When is the best time to rest in Cuba. Seasons and weather by month.

When to go to Cuba

The tropical climate of Cuba, which forms the weather conditions on the island, is moderate. It is warm, but there is no suffocating heat. During the year the average air temperature stays within a comfortable range of +25-26 ° C. The water is almost always the same + 26-27 degrees. The humidity increases only during the rainy season. It reaches its peak in August and September, but the Atlantic breeze blowing over the island takes the heat away, and if you do not have health problems, it’s a minor inconvenience you can easily endure. Twilight brings with it a mild coolness and the ability to stroll quietly without fear of freezing. Precipitation during the dry season is minimal, and during the “wet” season it may be heavy, but not frequent. Summer and early autumn are marked by hurricane activity, but statistically most of them drift past the island, making themselves known only by stronger winds and heavy rains. Truly destructive typhoons are rare, occurring once every 7-10 years.

As you prepare for a trip to Liberty Island, check the weather forecast. Special sites show the data for a month in advance, and just before departure you should look at the predictions of the forecasters for the coming week to be sure that the holidays will not spoil anything and go on the road with a light heart.

What month is better to vacation in Cuba? Any month is good for a vacation. The weather in Cuba favors travelers at any time of year. Focus on your preferences, your ability to tolerate high humidity, your financial means and the information below.

Cuba Weather by Months

The weather in Cuba in winter is very comfortable for people from the middle latitudes. The middle of the dry season, optimum temperatures and almost no precipitation. Tourist reviews are full of enthusiastic impressions, despite the fact that the prices of tours at this time of year are quite high, especially for the New Year. But the prospect of meeting Santa Claus under a palm tree attracts many. In general, the holiday in winter is considered one of the most successful.

In December the Cuban weather is beautiful! During the day the air heats up to +26-28 ° C, at night it cools down to +17-18. The sea temperature is 24 degrees warm. The rain, if it spills twice, only in early December.

In January, which the Cubans consider the coldest month, the thermometer rises to 25 degrees above zero during the day and drops to +16-17 at night. Water temperature + 24 degrees. During the New Year holidays it is usually dry and in the second half of the month there may be rare rains.

In February it is sunny and dry. The thermometer shows + 26-27 degrees, the night brings a chill of +18-19. The sea gets warmer by one or two degrees compared to January. In late February, temperatures begin to rise, but rain is still rare.

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Spring weather in Cuba is generous with sunshine and warmth. Light sea winds cool and the threat of hurricanes is completely absent. Tropical downpours do not begin to gather strength until May. With them, the humidity on the island increases. The first two months of spring, according to tourists’ reviews, are simply ideal for a trip to Cuba.

In March there is almost no rain, it is the driest month of the season. Air temperature remains at a mark of +27-28 degrees during the day and + 19-20 at night. The sea warms up to 26 degrees. At the end of March the temperature begins to rise.

In April the average is +28-29 ° C. With the onset of darkness, the thermometer column falls to 7 divisions. The sea temperature is +26 degrees. It may rain two or three days a month.

In May, the rainy season comes to the island. The thermometer shows + 20-30 degrees during the day and + 22 at night. The water temperature is ideally +27. In early May, there is almost no rain, but at the end of the month, showers are not uncommon. May holidays are usually very sunny and dry.

The weather in Cuba in summer is characterized by temperature highs, high humidity and heavy rainfall. Reviews of tourists note the presence of stuffiness, which not everyone can bear easily. But the cost of travel is significantly reduced and this can not but rejoice.

In June, there are tropical showers throughout the country and can be prolonged. The air temperature during the day reaches 31 degrees Celsius, at night it is +23-24. The sea makes for long swimming at +27 °C.

In July and August the weather is almost the same. During the daytime the thermometer reaches 32 ° C and at night it never drops below +22 ° C. One does not want to get out of the water +28-29 degrees. Precipitation is plentiful, but short-lived.

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The weather in Cuba in the fall is characterized by quite high temperatures, especially at the beginning of the fall. Vacations can be marred by prolonged precipitation and overcast skies. The air is full of moisture, people with cardiovascular diseases are better to choose another time for vacation. The weather forecast promises optimal conditions only in the second half of autumn. Reviews of tourists are advised to go to Cuba only in early November.

In September, the air heats up to 31-32 degrees, and with the onset of darkness cools to 23. The sea temperature ranges from 26-28 degrees of heat. During the month there are 11 “wet” days.

In October, the temperature decreases slightly and is +28-30 degrees. The water is a pure delight at +27-28 °C. It rains for 10-11 days. At the end of October begins a gradual drop in temperature and a reduction in rainfall.

In November, the rains dry up, the humidity drops and comfortable weather sets in. The thermometer freezes at +26 °C during the day and the night time brings a chill of +18-19 °C. The water temperature is +25-26 degrees. The sunny days become more and more – the beach vacation is very good!

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When to vacation in Cuba

Officially, the high season in Cuba begins in November and ends in April. And the best months for recreation on the exotic island are considered November-December and March-April. Tourist season is in full swing – the weather is mild, lots of sun, warm calm sea and fruits. The minimum precipitation and low humidity allows you to enjoy a beach holiday, and excursions and evening strolls through the streets of cities. Winter is a favorable period when it is best to go to Cuba with children. It is not hot, there are no waves at sea, the kids feel comfortable.

Spa season is accompanied by high cost of travel and high demand for them. To save money, book tours in advance. Seasoned travelers and do that, which allows them to rest at sea, not spending a lot of money.

The rainy season in Cuba begins in May and ends in October. It is characterized by heavy rainfall and high humidity, which makes it difficult to breathe. During this time you can have a good rest, if you choose a good hotel with air conditioning and spend time on the beach, blown by the breeze. But it is better not to plan excursions. You should be careful, because jellyfish during this period come close to the shore. August and September – is the season of hurricanes, which can bring severe thunderstorms and squally winds. However, fans of extreme experiences go specially to tickle the nerves of the real sea storm. Summer brings an abundance of fruit – delicious mangoes, avocados, papayas and pineapples, which are worth a try. End of summer and early autumn are the low season, which is considered very profitable financially to travel to Cuba. The flow of tourists is noticeably reduced and tour operators cut prices by almost half to keep hotels from being empty.

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The weather in Cuba’s resorts

Cuba’s capital Havana and the most popular resort, Varadero, are on the western part of the island and the weather is pretty much the same. During the rainy season the thermometer is hovering around 30 degrees and the water temperature is 28 degrees Celsius. Ocean trade winds save from the humid heat, there is not much precipitation. From November to April the weather is comfortable with average temperatures of +25-26 during the day and +17-19 at night. The ocean near the coast warms up to +25 degrees.

The province of Holguin, located in the east, has a warmer climate. In summer and early fall, the maximum daytime temperatures reach +32 degrees. Nights are very warm +24-25 ° C. In winter and spring these figures decrease by 4-5 degrees. But the water in the sea all year round stays at +26-27 ° C.

Santiago de Cuba, a city on the southern coast, is characterized by dry winter months, so it makes sense to travel here in winter. In addition, the air temperature here does not drop below 27 degrees. The sea is warm all year round, +26-28 ° C.

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Trinidad is in the center of the island, closer to the south coast, so the rainy season here is marked by 29-32 degrees and heavy rainfall. From November to April it is a comfortable 27-28 degrees, and the sea temperature does not drop below 27 degrees.

On the islands of Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo, located near the northern coast of the island, the air temperature rises to 31 degrees in the summer, and during the beach season to +26-27 degrees. The temperature of the ocean water during this period is +26-27 degrees Celsius. You can go here to rest at any time.

Santa Maria Island is also located in the north. Here from May to October the temperature ranges from +28-30 ° C, and from November to April +25-27. The warmest sea in August is +29 degrees, and the rest of the time it does not drop below 26 degrees.

When is the best time to vacation in Cuba

Weather in Cuba by Month

Cuba’s climate allows you to vacation at its resorts throughout the year, but there are high and low seasons. Let’s find out when it’s best to vacation in Cuba. Learn about the weather by month, water and air temperatures, and traveler reviews of beach vacations.

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Weather by months:


Water and air temperature. This is the coolest month of the year: in Havana and Varadero daytime +25°C, nighttime +16°C, water temperature +24°C. In Trinidad, it is 2 degrees warmer. Sometimes in winter, a cold front arrives and the temperature drops by 5-10 degrees at once.

Weather conditions. There is no rain, the sea is warm, but because of the constant winds to be on the beach is not so pleasant, and tourists prefer the lounge area near the pool.

Reviews of tourists. Rest more comfortable by the pool. If the cold front will have to wear a jacket.

February .

Water and air temperature. In February, the daytime temperature is +26. +27°C during the daytime, +16. +17°C, water +25°C. Sometimes in February comes a cold front and the air temperature drops to +20 ° C, but usually this phenomenon lasts no more than two days.

Feedback from tourists. The weather is not hot and pleasant – suitable for beach holidays and excursions. In February, it is better to vacation in Cuba with children.

Weather in Cuba

Tourists on the beach of Cayo Santa Maria. Photo: Depositphotos.com.

Water and air temperature. The weather is excellent: +28 ° C during the day, +20 ° C at night, the water in the sea +26 ° C.

Weather conditions. Pleasant weather for beach pleasures and excursions. Still dry during the day and sometimes rainy at night, with a moderate wind.

Tourist feedback. The weather in March is favorable for all kinds of holidays in Cuba! Some tourists believe that it is better to fly to Freedom Island in this month – warm, low humidity and almost no rain. It is comfortable to rest and with children, and the elderly.

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Water and air temperatures. In April, there is rarely a cold snap: daytime +29°C, nighttime +19. +21°C, water +26. +27°С.

Weather conditions. The rainy season has not yet begun, there is a moderate wind and a low humidity of 60%, the water is clean and clear.

Tourist feedback. In April, excellent weather for beach holidays in Cuba, excursions and trips around the island.

Water and air temperature. In May, it is already hot: daytime air temperature +30 ° C, at night +20. +23 ° C, the water in the sea +27 ° C.

Weather conditions. This is a border month for the beach season in Cuba. It gets hotter, but the heat is easily bearable because of the breezes. There are about 3-10 days of showers per month (depending on the area of the country), but mostly at night or in the evening. There are overcast days or hours. The sea is perfectly clean, without jellyfish and algae.

Tourist feedback. The rains do not interfere much with the plans of tourists. Vacationers quietly sunbathe and explore the island, go on excursions. At this time you can catch a cheap last minute tour, and prices for hotels are reduced.

Weather in Cuba by Month

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Water and air temperatures. Summer comes to Cuba with showers, and in the southwest also with hurricanes. The heat intensifies: +32. +34 ° C, at night +21 ° C, water +27 ° C.

Tourist reviews. In the Varadero area, the climatic conditions are calmer. There you can relax without fear of storms and hurricanes. However, tourists write, it is still very hot and the sea is hotter.

Consider the Canary Islands for recreation – there the beach season is almost all year round!

Water and air temperature. The air temperature during the day +32 ° C, at night +22 ° C. Water +28 ° C.

Weather conditions. It is hot and stuffy during the day because of the high humidity and the rain can pour for hours in a row, turning the beach into a dirty mess.

What tourists say. The most cheerful tourists prefer to rent a car and run away from the rain. Others just don’t fly to Cuba at this time.


Water and Air Temperatures. August is the hottest month in Cuba. Daytime temperatures are +32. +34 ° C, at night +23. +25 ° C.

Weather conditions. In the morning, good weather, you can sunbathe and swim, but in the afternoon it usually rains.

Feedback from tourists. The sea is stormy and raises a good wave – it is a sin not to take advantage if you want to try surfing.

Holiday Season by Month in Cuba

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September .

Water and air temperature. Daytime +30. +32°C, +22°C at night, water +28°C.

Weather conditions. In September, it is better not to vacation in Cuba if you can not stand the heat and humidity. About 10 days a month it rains in the evening or in the afternoon. The sea is periodically stormy, but many days when there is clear sunny weather. There are strong winds, which sometimes develop into destructive hurricanes.

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Feedback from tourists. Hurricanes are not worth fearing – they may not be. Most often they hit the Pinar del Rio region, so tourists are not advised to go there.

The Dominican Republic is Cuba’s neighboring country. Read our comparison of vacations in these countries.

October .

The temperature of the water and air. The heat is decreasing and it is easier to breathe: daytime it is +28. +30°C during the day, +20°C at night, water +27°C.

Weather conditions. The rainy season is on the wane, tropical showers turn into short rains, but the possibility of hurricanes is still high.

Tourist feedback. In October, there is not yet such a large influx of beach tourists, but sea fishing lovers are coming to Cuba – the marlin hunting season begins.

November .

Water and air temperatures. The heat and stuffiness recedes, Cuba begins the high season. Daytime temperatures are +26. +28 ° C, +18 ° C at night, the water in the sea +26 ° C.

Tourist reviews. The best time to visit Cuba is November: the weather is great for any kind of holiday, and prices have not risen yet.

Cuba: When to go on holiday?

(Photo: Gerald La / flickr.com. License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

December .

Water and air temperature. In December, daytime temperatures are +26. +28°C, +18°C at night, water in the sea +25°C.

Weather conditions. It rains very little, the water is clean and clear.

Tourist feedback. December in Cuba is loved by tourists, as the weather is excellent. The best time for a beach holiday! However, tour prices are off the charts, especially before the winter holidays.

Beach vacation season in Cuba

The most popular period for a holiday in Cuba is the dry season from November to April, when it rains no more than 4-5 days a month. The greatest demand among tourists is the calendar winter, at the same time and the highest prices for services.

Low season

According to statistics, 75% of all rainfall in Cuba per year falls during the rainy season, which lasts here from May to October . The heat, stuffiness, and from August onwards a high likelihood of hurricanes is not the most appealing picture for tourists.

When is the best time to go on vacation to Cuba

Water in Cuba is warm due to undercurrents, its temperature never drops below +24 ° C. Rains and hurricanes are another matter. The weather in Cuba is changeable and depends not only on season, but also on cyclones that may arrive at any time, so the concept of seasons is relative.

In winter to guess with the weather is much more likely than in summer. Flying long distances and a lot of budget travel, so plan your vacation at more favorable periods in terms of weather forecasts and statistics. For example, in November and December or March and April, usually at this time and the weather conditions in Cuba are good, and the prices are not too high.

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