Where to go from Kaliningrad for a day: 10 best places

14 places you can see on your own from Kaliningrad

Kaliningrad is a tempting city. Its German past makes it “European” compared to other Russian settlements. But as soon as you get outside, you realize that the Kaliningrad region is almost more interesting than the city itself. The seaside resorts have more historic buildings, better beaches, and richer nature. Here’s what to see around Kaliningrad.

Excursions in Kaliningrad

The most interesting tours are itineraries from locals on Tripster . You can start with a sightseeing tour of Kaliningrad. Walk from Kant Island to Fish Village, see Amalienau and map out routes for future walks. After that you are sure to take a day to drive to the Curonian Spit.

Where to go from Kaliningrad: TOP 14

1. Königsberg Forts

This tour can be called a continuation of the city tour. The concept of “Königsberg Forts” includes fortifications both within the city and in the vicinity of Kaliningrad. If you go on an organized route, for 2-3 hours you can see the towers, forts, redoubels, ravelins, barracks, bastions, available for viewing. There are not many forts along the perimeter of the former Königsberg. Of those that are, you can get only in the famous number 5 (ticket 150 rubles). Nevertheless the excursion is atmospheric, boys of all ages and their fathers like it. But an important condition: presence of a guide. Knowledgeable person not only tells about the milestones of history, but also teaches you to navigate in Kaliningrad fortifications.

2. Svetlogorsk

Kaliningrad – Svetlogorsk – 41 km

Where to go from Kaliningrad: Svetlogorsk

Svetlogorsk – resort number 1 in the vicinity of Kaliningrad

Svetlogorsk is the most beautiful resort in the Kaliningrad region. Well-groomed, immersed in greenery, crowded. Suffice it to say that the concert hall “Dzintari” temporarily moved to Svetlogorsk. Or rather, all those events that took place every year in Jurmala. You can easily get to the resort from Kaliningrad by yourself, there are buses going from the Southern Railway Station every 20-30 minutes. So immediately a piece of advice: in the case of Svetlogorsk on excursions you can save money. The only exception may be composite routes, when in one day from Kaliningrad is offered to go to several places at once. For example, Svetlogorsk, the village of Amber and amber processing plant, as here .

But if you set out on your own, you will have the whole day at your disposal. Shuttle buses from Kaliningrad and back go every 20-30 minutes.

What to do in Svetlogorsk? You can admire German mansions, a concert hall and take a walk in the sanatorium parks. Go down to the beach by the local “Potemkin stairs” and go up by a ropeway. Finally, have a bite to eat in a cafe with a view of the Baltic.

3. Zelenogradsk

Kaliningrad – Zelenogradsk – 35 km

Zelenogradsk is no less beautiful than Svetlogorsk. Many Kaliningrad residents love it more than the flagship resort. The Germans also respected it at one time – Kranz (Zelenogradsk) was much more developed than the neighboring Rauschen (Svetlogorsk). Whether it is because of the gentle coastline – the embankment of Zelenogradsk is long and spacious, and the sea splashes underfoot. Or is it the proximity of Curonian Spit – it is only 9 km. Anyway, the city makes no less impression than Svetlogorsk. Ideally, it is also worth allocating a full day to Zelenogradsk and examine it from beginning to end.

There are many old mansions, a wonderful park, the embankment in perfect condition. There are museums for all tastes! From local history to the museum of cats or owls.

4. Curonian Spit

Kaliningrad – Fringilla – 65 km

According to statistics, the Curonian Spit is the leader in the list of visited national parks in Russia. You can guess how many of them there are on the territory of our vast country. The reserve eclipses all previous impressions of Kaliningrad, Svetlogorsk and other cities of the Kaliningrad region, if you had time to visit there before. It seems that you are ready for the trip and unlikely to be surprised by a snow-white strip of land and “dancing” pines. But it turns out you can, and how!

What to see in Kaliningrad in 1-5 days by yourself

There is admiration of everything: ornithological station, where the first owl of the season flew in; dunes with soft, sifted sand; pines, which really “dance”. And also there are fish restaurants with fresh fish and countless souvenir shops with articles of amber. You can take pictures at observation points like Efe Heights or Müller Heights and spend the rest of the time on the beach.

Fringilla Bird Catching Station The best excursion from Kaliningrad is to the Curonian Spit

In the Curonian Spit has one disadvantage – it is difficult to get there by public transport. It goes, but not often enough and makes only three stops on 40 km. More details about how to get there without the car you can read here.

But still keep in mind that it is more comfortable with an organized tour. There were Kaliningraders in our bus, who decided to spend a day off on the spit. And they explained that if you do not have a car, it is problematic to get to the Dancing Forest, the height of the Efa, and even more to get to the ornithological station “Fringilla”.

5. Amber

Kaliningrad – Yantarny – 48 km

Yantarny, Kaliningrad Oblast

Schloss Yantarny Hotel in the village of Yantarny

Yantarny is another winning tour option from Kaliningrad. The settlement is beautiful, well-groomed and boasts one of the best beaches in the Kaliningrad region. Yantarny has several guest houses and a luxury spa hotel Schloss Yantarny, located in the park. Many, after seeing this beauty and peacefulness, want to stay longer. In addition to the beach and the wooden promenade, Yantarny is known for the active quarry, where amber is mined. Not to say that a visit to this place was particularly striking, but it is worth visiting. All the same, “amber land” is unthinkable without mining and processing the sun stone. At the tour you can learn not only about the production process, but also such an amazing fact, for example, where the lake at the end of the embankment came from.

Buses to Yantarny go from both the Southern and the Northern Railway Station in Kaliningrad. So you can get there without problems, the ticket is up to 100 rubles per person. To order a tour only makes sense in order to save time. For example, the route “Baltiysk, Svetlogorsk and Yantarny in 8 hours.

6. Baltiysk .

Kaliningrad – Baltiysk – 43 km.

Baltiysk (or former Pilau) is not exactly a resort town. As it often happens with military bases, the most beautiful objects on its territory belong to the Navy. They are given to administrative buildings, barracks, etc. To see these dark red brick buildings, which make up the “old stock” of the Kaliningrad region, is possible through the forged bars. Nevertheless, if you have time, you should definitely go to Baltiysk. There is a long embankment, for a walk along which you can spend the whole day. There is its own fort, where you can also have a good time and take beautiful pictures. Finally, there are famous swans in Baltiysk, which are used to the generosity of tourists and fill the bay at almost any time of the year.

The rest of the time you can devote to the Baltic Fleet Museum . Together with the quay is an important attraction of the city. It is open from 10-00 till 18-00 every day except Monday and Tuesday (source www.navalmuseum.ru).

To get to Baltiysk is more convenient from South Railway Station, departure is every half an hour. It is possible to get not only at the station, but also on most stops along Leninsky Prospekt. For example, near the hotel “Kaliningrad”.

7. Baltyskaya spit

Kaliningrad – Baltic Spit – 45 km

Baltic Spit (Kaliningrad, Russia)

Baltiyskaya Spit Coast / Baltiysk

Native sister of the Curonian Spit divides the territory between Russia and Poland. You can get to Gdansk on the Baltic Spit – the most beautiful Polish port, which was inherited by the country after WWII. To go there, you will need a Schengen visa. But anyone can get to the Russian part of the Baltic Spit. The ferry departs from the quay No. 1:

  • Ferry departure times from Baltiysk: 07-20, 10-00, 12-00, 14-00, 16-00, 18-00, 20-00, 21:30. Check timetable at www.na-baltike.com.
  • From Baltic Spit : 07-30, 10-10, 12-10, 14-10, 16-10, 18-10, 20-10, 21-35.
Kaliningrad airport: How to get there

The distance to Baltiyskaja spit is about 800 m. The ferry goes 10 minutes. Ticket price: adults – 70 rubles, children – 40 rubles (+ extra charge for bicycles, luggage, etc.). Pier number 1 is located 50 meters from the monument to Peter the Great.

Baltic Spit is not a nature reserve, one can move freely on its territory. For a long time it was in disrepair, and only in recent years it has begun to “catch up” with the Curonian Spit. Popular pastime there is jeep safari. For example, such (it is even interesting to read reviews there).

Other variant is beaches, which are endless kilometers on the spit.

8. Gdansk

Kaliningrad – Gdansk – 165 km

Gdansk is the closest major city where you can go from Kaliningrad “to Europe”. Many of our readers are interested in exactly how to get there. And rightly so, because when you are on the western border of Russia, it’s a sin not to take the opportunity to “expand your horizons”. In pre-virus times, it was an easy thing to do. For example with Flixbus low-cost carrier tickets Kaliningrad – Gdansk cost about 1000 rubles/person. And the distance there is ridiculous – only 130 km. At the same time Gdansk is not just the nearest city, but one of the most beautiful in modern Poland. It is a large port with a picturesque promenade and well-preserved (in contrast to Kaliningrad) historical center.

Gdansk resembles Czech cities with tiled roofs, stucco facades, and cozy squares with fountains. And at the same time, the cities of northern Germany, built of dark brick, with elements of wood and bronze.

If you forgo public transportation and take the car, you can stop at Malbork, the most magnificent of the castles of the Teutonic Order, on the way.

9. Nida

Kaliningrad – Nida – 98 km

From Kaliningrad to Europe: Nida

The neat houses of Nida in Lithuania

If you have the opportunity to travel from Kaliningrad to Europe, you should not limit yourself to Poland. The border between Russia and Lithuania runs in the center of the Curonian Spit. It is 98 km long, and at the 49th km from Zelenogradsk there begins the territory of the neighboring country. The nearest resort – Nida – is in sharp contrast to what you may see in the settlements of Morskoy or Rybachy. No matter how beautiful the nature and hospitable owners of mini-hotels are, neat Lithuanian houses and perfect lawns let you know from the first sight that you are in Europe. Nida looks like a toy, where the streets are buried in greenery and flowers, and the windows of houses are decorated with colorful shutters.

You can get to the Lithuanian resort by car or with an individual guide (you can arrange to be picked up at the hotel and taken back there).

There is also a variant with the regular bus. The route Kaliningrad – Klaipeda departs from the Southern station (16-30) once a day. It makes stops in Lesnoe, Rybachiy, and after border crossing – in Nida. The trip will not turn out to be a one-day trip, it requires at least one night stay. But this does not mean that it is impossible to pass.

If you rent a car and spend time at the border crossing, there is no point in limiting yourself to Nida. You can go as far as Klaipeda and / or Palanga. Or even make a route of the three cities at once.

10. Chernyakhovsk

Kaliningrad – Chernyakhovsk – 93 km

Chernyakhovsk is one of the important cities of the Kaliningrad region and the capital of the former land of Nadrovia. In excursion programs, to entice to these edges, seduce with ancient kirchas, castles and almost lost atmosphere of old German life. In reality, everything is a little different: the city is provincial and not as well cared for as Svetlogorsk or Zelenogradsk. But in recent years, work has been going on, and there is hope that Chernyakhovsk will one day become a tourist destination.

10 best tours in Kaliningrad: classics and creativity

Center of Chernyakhovsk in Kaliningrad region

Center of Chernyakhovsk in Kaliningrad region

The city is a city, but for the sake of one of the castles of the Teutonic Order of the XIV century it is worth a visit there. Istenburg stands on the river Angerappe at the mouth of the Inster. Neither its interiors nor facades have been preserved, but the ruins are quite picturesque.

11. Sovetsk

Kaliningrad – Sovetsk – 120 km

Where to go from Kaliningrad: Sovetsk

Bridge of Queen Louise / Photo: Lookmytrips

The city of Sovetsk (formerly Tilsit) is famous for its Queen Louise Bridge, Teutonic Castle and cheese dairy. And also by the fact that at the beginning of the 19th century it was visited by Alexander I, the Prussian royal family and Napoleon Bonaparte (in 1807 the well-known “Tilsitsky peace” was signed there). But let’s talk in order. The bridge connects the territories of Lithuania and Russia. So, it is not difficult to see the shores of the neighboring state, without leaving Kaliningrad region. The ruins of Teutonic castle can be seen during the sightseeing tour. They will remind you that the construction of Tilzit began with the fortress Ragnit. As for the cheese dairy, this city gave the name of the cheese “Tilsiter” . Today in Sovetsk it is made according to old recipes, and at the same time they conduct an excursion to the production.

12. Primorye settlement

Kaliningrad – Primorye – 48 km

There is a place not far from Kaliningrad where you have to go for natural beauty. The former Gross Kuren, the village of Primorye, is called the local Etreta, so relief cliffs resemble the Norman landscape. You can get there by bus number 125 for 100 rubles per person. And the eyes suddenly open a unique picture: steep banks, ravines and plains, covered with wild roses, an old church and the former German mansions. You can visit the observation deck, which offers a view of Filin bay. Or climb the Zipfelberg mountain, if you have the strength, which is the symbol of Gross Kurén and the main decoration of the area.

13. Schaaken Castle

Kaliningrad – Schaaken – 40 km

Rugged medieval Schaaken has not survived in its original form to this day. From the castle in the middle of the road between Kaliningrad and Zelenogradsk remains ruins. But even in ruins one can create a tourist attraction, if one wants to. In the dungeons of Schaaken was equipped with an interesting art object with a hint of the times of the Inquisition. Gloomy cellars, dim light, weapons room with exhibits of the alleged times of the Teutonic Order, medieval costumes and other paraphernalia. If such romanticism attracts you, it is possible to go (as an option to combine excursion with visiting Zelenogradsk). The photos will turn out atmospheric for sure.

14. Waldau Castle

Kaliningrad -Waldau – 20 km

Valdau is another possession of the Teutonic Order on the territory of Kaliningrad region. It is already famous for being the best preserved one. On its basis, enthusiasts have created a museum, which anyone can visit. The exposition there is not pumped up either: the collection of the former owner of the fortress is preserved, exhibits from the Paleolithic times were found. There is a fascinating quest for children and their parents. You can have fun and learn the history of the castle. And a nice bonus: Valdau is located almost on the border of Kaliningrad. On all for all will suffice half-day.

The question is an answer

Where to go first of all if you are short of time?

There is a list of places in Kaliningrad region which seldom leave anyone indifferent. These are Yantarny, Svetlogorsk, Zelenogradsk. And, of course, the most visited in Russia national park “Curonian Spit”. If you do not have a lot of free days, make a program of these items.

Where is better to order excursions?

One of the major tourist agencies, “Royal Castle”, organizes group tours around the city and beyond. Site kaliningradinfo.ru. A large selection of individual tours on Tripster. Pay attention that the prices there are specified for tour as a whole, irrespective of quantity of participants (though a threshold usually is also – for example, from 1 to 6 persons).

Travelling to Kaliningrad 2022: what to get and how much to pay

How is it with public transport in Kaliningrad region?

Fine, especially in comparison with the Crimea, where I live. Intercity buses from Kaliningrad go frequently, are not overcrowded and make several stops on the route before leaving the city. That is, it is not necessary to sit down at the bus station.

My instagram – KrymFest . I live in Sevastopol, I write about the events and festivals of the Crimea. And about travel in Russia, which is still a novelty.

Where to go from Kaliningrad

Where to go from Kaliningrad

The Kaliningrad region is no less interesting than Kaliningrad itself – there is so much to see! There are plenty of natural wonders, picturesque beaches, and historical monuments waiting for you. Explore the places worth visiting from Kaliningrad for a day trip to get a lot of impressions.

    – off the beaten track guided tours

Curonian Spit

The narrow sandy strip from Russian Zelenogradsk to Lithuanian Klaipeda is an amazingly beautiful nature reserve! Curonian Spit is a wonderful nature, wonderful fish restaurants and cute souvenir shops with amber products. Everything – the dunes of white sand, dancing pines and ornithological station “Fringilla” – is a delight.

From Kaliningrad to the Curonian Spit is easy to drive yourself. The easiest way is by car – 65 km, but you can also take public transport. Bus number 593 departs 4 times a day – at 5:30, 9:35, 12:35 and 17:50. Many tourists are more comfortable to take a tour.

Dune Efa on the Curonian Spit. Photo: Kirill.uyutnov / wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 4.0. Dunes on the Spit. Photo: Man77 / wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 4.0. The Curonian Spit National Park. Photo: Chuprinka83 / wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 4.0.

Baltic Spit

Another spit in the Kaliningrad region marks the border between Russia and Poland. The forested Baltic Spit is enjoyed by beach lovers, ATV riders, and history buffs. On the coast you can see the old fort, the remains of the German anti-aircraft batteries and abandoned airfield Neutif.

To get to the Baltic Spit is not difficult. First, from Kaliningrad by train, bus or car, tourists get to the city of Baltiysk. Ferries and boats across the navigable strait depart on schedule from the pier No. 1. In 5-10 minutes you will be on the place. Do not count on special infrastructure on the spit!

The beach on the spit. Photo: Mika Stetsovski / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0. View of the Baltic Spit. Photo: Andrzej Otrębski / flickr.com / CC BY-SA 4.0.


We advise to see this city in Kaliningrad region. The people of Kaliningrad themselves are simply in love with it! The resort is only 9 km from the Curonian Spit. The former Krants is famous for its long well-kept promenade, along which it is pleasant to walk along the sea. Zelenogradsk is considered the birthplace of Pinocchio, so it is interesting to go to this city with children. Adults are curious to see the Villa Krell and the fountain of Queen Louise, and children – have a look at the cute cat museum “Murarium”.

From Kaliningrad to Zelenogradsk is only 32 km, so you can go just for a day – the road by shuttle or train takes less than an hour. We recommend to go with a guide: there are family excursions-quests and individual trips with a stop on the Curonian Spit.

What to see outside Kaliningrad

Along the beaches of Zelenogradsk, above the sea line, there is a promenade. Photo: ph1l74 / flickr.com / CC BY-SA 2.0.


Rauschen, or Svetlogorsk, is known for its mild climate, picturesque nature, spacious sandy beaches and healing mineral water. If you want to see traces of German heritage and unique European flavor, plan a day trip from Kaliningrad. Stroll along the wide promenade, see the original sculptures, sundial and take the cable car down to the Central Beach. Excellent places for relaxation are the surroundings of Lake Tikhoe and the Organ Hall on Kurortnaya Street in Svetlogorsk.

Shuttle buses from Kaliningrad to the city go every 20-30 minutes. Learn about rest in Svetlogorsk.


The village is home to the main Baltic wealth – amber. Since 2005, Yantarny became open to tourists. People come here to see the Amber Castle, a museum of private sculpture by Alexander Saveliev and the old church. In summer, tourists enjoy spending time on the beautiful beach, which is considered the best in the Kaliningrad region.

Travelers reviews of Kaliningrad. Tips on rest - 2022

From Kaliningrad to Yantarny 48 km, buses go from the Northern and Southern railway stations, so it is easy to go for 1 day. To save time, take an excursion: there is a group trip on the traces of the Amber Room with a stop in Baltiysk and an excursion to Yantarny and Svetlogorsk. With a guide you can visit an active quarry where Baltic amber is extracted.

In summer, tourists enjoy spending time on the beautiful beach, which is considered the best in the Kaliningrad region. Amber. Photo: VladFedotov / wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 4.0. Dunes on the beach in Yantarny. Photo: Victor NN / flickr.com / CC BY-SA 2.0. Palmniken Kirche in Yantarny. Photo: Edward YS / wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 4.0.


The former Pillau is located 43 km from Kaliningrad. The small town on the shore of the Baltic Strait is interesting for lovers of military history. You can visit the westernmost lighthouse in Russia, the Baltic Fleet Museum, a unique monument of European fortification – the Pillau Citadel, the German memorial cemetery and the powerful stone breakwaters. A peaceful attraction of Baltiysk is white swans, which tourists have fed in the sea harbor, near the port.

There are trains, buses and cabs from Kaliningrad to Baltiysk, also you can get to the city-fortress with a guided tour.

Interesting places in Kaliningrad

Baltiysk is the largest base of the Russian Navy on the Baltic Sea. Photo: Mika Stetsovski / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0.


Sovetsk, the former Prussian town of Tilsit, is situated 120 km from Kaliningrad. Exactly here in 1807 the Russians, the Germans and the French concluded the famous Peace of Tilsit. In the birthplace of Tilsiter cheese, you will see residential houses of pre-war construction and the old stone bridge of Queen Louise, which nowadays connects Russia and Lithuania. On the restored pedestrian street there are interesting monuments to the streetcar, moose and the city’s history museum.

Buses run from Kaliningrad to Sovetsk in 2.5 hours. You can take a guide, it’s much more comfortable. For example, in the east of the Kaliningrad region there is an individual tour Sovetsk – Neman.

What to see in Kaliningrad

Queen Louise Bridge in Sovetsk. Photo: Edward YS / wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 4.0.


If you’re looking for somewhere to go from Kaliningrad for beautiful nature, head to the picturesque village on the shores of the Baltic Sea. When the coast belonged to East Prussia, it was called Gross-Kuren, and now it’s called Primorye.

Tourists love the former German mansions, the steep coast, the neo-Gothic church and the plains, which are overgrown with wild roses. Admire the Seaside from the Zipfelberg mountain and the observation deck, which overlooks the entire Filin Bay. From Kaliningrad to the village is 48 km, bus number 125 runs.


There is much to see in the north of the Kaliningrad Region, too! This city was founded in the late 13th century. For a long time it was called Heinrichswalde – “Heinrich forest”. Modern Slavsk is a popular climatic resort, where the historic center is well preserved. Look at the one- and two-story houses with bright tiled roofs, the Lutheran Church and the Rauterskirch Catholic Church.

There are buses and electric trains from Kaliningrad to Slavsk. There is an interesting excursion, during which tourists bathe in a pool with mineral water.

Modern Slavsk is a popular climate resort with a well-preserved historic center. Photo: Vorsig / wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 4.0. Heinrichswalde kirche in Slavsk. Photo: Wikswat / wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 3.0.


Where to go from Kaliningrad for a day for lovers of antiquity and adventure? Visit medieval castles, which have survived in different parts of Kaliningrad region. Many centuries ago fortifications were built for the Knights of the Teutonic Order.

To see Valdau, Schaaken, Tapiau and the ruins of other ancient castles, we recommend taking an individual tour or renting a car.

What to see in Kaliningrad

Schaaken Castle. Photo: Sergey S. Petrov / wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 4.0.

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