Where to go on vacation without a passport

Where can I go and where to vacation without a passport in 2022?

Many people in our country are already thinking about a vacation in 2022. Where to go – a personal matter. Who prefers to change the climate and enjoy all the delights of a beach holiday. Others prefer an active pastime, such as hiking, skiing, snowboarding. A lot of people prefer to relax, visiting the various attractions. And some even travel to explore the cuisines of the world.

Opinions on quality vacations, where to go all vary. In some countries there is an opportunity to go in 2022, not having a passport. The main criterion in the choice of territory is not always the financial aspect, positive reviews. A huge number of Russians are interested in the question, “Where to go without a passport?”


This question arises for several reasons. Basically, it’s all about the usual rush. After all, it takes time to get a passport, from 1 to 3 months. Naturally, having paid an additional amount of money, you can get it a little faster. But often we find out about the vacation unexpectedly. And all plans to explore distant countries collapse. But to go abroad is still possible.

Where to go abroad on a Russian passport

There is a whole list of countries where our compatriots can go without a passport, most of them allow entry only for ninety days. When crossing the border, you only need to show a Russian passport, sometimes there is also a questionnaire filled out. Below I will talk in detail about all the options, an unforgettable vacation without a foreign passport to prove your identity.


One of the most popular destinations among our citizens. At all times, tours to this region have been in high demand, I’m not sure that the situation will change. There are many reasons for this, for example:

  • Affordability of recreation in financial terms;
  • Easy border crossing procedure, which eliminates the need for a passport, visa, proof of financial security;
  • The country can be freely traveled for three months (90 days), which allows you to visit as many resorts as possible;
  • Variety of recreation options: warm beaches, majestic mountains, luxurious resorts and natural attractions. Great number of historical and cultural monuments. Perfectly developed infrastructure, which in addition is constantly being improved;
  • Ideal for a holiday for the whole family, Abkhazia like every person, regardless of age.
Vacation with children at sea in December 2022. Where better to go


The most popular were and remain the northern resorts of the country: Mount Athos, Gagra, Pitsunda. When planning your trip to Abkhazia, it is worth planning your itinerary in advance. Decide which resorts you want to visit and what places worth seeing. If you decide to go to Sukhumi, be sure to visit the old botanical garden (founded two centuries ago). No less interest is a nursery with monkeys, especially children are fascinated by it.

I advise to take a walk along the embankments: Makhajirs and Dioscuros. Naturally, Abkhazia is not famous for its capital alone. For example, in Gagra here you will find luxurious beaches, and unique landscapes, and historical monuments. And a visit to the historic and cultural center of Abaatu will allow you to plunge into the ancient centuries, to learn more about this wonderful country. It is very beautiful in Joekvar Gorge, “Seaside Park” and Lake Ritsa. Naturally, this is not all the places worthy of the attention of tourists one of the most extraordinary republics.


Many tourists do not even consider Belarus as an option for an interesting vacation. And it’s not for nothing. And the reason is not in the developed tourist potential, but in our ignorance of what unique places we can visit there. Culture, history and nature of the country are rich, diverse and unique. The country has a huge number of architectural monuments, history, unique landscapes.


It is recommended to celebrate the New Year in Belovezhskaya Pushcha, where the home of Belarusian Santa Claus is located. For the kids this trip will be a real New Year present. For adults it’s a real New Year’s present, too, but you’ll get a lot of pleasant impressions and positive emotions. In Pushcha you’ll see the rarest animals, listed in the Red Book. You won’t leave anyone indifferent and special places of the primordial nature of Polesie.

But to visit the monuments of history, culture is better to go to the capital and other major cities of Belarus. This country is ideal for those who do not want just to relax on the beach. And wants to better understand, learn the culture and life of other regions of the world.

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Where to go on vacation without a passport

Where to go without a passport

Do not want to waste time on drawing up documents for traveling abroad? We tell about the countries where you can go on vacation from Russia without a passport. How to get, the rules of entry and stay. What to try and prices for rest.



At sea without a foreign passport you can go to rest in the Land of Soul – mini-Georgia. People come to Abkhazia for the delightful nature, kebabs, wine and fresh churchella. And also you’ll love picturesque ruins of Soviet architecture, clear sea and peculiar southern scent of pine forest. Excursions in Abkhazia →

How to get there. The easiest way to get to Abkhazia is by plane to Adler. The ticket from Moscow costs from 4000 rubles. Then you have to take a train, a minibus or a cab. The train from Moscow to Sukhum takes 36 hours. A ticket in the parlor car costs 3,300 rubles, and in the compartment – 6,000 rubles. The trip by car goes through the Adler district of Sochi. The way from Moscow to Sukhum (1670 km) takes 1-1,5 days, from St. Petersburg – 2 days.

Where to go to the sea without a passport

Pitsunda (Photo: mikesub / flickr.com)

Rules of entry and stay. In 2022 you can go to Abkhazia for 90 days without a passport. At the border for a passenger car will ask 150 rubles. Border control at the Psou checkpoint works around the clock. If there are no queues, you will cross the border in 15-20 minutes. If there are a lot of cars, the waiting time may last for 2-4 hours.

What to try. Abkhazian cuisine incorporates the traditions of peoples who have long lived in the Black Sea and Transcaucasia. Try smoked meat with different kinds of adjika, corn porridge abysta, lamb stew akurma, waffles with greens chudu and famous Abkhazian khachapuri with cheese and eggs.

Beach vacation in October 2022. Where is inexpensive? Cheap Tours and Tickets

The cost of recreation. Double room in a modest mest house costs from 1000 rubles, and in the budget hotel – from 1500 rubles. Dinner at a cheap cafe will cost about 300-500 rubles per person.

Where can I go without the passport

Gagra (photo: Dmitriy Kirilin / flickr.com)


One of the oldest Christian countries in the world attracts with its ancient temples, monasteries, colorful traditions and exquisite cuisine. People come to Armenia to see the majestic Ararat, to listen to the game on the duduk, to take a ride on the world’s longest ropeway and to swim in the clear Lake Sevan. Excursions in Armenia →

How to get there. Most tourists get to Armenia by plane. The tickets from Moscow to Yerevan and back cost from 6500 rubles, and from Saint-Petersburg – from 11000 rubles. The land borders with Azerbaijan and Georgia are closed. Those arriving in Armenia by car go through the territory of Georgia, so they must have a passport.

Yerevan (Photo: unsplash.com / @artakpetrosyan) Sevanavank Complex and Lake Sevan (Photo: Taken / pixabay.com)

Rules of entry and stay. Armenia is one of the countries where Russians can go without a passport and visa for 180 days. To travel for a longer period will require a visa. After one month of stay in the country one must register at the place of stay.

What to try. Armenian cuisine and hospitality is known all over the world. Try the stuffed cabbage rolls on the vine leaves, dolma, Armenian lavash, shashlik khorovats and very rich soups khash and bozbash.

Cost of the holiday. Double room in a 3* hotel in Yerevan costs from 1000 rubles. The average bill in a cheap cafe for one person is about 400 rubles.

National Table (Photo: unsplash.com / @gor918) Khor Virap Monastery with Ararat as a background (Photo: 680451 / pixabay.com)


Undecided where to go on vacation without a passport? Russia’s western neighbor is not a bad option. Belarus has beautiful nature and great fishing. People come here for the Belovezhskaya Pushcha, neat Catholic churches, ancient castles and palaces. Excursions in Belarus →

How to get there. The fastest way to Belarus is by plane. The tickets from Moscow to Minsk and back cost from 4700 rubles, and from St. Petersburg – from 4500 rubles. The trip by train takes 10 hours. The trip in the second-class carriage costs about 2,700 rubles.

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Where can you go without the passport of the Russians

Nesvizh Castle in the Minsk region is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites (Photo: comrade_petruha / pixabay.com).

Rules of entry and stay. Russians can stay in the country without a visa for 90 days. When crossing the border by car, in addition to the documents for the car, you need international insurance Green card.

What to try. Belarus has excellent cuisine! Try potato-darniks and babka, dumplings with cracklings and kolduns with meat.

The cost of a vacation. Belarus is an inexpensive country. Double room in a budget hotel costs from 800 rubles, a nourishing dinner for one – about 250-300 rubles.

Where can I go without the passport

Memorial “Liberators of Vitebsk – Soviet soldiers, partisans and underground fighters” (Photo: unsplash.com / @iriser)


In 2022, you can travel to Kazakhstan without a passport. The republic in Central Asia attracts lovers of mountain tourism and mountain climbing. They come here for the modern architecture of Astana, the high-mountain skating rink Medeo, the picturesque canyons of the Charyn Desert and modern ski resorts. Excursions in Kazakhstan →

How to get there. Air tickets to Astana and back from Moscow cost from 16 thousand rubles and from Saint-Petersburg from 18 thousand rubles. There are no direct trains from Moscow to Kazakhstan. The way with changing trains takes a lot of time – 2.5-3 days, that’s why it is not so popular among tourists.

Alma-Ata is Kazakhstan’s largest city and its “southern capital” (Photo: unsplash.com / @pigleting) The Great Almaty Lake (Photo: unsplash.com / @flegontovna)

Rules of entry and stay. Russian residents are allowed to vacation in Kazakhstan without a passport for 90 days. Upon entry, tourists fill out a migration card. If you stay in the country for more than a month, you must register with the local authorities.

What to try. Kazakhs are great masters of cooking delicious meat dishes. Try beshbarmak , kuirdak , palau and manty. Taste the famous dairy drinks koumiss and shubat.

July 2022. Where to go for an inexpensive vacation abroad

The cost of the holiday. Double room in a 3* hotel in Almaty costs from 1000 rubles. Average bill in a cafe for one – about 400 rubles.

Kazak Eli memorial complex in Astana (Photo: unsplash.com / @bqtas_1990) Kazakhstan steppes (Photo: unsplash.com / @aisherlocks)


The Asian country is famous for its picturesque mountains, clean rivers and the huge Lake Issyk-Kul. People come to Kyrgyzstan to visit the glaciers and snow-covered passes of the Tien Shan, to see mountain yaks and to admire beautiful waterfalls.

How to get there. Air tickets to Bishkek and back from Moscow cost from 15 thousand rubles and from St. Petersburg from 20 thousand rubles. Direct trains from Moscow to Bishkek do not go every day, plus the road takes 3 days. The ticket in the coach will cost 10 thousand rubles, and in the compartment – 13 thousand rubles.

Where can I go without the foreign passport from Russia

Ala-Archa Gorge, Kyrgyz ridge (Photo: unsplash.com / @curioso)

Rules of entry and stay. Kyrgyzstan is one of the places where you can go on vacation without a passport for 90 days. Tourists who decide to stay here for more than a month must register with the local passport and visa control office within five days.

If you want to organize a sports hike and climbing, go through the registration procedure in the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Prepare a list of your group, the route map, copies of passports of participants, and arrange medical insurance. To travel in border areas you need to get a special permit.

What to try. Kyrgyz cuisine has absorbed the culinary traditions of nomadic peoples. It is simple and very tasty. Try the hearty meat soup sharpo and light milk soup shurugan . Enjoy the taste of the ancient dish of lamb tash kordo and local sweets balmaniz .

Cost of the holiday. Double room in inexpensive hotels and guest houses at Issyk Kul costs 1000-1100 roubles. A lunch in a cafe for one will cost 500 rubles.

Kel-Suu is a high mountain lake of glacial origin, located in the southeastern part of Naryn region (Photo: unsplash.com / @dave_peters) Ridges of the Northern Tien Shan (Photo: unsplash.com / @chasingnothing)

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