When it is better to relax in Montenegro. Weather by months and seasons.

When is the best time to relax in Montenegro?

When to vacation in Montenegro

Learn about the weather in Montenegro by month. When is the best time to rest at Montenegrin resorts? When is the beach season? We tell you about precipitation, air and sea water temperature. Reviews tourists about the weather.

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When is the best time to relax in Montenegro?

The central part of the country has a temperate continental climate, while the coast has a Mediterranean climate. Bathing season in Montenegro begins in late May, when the water warms up to +19. +20°С.

Families with children and tourists who do not like the intense heat, rest in the second half of June and early July and the velvet season. At the peak of summer in Montenegrin resorts is hot. The temperature rises to +28. +33 ° C, and the sea water is heated to +25. +26°С. The beach season ends in late October – early November.

Weather in Montenegro by months


Water and air temperature. In the mountainous areas of the country it is cold. During the day the thermometer shows around zero, and at night it drops to -10 ° C. It is much warmer at sea resorts: daytime temperatures are +6. +11 ° C during the day, and +1. +4°С. swimming is not a question – the temperature of the sea water is +13. +14°С.

Weather conditions. In January you can have 11-12 rainy days with 150-175 mm of rainfall. You will need an umbrella!

Tourist feedback. Until the beach season in Montenegro is still far away. Tourists walk, see the sights, go to museums and try Balkan cuisine. Many come to go skiing. A bonus is that in winter the prices in spas and healing centers are reduced.


Water and air temperature. In February, the temperature on the coast to +13 ° C. The sea is still cold +14 ° C.

Weather conditions. At the seaside resorts, it is rainy. Rainfall reaches 148-176 mm per month. It rains the most in Cetinje – 340 mm. Without an umbrella and a waterproof jacket can’t do without!

Tourist feedback. During the cold season, the prices of tours and airline tickets are low, so there are enough people who want to spend a vacation in the Balkans. According to reviews of tourists, in February it’s better to go to Montenegro for active recreation in the mountains, excursions and recreational tourism.

When to vacation in Montenegro

Restaurant on the terrace in the Bay of Kotor (Photo: VinceTraveller / flickr.com)

Water and air temperature. In March it is already warm +14. +16°C during the day and +7. +10°C at night. Sometimes the air heats up to +20. +22°С. The temperature of sea water is only +14°C, so tourists swim only in indoor pools.

Weather conditions. On the Adriatic coast comes the real spring. Daffodils, wisteria, tulips and roses bloom. At the end of the month all the trees stand in bloom. The only drawback is the rain. In Budva it falls 130 mm, in Kotor – 170 mm, and in Cetinje – 360 mm of rainfall.

Reviews of tourists. Vacationers enjoy walking, admiring the blooming parks and going on excursions. Visit the Camellia Festival in Kotor and go skiing in Kolasin or Zabljak.


Water and air temperature. In April the temperature is +17. +22°C and in the mountains +8°C. The water is cool +15. +16°С. If you like to swim, stay in hotels with heated pools.

Reviews and comments about Budva. Leisure tips - 2022

Weather conditions. Nature is blooming and the sun is warming up more and more. Rainfall is plentiful – 11 days in a month, but the rains are usually brief. In the first half of April you can still go skiing, and then the snow begins to melt.

Tourist reviews. A measured quiet vacation among the flowering trees is liked by everyone, so the number of tourists is growing. In the evenings it is cool. Put warm clothes in your luggage!

Montenegro Weather by Months

Durmitor National Nature Park (Photo: unsplash.com / @dejan_kide)

Water and air temperature. In May, the average air temperature is +23°C during the day and +16°C at night. The water in the sea warms up to +17. +20°С.

Weather conditions. On the Adriatic coast the weather is dry and comfortable. The sea is calm and there are almost no storms. It rains less, but an umbrella will not be superfluous!

Reviews of tourists. In late May in Montenegro, the beach season starts. In the resort towns and villages entertainment facilities, restaurants, cafes and attractions open. According to tourists, the weather in May is good for beach holidays, excursions, diving and boat trips. It is easy to breathe and no need for air conditioning yet.

Water and air temperature. In early summer in Montenegro it is very pleasant +27. +29°С. The sea water is comfortable for swimming +21. +23°С.

Weather conditions. June weather pleases with cloudless skies and warm winds. The daylight reaches its maximum. The sun stays above the horizon for 15 hours. The rainfall is not much – 63 mm per month.

Reviews for tourists. If you want to fully swim and sunbathe, it is better to rest in Montenegro in June. In the middle of the month, when the sea gets warmer, many parents with children come to the resorts.

When is the season for holidays in Montenegro?

View of the Bay of Kotor, Montenegro (Photo: yakovlevmax0 / pixabay.com)

Water and air temperatures. Montenegrin summer is at its zenith. On the coast it is hot +28. +31°С. The sea is warm +24. +26°С. It is a pleasure to swim!

Weather conditions. During the bathing season in Montenegro, the number of sunny days to 27 per month. It rains rarely.

Tourist feedback. Weather in July is ideal for beach holidays and diving. The water in the Adriatic Sea is very clear. Despite the heat, tourists from different countries go to Montenegro. According to reviews, the main disadvantages of July is that the beaches and hotels are overcrowded, and the prices of tours and airline tickets are high.

August .

Water and air temperature. In late summer in Montenegro it is hot +30. +33°С. At night the air cools down to +19. +20°С. The sea water is warm +25. +26 ° C and is very refreshing.

Weather conditions. Hot and dry weather is good for swimming and sunbathing. Rainy days are few.

Tourist reviews. On vacation in August leave only positive reviews. In the peak of the bathing season in Montenegro, tourists spend time on the beaches and enjoy resort entertainment. Excursions to historical and architectural sights, trips to natural parks, rafting, trekking and diving are popular.

Air and Water Temperature in Montenegro

Sveti Stefan Island, Montenegro. (Photo: nakedst / flickr.com / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

September .

Water and air temperature. During the velvet season, Montenegrin resorts are warm. The air temperature is +25. +26 ° C and sea water +24. +25°С.

Kotor, Montenegro: Reviews, prices and tips for your vacation

Weather conditions. The beginning of autumn is sunny. The amount of rainfall is not much – 75 mm per month. The temperature at night is +13. 16°С. For evening promenades a fleece or windbreaker is useful.

Reviews tourists. Holidaymakers are becoming less, but the beach season continues. September is the month when it is better to go to Montenegro with the little ones. Also mild weather is good for elderly travelers and all those who do not tolerate the summer heat. Tourists enjoy the warm sun and an abundance of seasonal fruits. In September, Montenegrin markets sell inexpensive melons, watermelons, grapes, figs, persimmons and pomegranates.


Water and Air Temperature. In October in Montenegro, the air and sea water temperatures are about the same +20. +21°С.

Weather conditions. Autumn takes its toll. The number of sunny days decreases to 22, while the rainfall is more. Cool breezes blow from the sea. At night, the thermometer goes down to +12. +13°С.

Reviews of tourists. The weather in October is still suitable for beach vacations, but it is already cool to get out of the water. According to what tourists say, in October it is pleasant to go on excursions, to get acquainted with Montenegrin cuisine and to do shopping.

When to vacation in Montenegro

The narrow streets of Old Budva (Photo: Vladimir Varfolomeev / flickr.com)


Water and air temperatures. In November in Montenegro comes the off-season. The air temperature drops to +14. +16 ° C, and the water cools down to +18. +19°С.

Weather conditions. Late fall on the Adriatic coast is humid and windy. It rains every other day. Sunshine is enough, but the daylight hours are reduced to 9 hours.

Tourist reviews. The beach season in Montenegro is behind, so there are few tourists. Infrastructure, too, is winding down. Water parks, attractions, cafes, bars and nightclubs are closed until spring. Most small hotels and hostels also go into winter hiatus. According to comments from tourists, in November people go to Montenegro to enjoy solitary rest by the sea, walk through the quiet streets and enjoy the autumn nature.


Water and Air Temperature. The Mediterranean winter is warm. The air temperature on the coast +7. +10 ° C, and in the mountains from zero to -8 ° C. Water in the sea is cold +15. +16°С.

Weather conditions. In December, there are 22 sunny days. Precipitation is also plentiful. At sea resorts 6-8 days per month it rains, and in the mountains there is a lot of snow.

Tourist reviews. The last month of the year is suitable for excursions, gastronomic tourism and winter sports. Before Christmas and the New Year, more tourists arrive. In Montenegro begins the ski season.

When best to vacation in Montenegro? Weather by month and water temperature

Montenegro is an amazing country. She managed to get into three climatic zones, so the weather on the coast and inside the country is different, and the best time to rest at different resorts in Montenegro is also different. Let’s figure out when it is best to vacation in Montenegro.

When to have a holiday in Montenegro? Weather by months. Water temperature in Montenegrin resorts

  • The climate of Montenegro. Beach season and the best time for a holiday in Montenegro.
  • Weather by months and water temperature in Montenegro

The climate of Montenegro. Beach season and the best time for a holiday in Montenegro.

The country’s coast, washed by the Adriatic Sea, has a Mediterranean climate. This includes Budva and Barra Riviera with Ulcinj and partly the Bay of Kotor. It is 300 km of beaches! In summer it’s hot here and it almost never rains, and if it does rain, it usually pours with thunderstorms in the afternoon, ending within an hour.

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The beach season on the coast of Montenegro lasts from May to October, but in May the water is not yet warm enough for swimming, and in late October it begins to rain. May and October are more suitable for nature walks and sightseeing, such as the fortress in Kotor, than for swimming.

To be fair, in May on the coast of Montenegro is already actively sunbathing, and on some beaches there are sun beds with umbrellas. What is the sea like in Montenegro?

In the cities along the Bay of Kotor – Kotor, Tivat, Herceg Novi, Perast – you can start swimming earlier than in resorts on the Adriatic Sea (Ulcinj, Budva, Becici, Petrovac, Bar, etc.), where water temperatures may not be suitable until mid-June. To be honest, even at the end of June the water will seem chilly to the chilly kids, but even at the end of May they swim with pleasure, the main thing is to get them out of the water in time, until their blue lips .

Weather in Montenegro in April: sunny or rainy all day

We used an overcast April day to go up to St. John’s Fortress in Kotor with our moms. Not hot at all and not as exhausting as a sunny day.

The fact that the beach season starts a little earlier in the Bay of Kotor is perfect for a vacation with kids . You can enjoy both swimming in the sea, as well as sightseeing and spending time in nature.

From the 1st of May in Montenegro begin group tours, and finish in October.

In summer the cities on the coast are less affected by the heat, thanks to the cool sea breeze. In July and August the rest in the resorts of the Bay of Kotor is complicated by heat, which during the day rarely falls below +30 º C and sometimes reaches +40 º C. The Adriatic coast is not as hot.

Ideal for a visit to Montenegro are late May, June, September and the first half of October. These are the months when it is best to vacation in Montenegro. In the hottest months of summer – July and August – I suggest a trip to the north of Montenegro, to the Durmitor National Park and the Black Lake.

Weather in October in Montenegro. The beach season ends.

Slovenian beach in Budva on a sunny day in late October

From November to April there is nothing to do at the seaside resorts of Montenegro, except to admire the storms. Although the temperature rarely drops below zero, it rains all the time. Stormy winds periodically blow from Bora and Yugo, hampering navigation and bringing even colder temperatures, while no less cold dry air masses arrive from Russia. Most of the tourist establishments on the coast close at the end of September, leaving vacationers with few ways to entertain themselves.

On the coast of Boca in the winter months it often snows. For the Adriatic coast of Montenegro, snow is a rarer phenomenon. Temperatures in Budva, Ulcinj, Bar and other cities stay around +5 ºC +12 ºC.

A sunny day in February near Herceg Novi in Boko-Kotor Bay

In February, not far from Herceg Novi, the first of the spring festivals is held – the Mimosa Festival.

Even during the hottest summer months, July and August, it is possible to relax on the banks of the great rivers. River beaches are wide and comfortable and were once as popular as the sea beaches. If you visit the capital, Podgorica, be sure to visit the beaches on the Moraca River and the mouths of the rivers Zeta and Tsievna.

Sutomore: Reviews and Recreation Advice

To visit the cultural and historical sites (Ostrog monastery, Cetinje etc.) is possible at any time of year, but you should take into account that from September to April it rains a lot, and the mountain road from Budva to Cetinje is often covered by clouds so that the visibility is practically impossible.

A lot of rain and fog in Montenegro in winter

Such visibility at one o’clock in the afternoon is common for the road from Budva to Cetinje. The pass is often shrouded in clouds/clouds, and it may be dry on the coast, while in Cetinje it will pour rain

Communicating with nature is better to postpone until late April-May and early September. For example, it is very dangerous to go to Lovcen in winter: the road is already narrow, and at this time it is also covered with snow. It is not worth it to go without chains.

In winter comes the tourist season in the north of Montenegro. Ski resorts Zabljak and Kolasin, of course, do not catch up with the alpine resorts, but from early December you can go skiing. Lovers of winter entertainment will also appreciate Turiak, Durmitor and Bjelasica.

Weather by months and water temperature in Montenegro

To make it easier for you to make plans for your holiday in Montenegro, we have collected information on the average temperature of water and air in the most popular resorts. You can find it below and according to it and your ideas about the successful vacation you may decide for yourself when to go to Montenegro.

There is no point in writing about winter in Montenegro: it is not the best time for visiting the country, and there is a detailed blog post about the weather in winter months →.

Spring in Montenegro. Weather in March, April and May

In March in Montenegro is still quite cool, with heavy rains. On the coast the temperature ranges between +8 and +14 ºC. In the central part of the country (Podgorica) it is about +6-+15 ºС. In the mountainous part (Niksic) it is cooler, averaging +2-+9 ºC. The water temperature in Budva during this time is around +14 ºC, and about the same in the Bay of Kotor.

In April, the air warms up and, although it is still early to swim, tourists begin to arrive to travel deeper into Montenegro. In late March through April, the Montenegrin coast begins to bloom. It is very beautiful, especially the wisteria gardens. Click on the photos, they enlarge:

The temperature on the coast of the Adriatic Sea in April on average +10-+16 ºС, in the central part of the country the temperature dispersion is more, +9-+19 ºС, and in the mountains the ski season ends.

The Montenegrins are preparing for the tourist season in April. The cafes open, boatmen in Boka start working and it is possible to take a boat trip around the bay.

May is the beginning of the beach season for the hardy. The water temperature reaches +18 ºC, but in late May in Budva is already full of bathers, beaches are cleaned, “combed” and in full alertness waiting for tourists. In May the first group tours to Montenegro start. Detailed report on holidays in Montenegro in May →.

Old Town of Budva

Summer in Montenegro. Weather in June, July and August

June in Montenegro is one of the best months for beach holidays. The water temperature is about +21 ° C at the Adriatic Sea coast and +23 ° C at the resorts of the Bay of Kotor. The air temperature is already +18-+25 ºС in the coastal areas, +17-+28 ºС in the central part of the country and +13-+21 ºС – in the mountains.

The city of Bar in Montenegro on photo

In early June, the resorts of Montenegro are in bloom. For example, this is how the promenade in Bar in June.

The Durmitor National Park in Montenegro - it is a mountain with snow even in June

If suddenly it gets hot on the coast, you can always go to Zabljak for a couple of days. In the photo you can see Durmitor National Park. Note the snow on the slopes. The photo was taken in June.

In July the beaches of Montenegro become overcrowded and often too hot for a comfortable holiday, but the water temperature rises to almost its peak and is ideal for bathing children.

In Budva and other Adriatic resorts it hovers around +24ºC, and in the bay it may be as high as +25-+26ºC. The average air temperature is around +28 ºС +32 ºС and occasionally rises to +35 ºС. The daytime temperature in the mountains, where you can enjoy hiking in July, is quite comfortable at +24-+26 ºС.

Holidays in Montenegro in July - and the heat on the beaches

July and August are the two hottest months in Montenegro. This is the peak of the tourist season, prices and the number of people in the country.

August in Montenegro is another very hot month. It is in August the sea becomes so warm that people begin to complain that the sea is like fresh milk. August is ideal for a trip to the north of Montenegro, where it is cool, calm and not so obsessive people as on the coast.

Autumn in Montenegro. The weather in September, October and November

September is another “golden” beach month in Montenegro . I advise to plan your holiday in September: the heat goes down, tourists disperse, and the fruit ripe Water in the sea is still at a comfortable level of +23 º C, in the bay it is about a degree higher. The average air temperature drops to +18-+25 ºС at the coast, while in the central parts of the country it is +17-+27 ºС and in the mountains – up to +22 ºС, sometimes dropping to +12 ºС.

Holidays in Montenegro in the fall - a calm and measured

October in Montenegro is still considered the beach season, albeit “velvet. Water in the sea is about +20 ° C, during the day in Budva and other coastal cities is very warm, but in the evenings the locals wear uggs and warm vests / jackets. October can be either dry and sunny or rainy – one cannot predict. What to expect from a holiday in October?

In November the first snow falls in the mountains. In the rest of the country comes the full rainy season, so in November Montenegro is not too attractive to tourists. The water temperature drops to +17 ºС, air temperature averages +9-+15 ºС on the coast, +7-+15 ºС – in the flat part of the country and +3-+10 ºС – in the mountains.

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