places at once, the stream from it flows into the Lutanis River, which flows into a concrete tunnel built in the 1930’s and then into the reservoir.

Monolithos Castle

Monolithos Castle in Rhodes was in the past an impregnable fortress that protected the inhabitants of the island from invasions by foreigners and pirates. Nowadays it looks more like a beautiful illustration to a fairy tale, built on top of a rock 100 m above the ground in the shape of amphitheatre.

Suleiman Mosque in Rhodes

There are only 14 mosques in the city of Rhodes, but the most important one is the Mosque of Suleiman the Magnificent. It was the first in the city and the largest on the island. The mosque was originally built after the Ottoman conquest of Rhodes in 1522 and was reconstructed in 1808.

Monastery of the Archangel Michael in Rhodes

The Monastery of the Archangel Michael in Rhodes, aka Moni Thari, is hidden by the forest deep in the hollow of the mountains and has never been robbed by pirates or Muslims. Legend has it that in the 9th century AD the water from the spring cured a Byzantine princess who was deathly ill.

Cape Prasonisi

Prasonisi is the most southerly point of Rhodes, located 90 km from the capital of the same name. It is called the kiss of two seas and is famous for its unique natural phenomenon – the Aegean and the Mediterranean meet.

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Rodini Park

Rodini Park is considered to be one of the oldest parks on the planet. This is the first landscape park which was built by the ancient Romans. It is noteworthy that even in those ancient times there was a water supply in Rodini Park. The tomb of Ptolemy I also speaks of the park’s long history.

Rhodes was a tidbit for many countries and peoples. It was owned by Hellenes, Persians, Phoenicians, Turks, Knights of the Order of the Johnites. That is why there is an interesting mixture of spiritual and material culture, each ruler left something of his memory.

Locals have noticed that it is off the coast of their island that the Mediterranean and Aegean waters meet. It’s a double relaxing blow, which is why Rhodes is a particularly pleasant place to vacation.

In Rhodes, there are several hangout spots – the entire village of Faliraki, where there is a huge water park, the abode of surfers Yalissos and resort Ixia. However, the beaches on the island are stony. However, the Greeks consider it an advantage, they say, over the centuries, nature has remained untouched. For the most capricious on the island there is a sandy beach Tsampiko.

The city of Rhodes loves to tell its history. A classic excursion includes conquering Mount Monte Smith, exploring the ancient fortress, walking through the stone city and the harbor where the famous Colossus of Rhodes, one of the wonders of the world, once stood.

The most ancient place on the island is in the city of Lindos. The local acropolis, located on the top of the hill, is considered the second most important after that of Athens.

What to see in Rhodes

What to see in Rhodes according to tourists' reviews

Going to Rhodes and do not know what sights to visit? We have made a selection of the most interesting places to see. Attractions on a map of Rhodes. Architectural monuments, ancient forts and cities, museums and religious buildings, parks and entertainment for children. Video. Choose what you are interested in!

Rhodes is interesting and diverse. If you come with friends and want to have fun, then go to the northern part of the island, where lively resorts await. Are you coming with your family and want a break from work and the hustle and bustle of the city? Head to the south of the island for a quieter, more intimate atmosphere. But in any case Rhodes has a great climate and almost cloudless weather – it is warm here from about April to October, and the beach season starts in May.

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What to see in Rhodes

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Attractions on a map of Rhodes


A popular attraction in Rhodes are the observation decks. They can be viewed on their own and are usually easy to get to.

Mount Tzambika.

The mountain leads to the monastery of the same name, where an icon of the Virgin Mary is kept. According to legends, it performs miracles and helps childless spouses who want children to fulfill their wishes. To get to the top you have to overcome 307 steps and from there you can see the bay and the sea.

The monastery is situated at a distance of 6 km from Archangelos. You can get there from Rhodes Bus Station at Averof 2. Get off at the Tsambika Church stop or in the town. If you live in Archangelos, you can get there on foot. It is also convenient to get there by rented car.

Mount Filerimos

Filerimos is near Yalissos town and is about 15 kilometers from Rhodes. You can get to the mountain by walking up the cypress avenue and then climb to the highest point. The mountain is topped with a 17 meters cross. The name of the alley is “The Way to Golgotha” because the distance is equal to what Jesus walked when he carried the cross.

In Filerimos you can buy a liqueur made with local herbs, the recipe of which is not disclosed.

Monolithos Castle

The castle used to protect the island from attacks by enemies and pirates. Today, standing 100 meters above the ground, from here you can see the magnificent views of the Aegean Sea and the nearby islands and, of course, take beautiful pictures.

You can get to the castle by rental car or by bus. You have to drive from Rhodes town to Monolithos and then walk 3 km more to the castle. The return trip is not until the next day, but there is a place to stay overnight.

Sightseeing pictures of Rhodes

(Photo: willi_bremen / flickr.com / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Old Town of Rhodes

Do you like old sights? Then you will definitely like the Old Town of Rhodes. You can see it on your own or with a guided tour. The Old Town is an open-air museum where every street is connected to a story. Visit Knights’ Street, Hippocrates’ Square, Socrates’ Street, Jewish Martyrs’ Square and the Church of the Virgin Burgh.

Mandraki Harbor and Rhodes Fortress

See the most famous of Rhodes’ three harbors, Mandraki. It is believed to be where the legendary Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, stood. You can walk around the harbor in a circle and you will see the Church of the Annunciation, the building of the New Market (Nea Agora) and the windmills of Mandraki on the way. At the end you will come to the medieval fortress of Rhodes, which is 4 km long. It is the longest fortress in Europe and was once impregnable.

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Palace of the Grandmasters

The 14th century Palace of the Grandmasters (Castello), built by the Hospitallers, is also worth a visit. According to legend, it was built on the site of the Byzantine fortifications, and they built it on the site of a pagan temple. You will find the palace on the Knights’ Street in the old town of Rhodes. The ticket price is 8 euros, free for children under 18 years old.

Video – What to see in Rhodes?

What to see in Rhodes

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The ancient town of Lindos with its white houses is considered a typical Greek town. It is located on the east coast of the island, 55 km from the capital. Here you can see the acropolis with the ruins of an ancient temple, the walls of a knight’s castle and the ruins of a church. From the top you have a beautiful view of Lindos.

You can see the ruins, the ancient reservoir and the temples in the village Kamiros. You can get to the village by bus from Rhodes bus station.

What to see in Rhodes by car

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In Rhodes, you can see temples and religious buildings on your own:

  • Tzambika Monastery;
  • The church of St. Nicholas (Agios Nikolaos Fountoukli) near the village of Eleus;
  • The church of St. Panteleimon in Siane village, 65 km from Rhodes town;
  • Mount Filerimos and the Monastery of Our Lady;
  • Moni Tari Monastery, 40 km from Rhodes’ capital;
  • Temple of Athena in Lindos;
  • Suleiman Mosque in the center of Rhodes Old Town, the first in the city and the largest on the island;
  • Kahal Shalom Synagogue in the Jewish Quarter of Rhodes – the oldest in Greece.

If you want to devote a day to study the Orthodox shrines, you can book an excursion and see several temples at once.

We advise you to go to the neighboring island of Symi – you can take a ferry from the port of Rhodes, or take an excursion and go for a day. There are tavernas, clubs, stores, and you can also see the ruins of the fortress Kastro, if you climb to the top, climbing 500 steps. Other attractions include the Church of St. George, the Archaeological Museum and the Folklore Museum.

Photos of places of interest in Rhodes

(Photo: Ava Babili / flickr.com / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


Butterfly Valley and Ostrich Farm

If you are vacationing in Rhodes with children, check out the Valley of Butterflies in Petaludes, about 30 km from the island’s capital. From May to September you will find thousands of butterflies in this nature reserve. Crabs, lizards and rare birds can also sometimes be found here. In Petaludes there are also the 17th century monastery of Our Lady of Cleopatra and the pew of Tiberius, where the ancient Greek emperor was in voluntary exile.

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Not far from the valley there is an ostrich farm and a mini zoo where your children will meet camels, ponies, goats, monkeys, kangaroos and other animals.

You can go to the Valley of the Butterflies by bus from the central bus station of Rhodes town to the station “Butterflyis”, the trip takes about half an hour.

What to see in Rhodes with children

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A great attraction for children in Rhodes is the water park in Faliraki. For children over 12 years old the ticket costs 24 euros, and for children from 3 to 12 years old the entrance is 16 euros. You can get to Faliraki by bus from Mandraki harbor from Rhodes, by car or by cab.

If you have a driver’s license, rent a car. Car rentals are good for those traveling as a family, especially with young children. Check out our tips for renting a car abroad.

Rodini Park

Relax in the shade of the trees, listen to the birds sing and watch the animals in Rodini Park. It is located 3 km from Rhodes city. In the park there is an ancient necropolis with tombs in the rocks and mounds. Here is the tomb of Ptolemy.

You can reach Rodini by car on the road to Lindos or by public transportation. You have to take bus number 3 or 12 from Mandraki in Rhodes and then walk from the bus stop about 300 meters to the park.

The winery

For those who want to taste the local wine, we advise you to go to Embona, the winemakers’ village and the famous wine center of Rhodes. There you will be shown the modern factory and the traditional winery and you will learn about the technology of wine making and you will be able to taste it. The village itself is not accessible by public transport, so you have to take a bus from Rhodes to Kamyros town from the bus station. From Kamiros you will take a cab to the village. The best way is to take a rental car or take a tour, which includes a visit to Embona.

Video – Attractions of Rhodes

What to see in Rhodes

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Shows and Nightlife.

Fans of discos and bars will appreciate Orfanida, the “bar street” in New Rhodes Town. Here you will find a cafe or a club for your musical taste. The street runs parallel to Akti Miaouli and is bounded by 28th October Street and Nikiforos Mandilar Street.

You can experience the atmosphere of a real Greek party by booking an excursion to Afandou village with songs, music, national food and drinks.

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