Where to go to sea with children in July 2022

Where to go with children in July

Many are planning a vacation with children by the sea in July, when the water and air at the resorts have warmed up. In my experience, it is better to plan a family vacation at the beginning of the month, since in late July in many foreign and Russian resorts is already hot and humid.

Choosing where to vacation, keep in mind the climate. Beach holidays in the south of Turkey in July for children will not be comfortable because of the high heat. If you want to go on a family vacation to Spain or Greece, choose the northern resorts, where it is cooler.

Another criterion is the price. Choosing a budget destination in Europe, you can go to Bulgaria or Montenegro, while in Russia a variant of “inexpensive” will be the Crimea, where it’s easy to travel by car.

The advantage of a holiday in July:

  • this is the high season with the widest list of entertainments, interesting excursions, all museums, popular recreation places and entertainment centers work;
  • a wide choice of tours to all requests;
  • a lot of holidaymakers with children, a child everywhere can find the company;
  • In July at the resorts a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Of the minuses – the cost of stays, excursions and other offers in July the highest. At all the resorts of the influx of tourists, and the July heat will not suit everyone. And yet suitable options sea.

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Where to vacation with a child abroad


Turkey beach sand tourism

© yusufk53 / pixabay.com / CC BY 2.0

Turkey according to the reviews of the Russians, the leader among the popular destinations for family holidays.

It is always possible to find hot tours to Turkey. Our people like it for the “all-inclusive” system – spend only on a tour, and take with a minimum of money for excursions and souvenirs. Popular Antalya, which has the most interesting suggestions for a holiday with children, including museums – from archaeology to toys. But in July here to +40, which, together with humidity is not easy to endure. I recommend Kusadasi, with a milder climate and low humidity – no suffocating heat, almost all hotels on the first line, shallow sea, around large water parks and an excellent level of service.

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Cyprus is also suitable for holidays with children – the sea is shallow, with a sandy bottom. From budget resorts there is Larnaca with first-line hotels and plenty of entertainment. Also suitable is Ayia Napa – a lot of children’s clubs and activities for children. In Cyprus, you can have a relatively cheap vacation: here, too, there is an all-inclusive system. The air in July in Cyprus on average is heated to +35, the sea up to +30. Try to go to the beach and excursions not in the hottest hours of the day.


Bulgaria beach sand sea

© nextvoyage / pixabay.com / CC BY 2.0

Bulgaria is a budget version of a European resort, with good service and plenty of attractions. The beaches – Sunny Beach, Golden Sands, Albena, Sozopol and others – are sandy with a gentle coast, inexpensive fruits and vegetables, the climate is mild, on average +28 in July.

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Tunisia is also notable for its low prices. Hotels offer babysitting services, a lot of children’s hobby clubs, playgrounds, swimming pools, water parks, dolphinaria, zoos, you can ride horses and camels, a lot of Russian-speaking animators. But the sun really burns, try to take children out in the morning or evening, use sunscreen.

    – Unusual excursions from locals. – Inexpensive group tours.

Only Russian speaking guides.


sand beach baby sand beach

© kasjanf / pixabay.com / CC BY 2.0

In Greece in July in the daytime it reaches +35, but the heat is relatively easy to endure thanks to the sea breeze. Still, I advise to prefer the beginning of July – even less people in the resorts at this time. The most pleasant climate is on Crete, Corfu or Rhodes, there are all entertainments for children and informative excursions in the area.

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Montenegro is favorable to the Russians, for whom there is a visa-free regime. In July, the climate is mild – the air temperature reaches +30, water – up to +24. Of the pluses – low, compared to other resorts, prices, combined with beautiful scenery and clean beaches and the sea, delicious cuisine and fascinating excursions.


croatia sailboat mountain sailing boat bay beach

© Kookay / pixabay.com / CC BY 2.0

In Croatia in July in the daytime up to +27-it’s comfortable for adults and children. Croatian beaches are marked by the Blue Flag for purity and comfort. In addition to package tours, there are reasonable prices for excursions, souvenirs, local food, so the whole family can have a budget vacation.


More expensive option – Italy: interesting traditions, amazing nature, mild climate, delicious cuisine and centuries-old attractions. In July it’s over +30, but the heat is easily tolerated due to the proximity of the sea. For a holiday with children are popular sunny Sicily and Rimini, the Venetian coast.

Dominican Republic

If children can easily handle long flights, and you are not afraid of the exotic, you can choose the Dominican Republic. July is the beginning of the rainy season and the flow of tourists falls – as well as prices. The daytime temperature reaches +31, the sea temperature reaches +28, with high humidity the heat creates discomfort, so think about the decision to go here with children. Resorts with a more comfortable climate – Punto Cana, Puerto Plata, Boca Chica, Santo Domingo, Juan Dolio – white beaches with a rich underwater world, nature reserves with turtles and dolphins and a variety of tropical fruits.

According to reviews of Russians, suitable for recreation with children hotels in the Dominican Republic are in Punta Cana – charter flights from Russia, the sea is clean and closed by coral reefs from sharks and waves, the hotel area is protected, there are children’s pools, playgrounds, adventure park Osean World. Another popular hotel resort is Boca Chica, close to the airport, all inclusive.


Vietnam beach children play boat village

© Quangpraha / pixabay.com / CC BY 2.0

In exotic Vietnam with visa-free entry in July it reaches up to +33, but the sea breeze gives a chill. The most comfortable at this time are high-altitude resorts, such as in Dalat, protected by pine forests, but there is no sea. And the best resorts with sea for a holiday with children in Vietnam – Nha Trang and the island of Phu Quoc. There are good beaches, especially on Phu Quoc, and a developed tourist infrastructure. In July there are a lot of hot deals in Vietnam at low prices. And yet – the parents of young children need to weigh all the risks, including infectious diseases and difficult acclimatization.

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July Egypt is dry, which makes it easier to bear the heat than in Turkey. Experienced parents recommend bathing with children before the peak of the heat from 11 to 16 hours. Egypt attracts relatively low prices for holidays “all inclusive”, excursions to the pyramids, all kinds of water activities, walks on camels. And yet the temperatures for many Russians are extreme – from +35 in early July to +45 at the end. It is worth thinking.

Where to relax with a child in Russia


beach anapa mountain children swim

© alexxx-malev / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

In Russia, the best choice according to the reviews of holidaymakers for holidays with children is considered Anapa. The air temperature in July here reaches up to +29 degrees, the sea up to +25. The sea is shallow, with a sandy bottom, the kids are delighted to swim and build sand castles. All sorts of water activities, rides, mazes, animators. One popular place – the village Vityazevo, which prices vary depending on location – from 500 rubles per day in a guest house to 1,800 rubles per day at the hotel for two with breakfast.

The temperature in July in the Crimea is comfortable even for small children. Popular resort Evpatoria with sandy beaches, shallow warm sea and entertainment for children. Increase the popularity and level of service and other resorts – Sudak, Feodosia, Koktebel. In addition to a mild climate, a pleasant sea, interesting natural and urban attractions and proximity Crimea is good opportunity to allocate the budget on their own, their variant of accommodation and food.

July is the best time to relax in Adler or Abkhazia, which offer a holiday for every purse. Abkhazia is easy to reach, it gives a sense of exoticism along with beautiful mountain scenery and distinctive culture and the absence of language and visa barriers.

Ideal for a holiday with children in July Yeisk – excellent weather without stifling heat, with moderate rain, warm Azov Sea, sandy beaches, gentle bottom, numerous water activities, as well as mineral and mud springs. But the prices for recreation, compared with other Russian resorts, are tangible – for accommodation, food, excursions and entertainment. Your own search for an accommodation in the private sector can be the way out.

Where to go on vacation in July 2022 by the sea

Summer is the traditional vacation time, but in a temperate and moderately continental climate, the middle of a short warm period is usually accompanied by heat and heavy precipitation, bringing humidity and discomfort. With the instability and uncertainty created by the pandemic, it is difficult to predict tourist destinations to go to for rest and relaxation. The decision of where to go on vacation, abroad to the sea or to domestic destinations, in July 2022 will have to take into account some important factors.

Suggestions from the travel industry, where you can go on vacation abroad at sea

Major aggregators are a great way to navigate prospective destinations, especially since choices were limited in 2021 mid-summer. It is possible to decide where to go on vacation in July, not only in itineraries abroad to the sea, but also in familiar domestic destinations, although it is somewhat premature: it is still unknown what the summer of 2022 will be. It can either please or disappoint tourists and vacationers.

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The tourism industry suffered serious losses due to border closures during the pandemic. But now some countries are already open to visitors, especially those where tourism is the main filler of the budget. Therefore, aggregators, where you can find an overview of the possibilities and great deals, have already identified the most promising destinations, where to go abroad with the comfort of the sea in July 2022:

  • Countries that receive small volumes of tourists, just going global: Montenegro, Croatia and Albania. In the uncharted Balkans nearby is Bulgaria, a haven for all the Soviet tourists who wanted to go abroad.
  • The list of destinations where you can go without visas is attractive, but not in the middle of summer – for example, Thailand has a rainy season, and in Turkey, although the sea is warm, but the climate makes midsummer hot to uncomfortable. In Greece, for the same reason you should not go to Halkidiki. Unbearable heat in the UAE – Russians can spend time in hotels with swimming pools, but without romance and air conditioning.
  • Cyprus, Italy and Spain, islands under the jurisdiction of Greece are all tempting suggestions for sightseeing and beach vacations in mid-summer. But it remains to be seen whether the European Union will open its territory to tourists and vacationers. Do not forget about the need for visas, and that is the paperwork, waiting for permission, which may not be successful.
  • Indonesia, as the largest island nation on the planet, is a great, but not cheap solution to the question of where to go in July 2022 abroad to vacation at sea. The list of suggestions: the Mentawai Islands, Sumatra, Borneo, Lombok and Bali – heavenly places with unusual entertainment, luxurious nature, interesting tourist sites.

A Borovikov, chief manager of a travel agency: “It is quite understandable why there are countries in the advertising lists, which are practically unsuitable for a holiday in the middle of summer. There is no high season in them and it is possible to offer inexpensive tours, issue promo codes and announce discounts. People who want to rest inexpensively and comfortably, should be guided by their own experience (as is the case with Turkey and Egypt), or independently seek information about the intended purpose of travel. I want to add that this is the way agencies that are not interested in the accumulated customer base.

Top countries, where you can go on vacation abroad at sea inexpensively

If you are only guided by the budget of the trip, you can make a rash choice: Mid-summer is the peak vacation season with high demand. In this case the cost of the tour is not always explained by the cheapness of life or exhaustion of the tourist industry. Free cheese is known to be only in a mousetrap.


Invariably leading in the list of budget proposals, where inexpensive in July 2022 to go on vacation at sea abroad, despite the proximity, cheapness and tempting “all inclusive” is not a good choice in the middle of summer, especially on the Antalya coast. There’s no rain here, but the humidity is high, the sun is aggressive, the temperature over 30 feels like the whole +40°C.

August 2022: where to go inexpensive trip abroad to the sea

But it’s not all so gloomy – on the Aegean Sea the humidity is less, and the sea water is pleasantly refreshing. True, and the price for a week – by 5 thousand rubles more (not 45, but from 50 thousand rubles).


Feedback from those who have been there in July is contradictory, some vow not to go again, others are delighted. To go to the Black Sea is possible in Russia, the beaches are crowded, which is not very good during the pandemic. Besides, it is necessary to set priorities: children go to Albena, comfortable (by local standards) hotels – to Sunny Beach, and the muds can be treated only in Pomorie.

How will be in 2022, it is not known yet, in 2021 there were no tours sold, but it was possible to fly Aeroflot to Burgas or to Sofia for a vacation. Even if the point of arrival is not satisfied, you can get to your destination quickly, Bulgaria is a small country.

The price for a week is almost 50 thousand rubles, and there is little opportunity to save money here – with a full ration the tour is already priced at 12 thousand more. In addition, a visa is needed to enter this country, and it is not yet known whether at the time of the trip the European Union will issue permits, and whether the grounds for their issuance will change.


The best time to travel is early July – at the end of the second summer month the heat is almost the same as in Turkey, but it is much easier to bear because of the lower humidity. You can fly to Greece with direct flights, but the places for beach holidays in this time are limited – Crete, Rhodes, Kos. If you don’t mind the humidity, you can go to the green Ionian islands of Corfu and Halkidiki. Despite the statement that in Greece to vacation is inexpensive, will be a little more expensive than in Turkey – from 60 thousand rubles, plus the inconvenience of obtaining a Schengen visa. But if you manage to do it, you can choose one of four popular destinations:

  • Crete, where you can swim in the Ionian, Libyan and Aegean seas, relax with children, do diving.
  • Corfu is covered with exotic trees, all the beaches are environmentally friendly, though not sandy, but pebbly.
  • Rhodes will require more money to travel, but the hotels and beaches are of a high class, a lot of monuments, antique and from the Middle Ages.
  • Santorini is a romantic island, where weddings often take place, suitable for beach and family vacation.

Greece – a fabulous place where you can get up to 60 thousand rubles and relax to a mind-blowing state of ease. But the choice of tours and destinations should be approached thoughtfully, bearing in mind that we will have to deal with getting visas, and it takes time. In addition, it is still unknown whether it will be possible to do this closer to the summer. If all ends well, and the budget suits you, you can explore other routes in Greece.

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It is often mentioned in the list of where to go in July 2022 abroad to vacation at sea inexpensively and without a visa. Here are also allowed tourists traveling on their own, the air temperature in the country is more comfortable than in Turkey and Greece, the water in the Adriatic Sea gravitates to +25 ° C, for coolness you can go to the mountains. On the list of the best options are Budva, Herceg Novi, Ulcinj and Sveti Stefan. Three people and a child can vacation for three weeks for 75 thousand rubles, and if the two of them are on an all-inclusive basis, it will cost 10 thousand rubles more.

Aside from the cheapness, you don’t need a visa. However, at the entrance one would have to pay a tax (1 euro for each day of stay on the territory), independent tourists have to register. If you travel on a tour, it is already included in its cost.

So far you can get only with a connection, flying from Moscow. In the plans to open direct flights from St. Petersburg, Krasnodar and Rostov. For the lack of registration at the border, already on departure, you can pay a 200 euro fine.

Where can I go on vacation by the sea without a visa

In the ever-changing epidemiological situation, the list of traditionally hospitable destinations has noticeably decreased, and some countries have closed their borders again, after the long-awaited opening of air travel. The winners of the ranking of demand, where to go on vacation in July 2022 abroad on a trip to the sea without a visa, are as many as five destinations:

  • Israel, where you can bathe in the Dead Sea, the Mediterranean and the Red Sea and fly in 4 hours, but the country is counted among the expensive destinations.
  • Jordan, with the Dead and Red Sea, therapeutic mud and thermal springs. Recreation is varied, but it is hot and not cheap everywhere. Entering through Aqaba, you can get a visa at the border absolutely free.
  • Tunisia, inexpensive and colorful, is positioned as the ideal place to relax with children, but it is comfortable for adults. There are rooms for thalassotherapy, which employs specialists who speak Russian.
  • Morocco with a surprisingly comfortable temperature, flying from Moscow.
  • Seychelles – a real paradise on earth, but a long flight and a ticket price – from 36 thousand rubles.

Early booking, lower class hotels and foregoing breakfast will help to save on travel extra money which can be spent on shopping. But there is no need to count on a travel agent’s discount – people in the high season are not worried about thermometer extremes, all destinations are in demand.


Midsummer is the traditional vacation period, a high season, but the choice of the destination is made according to the usual criteria:

  1. Is it possible to rest inexpensively.
  2. Are there other activities than lying on the beach.
  3. Do I have to get a visa to enter.

There are promising destinations that meet all the requirements of the client.

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