Where to go in August in Europe: 10 best places

Where to go in August in Europe: 10 best places without too much fuss

Traditionally August is one of the most popular months for vacations. The sun is not so hot anymore, but you can still swim, and at the end of August, prices are already significantly reduced, which allows you to rest with the benefit of the family budget.

At the same time, in August at the resorts quite a lot of tourists, from which everyone gets tired quickly enough. We offer you the top 10 European places where you can comfortably relax in August without too much fuss.


Montenegro – a calm and peaceful country, which seems to be literally created for strolling through the small streets. Here every house – a work of art. At the same time the beach leisure and infrastructure in Montenegro is not so developed, which is made up for by the excellent prices and the small influx of tourists.


Holidays in Bulgaria are very close to holidays in Montenegro. This country is not a very popular resort destination, but there is a high level of service, which makes the rest in Bulgaria calm and peaceful because of the absence of many tourists. Moreover, the price of tours in Bulgaria is more than attractive.


It is believed that the end of August is the best time to explore Paris. France attracts many visitors, but because of the relatively high prices, you can find relatively few compatriots here, which creates an atmosphere of solitude and tranquility. In addition to Paris, you can also visit Biarritz – beach resort with an excellent climate.


Spain has always been considered one of the most favorite resorts of Russians. Comfortable climate, excellent entertainment infrastructure, both for children and adults, it is possible to buy as expensive tours “all inclusive”, and to find budget options. You can also go to Spain on your own and book a villa for a longer stay in this country than 7 or 10 days.

Turkey .

Of course, to call Turkey a holiday destination without fuss will be quite difficult, but today it is one of the best options for holidays with children. Almost all of the Turkish hotels offer excellent animation programs, a lot of pools for adults and children, so the best place for a light beach holiday is not to be found.

If you want to see Turkey from a completely different perspective, you can visit the capital, where there are many interesting museums, comfortable places for walks, unusual sights.


Greece gives its visitors a lot of opportunities for recreation. Diving, surfing, boat rides to the islands, comfortable hotel pools are just a small list of options. If you have always wanted to remember the myths of ancient Greece and plunge into the atmosphere of fairy tales, you can go to Athens.


This country is good because it can combine a relaxing beach vacation and excursions to the most famous places. To experience Italy it is best to travel to the country for at least two weeks to see Rome and relax in a warm sea resort.


If you want to spend August not by the sea, but walking through the picturesque streets, there is no better place than Denmark. The weather in August is comfortable for long walks, museums and other attractions. If you can, you can enjoy a couple of days of beach vacation at the resorts of Copenkabana, Amager, Swanemälle.

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Finland is very popular among Russian tourists for several reasons. First of all, Finland is very easy to get to, but it is not inferior to other European countries. The magnificent architecture, many museums – why not go to Finland not in winter, and at the end of summer?

10 ideas for a trip to Europe in August

Tours of Europe in August

Planning a vacation for the end of summer? Here’s a list of places to visit in Europe in August 2022. What to do on vacation? Find out about the weather and prices of tours and hotels.

Coronavirus and quarantine . This review is not about where to fly to Europe now, but just about the best destinations. See the current list of open countries. The cost of the holiday in the review is for last year. When the borders open, we expect similar or even lower prices.


Lisbon Riviera.

What to do. Haven’t decided yet where to go in August in Europe? Consider a holiday in Portugal in Estoril, Cascais, Sintra, Costa de Caparica and Carcavelos. The Atlantic coast is not as popular as the Mediterranean, because the sea warms up later. In August, the temperature of the sea water is +20. +21°С. It is not as warm as in Greece, but a lot of bathers.

In addition to a nice beach holiday, the resorts of the Lisbon Riviera are popular excursions. Visit the Portuguese capital, wander the historic streets of Lisbon and admire the beautiful architecture of the Jerónimos monastery. Visit the continent’s westernmost point, Cape Roca, the birthplace of Porto, and the ancient museum city of Évora.

Prices. Tours of the Portuguese coast of Europe in August 2022 can not be called cheap. A 7-night stay for two with a flight from Moscow costs from 118 thousand rubles. A double room at a 2* hotel costs 95 €.

Weather. It is warm in August: +27. +28 ° C, it rains very little. The Portuguese sun is insidious, so use sunscreen.

Holidays in Europe in August

The Bika funicular rises along a narrow street in the old part of the city. Opened July 28, 1892 (Photo: unsplash.com / @vali_s) The Jerónimos Monastery (Jerónimos) was built after Vasco da Gama discovered the sea route to India. It was the site of a chapel where the navigator and his crew prayed before setting sail. (Photo: unsplash.com / @amandayeung)

Rhodes Island

What to do. The sea water temperature off Rhodes reaches +25. +26°С. Swimming is a pleasure! There are sandy beaches on the east coast and pebble beaches on the west coast. Lovers of active recreation go surfing and diving. Many people like to sail to the islands of Chalki, Symi, Tilos, Nisyros and Santorini.

For hiking it’s hot, but for bus excursions it’s just right. Go to Lindos town, visit the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes or rent a boat for sea fishing.

Prices. Greece is one of the countries in Europe, where in August 2022 you can go on vacation inexpensively. A seven-night tour for two people with a flight from Moscow costs from 52 thousand rubles. Double room in a 3 * hotel with breakfast – 60 €.

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Weather. In late summer, the weather on the island is hot, dry and a little windy. During the day + 30 ° C and at night +24 ° C. Rains are rare. To avoid heat stroke and sunburns, go out in the open before 11:00 and after 17:00. Try to spend most of the day in the shade and in air-conditioned areas.

Lindos. Above the ancient town sits the Acropolis of Lindos, the second largest in Greece. (Photo: Manolis_D / pixabay.com) View of Tsambika beach in Rhodes (Photo: Amaniero / flickr.com)


What to do. Vacations in Europe in August 2022 are good in the French capital. Take a stroll along the Seine quays, spend a day in the old parks. Follow the example of Parisians and have a nice picnic under the shady crowns of century-old trees.

If you come with children, go to Disneyland, La Villette, the zoo and the Botanical Gardens. On weekends, Versailles hosts the Grandes Fetes de Nuit de Versalles, a costume ball. To see with your own eyes the luxury of Louis XIV times, book tickets for the show in advance.

Prices. The tour for two people for 7 nights with a flight from Moscow costs from 69 thousand rubles. If you want to stay in a double room at a 3* hotel in the city center – € 55.

Weather. Although the summer equator is behind us, the August weather in Paris is almost the same as in July. During the day +23. +24 ° C and at night +13. +15°С. It gets a little cooler at the end of the month. Perfect conditions for those who can hardly stand the heat of summer. There are brief thunderstorms in August, so don’t forget to pack an umbrella in your suitcase.

The Castle of Sleeping Beauty at Disneyland Paris (Photo: Eugene Phoen / flickr.com) Vacationers in front of the Luxembourg Palace, site of the French Senate (Photo: Adolesco / pixabay.com)


Things to do. Despite the short summer, Helsinki residents and tourists have time to enjoy a beach holiday. The city has about 30 beaches. Some of them are on the banks of the river Vantaa. All Finnish beaches meet stringent European standards of purity and safety. Water is heated to +19. +20 ° C, but by northern standards it is steam milk.

When you walk around Helsinki, find monuments to Lenin and the Russian Tsar Alexander II, see the city blocks from the Ferris wheel. Visit Senate Square, the cathedral and the dungeons of Sveaborg.

Enjoy the excellent cuisine of Suomi. Finns cook with organic products and natural ingredients, so even the simplest food has a rich, harmonious taste. Try the Finnish potato kuppipotut, the delicious fish soup lohikeitto, soaked cod lipejakala and venison stew poronkäristus.

Prices. At the end of summer tours in Helsinki are relatively inexpensive. Stay for two for 7 nights with a flight from Moscow – from 63 thousand rubles. A double room at a 3* hotel in the city center will cost 100 €.

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Weather. In August, the weather in northern Europe is warm. During the day in Helsinki it is +22. +23°С. Ten days of the month is rainy – it is worth to take an umbrella. The temperature in Helsinki is +22°C. During the first ten days of the month the rain is heavy – you can take an umbrella with you. At night it’s cold +10°C. Be sure to pack warm clothes!

Lochikeitto – Finnish fish soup with salmon (Photo: Eci Papp / flickr.com) Helsinki Cathedral (Photo: insouciance / flickr.com)

What to do. Where to vacation in Europe in August? At the end of summer in cities begins a massive vacation season, so tourists from different countries go to the sea and to the cultural centers of the continent. Rome is one of these places. The streets of the city become crowded, and lines line up for the Colosseum, the Galleria Borghese and the Castel Sant’Angelo.

To avoid the hustle and bustle, plan your trip to Rome carefully. Develop itineraries and buy a Roma Pass card. The 72-hour card allows you to visit two attractions for free and without queuing, and other places at a discount.

The Eternal City is very pleasant to walk around after sunset, when it gets a little cooler. In the artificial lighting of the ruins of Roman buildings look much more spectacular than in the daytime.

Prices. In August 2022, holidays in southern Europe are relatively inexpensive. Tour for two for 7 nights with a flight from Moscow costs from 63 thousand rubles. A double room at a 3* hotel in the city center costs 55€.

Weather. August in Rome is hot. By midday the thermometer reads +30 ° C and higher. With high humidity it is difficult to endure the heat not only for tourists, but also for Italians. To cool off, plan a trip to the beach. Only a half hour trip, and you’ll find yourself on the shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The water temperature is +25. +26 ° C – a paradise for beach lovers!

The resort of Lido di Ostia is called by Italians “Lida di Roma” because of the close location to the capital – between the two cities is half an hour drive. Photo: Zazamaza / Depositphotos.com. Up until the 18th century the Romans used the Colosseum as a source of building materials. It is believed that only a third of the ancient amphitheater remains. (Photo: unsplash.com / @dinges)


What to do. An unusual destination for a European vacation in August 2022 is Copenhagen. It’s a great choice for fans of sightseeing and museums. Most of the attractions are located in the historic center. Start your journey through the city from the famous Little Mermaid Monument, admire the Castellet Fortress and the royal palace of Amalienborg. Stroll along one of Copenhagen’s most romantic spots, New Harbor. The picturesque waterfront is surrounded by colorful 17th century buildings, and cafes and restaurants are open on the waterfront.

In August in Denmark, beach holidays are popular. The beaches – Amager, Svanemølle, Copenkabana, Stranden, Halvandet and the coastline near Icelands Bruges – are free for tourists and locals.

Prices. Denmark is a rich country, and holidays here are expensive. A tour for two for 7 nights with a flight from Moscow costs from 129 thousand rubles. A double room in a 3* hotel in the city center costs 140€.

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Weather. Copenhagen is located in southern Scandinavia. At the end of summer in the city is warm +21 ° C. In August, the weather in northern Europe is variable. It rains, but not protracted.

Where to vacation in Europe in August

Port Nyhavn (New Harbor) is an important landmark in Copenhagen. A popular tourist spot with a cluster of cafes and bars. (Photo: unsplash.com / @nickkarvounis)


Things to do. August weather is perfect for a beach holiday. The city has several organized beach areas along the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara. The sea water is heated to +25. +26 ° C, so in summer the beaches are crowded. The cleanest sea near the Prince’s Islands and in the suburbs of Istanbul – Ave, Shile and Kilios.

If you come for a family vacation, visit Miniaturk, see a show at Istanbul’s Dolphinarium and admire the underwater world at Turkuazoo, a giant aquarium. Take a boat ride on the Bosphorus on a hot day.

In the middle of the month there’s the fun-filled Sokakta Şenlik festival. There are concerts, dancers’ performances and craftsmen’s workshops in the squares and streets.

Prices. A seven-night tour for two from Moscow starts at 70,000 rubles. A double room with breakfast at a 3* hotel in the city center costs 49€.

Weather. The weather in Istanbul in August is really hot, just like in the south of Europe. In the morning the thermometer shows +27 ° C. In the daytime the temperature rises to +33 . +During the day the temperature rises to +33 ° C and sometimes reaches 40 ° C. We recommend planning walks around the city before 11:00 and after 16:00. In the intense heat visit museums, rest in restaurants and shopping malls.

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View of the Bosphorus, Istanbul (Photo: pxhere.com)


What to do. August in Spain is the peak of summer bargains, so shopping lovers make bargains. In the middle of the month, Catalonia’s capital city hosts a religious festival, Assumpció de Maria, dedicated to the Ascension of the Virgin Mary. At the same time, the city’s Gracia quarter celebrates the week-long Fiesta de Gracia festival. Residents of Barcelona decorate their homes and streets beautifully and party from morning to night.

Prices. A tour for two for 7 nights with a flight from Moscow costs from 78 thousand rubles. A double room at a 3* hotel near the metro and the beaches costs 90€.

Weather. Despite the fact that in August it’s hot in Barcelona, it is a popular destination for a holiday in Europe. During the day +28. +30°С. The humidity of 75% increases the feeling of heat. In the second half of the month the heat and the stuffiness subsides. The Mediterranean Sea is very warm at +26 ° C. The beaches are crowded with tourists and Spaniards who come to Barcelona for weekends and summer vacations. It rains rarely. It is small, so the streets of the city dry out in a couple of hours.

In hot weather, it is better to stay in the shade or near water. Along Barcelona’s beachfront, there are plenty of sunbeds, umbrellas and playgrounds (Photo: unsplash.com / @federicogiampieri) Erecting a castela (human tower) at the Fiesta de Gracia festival. (Photo: elprimerpaso / flickr.com)

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Fjord Region, Norway.

What to do. Where to go in August in Europe? Most head south, but some, on the contrary, want to relax in the north. The picturesque fjords in western Norway are a great attraction! They appeal to hikers in the mountains, sea voyagers and rock climbers.

Visit Geiranger Fjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, see the turquoise water of Nur Fjord and the picturesque waterfalls near Sanfjord. You can explore the fjords on foot or from the water. One of the most exotic summer activities in Norway is climbing to the glaciers and skiing.

Prices. Tour for two for 7 nights with a flight from Moscow costs from 100 thousand rubles. A double room with breakfast at a 3* hotel in Stavanger costs 65€. Learn how much it costs to go to Norway.

Weather. In August it is not so warm in the north of Europe – the temperature during the day is +20°C. In the fjords are perfect for anyone who does not like the heat of summer. The weather is changeable and windy. The bright sun is often covered by rain clouds. Bring summer clothes, a jacket with a hood and a sweater. For active walks on rocky trails, closed-toe shoes with ribbed soles, such as trekking boots, are perfect.

Lofoten Islands (Photo: unsplash.com / @manuelmeurisse) Geiranger Fjord is one of the most beautiful in Norway. It stretches 15 kilometers inland, and there are waterfalls and towering cliffs along the fjord. (Photo: Tallshipsalesund / flickr.com)


Things to do. Prague looks great in summer. The old city is a veritable open-air museum. It’s beautiful by day and in the light of evening lanterns. Gardens and parks of the Czech capital abound in color. Visit the green areas of Letna, Petrin, Stromovka, Grubovka, Havlíčky Gardens, Vojanovy Gardens and Vítkov Park.

If you come here for the first time, explore the architectural and historical sights on the Hop on – Hop off sightseeing bus. These buses run through Prague from 9:30 to 20:00 on several routes, with stops at the most interesting places. Guests of Prague are offered two types of tickets: for 24 hours and 48 hours. Sit back, put on headphones, choose the audio in your language and enjoy the city!

Prices. Experienced tourists know exactly where to go to Europe inexpensively in August. To Prague, of course! A tour for two for 7 nights with a flight from Moscow costs from 47 thousand rubles. A double room with breakfast at a 3* hotel in the city center costs 35€.

Weather. During the day in Prague it is +24. +In recent years the temperature often rises to +30 ° C. There is no oppressive heat. There is no oppressive heat. It rains a lot – about 15 days a month. An umbrella will definitely come in handy. The city stands on the hills, so after sunset, when the temperature drops, fresh winds blow through Prague. Bring a warm sweater or windproof jacket on your trip.

Prices for tours in Europe in August

Powder Tower in Prague (Photo: unsplash.com / @mcramblett)

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