Where to go camping in the Crimea: Where to go camping?

Wild people or where to pitch a tent in the Crimea so that you won’t be ruined.

I’m sure that there are people who like to break the habitual course of life in the concrete boxes and go to the Crimea to live next to nature. To pitch a tent under the rustle of the waves, boil a fighting bucket of buckwheat and admire the sea in the evenings.

This is a good solution. You can travel light and hitchhike. You can take your favorite car and send it to the wild Crimean coast. There are a lot of advantages:

  • own rhythm of rest
  • copeck expenses for habitation
  • Full contact with sea water
  • a vivid contrast to everyday life

Previously, to go to the Crimea wilderness with a tent there were no problems.

Car on the handbrake, the kids in the tent, his wife for firewood, and he sits and control everything. But today with the wild life there were questions. Fines, threats and traumatic mental restrictions.

That, and how we’ll understand in this article, and also raise the question of legal places for tourists before the foray into venerable sights.


Wilderness to the Crimea – preparation.

The main plus in vacationing wilderness is visiting wonderful, secluded places, away from the city noise, endless hustle and bustle and polluted air.

If this is your 1st trip, consider this:

  1. Take care of travel gear, portable chargers and personal outfit in advance.
  2. Think through every detail in case of bad weather, possible ailments and unforeseen financial expenses.
  3. Replenish the first aid kit and take stock of a couple of warm and waterproof clothes.
  4. Sleeping bag has never stopped anyone, because even in the Crimea at night can not be ace.
  5. When choosing a route take into account the remoteness from the settlements, the lack of people, the climatic conditions and the state of the roads.

Most tourists tend to find themselves on the coast. Beautiful scenery, food on the fire, gentle sea – what more do you need?

If you need a car for complete freedom, then rent one. We use Localrent. If you take care of it in advance, you can find a lot of inexpensive options.


Recreation in the countryside in your car

Today it is the most common type of vacation, since today a car in the family is not just a means of transportation, but also a home.

Many can’t even imagine to rest without a favorite car, where both the charge is, and the coziness from rainy nights, and equipment storage for the spare tire. First aid kit, fire extinguisher, headlight illumination and means of evacuation in one bottle.

Such support on a foreign shore is hard to refuse.

The task is solved as 2×2. To mark on the map the parking place, to run into a crowd in one or several cars and start resting so that the neighbors would be envious.

Since 2021 in the Crimea with this kind of recreation are difficult.


Article 65 or stand and be afraid.

Article 65 of the Russian Water Code threateningly states:

“The use of the coastal protective strip of a water object, water protection zone of a water object with violation of restrictions of economic and other activities – shall entail the imposition of an administrative fine on citizens in the amount of 3000 – 4500 rubles.”

It’s not really our business, is it? Well, what else can be economic activity, if we and the kids here swimming and swimming trunks in the tent drying. But! Let’s read on.

Within the boundaries of water protection zones are prohibited:

… 4) Movement and parking of vehicles, except for their movement on roads and parking on roads and in specially equipped places with hard surface.

The truth about Miskhor. Leisure reviews and prices - 2022

And just above will be about the water protection zone 500 m from the sea and 50 m from the river. You can read more here.

What conclusions can be drawn? That now the practice of “where I want, there and sleep over” does not pass.


How to obey the law and swim in the sea?

Let’s look at what options are available for autotourists with a tent.

  1. Choose an autocamping for the rest. I’m sure the law was introduced on purpose, to gather all the disparate streams in the hubs. To date, the official autocamping sites are few – about 10 pieces. About them I wrote in my guide for motorists going to the Crimea. But there will be more!
  2. Choose for parking your car or asphalted road, such as in the Park, or places equipped for parking, as in the quiet bay. All according to the law.
  3. In principle, the car can be parked at the nearest hotel and houses of local residents. For example, in Sevastopol, near the 35th battery is a chic “Blue Bay”. But parking is now outlawed. But next door there is a villa Magnolia, where you can agree on the account of parking.
  4. Stopping at your own risk, but not in raspy places, as in Sevastopol, or on the highway Saki Evpatoria. It is better to choose places farther away from the seat of civilization. And it’s better not to do it in July and August, when the raids are rampant.

Take into consideration! In many places it is forbidden to build an open fire. Everyone switches to gas burners and no firewood unless it’s a stationary brazier.

Nature Reserves of the Crimea

Holidays in nature with a tent

The 2nd version of tourists is an active group of people, ready for daily marching and moving in short bursts between major attractions off the roads and urban amenities.

What about this type of vacation? Here, too, there are nuances and obstacle on the background of unity with nature can be the name “nature reserve”.

All is not so bad, but to disperse as before will not work. If you are a real hiker, I would recommend to join an active group for money at first time and find out the state of affairs today:

  1. You’ll enjoy interesting trails and new acquaintances;
  2. Information from experienced trailblazers will help you develop your routes and avoid unnecessary fines.

You can choose the appropriate route on the website of Turnado .

Hiking in the Crimea

Visiting Nature Reserves of the Crimea

Before planning a hike consider two things:

  1. Since 2021 there is a fee to visit the main reserves. Permission for 1 day costs 150 rubles/person . For local residents permits are free.
  2. In case of fire-hazardous situation, they can be temporarily closed for visits. Keep in mind!

Memo to all “savages” and tent campers of the Crimea. What the law prohibits within the protected zone:

  • Make bonfires outside the specially designated places.
  • Harvesting timber.
  • Driving vehicles off the marked routes.
  • Grazing domestic animals
  • Hunting
  • Contamination of the territory with garbage
  • Any activity that damages flora and fauna

Violation of Article 65 of the Water Code

Where to gain knowledge?

Most sites about the Crimea are now full of outdated information. Whereas previously the relevance of the article was counted in years, now, at most, in months.

Everything flows, everything changes, and in the Crimea these processes are accelerated several times. Today you are enjoying the nature on your porch, and tomorrow at your doorstep is already announced “nature conservation zone”.

The Crimea or Sochi? Honestly compare where to relax.

3 sites to bookmark:

    . Surprisingly, the site is not badly constructed and there you can get a lot of useful and, most importantly, relevant information. Do not miss!
  1. Federal State Budgetary Institution “Protected Crimea” – zapovedcrimea.ru
  2. Management of Specially Protected Natural Areas of the Republic of Crimea – ooptrk.ru.
  3. Also you can see the boundaries of nature reserves on the interactive map or download pdf file

After we have understood all the nuances and restrictions, let’s see where else you can pitch a tent in the Crimea.


Where to pitch a tent in the Crimea.

Friends, since the situation with the wilderness tourism is changing all the time, then before you go I recommend to keep track of the situation on the above sites.

Also at our site is “AutoGuide on the Crimea,” which is 100% useful to all those who go to the Crimea, not to sit in a hotel.

If you want to join a group in a one-day or multi-day hike, look at the team Krymtour from Sevastopol. It is fascinating and inexpensive.

The Laspi Bay

It is situated in the South Coast of the Crimea, 40 km from the city of Yalta.

Wild beaches of this wonderful place have long been fancied by autotourists. There is even a tourist base that provides tourists with tents and awnings. Nearby there is a cafe with hot meals, showers and toilets.

Well, if you want privacy, you can always find a quiet corner. But do not forget that this is a protected area, and bumping into you forest rangers can lecture on the rules of conduct.

There are 2 camping sites in Laspi: next to hotel “Dreamy Bay” and b/o Dolphin. More information about it in this article.


30 km from Sudak

It is a true paradise. It is a combination of mountains, forest cover and seascapes.

And, although there is a boarding house, and a good recreation base with wooden houses, and entertainment activities, the most beautiful, best and secluded places are available only to “savages”.

For tourists accustomed to the Crimean landscapes, this place will seem unusual. Where else can in one day to swim in the sea, lake and waterfall, to fish and make ascent to the mountain.

Nature preserves the harmony of the untouched corner, the life of the few inhabitants flow quietly and measured.

Sevastopol to Evpatoria

If hiking do not tire you, and you travel with a tent on his shoulders, but without a car, then you are open to all avenues.

Many wild beaches are hidden in small bays in the vicinity of Sevastopol. You can find comfortable, clean and secluded places. But the coast of Evpatoria, beckoning with its sandy beaches and shallow, warm sea, almost all loved by tourists.

The coastal line Saki – Evpatoria (not equipped), since June, is entirely covered with motley tent overlapping. People here live for weeks a large, but not always friendly, family.

What else?

The most popular places for wild recreation, which does not cease to win new fans:

  • Olenevka and Cape Tarkhankut.
  • Fiolent and the outskirts of Sevastopol
  • Cape Chameleon and the shore of Fox Cove
  • Schebetovka between Sudak and Koktebel.

Here are born incredible photos of sunsets and sunrises, deserted beaches in a misty haze, emerald forests and bizarre rock sculptures.

Cons and Pros

A common plus is saving the household (family) budget. Even if you stay in a camping or recreation center, you won’t be able to spend as much as it costs to relax in a boarding house on a well-appointed beach.

You are not tied to one place, and can change the location without loss.

How to withdraw cash in Crimea without commission

Well as the disadvantages – the test of weather, the lack of familiar and comfortable things such as internet and TV, and often mobile communications.

Possible emergencies: poisoning, attacks by wild animals (dogs, foxes), invasion of insects, etc. Yes, and the price of drinking water and food away from human settlements may be inflated.


But whether anything can stop the traveler, the adventurer and connoisseur of beautiful moments.

And how do you prefer to vacation in the Crimea, and which places for you the most memorable?

Friends, nobody will tell you more interesting and visual about Yalta than the guide “Yalta for 36 hours”. Let it be your best weekend on vacation!

What's inside the guide

Subscribe to my blog and share your experiences and information in the comments. Don’t limit yourself to four walls and let your soul break out!

If you’re interested in the topic of wild recreation, check out this article about nudist beaches.

Well, and, as usual, homework:

I wish you all good luck, see you soon!

Sincerely, the author of the blog Victor Korovin!

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Good and understandable review! Tent vacation in the Crimea does not lose its positions. That’s just our government does not cope with prices, then cancel, then again impose a fee for parking, such as in the Quiet Bay. There is also a large tent camp in Morskoye. There is a nice wide beach and clean water there. Somehow little attention you paid to the Eastern Crimea)


Tatiana, the Eastern Crimea is immense))) Yes, and while it is not my best end … The format of the article exploratory. Still have to write and write, so the Eastern and Western – all on the shelves will break down


Yes, the Crimea is immense … We leave every weekend to travel, and the unvisited places are not becoming less… Today so many interesting things we saw….

And you’re good that every weekend … I got my wife used to it too, when I myself am at home. Last time we couldn’t make it to the coast, so she says the weekend didn’t do her any good)) This Saturday we are going anyway!


The weather is so bad that it is a crime to sit at home))), but it is getting colder with the rains.


We need to fight the cold weather! With us this trick will not pass. Gathered on the weekend in Alushta for 1 night. It is necessary to turn around, to look where-what, and in “Meeting” to come. Really very atmospheric restaurant!

Now in Crimea everywhere is good, we are the second weekend traveling in the Bakhchisaray region. Found a beautiful complex for the rest. Today will publish more about a private estate near Simferopol.


And I’ll see!

In the 15 th year the family had a rest in Satere, the place is not crowded, accommodation is very comfortable and not expensive. I liked the serpentine on the road, though my daughter … [:

I didn’t get a smiley face [:


Vladimir, Satera – it’s cool! It’s so called Insight About this place not many people know. And I myself like the Satera – Rybachie area. Well, the serpentine there is great. By the way, they improved the road there. You roll and admire it…

And I have a wife native Simferopol ) (in 2011 moved to Volgograd). That she is aware of the quiet “interesting” places. Still I liked the Novy Svet beaches and underwater hunting in the rocks. Yes, and the trail Golitsin well dispelled after a hearty lunch)

The truth about Foros. Reviews about rest and prices - 2022

I realized with a tent to go somewhere far away from civilization, as far as it is allowed now )))). Once we joined the famous and mentioned in your article tent wilderness town on the coast of Saki and it was something – neighbors rowdy is a separate topic, but the proximity of a water park and some recreation center was a nightmare, until 4 am there celebrating something, electronic music and periodic explosions (fireworks or something else). Well, maybe it’s so we got, maybe some festival or competition DJ. And here I am interested in Zelenogorye, such a fabulous name and reviews with photos attractive. What can you say, been there? Is this place worth the time or just a typical Crimean village?

Yes, interesting experience)) Anastasia, you know, I did to my video guide did the application “25 autocamping”, I’ll throw it to you by mail. See for yourself what to choose. It’s too bad that there are no decent reviews about all the campgrounds. I think if you dig, then half can safely cross out, as well as in your case – it will not be worth it. All the more now need to break through all over again, after the law that you can not park closer than 500 meters from the coast of the Black or Azov Sea, where there is no asphalt surface. And where is it? This is still to find!


Well as for Zelenogorye, then for a couple of days to break away from nature and walk in the mountains to the waterfall, and the lake to bathe, it is possible. On longer I would not count. All the same, it is real far from a civilization, and so to lie there to be blissfully happy there is no such thing. It is beautiful, interesting, but, I think, for some days all it will get bored. And the village itself has already been knocked down. The goats around and their footprints)). If you before that were in campaigns and are familiar with the nature not by hearsay – 2 days for literacy, if you all this in a novelty – it is possible and on longer)))

Where to go with tents in the Crimea: choose a picturesque cape, a lake in the form of a comma, or a view of the sea

The noise of the surf, the night, the starry sky, the smell of fire and loud company. Just for the sake of this romance it is worth a trip to the countryside overnight. Where to go with tents in the Crimea? In the mountains, to the lakes, to the sea – for every taste.

At first glance it may seem that the rest “savage” is cheap and sulfurous. In fact it is necessary to be well prepared for such a trip.

Besides the tent, we’ll need mattresses, sleeping bags, gas burners. Again – the products.

So, you’re all stocked up. Now choose a place to go with tents in the Crimea.

The best places for recreation by the water

Silent Bay

Address Crimea, Koktebel
Coordinates 44.969899, 35.319838

Fans of the stony beach, beautiful views and not crowded campsites can safely come here. There is even a free tent camp in Quiet Bay, and nearby there are sources of healing clay and therapeutic mud.

Fox Bay

If you prefer a secluded vacation, Fox Bay is great. Photo: commons.wikimedia.org

If you prefer a secluded vacation, Fox Bay is great. It’s easy to pitch a tent, but you’ll need to bring an awning or sun umbrella because of the minimal vegetation. There’s a nudist beach nearby – warn you if you want to stick around.

Going by bus to the Crimea

Camping Vympel

Address Crimea, Alushta, Sudak highway, 1-st km
Coordinates 34.412468, 44.691874

The tent camp is located in the city limits. It has all the amenities for a long stay: toilets, dining room and kitchen, where you can cook yourself. The only drawback is the location, because it takes half an hour to walk to the sea. But if you do not have a tent and a sleeping bag, they can not buy, and rent on the spot.

Cape Tarkhankut

Address Crimea, Black Sea region, Olenevka village
Coordinates 45.346919, 32.493655

Cape Tarkhankut attracts fans of rocky landscapes and clear sea. Photo: Anna Melnikova

Cape Tarkhankut – the epicenter of summer entertainment. Here you can live a week with tents, and do extreme sports. In Olenevka you can stay both on the wild beach and in an organized camping near the village with all the amenities (shower, wi-fi, toilets). They offer excursions, bike rentals, diving courses.

Best places to relax in the forest

Beach “Inzhir”, Balaklava

Address Crimea, Sevastopol, Balaklava
Coordinates 44.4685, 33.6379

Amazing nature on the beach “Inzhir”: the rocks, pine trees, the Black Sea. Only get here is not easy: from Sevastopol to Balaklava, there to change to a boat and for 250 rubles to get to the place. It is necessary to stock up on fresh water and products, on “fig” there are no stores and cafe. But there are wild foxes, so hide your products in a tent or hang them on tree branches.

The Laspi Bay

Address Crimea, South coast, closest point is Foros. Foros
Coordinates 44.419222, 33.703668

The aroma of juniper bushes, clear sea and mountains. For many years already attracts fans of wild rest spontaneous tent camping in Laspi. Cons: a difficult descent to the sea, lack of civilization amenities and a narrow beach, to which you have to walk about 10 minutes from the tent. Pluses: clear sea water and a great place for diving.

Best places for recreation in the mountains


Address Gorky village, Alushta, Crimea. Zelenogorye
Coordinates 44.876203, 34.721271

This is a real paradise with mountains, sea and forest. You can go fishing, swimming and climb the mountain. There are always few people – that’s what you need for a holiday “savage”. But you will have to go to the sea by car or by bus. The main attraction is Panagia lake at an altitude of 290 meters. It is shaped like a comma. On the lake there is a paid bungee rope.

“Glade of fairy tales”

Address 169 Kirov St., Yalta, the Crimea.
Coordinates 44.497755, 34.112858

The camping is located at the foot of the Stavri-Kaya mountain near the Yalta forest reserve. Here you can walk through the forest and climb the mountain to put up a tent. There are two grounds for autohouses and tents. The sizes of the grounds are 15m x 22m and 22m x 40m. Drinking water and power points.

How to get there

There is only one airport in the Crimea, which is located in Simferopol. There is a bus №49 that goes to the center of the city. There is a bus station at the airport that sells tickets to all Crimean cities. There is a point to order a cab and car rental. Official website: new.sipaero.ru.

You can get to the peninsula through the Crimean bridge that connects Krasnodar Territory and Kerch. From Moscow: take the M4 Don highway, then take the A290 Novorossiysk-Kerch highway. From St. Petersburg: Highway M10 with exit to M4 Don, then exit to highway A290. From Krasnodar: Highway A146, then exit at highway A290.

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