Where to eat tasty and inexpensive in Budapest

10 Budapest Cafes Serving Cheap and Delicious Food

Budapest is a true “jewel” of Hungary, with plenty to see and do. Whether you are exploring the outskirts of Andrássy Avenue, Heroes’ Square, the Buda Fortress area or strolling along the banks of the mighty Danube, Hungarian culture is everywhere. Would you like goulash, meat sandwiches or deep-fried treats? Without hurting your wallet too much? No problem. It takes five minutes to find a restaurant in Budapest with great food at a reasonable price. And we’ll help you with that by presenting 10 cafes in Budapest that serve cheap and delicious food.

Authentic Café Budapest – Castro Bisztro.

Cozy authentic restaurant with tapestries on the walls and tablecloths on the tables. Located in the arch of hotel “Astoria”. The meat is very tasty, and the side dishes are interesting and complex. The goulash is amazing! And the price is quite democratic – only 950 forints. You can drop in for lunch and have some soup. Vegetarian dishes are also served. Pretty cheap. The average price is usually about 1,500 forints (about 5 euros). It is noteworthy that tourists often ignorantly bypass this place. And in vain. But the locals here are very plentiful.

Goulash is a typical Hungarian meat dish.

2. Ruin-pubs.

Ruin bars or, in other words, ruin-pubs are the symbol and know-how of Budapest. They are located in the old ruined buildings of the city, given a new, very unusual interpretation. And it is not even the popular Loft style. It is a crazy eclecticism, a combination of seemingly incongruous. These are true works of art and they are undeniably gorgeous.

Most of the ruin bars are concentrated in the historic Jewish Quarter in the trendy Erzsebetvaros neighborhood. More than 30 such bars are concentrated here. These are the Budapest cafes you simply can’t miss:

The eclectic ruin bars are a favorite hangout for locals and visitors alike.

Szimpla Kert.

Szimpla Kert is Budapest’s No. 1 ruin pub, both in terms of opening time and importance. There are several bars open daily, from beer to wine, an open kitchen with a grill, a hookah bar, and exhibitions of young artists. In the evenings there are DJs and musicians playing.

Ellato Kert.

Ellato Kert is a big bar with a terrace. During the day you can have a nourishing and inexpensive lunch. And in the evening you can have a mug of beer with friends.

Kőleves Kert.

Kőleves kert is an outdoor summer bar. The name translates from Hungarian as “garden stone soup”. Well, the soups are really here and they are homemade delicious. But more noteworthy is the bar and the relaxed atmosphere.

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Kuplung is a small but colorful ruin bar. Notable for juicy burgers, jellyfish decorated ceilings and a bartender who is always ready to support a conversation in English.


Csendes is a ruin pub with summer tables right in the park . Once you get here you are immersed in a stunning mix of interior solutions: dolls, children’s bicycles, sawn tubs replacing the chairs are suspended from the ceiling. There’s an extensive wine selection and simple, delicious food at low prices.

Mazel Tov.

Mazel Tov is a hipster place. It is based on Jewish cuisine. Only here are the best shakshuka and hummus in town. This place is very popular with the local natives.

If you want a snack, come to the ruin pubs during the daytime. If you want to drink, have fun, and have a good time, you’re welcome to come back later in the night. Our tip: According to the Hungarian alco-tradition, sitting in a bar for more than an hour is a mauvais ton! The more bars you go to, the better your evening will be.

The original ruin pubs are the trademark of Budapest.

3. Central Market.

Be sure to visit this huge three-story building with a Gothic facade, which houses all kinds of food shops. What don’t they have here? This is truly an “oriental” bazaar. Be sure to try the deep-fried langosha! Keep in mind that the bazaar is closed on Sundays.

Huge assortment of vegetables at the Central Market.

4. Budapest cafe with original cuisine – Bar Bors Gasztro.

Hungary has its own know-how – sweet fruit soup. You simply must try it! And that’s where Bors Gasztro Bár, which is located in the European Quarter, excels. The undeniable favorites are blueberry-ginger soup and French caramel-mustard soup. Yes, it’s original, you can’t argue with that. Another “trick” is the famous brain sandwich (1200-2000 forints). I do not know about you, but I would limit myself to the soup.

The chef’s signature dish.

5. Budapest cafe with home cooking – Kádár.

Kádár is a small snackbar with food that is as close to home as possible. Soup is the main course here, since the dinner in Hungary traditionally begins with soup. There is a wide range of meat dishes. And on Saturday you are sure to come for cholnt – bean stew with barley and onion. It’s simply delicious! And reasonably priced (1250-2500 forints).

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Cholnt is a traditional Jewish Sabbath dish.

6. Café Budapest with board games – Mozaik Teah á z és K á vézó.

This coffee shop is located in the trendy Kiraly Utz district. People usually come here for breakfast and lunch. When you enter, you are asked to roll some dice. If you roll three sixes, the food and drinks are yours! And there are also board games to cheer you up.

Sweet pipes for dessert.

7. Italian Café Budapest – 2 Spaghi.

This is Budapest’s first Italian Fresh Pasta Bar.In Italy, “2 Spaghi” means something light and quick to eat. That’s exactly what you’ll find here: all sorts of pastas, homemade sauces, traditional Italian desserts and many Italian things! And what espresso is served here! The best of the best! The neighborhood’s lasagna shops, of which there are several, are incredibly popular with locals.

Lasagna is a famous Italian dish.

8. The Greek café of Budapest is Giradiko.

“Giradiko is a place of Greek sophistication! Specializes in Greek and Jewish cuisine. Offers a wide variety of meat-free and gluten-free dishes. Of the desserts, baklava deserves special attention.

Baklava is oriental sweet of puff pastry with nuts.

9. Hummus Bar, a Budapest café with Eastern cuisine.

Hurry to try the first-class hummus! “Hummus Bar has no equal in cooking this dish in Budapest. If you prefer pita sandwiches, lafa, soup or full plates of hummus, then you’re in the right place. And your wallet, don’t worry, won’t lose weight.

Hummus is an oriental dish made from chickpeas and olive oil.

10. Szeráj, a Turkish café in Budapest.

Meat lovers, this place is for you! Szeráj offers unbeatable Turkish dishes, kebabs, gyros and other delicacies at affordable prices. For vegetarians there is a huge choice of salads.

Turkish style kebabs.

Budapest is waiting for you, dear friends!

But before you choose a country for your next trip, weigh the pros and cons and assess your budget. And we will try to help you a little bit in this. Get acquainted with how to eat tasty and inexpensive meal in Greece. Calculate how much a trip to Croatia and Poland will cost you. What national dishes are best for a trip to Liechtenstein and Luxembourg. And another way to save money is to pre-book flights and lodging. Take a chance, and book tickets and hotels directly on OUR SITE! Well, the choice is always up to you!

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Where to eat tasty and inexpensive in Budapest

Gastronomic tours in Budapest are on a par with informative tours, and it is not by chance. Hungarian cuisine is considered one of the most delicious and nourishing in Europe, and on the number of meat and flour dishes it is equal to the Italian cuisine. Cafes and restaurants where you can eat a variety of national Hungarian dishes, including the famous goulash, are scattered throughout Budapest – you just need to find the ones where the range of dishes will be in harmony with your financial possibilities. Reviews by seasoned travelers will help you choose a place that appeals to your taste as well as your budget.

Juicy goulash and tender strudel – Budapest’s budget gastronomy

What’s the first thing you should try in Budapest? Goulash. Choosing a cafe where this dish is prepared according to traditional recipes is not so difficult – all establishments try to outdo each other, attracting guests of the city at their tables. You will be offered not only goulash, but also its no less appetizing derivatives – tokan and Purkelt. There is a huge number of meat dishes on Hungarian menu; all of them are delicious and appetizing, so it is desirable to try as many of them as possible.

The traditions of the Hungarian cuisine are such that the first and second courses are richly seasoned with various kinds of hot peppers. If you want to try Hungarian dishes but spicy food does not suit you, choose establishments where you can regulate the amount of spice in the food.

First and second courses

There are many inexpensive cafes where you can eat very nourishingly on a budget, both on the side of Pest and Buda. From the wide list, it is preferable to choose those that will be encountered on the way of the main routes or close to the place of permanent residence. For a better understanding of the cost, prices are presented in rubles.

  • Hungarikum Bistro (Steindl Imre u.13) is one of the most popular establishments in the center of Pest. You can drop in Hungarikum Bistro for lunch after a tour of the Hungarian Parliament building – the café is within walking distance. Here, traditional recipes are fully respected and one of the tastiest goulash in town is served. Locals regularly eat at Hungarikum to remember the taste of authentic Hungarian dishes. The bistro prepares lunches on a set and individual menu. The cafe is very popular with tourists, so it’s always noisy and “there’s no room for apples”. Lunch without wine list and dessert is cheap enough – about 500 rubles.
  • Kisharang Étkezde (Október 6 u.17). Visitors come to this cafe because of the breathtaking cheese and garlic flatbread with sour cream. The flatbread is made with cheese and other additives, as well as simply without toppings. The cost of an ordinary flatbread starts at 30 Russian rubles.
  • Vakvarju (Paulay Ede u. 7). A network of budget cafes with a stylish interior and a nice menu. One of them is located near the Andrassy Avenue, on which city guests like to walk. Interestingly, the name of the cafe is translated as “blind crow”. It is convenient to have a snack for the whole family, because there is a special menu for children and even a children’s corner. You can choose a set menu: two dishes will cost about 250 rubles, three – 350.
  • Klauzál Café (Klauzal u. 23). In this cafe, as well as in Hungarikum, you can try very tasty goulash. Experienced visitors also recommend ordering the chicken and duck. The first and second course combined with a glass of wine will cost 700 rubles.
  • Gastland Bisztró (Teréz krt. 23). Lovers of nourishing and endless dinners should go here. This place uses a smart trick to attract visitors – for more than a modest fixed amount of money you can eat here as much as you can fit into your body. That said, the cuisine is plentiful and varied – meats, pickles, sauces and marinades.
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Sweets and desserts

Pastries and sweets are the second trump card of Hungarian cuisine after meat dishes. Delicious Hungarian strudels, honey cakes and pancakes will drive the most exacting gourmet crazy. And the famous cakes “Dobos” and “Esterhazy” is out of the question. Choosing a cafe with an inexpensive average bill, you can try all the culinary delights (from the first course to dessert) in one place. If you want to indulge in a sweet meal and taste a wide range of Hungarian sweets and pastries, there are many confectioneries and coffee houses to choose from.

  • First Strudel House of Pest (Oktober 6, u.22). The name of the pastry shop translates as “First Strudel House of Pest”, and it’s true. The café makes the most delicate strudel with exquisite fillings. The price for a strudel is no more than 100 rubles, but the taste is worth a million. Also at the strudel house you can have a hearty lunch.
  • Sugar! (Paulay Ede u. 48). You all know that this name translates from English as “sugar”. The Sugar Café in Budapest is dedicated to sweet-tooth lovers, and even the “tasty” interior is designed specifically for sweet-tooth gourmets. The owners of Sugar! have excelled in the art of confectionery – sumptuous cakes for every taste are considered the most matchless in the city.
  • Desszert.Neked (Paulay Ede u.17). A cozy and bright café not far from Istvan Basilica will disarm anyone with its assortment of fresh cakes and desserts with excellent taste. To accompany the sweet treats you can order coffee, tea, milkshakes, refreshing smoothies, syrups and even cucumber lemonade.
  • Butter Brothers (Lonyay u.22). “Butter Brothers is one of the best bakeries in Budapest. The place is famous for its delicious croissants, crispy, buttery and unusually tasty. The price for a croissant is not more than 60 rubles. Here you can try different kinds of cookies, chocolate buns, pastries, as well as take with you a loaf of freshly baked homemade bread. The pastries are accompanied by fragrant coffee of ideal strength.
  • Szamos Marzipan Confecioner’s (Parisi u. 3). In the “marzipan” cafes of the chain almost the entire menu is based on different variants of the famous dessert. Hungary is considered the motherland of marzipan and this place confirms this opinion with its products. There are cakes of different shapes and shapes of cakes baked from marzipan pastry; there are even marzipan sweets. According to the reviews of gourmets, the traditional “Dobosh” and “Esterhazy” are extremely appetizing in the local version.
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And in Budapest there is a very developed system of street fast food, which is dominated by the same fresh and fragrant pastries – strudels, flatbread, rolls with cheese, meat, curd, fruit and much more.

All this you can taste on the run, during sightseeing, without going purposefully to the cafe or restaurant. In any case, you won’t go hungry in Budapest, and your tasting experience will be enriched with new, delicious dishes.

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