Where to go to rest in July 2022 in Russia – 7 ideas

Where to go in Russia in July

Valaam is worth visiting from Sortavala

Where to go in Russia in July: on vacation or for medical treatment, for vivid impressions? Weather, water temperature, airfare and hotel prices, what to do? Eurotraveler.ru gives a rating review of the top 7 Russian holiday destinations worth visiting in the midsummer.

In terms of rest, especially by the sea, July is an important month. It is the time when tourists enthusiastically and en masse to head for the resorts.

And those who have not yet done so, actively prepare and pack their suitcases, packing for the sea. For their trip is scheduled for even more “hot” month – August.

Why are we talking about? Yes, mainly to the fact that going somewhere to rest in July in Russia – we are not talking about the rest of the world – be sure to include in the equation is not even a variable, the constant.

Because everywhere, well almost everywhere, will be crowded. And you have to plan your own movements and stops with a constant eye on this circumstance.

Someone, of course, is not at all embarrassed by the presence of the mass of people around. Relaxed and calmly sipping a beer in the sun, and then starting a heated discussion about recent events in the circle of his company.

But some vacationers are much more delicate. And even if they do not openly indicate a desire to be alone and stay a little in silence, it is clearly expected. After all, rest – especially in summer – such a rare and necessary opportunity to recover strength: both physical and moral.

That is why our article is built from not quite normal “materials”. And it mentions not only hyped and megapopular places, but also those about which rarely talk in the media.

Kamchatka - where to vacation in Russia in July

Where to go in July

The territory of Russia is vast. But interesting and at the same time not badly equipped from the point of view of the tourist, even in long hikes is not inclined to refuse some of the benefits of civilization, like cell phones, places on it not so much. And those that are, sometimes crowded – take at least the popular resorts in the Krasnodar Territory.

Therefore, in some cases, seekers of peace and quiet travelers have to compromise. And go either to the backwoods, where the Internet is no more than a word.

Or go to a city which is not deserted – St. Petersburg in July looks underpopulated – but rather deserted. This is due to the fact that some of its residents have rushed en masse to the south.


A large, sparsely populated region full of pristine forests and lakes, we put at the top of our ranking. It’s literally next door to St. Petersburg – you can get to Sortavala in 4 hours by “Lastochka” train. And, means, your break from a civilization can occur in the most sparing manner.

The more so that July weather in Karelia is usually favorable for the long stay in the nature. The air temperature at times rises up to +25-27 and the water in the lakes warms up to +20-22. As for the sun, here in the middle of the summer you see it much more often than in other months of the year.

Excursions and tours for several days – including rafting and horseback riding are popular. But many people also visit the region on their own – it is easy and uncomplicated to get from Moscow to Karelia by car.

Want to camp and fish on some small lake? You’re welcome! Do you need the outdoors, but don’t want to go into subsistence farming? And in this case there are interesting options!

Not quite Finnish yet, but the prices are not in hundreds of euros. Visually not bad at all is Bazza Uya on the western coast of Onega lake.

A private area in the forest, separate cottages, there is a sauna… All that for 5-6 thousand per day – if you don’t have your own cottage, why not to live here for a few days?

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In addition to the purely natural beauty, there are also man-made attractions. Perfectly, i.e. quite naturally, blended into the landscape. We are talking about Ruskeala Holiday Park, which was created on the base of the abandoned marble quarry.

Today here, in a new-found pearl of Karelia, from Petersburg take excursions by buses and cars. Although there is nothing difficult in getting here by yourself.

All the more that the road to Sortavala has been reconstructed. And it is situated in such beautiful places, that you have to stop all the time – your hands reach for the “Camera” button on your smartphone.

Valaam and Kizhi

There are also other notable sights in the region. Many of which, by the way, are not easily accessible:

For the purposes of this article, however, we will mention the more famous ones. The same archipelago Valaam, whose monastery and sketes are indispensable members of many cruise routes.

But, in principle, can be visited by an individualist. And you can get to Valaam from St. Petersburg only by public transport – it takes 4-6 hours to get there.

Your visit to Kizhi, the museum of wooden architecture will be a little bit more tedious. For in this case you will have to aim at sightseeing around Petrozavodsk. Plus, you probably plan to spend the night there – only one way train “flies” about 5 hours.

Kizhi, Russia - worth a trip here in July


You can visit Russia’s second-largest megalopolis at any time of the year, not only in July. But we advise you to plan your visit in the middle of summer. Naturally, with intent – many permanent residents of the “Northern Capital” go to the seaside during this period. And others, not yet so native, go to their small motherland, to visit relatives and friends.

The most numerous category of city dwellers migrates to country houses during the season. And if they think about anything, it’s not about museums, but more about seedbeds.

As a result, it is possible to see many of the sights of St. Petersburg… no, not without waiting in line. But not in an open crowd – among the curious 90 percent will be the same tourists!

Note that in July 2021 in St. Petersburg is scheduled to hold a quarterfinal match of the European Football Championship. And this will undoubtedly affect the number of guests, as has already affected prices. By the way, in the first half of the month you will still catch the “official” white nights!

Hotel prices are not that straight down, rather, they finish to grow. And you can rent quite a decent room for 4 thousand a night for two – Like-Apart! Not in the center of the city, of course, but also not in the wings – you can reach Nevsky Prospect in 30 minutes.

Strange as it may seem, but even in July here you can find a place, which is not overcrowded with holiday-makers. The secret is simple – you just have to look “through the fingers”. That is not on popular, “the best resorts of Crimea”, and nearby.

After all, in the satellite villages of Feodosia and Koktebel, Sudak and Alushta, sometimes located guest houses with a very pleasant price! Take at least a very commendable guest house holiday Polet in the New World.

Yes, with entertainment at small resorts is not very. But and untethered drunken companies do not meet – well, they do not like “the wilderness”, well suited for recreation with children.

As to weather, July in the Crimea – literally that “doctor prescribed. At times it is hot, but rarely when – really stuffy. Practically everywhere – except, unless, such a popular location as Big Yalta.

A weekly ticket with two meals a day for two will cost you 70 thousand rubles. Airfare, however, will have to purchase their own.

That will cost you an extra 14 to 15,000 rubles per person if you fly from Moscow and back. Often the tour does not include transfer from the Simferopol airport. In the case of a cab it’s from 2 thousand one way.

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Self-travelers can save money by going only by car. But to rent an apartment in small Crimean settlements at the peak of the season is not so easy. And in the realities of 2022, it may be quite ruinous.

The Volga .

When else could you travel along the great Russian river, if not in summer? The more so that to go on cruise on Volga even from Petersburg is not a problem.

The more so that at the peak of summer weather has generally settled down. And regularly will please with sunny and hot days.

As a result, you can diversify your relaxed swimming cognitive excursions in small towns. Which is often – the very history!

You say that you can do the same without the ship. By simply organizing an amateur tour to the cities within the Golden Ring. And we answer – no way!

Yaroslavl is a part of the Golden Ring of Russia

After all, a cruise – to a greater extent the sea, but the river too – gives very special emotions. We do not mention the fact that having become a participant you do not have to think about transport, accommodation and meals.

And the geography of routes is such that you can get on board the ship right in your hometown. Kazan or Moscow, Samara or St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Astrakhan, Yaroslavl, Kostroma…

Is it expensive? It’s hard to answer definitively, probably yes. To give you an idea of the scale, here is an example: 7-day cruise from Moscow to Kostroma (the ship will also reach Gorodets) and back will cost from ~60-65 thousand rubles per person.

  • The cost includes: 3 meals a day, sightseeing and entertainment program

Caucasian Mineral Waters

Anyone who has guessed to look at the meteorological forecasts, it will be clear that rest in resorts Kislovodsk or Pyatigorsk in the middle of summer is not particularly appropriate.

Yes, it is warm – the temperature rises to +28-30 – but it often rains. And going on a hike to strengthen or improve health, it does not hurt to put on rubber boots right away. Plus take an umbrella – an umbrella doesn’t help much in this summer downpour.

Not particularly encouraging, right?! If we consider the cost of accommodation, which does not correlate with the weather peculiarities, and the potential number of vacationers, the desire to plan a trip and completely disappears.

And in vain! Because the Caucasian Mineral Waters is actually a beautiful region. Like the whole Caucasus, especially blooming in the mid-summer.

So if you focus exclusively on sightseeing activities, deliberately fixated on the mountains, gorges and waterfalls, you will return home reaping health and positive emotions.

And gifts, of course – not to bring from Kislovodsk honey and other “goodies” simply unwise!

Dombay, the Valley of Geysers, the Gily-Su tract, the unreal, cosmic scale of the transparent expanse of the Bermamyt plateau – plato-bermamyit-dzhip-priklyuchenie. Even if you reject Elbrus itself – why, really – there are enough places for a week of fascinating research.


A truly extreme – for the vast majority – destination in Russia. In July, however, it is worth the trip! After all, this is one of only two summer months on the peninsula, the time when the air temperature reaches gigantic by local standards +15-18 degrees! And the sun is finally showing its face to the inhabitants tired of the long winter and dim spring.

The direct flight from Moscow and back will cost a surprisingly modest sum – from 25,000 rubles.

And walking tours in Kamchatka are not expensive either. You pay 50-60 thousand rubles for a person and take part in a two-week backpacking trip through the most beautiful area.

The program of other tours is very extensive and includes not only trekking.

There will be to you and helicopter excursion to the Valley of Geysers and a trip to Avachinsky volcano. Visit to Khalaktyrsky beach with volcanic sand and visit medicinal thermal springs. And also: waterfalls, sea walks with exit to open Pacific ocean, tastings of local delicacies.

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For lovers of fishing and organize it – salmon hunting, however, will inspire and previously indifferent to fishing rods citizens. In the framework of special tours one can observe the life of brown bears that feel themselves real masters of Kamchatka. Helicopters also ride here – you really “see everything” from above.

The Arctic

If Kamchatka is domestic exotica for the price of Cuba, then the polar expedition has almost no analogues in terms of price. However your impressions will be so that photo – at once in a frame and in the center of a wall.

We assure – there are the same in very rare apartments and houses. Not only in Russia – all over the globe.

Two-week voyage across the Russian Arctic on the ship of the ice class “Ocean Adventurer” for two will cost 1.86 million rubles and above.

They will not lick you for this money, but they will provide good cabins and three meals a day. You will have unbelievable panoramas of the Barents Sea and landing on islands, where people still seldom set a foot, as well as unforgettable entertainments.

Polar bear in the Russian Arctic

It is very likely that you will see whales and then polar bears. As for walruses, they will definitely not go anywhere – whole rookeries will be waiting for your arrival.

Note, that June and July, partly August are the only months of the year, when tourists are sent on such cruises. Any later, that’s it, the wicket slams shut. At sea to swim ice the size of the “Titanic”, and the weather will be so bad that it will be time to think about survival – there is no time to impressions!

Holidays in July in Russia – 7 ideas

Holidays in Russia in July

You have not decided where to vacation in July 2022 in Russia? Then I will tell you about the best places! Learn where to find an inexpensive vacation by the sea and where to go on an exciting trip. My personal experience, tips and juicy photos that will inspire your trip. Let’s go!

    – Find bargain tours – hotels with flashback – active tours in Russia


Crimea is a charming and pleasant land. There you will find a scattering of resorts for every taste and a clean sea, which in some places is not worse than in Cyprus or the Maldives. In addition to excellent beaches, the peninsula offers picturesque mountains and hundreds of trails for pleasant hiking, and in general a lot of beautiful and interesting places.

I advise everyone to visit the Crimea at least once (we ourselves have been there four times). Just come without inflated expectations concerning service – with it there really all is bad. We honestly talked about all the advantages and disadvantages of rest in the Crimea, read both notes and decide what you have more weight. For me personally, the pros clearly outweigh. I will definitely come to the Crimea again, and more than once!

Why do I think the Crimea is the best place to relax by the sea in Russia in July 2022? The sea in the middle of summer is already warmed up, the beaches there are not only pebble, but also sandy, the nature is beautiful, holidays are inexpensive, the sights abound, and get to the Crimea is now possible by any means. Our detailed guides on the Crimea will help you easily plan your vacation.

Summer holidays in Crimea

Admiring the view from the top of the Koklyuk Mountain in the Crimea. View from Cape Fiolent.


Where to go in July in Russia for those who do not like the heat, crowded beaches and tired of the city? Come to Karelia!

Last summer I went there for the first time and was fascinated by it. There you will find mossy forests, clear lakes, and an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. A great place to reset, digitally and socially detoxify – you’ll have a great vacation! Rent a small house in a picturesque place, go fishing, visit the Vottovaara Mountain, see the beautiful examples of Russian wooden architecture and ancient petroglyphs. We have written detailed guides on vacationing in Karelia – they will help you organize your trip.

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The fabulous mossy Karelian forest. The wooden Assumption Cathedral in Kemi.

Krasnodar Region

To go to rest on the sea in July you can also go to the Krasnodar region. There will be a little more civilization than in the Crimea, especially in the most hyped resorts.

The choice of places for recreation is very large. Do you want to have a rest at a big resort with the developed infrastructure? Please go to Sochi, Anapa or Gelendzhik. Do you wish to have fewer other people around? Come to the small villages – there are a lot of them, especially on the Azov Sea coast. For the demanding there are expensive and serious hotels and even “all-inclusive”, and budget guest houses and the private sector are waiting for the thrifty tourists. In short, everyone will find his own thing here. Read about the resorts of Krasnodar region and find out where to find sandy beaches.

Many airlines fly to Sochi, Krasnodar and Anapa, so tickets are cheap. I myself usually go to the south of Russia by car – this way you can visit any place without excursions and buses, and spontaneously change resorts. But keep in mind that a July vacation by the sea in Russia is about one and a half to two times more expensive than in June or September.

In addition to beach holidays in the south you can go hiking, rafting and rafting on the rivers, jeep tours in the mountains to waterfalls, gorges and caves, water parks, mud baths and more. It will be interesting to go on trips to Adygea, Red Glade and Abkhazia.

Beach in Divnomorskoye, Krasnodar Territory. My trip to Lago-Naki, Adygea.

North Ossetia and Ingushetia.

If you want for your vacation special and not banal program, I advise to go in July to the North Caucasus! This is my favorite region of Russia, I love every Caucasian republic with all my heart.

What is it worth visiting Ossetia and Ingushetia for? For the incredibly beautiful mountains, medieval tower complexes, crypts full of dead people’s bones, and, of course, the Caucasian cuisine. Also, there are almost no other tourists and you can feel like a real discoverer. Especially in Ingushetia – after driving all over the republic, we have not met a single tourist, and almost none of the locals. The mountaineers are like that, they do not show their face unnecessarily.

Also in Ossetia it is worth visiting the infamous Karmadon Gorge, where Sergey Bodrov Junior and his film crew died. I guarantee, the furrows left on the walls of the rocks by the descending glacier will impress you and make you feel the scale of that disaster. We searched for the way through the gorge and the place where the film crew had perished late at night, already in total darkness. The silence and darkness of the gorge was oppressive and frightening as we were standing there all alone. What if now also a glacier slide or a landslide will begin? What if we would remain buried here forever? Such thoughts swirled in my head. Nothing bad had happened, of course, but my friends and I felt the possibility of disaster very keenly. If you are not afraid, I advise you to repeat our experience and go to the gorge alone and after sunset. You are waited by strong emotional experience.

Mountains of Ingushetia. Targim tower complex in Ingushetia. The City of the Dead Dargavs – the most famous necropolis in the Caucasus. North Ossetia.

Lake Seliger

Lake Seliger is a system of lakes of glacial origin in the Tver and Novgorod regions of Russia. Many tourists from Moscow and neighboring regions come here in the summer, and in July Seliger is a real tourist boom. The weather in July is typical for the average strip of Russia: +25°C during the day, +14°C at night, the water is brisk +18°C, but it does not interfere with recreation at all.

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Wild recreation in tents is especially popular on the Seliger, but for civilization lovers there are comfortable bases, some of which are located on islands. Local tourist bases offer standard entertainment: beach, fishing, hunting, excursions. All beaches are sandy with fine clean sand and are suitable for recreation with children. Here you can play tennis and paintball, rafting on rivers, jumping with a parachute, renting a boat or a boat. In the pine forests it is pleasant to walk or ride a bicycle. Moreover, some hotels offer spa treatments and sauna.

Popular are tours to Hachin Island, to the source of the Volga River and to the holy Okovetsky Key. And the most famous place on the Seliger is the Nilov Hermitage Monastery on the Stolobnoe Island. There you can climb the bell tower and capture the magnificent panoramic views.

Where to relax in Russia in July

Lake Seliger, Nilo-Stolobenskaya Desert. Photo: flickr.com / © trialsanderrors.

Caucasian Mineral Waters

Another popular region where you can go to vacation in July in Russia is the Caucasian Mineral Waters. It is worth going here for active and health-improving rest. Here are located some of the best resorts of the country. The most popular resorts are Kislovodsk, Zheleznovodsk, Pyatigorsk and Essentuki.

In July in the Caucasus is warm and sunny: +28°C during the day and +17°C at night, it is mostly dry but sometimes rains with thunderstorms occur. It’s hot in the open air, but the parks and squares provide saving shade and the July heat of the day is pleasant and easy to bear. If you plan a trip to the mountains, bring a raincoat or windbreaker.

In addition to treatment in sanatoriums, tourists explore local attractions and architecture: Pushkin and Pirogov baths, Lake Proval and Mashuk Mountain in Pyatigorsk, the Narzan Gallery and Chaliapin Manor in Kislovodsk, the palace of the Emir of Bukhara in Zheleznovodsk. In every resort town there are beautiful parks with wells, fountains and paths, and for beach recreation are equipped with special recreation areas on lakes and rivers. I especially fervently recommend taking a trip to Dzhily-Su and the Bermamyt plateau – it’s just space!

Once, when traveling through the Caucasus, I stopped for a couple of days at Pyatigorsk. The atmosphere there is truly special. After such a trip, “A Hero of Our Time” begs to be reread. Someday I will definitely go there for treatment and to relax in the best traditions of 19th century “water society”.

Famous “Failure” in Pyatigorsk. The outskirts of Kislovodsk. View of Mount Elbrus. Photo: Hombit / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0 license. Landscapes at Dzhily-Su.

Kola Peninsula.

Another completely off the beaten track and insanely interesting place to go in July in Russia for adventure!

Kola Peninsula is little known to the mass tourist, and in vain – there are many beautiful places and unexpected discoveries. You can find here moss-covered slopes of Khibiny mountains, huge circuses of Lovozero tundras, wild horses living in desert, picturesque White Sea coast, cemetery of ships in Teriberka, atomic ice-breaker in Murmansk, super-deep well and real edge of the Earth – Nemetsky Cape, the northernmost point of European part of Russia. In general, Kola is a real jewel box! I don’t know any reason against a trip to this wonderful place. Probably, you would have to be the most boring person on Earth to refuse such an adventure.

It is especially interesting to go here in July. The Kola Peninsula is above the Arctic Circle, so in June-July the sun doesn’t set below the horizon all day round here. Read about our expedition to Kola.

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