When is the best time to vacation in Bali? Seasons and weather by month

Seasons in Bali.

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The paradise island of Bali distinguishes between 2 main seasons – tourist season and rainy season. The climatic conditions here are hot, characterized by high humidity (up to 85%). The seashore is much warmer compared to the mountains, but there is rainfall. The ocean pleases with steaming water for 12 months, the temperature averages +27 … +28 degrees. During the daytime the thermometer reads +29 … +30 degrees and +23 … +24 degrees at night.

The rainy season.

Seasons of Bali

The low season lasts about 5 months, begins in the late fall and lasts until March. It rains the most in winter. It may rain for a couple of hours or for several days without stopping. It rains the most in the southern and western part of the island.

Sometimes it rains for a few hours. The main peculiarity of the island is that in one side of Bali it can be a wall of rain, and in the other side it can be dry, and maybe even clear weather.

During the rainy season, it’s hard to plan for sightseeing. On the beach you can spend time, but the ocean is often stormy, stormy, which clouds the water, near the shore floats a lot of algae. But the beaches are almost empty, and the prices for hotel rooms are quite acceptable, the cost of ready-made tours is also minimal. Some tourists just the same believe that the low season is the best for vacation. Do not necessarily spend time on the beach, if it rains, you can relax in spas.

April is most suitable for this purpose. It rains less, but the waterfalls are still full and spectacular.

Tourists highlight one major disadvantage of the rainy season – high humidity. With the very intense heat, vacationers find it hard to cope with the humidity, at night it is very stuffy, so you need to choose accommodation with air conditioning.

Beach season

Seasons of Bali

Most vacationers still choose the dry season, when you can enjoy the beach vacation as much as possible. The high season begins in mid-spring, but the biggest flow of tourists is in late spring. The dry season lasts until late October. At this time it is also comfortable to visit the excursions, to do sports. There is almost no precipitation, the humidity index is moderate.

  • Surfing on the island can be done in any month, but each has its own nuances. Most of the surfers in the second half of summer, when Bali is dominated by monsoons, with which comes the coolness and good waves.
  • Minus tourist season – the money component. Because during this period, a lot of tourists arrive on the island, airlines and hotels overprice. The optimum months in terms of weather and reasonable prices are considered to be May and June. Therefore it is better to buy a trip several months before departure.
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Weather by Months


Precedes the high season. Precipitation is mainly at night; the daytime is usually dry and sunny. The humidity index is a reasonable 65%, the water in the ocean is very warm at +28 degrees.

With the beginning of the month begins the dry season. This month is popular because the prices are not yet too high. The daytime temperature is +32 degrees, at night it is +23 degrees, the ocean warms up to +28 degrees. The rains are short and usually come at night, and the humidity level drops to a comfortable 60%. This is the time to do active beach and water activities, especially surfing. If interested in a busy nightlife, it is worth choosing a holiday in Seminyak, surfers stay on the beach Uluwatu.

June – September

The sun is becoming dangerous, on the beach you need to wear a cap and use sunscreen. The thermometer shows +31 during the day and +22 at night. The sea is also very warm. There is almost no precipitation, the humidity is 60%, at night it is easier to breathe. The least rainfall in August is 1-2 rainy days.

It is an ideal time for beach and outdoor activities. You can watch dolphins and meet other inhabitants of the underwater world, go diving, surfing, go fishing, ride a jet ski or water ski.


Seasons of Bali

October is the final month of the tourist season. During this time, it is still comfortable to rest on the island, but the number of tourists decreases markedly. The hottest areas are in the southern part of Bali and the Bukit Peninsula. A slight chill in the north and in Ubud.

There are several important holidays in mid-autumn, such as surfing competitions. The best waves on the coast of Kuta and Uluwatu. The water temperature is comfortable, +27 degrees, the water is clear and clean, which is ideal for diving.


November is at the juncture of the tourist and rainy season. Climatic conditions begin to change significantly with 15 days of rain. Usually they come at night and are quite prolonged, at night you can feel the heat. If you’re going for a walk, you should definitely bring a rain jacket. It might rain during the day for just a couple of hours, after which the sun appears in the sky and you can go to the beach or sign up for an excursion.

December to February

The early winter weather is warm but wet. There are 20 days of cloudy weather with far fewer sunny days. The amount of precipitation reaches a maximum and the humidity is 80-85%.

  • In January the weather is very hot during the day, the thermometer can rise to +35 degrees and at night +25. The water in the ocean is like steaming milk, +29 degrees. The humidity rarely drops below 85% because of the frequent rainfall.
  • In February, the weather is almost the same, only the number of rainy days increases. The ocean is often stormy, so swimming is difficult. Experienced surfers go to the east of the island, where good waves form.
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Still, the poor weather conditions do not affect the number of tourists who want to vacation in winter in Bali. The demand for packages due to the fact that on New Year’s Eve many Europeans prefer to celebrate the New Year in Bali, where the weather is much better compared to the European countries. The most popular resorts are Sanur and the island of Gili. On New Year’s holidays, the most fun is on the beach of Kuta. For fans of spa treatments will do Ubud.

Experienced travelers say that in March you can go to Bali for those who want to meet the Balinese New Year. If we talk about the weather, it usually rains in the evening and at night, sunny days are more. On average, there are about 18 cloudy days in the month, and the humidity drops to 75%.

The daytime temperature is +33 degrees, at night it’s +23 degrees, but it’s very sweltering. Gusty winter winds die down, so you can go surfing. If you are interested in a quiet holiday, you should go to the beach of Nusa Dua.

The season in Bali – when is the best time to rest

Washed by the waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, in the Malay Archipelago, a small Indonesian island of Bali is located near Java. Its area is just over 5.6 thousand square kilometers. However, such a size of the island has not stopped it for several decades, driving mad and falling in love with millions of travelers from around the world.

The weather on the island

Bali is an unusual island, and all thanks to the equatorial monsoon climate. There is no winter, summer, autumn and even spring. On the island there are only two natural seasons: wet and dry.

Bali Seasons - When's the Best Time to Go?

The dry season on Bali begins in June and ends in October, the wet season begins in November and ends in March.

Even between November and March, however, the rainfall is mainly at night and of short duration, making the two seasons hard to distinguish in some parts of Bali. The average air temperature on the island is +28°C +32°C all year round, the colder it can be only in the local mountains. Because of this, the waters of the ocean do not cool down, their average temperature is +26 ° C.

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These favorable climatic conditions allow for the development of year-round tourism in Bali. However, do not be surprised, but even in paradise, there are peculiarities and priority dates for travel. We will talk about these nuances further.

The beach season in Bali

The ideal tourist period for a holiday in Bali is called the dry period, which begins in April and ends in October . During this so called “beach season” there is almost no rainfall on the island, which contributes to a moderate humidity. After a holiday on the sand, you can go straight to the excursions. But there is one problem – tens of thousands of tourists and hundreds of travel agencies know about it. During this period, the island is simply filled with foreigners, as evidenced by the kilometers of traffic jams on the roads, hotels and hotels are full, and prices soar.

Bali Seasons - When's the Best Time to Go?

Rainy Season

From November to March it rains in Bali. There is nothing wrong with it because it rains most of the time at night. However, there are some disadvantages. These include high humidity, stuffiness, and muddy water in the ocean. Another disadvantage is the possibility of organizers to suddenly cancel water excursions or some trips because of the downpour. In this case, during the rainy season you have a great opportunity to seriously save the family budget. Yes, there are disadvantages to rest during this period, but they can easily be overcome.

The season in Bali by month


Bali has the highest number of rainy days in the first month of winter. On average, 27. The temperature warms up to +26°C, in some areas of the island in the evenings and at night can be cool – up to +15°C. A lot of rain leads to the highest humidity in this month. Therefore, people with respiratory problems should skip January.


The number of rainy days will drop to 20-22. The temperature stays the same, but with high humidity. Water excursions and diving are still hampered by the choppy ocean.

It rains almost every day. But the peculiarity of March is that it rains most of the time during daytime. The temperature rises by one degree. On the island because of high humidity is also quite stuffy. In March, it is better to choose the central resorts of Bali. It is cooler here.

Bali Seasons - When's the Best Time to Go?


The rainy season is in retreat. There are no more than 10 rainy days. Dry and hot weather returns to the island. The average temperature is +28°C. Diving enthusiasts return to the west and east coasts.

This is the hottest month in Bali. The air warms to +29°C +30°C. The water in the ocean is warm and calm. Excursions to the mountainous part of the island begin. There are still few tourists, and prices for tourist trips are low.

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The sun continues to warm, but it is warm and comfortable to breathe, the rains are rare. The evenings are comfortable because of the sea breeze.

Almost no different from the previous month. Paradise is in full swing. The largest beaches on the island, such as Seminyak, Sanur, Nusa Dua, Tuban, Lovina and many others are filled to capacity.


The sun continues to dominate and there is not a cloud in the sky. The temperature is +27°C. But if it is hot, you can go to the central part of the island, for example in Munduku. There, it is a couple of degrees cooler.


The dry season comes to an end. But it is still warm and not rainy. Throughout Bali, flowers are in bloom and the number of tourists decreases.


We continue to swim and sunbathe, but the rainy days increases. However, it did not affect the quality of rest.


The rains come back, though the temperature is still +27°C. Mountain excursions already pose a danger of injury.


Rain falls on 22 days a month but mostly at night. Sunny days are in abundance for sunbathing and swimming. In late December, a huge number of tourists come to the island again to meet the New Year, and prices for packages are growing exponentially.

Thus, the best period for a holiday in Bali in terms of value for money are the months at the intersection of the natural seasons. For example, in May or October. Nevertheless, even for this period is advised to book tours in advance.

The holiday comes to us

Not the most relaxing holiday in Bali will be if you choose the period from December to January. And the New Year’s holidays and the New Year itself are to blame. You will always be reminded of this fact by Russian tourists.

Bali Seasons - When's the Best Time to Go?

Note for surfers

If you are flying to Bali with one purpose – to ride on a board on the ocean, remember that you can do it on the island any month. But the biggest waves come with the monsoons in July and August.

Which resorts in Bali is better to choose?

Despite the fact that the Indonesian island can not boast of its size (it is smaller than even Cyprus), tourist operators often divide it into resort parts: south, east, west, north and central. Each of them has its own characteristics of recreation.

Resorts in the southern part of Bali

It is always a little cooler than the north, but it has beautiful beaches and the opportunity to swim in the clean and warm water. There are water sports available all year round. The most popular beaches in this part of the island:

  • Seminyak;
  • Kuta;
  • Sanur;
  • Nusa Dua.
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Resorts in the eastern part of Bali

In this part of the island the sand is silvery in the sun, it is perfectly white. All this is a consequence of once descended lava. Here you will also find small bays. But the main difference between these resort areas is the unforgettable natural scenery, which is formed by the ocean and the slopes of the local mountains. In addition, you can visit wonderful ethnic villages here.

The most popular beaches are:

  • Amed;
  • Blue Lagoon;
  • Padang Bai;
  • Kusamba.

Resorts in the northern part of Bali

Once upon a time, all visitors to the island came primarily from the north. Therefore, it is here where the largest number of foreigners and foreigners live. However, the northern part of the island tourists choose to rest less often. This is due to the climate – it is always hotter and drier in this part. But even here, in local hotels, you can have a great rest. In addition, the north of the island is famous for its waterfalls. The most popular beaches are concentrated in the town of Lovina.

Resorts in the western part of Bali

This is the most undeveloped part of the island. This is largely due to the fact that these lands have protected status by the state. Here are the hardest places. The predominantly Muslim community lives in the west. Fans of surfing and big waves prefer the southwestern part of the island.

The most popular places for swimming and surfing:

Resorts in the central part of Bali

This part of Bali stands alone. There are no separate beaches, but you can find a beautiful world of scenic foothills, rivers and jungle. You can also find the traditional artistic villages of craftsmen and jewelers. Famous European artists come here to draw their inspiration. The most famous resort area is undoubtedly Ubud, where the Balinese galleries and museums are concentrated.

Whichever part of the island you stay in, you must remember that if you want more and if you have a few weeks to spare, you will always have time to appreciate all the best resort areas of the island.

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