When is the best time to rest in Turkey? Seasons and weather by month

When to rest in Turkey


Weather and temperature in Turkey by month. Written on the basis of our experience and feedback from other tourists.

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When is the holiday season in Turkey?

Tourists come to Turkey all year round. The resort season starts at the end of April – beginning of May and ends in late October or early November. Full beach vacation begins in June, when the sea warms up to +21. +22°С. Most of all resorts come in the heat – in July and August.

When better to rest in Turkey with children? So that the child is not overheated from the high temperatures and bathed in a warm sea, plan a family vacation in the second half of June or September.

When the fruit season in Turkey

Both winter and summer in Turkey there is a lot of fresh fruit: strawberries, pomegranates, figs, cherries, watermelons. On vacation we always try to eat Turkish fruit.

Oranges and pomegranates in Turkey ripen from September to February, cherries and sweet cherries – from May to August, figs – from July to September, watermelons, melons and apricots – from May to August. In May-June they sell mulberry, which is incomparably sweet – you must try it!

Strawberries in Turkey are on sale all year round, because they are grown in greenhouses. We don’t like them because they are always tasteless. They say the sweetest strawberries are not from the greenhouse and are sold in May and June.

Weather in Turkey by Months


Water and Air Temperature. January is the coldest time of the year, but there are no severe frosts and heavy snowfalls. The air temperature in Istanbul is +9. +10 ° C, and in the southern resorts is +13. +15°С. The sea water is warmest in Antalya, Alanya and Marmaris at +17. +18°С. Although the water in the Mediterranean Sea is warmer than the air, I would not recommend swimming.

Weather conditions. According to reviews of tourists, the weather in January in Turkish resorts is similar to our early spring. In the month half the days are sunny and 6-7 days with precipitation. It rains on the coast and snows in the mountains. In the winter resorts of Turkey in January is the peak ski season.


Water and Air Temperatures. In February, the air temperature along the Mediterranean coast is +14. +16°С. The sea water is cold +11. +17 ° C, and it is impossible to swim.

Weather conditions. Compared with January, there are more sunny days. For Russians who are accustomed to the bitter February frosts and piercing winds, holiday in Turkey in February – almost a paradise. According to tourists’ reviews, the weather in the resorts resembles the second half of April in the middle belt of Russia: warm and mostly sunny, but it rains. The weather is pretty capricious, as luck would have it!

In February we holidayed in Istanbul , and the weather was completely unpredictable! It reminded us a lot of St. Petersburg: just the sun was shining and in five minutes there were clouds and wet snow. For the most part it was dank and rainy, and we were freezing. Only a few days were sunny and we enjoyed the warmth of spring.

Water and air temperature. In early spring, the Mediterranean coast averages +15. +17 ° C, but often much warmer – from +20 ° C. The sea water is cool +17 ° C.

Weather conditions. According to reviews of tourists, the weather in March is still capricious: the forecast may be rain and cold, but everything can quickly change. In general there are a lot of sunny days. At night it’s still cold +8. +10 ° C, and for evening promenades take a fleece and a jacket.


Water and air temperature. The daytime air temperature reaches +17. +25 ° C, and sea water up to +17. +20°С.

Weather conditions. According to reviews of tourists, in April, the weather in Turkey is already almost summer. This is true, it is similar to the end of May in the middle belt of Russia. In the second half of April we stayed in Alanya, Side and Antalya. The weather was wonderful: the sun was shining almost all the time, but the temperature was still comfortable, not higher than +25°С. Out of two weeks only 2 days were overcast, with a stormy wind. It was nice and safe to sunbathe, but sometimes a cool breeze blew and I got chilly. We even saw tourists swimming in the sea, but we did not venture into the water ourselves.

Traveller reviews of Istanbul. Holiday tips - 2022

In general, we liked the weather in April in Turkey. April is also a perfect month for excursions and walks by sea. You can walk for a long time among the ruins, without fear of getting burnt or sunstroke! Although it’s better to wear a hat. :)

When to have a rest in Turkey

Cleopatra Beach in Alanya in April.

Water and air temperature. The temperature in May is +22. +25 ° C, and at night the thermometer does not fall below +16. +17°С. The water is warm up to +20. +21°С. Swimming season in Turkey has started!

Weather conditions. In May the weather in the resorts of Turkey is very comfortable! During this month we passed all the resorts of the Aegean Sea – everywhere it was warm and without rain, there was a pleasant refreshing breeze. If you do not like the heat, you should definitely come to Turkey in May. According to reviews of tourists, the warmest in Alanya and Antalya.

Back in May we visited Pamukkale and Cappadocia. For Cappadocia, April and May are the best months because there is no intense heat, lots of greenery, and balloons are launched most often. But in Pamukkale it was already unbearably hot, the temperature reached +36 ° C.

When to have a rest in Turkey

That’s me in Pamukkale, escaping the hot May sun in a cool bath.

Water and air temperature. With the onset of summer, the temperature rises to +27. +30°С. Nights are also warm +20. +24°С. Sea water is comfortable for swimming +23. +25 ° C.

Weather conditions. June in Turkey is a wonderful month for beach holidays and active tourism. There is no rain and strong winds, and storms at sea – a rarity. In early and mid-June we had a rest in Antalya and Kirish (resort near Kemer): at this time there is no exhausting heat and humidity, so it is safe to go to parents with children and elderly tourists.

When to have a rest in Turkey

Marina in Antalya in June.

Water and air temperature. In July, the average air temperature is +30. +35 ° C, and the sea water +26. +28°С. Even in Istanbul, the sea is heated to +24 ° C. The coolest areas are the resorts of the Aegean Sea, as well as the Black Sea coast.

Weather conditions. The main problem in July is the intense heat. The sun shines mercilessly, there is not a single cloud in the sky and the rains are very rare. In July we had a vacation in Kemer – it was unbelievably hot. Already at 9 am the heat began, which fell only after sunset. Walking through the cities and seeing the sights is not easy. However, if you just want to relax by the sea or the pool under an umbrella with a cocktail in hand, you won’t mind the heat.

When to have a rest in Turkey

Mermerli Beach in Antalya in July.


Water and air temperature. In August, the temperature reaches maximums for Turkey. The air is warmed up to +35 ° C, and the sea water is +28. +29°С. It is hot as in the tropics!

Weather conditions. The whole month in Turkey is sunny. In some parts of the country is high humidity, so it is hard to breathe. It rains rarely. According to reviews of tourists, after sunset the air does not cool, the sand on the beaches scorches his feet, and bathing in the sea does not bring the desired coolness. With children we advise to go to the resorts of the Aegean Sea, where it is drier and cooler.


Water and air temperature. The heat recedes in September. The air temperature is +27. +32 ° C and the sea water +26. +28°С.

Weather conditions. In September in Turkey begins the velvet season: the midday heat disappears and the evenings are no longer stuffy. This is a great time to travel! According to reviews of holidaymakers, in September it is good to vacation with young children, elderly tourists and anyone who is contraindicated to the summer heat for health reasons.

October .

Water and air temperature. The air temperature in October is +20. +26 ° C, sometimes up to +30 ° C. The sea water is heated to +25 ° C, so it is comfortable to swim.

Weather conditions. Do you want to prolong summer? Go to Turkey in early October: warm, clear, comfortable for swimming sea. But in the second half of the month the weather starts to be capricious, it rains. However, it is not critical and year to year, sometimes all October is good weather. According to reviews of tourists, the warmest in Alanya and Antalya.

18 the most beautiful ruins of ancient cities in Turkey

When to have a rest in Turkey

October in Turkey is suitable not only for beach holidays, but also for sightseeing.


The temperature of the water and the air. In November, the air temperature is +14. +20°С. The sea water in the south cools to +22. +In Istanbul, the temperature reaches 15 ° C. Bathing season in Turkey is coming to an end.

Weather conditions. According to feedback from tourists, in the off-season, the weather in Turkey is a lottery. But if you are lucky, how well you will rest: deserted beaches and deserted attractions, sea air, green trees and pleasant warmth. However, even if you’re not lucky, November in Turkey is nothing like the slushy and cold Russian November. There are rains and storms, but not for a long time.

Compare Turkey with other countries:


Water and air temperature. The warmest is on the Mediterranean coast, where the air heats up to +15. +The warmest places are in Alanya and Antalya. The sea water temperature is about +19 ° C, but it is very cold to go ashore. In Istanbul during the daytime it is only +12 ° C.

Weather conditions. It seems that in Turkey in December it should be cold, but in fact it is not. Winter in the south of Turkey is mild, and snow in the seaside resorts is a rarity. It usually rains here, so take an umbrella with you. For the beach vacation does not make sense to go, but just a change of scenery and relax in the hotel with a heated pool is possible. Tourists also go to the mountains for skiing.

When the beach season starts and ends in Turkey

In November and December the sea is already cold (Photo: unsplash.com / @stavrialena)

Season for holidays in Turkey – 2022: when is the best time to go?

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We determine the degree of attractiveness of the Turkish coast, depending on the months. When does the season start, and is it worth going in the off-season?

Holiday season in Turkey. When is the best time to go?

It would seem that there is no simpler question than about the ideal time to vacation in Turkey. In summer, so that the heat In principle, no arguments. But you can spend your vacation, aching from the heat and the crowded pool, and you can – relaxing under the gentle sun on an always available deckchair. And both options come at the peak season in Turkey.

Our friends were flying on all-inclusive at the end of November with a child and were satisfied. So we propose to take apart all the advantages and disadvantages of rest by months and to understand, when it is better to go to Turkey, where the sea is warmer in summer, and why laud the velvet season?

We were in Turkey:

  • in the resort part (Side, Alanya, Kemer) in May, August and September ,
  • Istanbul in June, November and March – on our own.
  • We made a lot of video – watch in the article and on our YouTube channel

And if you have any questions about resorts, ask them in the comments below:)


When is the best time to relax in Turkey? The beginning of the season

Full beach season in Turkey begins in June when the water temperature reaches +23 ° C. The full beach season in Turkey begins in June. It ends in October, but tourists rest in hotels all year round, even in winter. To save money, it is better to go to Turkey in May or in early November – the weather is good.

  • Yes, late April-early May can be that long-awaited mark when the holiday season starts. At this time the warm sun shines, hotels work, cafes open, and ice cream vendors blow the dust off their carts and acting skills, but still for a comfortable swim in the sea is still a bit early.

For convenience I will make a visual table about the beach season 2022 in Turkey – and indicate the average temperature of the water, the transcription by color below:

Can I swim?
januaryuary february March April May June July August September october November December
+17 +18 +21 +23 +27 +29 +28 +25 +23

Red – cold:( Yellow – can be uncomfortable (but we swam) Green – warm!

By the way, the prices of trips to Turkey in the summer of 2022 start from 45,000 rubles, and that’s subject to early booking. Play with this option or catch a hot tour – you decide, and we’ll recommend services where you can find great deals:


To rest in Turkey in early spring, tourists come who understand that staying in this country is not only about the beaches and all-inclusive hotels, but also about the solitary relaxation, which allows you to stock up on energy to the maximum and spend it to the minimum.

  • How much is a tour in March and April: from 35,000 rubles for a week for two.
Bodrum's best beaches : hotels, photos, descriptions

In March the weather is already nice, though sunny days (up to +20°C) are often changed by rains and winds. By the end of March the heat is getting higher and the first guests are coming to Turkey. At the ski resorts you can still catch the skiing/snowboarding season.

Air: +17°C Sea: +17°C

There is a relative lull in the traditional beach resorts throughout early to mid-spring. Among the rare tourists the Antalya coast is the most popular. At the end of April, as we have mentioned, you can spend time on the beaches, although without bathing.

Air: +20 ° C Sea: + 18 ° C

Turkey in May

Pebble Beach in Kemer

Pebble beach in Kemer, so the sea is quite clean (in contrast to the sandy entrance)

May holidays, in general, a suitable time for a vacation at the resort. Perhaps the boldest disadvantage of the period will be the chilly waves and possible storms in the afternoon, but there is an alternative – a hotel with a heated pool

Everything else in the “May Day” season in Turkey is marked with a huge sign “+”: the weather is warm, but not stuffy, excursions bring more fun, the tan shows up, no unnecessary people pry into the frame, and, what can not fail to please, prices for recreation are inexpensive.

Our experience. We went to Side in the middle of May. Really not stuffy, but at noon the sun is still strong, it’s easy to get burnt. Bathing every day, on heat and cool water seems pleasant. About the excursions – we took The Land of Legends park, and yes, it was thinly populated. And our tour cost 45 000 rubles – Fortuna 4 stars from Kazan (settled in a good hotel, we were lucky!).

May prices in Turkey are still encouraging – a tour can be taken for 50,000-60,000 rubles for two. We found our inexpensive tour online. We compared offers, as always, from three well-known aggregators:

And if in early May the water in Turkey is still invigorating, by the end of it becomes quite bathing – up to +20 ° C … +21 ° C. The country is washed by four seas, but the differences in climatic conditions in Turkey in May are small. Preferably buy a tour to resorts located near the Mediterranean Sea, where the water gets warm faster, and it rains less often.

Where in May in Turkey is warm? We can safely say that in Alanya. Side with Belek can also be considered. But about Kemer reviews of tourists are not so positive, the mountainous terrain warms up longer. It’s better to travel here in summer.

But we nevertheless did not listen to the reviews of tourists and went to Kemer for a day in May. Struck by the heat and decided that in summer just will not narrowly And we went specifically to write a detailed article – where it’s better, in Side or Kemer?

Antalya resort

A view of the port of Antalya. The city is very beautiful!

Turkey in June 2022.

Turkey in June is not yet in the high season, but all hotels are active, and the beaches are gradually filled with “seals”, the concentration of which reaches its apogee by the end of the month and continues until September

In early June, many tourists go on vacation with children. Water temperature, on average, reaches +22 ° C … +23 ° C, and the air during the day – and up to +30 ° C. In addition, the humidity is increasing, but it’s still bearable. But the weather may present a surprise in the form of chilly evenings and a little cold sea. To use a swimsuit as often as possible, the season of rest in Turkey in June, we advise to open after the 10th numbers.

How much is a tour in June: from 50 000 rub for a week for two.

Are you going as a family or to a luxury hotel, and the prices for packages exceed 100 000 rubles?

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Interesting tour of Antalya Old Town - my review

According to the heat in the summer the Mediterranean Sea is traditionally in the lead (remember that from the resorts in Kemer the heat comes in the last turn), followed by the Aegean and Black Sea.

If you’re wondering when to go to Turkey for a bright but not sizzling sun, allowing the afternoon to wander the sights / sleep on the beach, it is definitely better in June. You can compare Turkey to Tunisia, as the African country is also good at this time

Turkey in July and August

Holiday in Kemer in summer Our vacation in Side

Holiday in Kemer in early summer / View from our hotel on the promenade of Side

July and August are the hottest months. Probably because of that it is the most popular, because you can swim and get a tan to the maximum.

The daytime trusty friend of tourists is a cream with a high spf, because usually the street reigns a sweltering heat of +35 ° C … +38 ° C, and only in the late afternoon there comes a relative coolness of +22 ° C … +23 ° C. Salvation is sought in the water: in Turkey in July, the temperature of the sea will please anyone with all its +24 ° C … +28 ° C.

  • How much are all-inclusive tours in July: from 60 000 rubles for a week for two people.

If you describe the whole range of sensations in three words, it is “unbearable, stuffy and humid”. Moreover, the reviews of those who have been in Turkey in July, assure that they will never repeat such a mistake The temperature in the northern resorts of the country is slightly lower, so it is advised to go there for those who are not able to travel.

The temperature in the northern resorts of the country is somewhat lower, so it is advised to go to those who can not stand the heat or families with children.

In August, as usual, is expected the hottest weather of the year. It rains rarely. Hotels are jammed to capacity, it is the last month of summer, and all the “procrastinators” are trying to catch the sun.

  • How much is a tour to Turkey in August 2022: from 60 000 rubles per week for two.

Of the obvious advantages – a decent variety of juicy fruits and vegetables. Abundance of figs, grapes, peaches, avocados and berries will please and maybe even refresh. Prices for tours in August are quite acceptable, in the end of the month there is a increasing probability to buy last minute deals with significant discounts.

When does the beach season end in Turkey?


Deserted beach in Turkey after the season ends

If the season starts in April-May, it ends only in the second half of the fall.

To know exactly when the season ends in Turkey, you need to consider the location of the resorts. On the Aegean coast in the northern part of the country the weather deteriorates in September, while near the Mediterranean coast, even in the second half of October, there is heat and sunshine.

Lovers of excursions appreciate this period, because there is no more exhausting heat and crowds of tourists with cameras. Moreover, the peaceful stay in comfortable hotels with spa and all-inclusive is much more profitable in the autumn and winter.

Turkey in autumn (September, October, November)

Turkey in autumn, especially in the first two months, is no less popular, because the velvet season begins, when the temperature of the sea and air are almost equal.

In September the water is still warm for a long time, up to +25 ° C … +28 ° C. The scorching weather subsides little by little, allowing you to be outdoors after 11 pm and breathe freely. Note that the most comfortable period follows in the second half of the month.

  • How much does a tour to Turkey in September cost: from 40,000 rubles for a week for two.

Judging by the reviews, September is a great choice for a vacation with young children (preschoolers): fruits, gentle sun, fewer people. However, keep in mind that a couple of stormy days may fall in the 10th.

At the button above – our detailed text about September Turkey, and below – our vlog on YouTube on the same topic (so to speak, taking into account the interests of both video and text lovers:)).

October (since the second half) is already considered a low season. But, you know, thoughtful travelers are not deterred by this.

First, up to the twenties the weather (+23 ° C … +28 ° C) allows to swim and sunbathe, though in the evening and is forced to wear something with long sleeves. Secondly, the typical “packers” don’t pity the Turkish coast at the height of autumn, which means that there are almost no people! Third, a decrease in the influx is also associated with a drop in prices for everything – trips, shopping, tours. The latter are especially pleasant on an October day.

  • How much is a tour in October: from 40 000 rubles for a week for two.
Green Canyon: 50 Shades of Green. Our Turkey tour review

Of course, there are some disadvantages. In particular, the animation and local trade are gradually phased out; sometimes it can rain.

Istanbul in November

Several times we flew to Istanbul with a 24-48 hour layover. Turkish Airlines give a free hotel with breakfasts, and on a couple of those layovers we saw all sides of the city

November is no longer the beach season. However, tours are still sold and bought. They come mainly for maximum relaxing vacation away from the city and noise, closer to the sea and what ever the heat (during the day +15 ° C … +20 ° C, except for bad weather, water +18 ° C … +20 ° C).

  • How much does it cost to go to Turkey in November: from 35,000 rubles for a week for two.

Of the hotels remain a good three or five that work all year round and instead of the sea offer guests a heated pool. By the way, at this time the numerical majority among the guests is on the side of Europeans, not Russians. Thrifty Germans / Dutch / French and retirees of all nations know that in November, to live in a luxury all-inclusive can be 2-3 times cheaper than in summer.

Quiet time in the picturesque coastal scenery, leisurely visits to attractions, long walks and spa treatments in case of bad weather – this is the approximate program of a vacation in Turkey in November. And do you need the sea to fully “recharge” on a budget?

In November we returned from a big trip to Turkey. Experienced all the “charms” of a vacation in today’s Turkey on themselves and wrote a couple of useful articles:

Turkey in winter (December, January and February)

Turkey in winter (December, January and February)

If the above photo of Istanbul was an autumn photo, this is how the city looks in summer

About holiday in Turkey in winter (with prices, weather forecast and description of resorts) we tell in detail in this article.

And in short, in the off-season tourists are waiting for:

  • Not bad weather (definitely better than in Russia)
  • Spa hotels on the coast
  • Istanbul, its attractions and SEALs
  • Ski resorts where snowboarders and skiers spend active vacations.

Tours in Turkey from Moscow 2022

Tours in Turkey from Moscow are available at any time of year. In summer – it’s a beach holiday, in winter – trips to ski resorts, and all year round – it is a visit to mosques, palaces and castles of Istanbul, revealing the secrets of this unique country.

Tours to Turkey in 2022 are still affordable. An excellent ratio of quality in comfortable all-inclusive hotels and prices for a trip characteristic of this direction: in a 5 * hotel you can relax for 63 000 rubles.

Resorts in Turkey (season 2022)

The number of resort towns in Turkey is so great that to list them all would be a very difficult task. The most famous are:

  • Black Sea resorts – Abana, Samsun, Sinop, Amsara, now the infrastructure of these cities is inferior to the famous tourist spots, but their development is in full swing
  • Resorts on the Mediterranean coast – the leaders of the tourism industry of the country, they include Antalya, Belek, Kemer, Alanya, Side, Fethiye, where you can relax on the magnificent sand and pebble beaches from May to October
  • Resorts on the Aegean Sea – Marmaris, Bodrum, Kusadasi, Cesme, Didim attract millions of tourists from June to September.
  • Ski resorts like Mount Olympus in Uludag National Park, Palandoken, Sarykamysh, Kartalkaya and Erciyes.
  • the Marmara Sea resorts of Erdek, Mudanya and the Prince Islands.

And of course one cannot miss Istanbul, the largest city and port of the country, located both in Europe and Asia. Istanbul is famous for its museums, majestic palaces, mosques and monuments of ancient civilizations. Most of the attractions are located in the city center, and there are hotels of different levels of comfort.

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