Where to go to the sea with children in May 2022

Where to go on vacation with kids in May 2023

In the difficult conditions of the pandemic, there are frankly few options for where to go on vacation with a child in May.

Armenia, Belarus, Serbia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan are open from non-swim destinations, but they are not very popular with tourists with children. Armenia or Serbia are better to take children of school age to such destinations, because at least sightseeing trips for them won’t be so tiresome.

The leaders of the Russian coast are the Crimea and Sochi.

The end of spring marks the transition to the holiday season. It’s still too early to swim in the sea, as the water is not yet warm enough. At the southern coast its temperature reaches +18 degrees, and in other areas of +16 degrees. Even the most hardened child will be cool. Comfortable temperature will be closer to the end of May.

In the cities, located on the coast, the air warms up to +20 degrees.

Swallow's Nest

To vacation with a child tourists usually choose Epvatoria, Saki, Nikolaevka, as it is the western coast is characterized by an extensive shallow water. Beaches with a shallow entrance to the water are also in Feodosia, Sudak. Thus resorts on the southern coast of Crimea is the most popular, there are a lot of tourists.

May is good for sightseeing trips, trips to the mountains, caves, valleys. If the kids are adults, you can visit the most famous castles, fortresses and palaces.

Choose and book a tour in the Crimea can be here:

A year-round destination, which became Sochi after the Winter Olympics, is also popular in May, especially during the first decade, when the whole country is resting.

Tourists prefer Sochi and Adler to other Krasnodar region resorts because the main tourist attractions are concentrated here. First and foremost, of course, is the Olympic cluster.

May weather is still quite unstable. There may be both warming and cooling. Rains and strong winds are not excluded. This weather is capricious until the middle of the month, but by the end of May the conditions for recreation are already quite comfortable. The closer to June, the more tourists.

Officially most beaches open only in June, so you can not think about swimming yet.

It is as easy to make a day trip to neighboring Abkhazia as it was in pre-Coronavirus times. From May 1 Russian citizens returning from Abkhazia to Russia are not required to pass a test for coronavirus.

Where to go to rest with children in May

To choose and book a tour to Sochi you can here:

Other destinations in Russia

Rest, not related to the beaches, is possible in different parts of the country. So, with children you can go to the cities of the “Golden Ring of Russia”, in Moscow or St. Petersburg, in Kazan or Kaliningrad, in Karelia or Altai.

Russian citizens entering the country must have a negative PCR test done no earlier than 48 hours before departure. The certificate must be translated into English or Arabic. Children under the age of 12 are not required to undergo a PCR test.

In early May the weather is still comfortable, but towards the end of the month the temperature rises steadily. Vacation with children in the UAE is better to plan for the first two weeks of the month, as in the second half of the inevitable stuffiness, heat and high humidity. However, the situation may be saved by staying in one of the beach hotels, from the territory of which you can not go out at all, as for the rest has everything: from playgrounds and play clubs with babysitting to its own water park.

Where to go to rest with children in May

In Dubai and Sharjah, on the Persian Gulf, the daytime temperature is +36-37 degrees, in Abu Dhabi – up to +38 degrees, with high humidity, at night it’s cooler. In Fujairah, on the Gulf of Oman, it’s hot during the day and at night, and the humidity is lower, so that the rest here is more comfortable.

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From May 14 Greece cancelled quotas and quarantine for Russian citizens, regardless of their vaccination status. From March 15, 2022 it is no longer required to fill out the Passenger Locator Form on the travel.gov.gr website.

Russia resumed regular flights to Greece on February 8, there are no charter flights yet. Russians can enter Greece through international airports of Greece, seaports of Patras, Igoumenitsa, Kerkyra as well as through border crossing points of Promahonas, Ormenio and Evzoni.

Where to go to rest in July 2022 in Russia - 7 ideas

Where to go to rest with children in May

In mid-May the tourist season starts in Greece, resorts and beaches open, and seasonal hotels begin operating. The end of spring is suitable for a holiday in comfortable weather conditions: no rain, no heat, and not a lot of tourists yet. By the end of May the sea water on the coast of the islands gets +20-22 degrees.

For holidays with children choose Crete, Rhodes, Corfu. In Crete go first to Chania and Lassithi, in Rhodes – to the Mediterranean coast with its wide sandy beaches and shallow water. Many hotels in Corfu are “all inclusive” and offer a variety of opportunities for family holidays.

You can choose and book a tour to Greece here:

Russian citizens must submit a negative PCR test result for coronavirus made no earlier than 72 hours before departure. At the airport you will need another test (30 euros at Larnaca airport and 32 euros at Paphos airport). From May 10, 2021 Russians who have had the full course of vaccination against COVID-19 will not require a PCR test. Vaccination data should be uploaded to the above mentioned website.

The Cypriot authorities have expressed readiness to accept Russian tourists from April 1, but Russia has not yet resumed regular flights to this country. To get to Cyprus is possible with connection in third countries. Carriers offer tourists cargo-passenger flights, which are operated with single permits (Moscow – Larnaca, St. Petersburg – Larnaca).

Where to go to rest with children in May

Around from April to mid-November in Cyprus lasts bathing season. In May the beaches open officially and seasonal hotels open. It is during this time is noticeable influx of tourists.

In May, there is no heat, the water is warm, it is very sunny and the rains are rare. The air in average warms up to +23-25 degrees, and the sea – up to +20-22 degrees.

For a holiday with children choose hotels in popular resorts – Protaras, Ayia Napa, Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos, Nicosia.

In a vacation program, in addition to beach activities, it is worth including excursions to local attractions.

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There are no direct flights to Montenegro yet. As of April 2022 it is possible to get to the country mainly via Belgrade, less frequently via Vienna, Budapest (it is necessary to specify the existing restrictions in the airports of transfer).

In late spring the tourist season starts in Montenegro, but it is still too early to swim. Water near coast is warmed up to only +18 degrees. Playing on the beach can be combined with sightseeing trips to the countryside.

Popular places for holidays with children are Sveti Stefan, Becici, Budva, Herceg Novi, Petrovac and Tivat. The warmest places are Bar, Tivat.

Where to go to rest with children in May

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Russian citizens must provide a certificate with a negative PCR test results not earlier than 72 hours before entry into the country. Children under 6 years of age are exempt from the PCR test.

Russia and Egypt fully resumed air links between the countries. Tour operators have launched charters from more than 20 Russian cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Voronezh, Novosibirsk, Ufa, Rostov, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Krasnodar, and others.

Where to go to rest with children in May

To fly to Egypt from Russia, you can also go through Belarus (find out more).

May is the best time to vacation with children at the Red Sea. It’s warm, but not hot at all, even cool in the evenings. In Hurghada, the daytime air temperature averages +33 degrees, in Sharm el Sheikh about the same, but it’s stuffy because of the windless weather.

The water temperature in the Red Sea is +26 degrees.

To find and book a tour to Egypt, click here:


Russians must submit a negative PCR test for COVID-19 made 72 hours before departure. The certificate must be translated into English. At most 72 hours before departure, a special electronic form must be filled out at seychelles.govtas.com. The cost of the service is 45 euros for adults, 5 euros for children under 12 years of age. It is mandatory to have COVID-19 insurance.

Spring in the Seychelles is a period of off-season, the transition from the wet season to the dry season. However, this boundary is quite blurred, because it’s almost year-round warm and dry.

In May the daytime temperature reaches +31 degrees, while in the evening it gets a little cooler: +26 degrees. Temperatures are stable, the weather does not bring any surprises. Most days on the islands are windless, calm. The water is very warm and ideal for swimming: +28 degrees.

November 2022 holiday in Russia: where to go

With children is better to stay on the island of Mahe – the largest of the Seychelles Islands archipelago. Here is the capital city of Victoria and the airport. Mahe is worth to be preferred if only because all socially important services are always close by: pharmacies, medical centers, etc.

Where to go to rest with children in May

You can choose and book a tour to the Seychelles here:


All travelers must file a medical declaration within 72 hours prior to arrival in the Maldives, filling out a form at imuga.immigration.gov.mv/ethd. The cost of the service is 45 euros for adults, 5 euros for children under 12 years. Obligatory presence of insurance from COVID-19.

The “high” season in the Maldives lasts from November to May. In May, the demand for the direction falls, because tourists are afraid of the rainy season. In reality, vacation at this time is still comfortable enough. The sky is clouded infrequently, the rains are short and rare. Most of the rain falls in the summer.

If you fly to the Maldives with children, it’s during the first decade of May – just in time for the May holidays.

During the day the air is heated to +30 degrees, in the evening a little cooler: +26 degrees.

Judging by the reviews of tourists, May is quite comfortable, pleasant and quiet, rainfall is infrequent, and sometimes for the entire vacation does not happen a single rainstorm.

Many Maldives hotels are “all inclusive” suitable for families: children are provided with entertainment programs, there are babysitting services, activities in the clubs, special menus in restaurants.

Going to the Maldives with children, remember: there are no pharmacies on the resort islands, so all medications should be brought with you.

Where to go to rest with children in May

You can find and book a tour to the Maldives here:

If parents are not embarrassed by the prospect of spending half a day in the plane with children, you can among the options to consider a holiday in Cuba.

The tourist season is coming to an end in May: the upcoming summer in Cuba will be hot and rainy. Therefore, to fully enjoy a beach holiday, it is worth planning a trip to the first half or middle of May.

Water temperature does not drop below +27 degrees. During the day the air is heated to +30 degrees and at night the thermometer goes down to +20-22 degrees.

Where to go to rest with children in May

For a holiday with children should prefer a tropical island Cayo Coco off the northern coast of Cuba. It is famous for its snow-white sandy beaches, pristine nature and 4-5* all-inclusive hotels.

Nearby islet Cayo Guillermo, where there are only four hotels, and the infrastructure is designed exclusively for tourists.

The most popular resort is Varadero.

To find and book a tour to Cuba click here:

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Where to go on May Holidays in 2022

As soon as the January vacations are over, the Russians immediately begin to decide where to go for the May holidays and to clarify how many days off in 2022.

According to the experience of the previous years, at this time most of the tourists are in the Crimea and the coast of Krasnodar region. Tired of winter and slushy spring, people are heading to the sea with their families. But we have also prepared for you some unusual routes. In addition, we will tell you where to relax with the whole family inexpensively.

Popular destinations

Moscow Region

St. Petersburg

By the Sea

The Big Sochi and the Crimea are at the top of the list. Yes, it’s too early to swim in the Black Sea (although some brave ones dare to step into the warm water), but you can still enjoy the fresh air, the smell of magnolias, sunbathing and eating rapans in the local restaurants.

Even if it’s still cool to swim, you can find a lot of fun in both Sochi and the Crimea. Photo: Natalia SHEREMETYEVA

In Sochi, the range of entertainment is huge. In the Olympic Village, a rodelbahn was opened – a sledge that accelerates on rails up to 40 kilometers per hour. It is possible to ride for over a kilometer at an angle of 22 degrees – quite an extreme experience. They are located near the elevator “Juventa”. Then you can rush to Rosa Peak – take pictures on the swings above the clouds or walk over the sky bridge in Skypark.

Where to vacation with children in Russia - 11 ideas

In the Olympic Village you can enjoy rode-along, a high-speed sledge on rails. Photo: rosakhutor.com

The Crimea will please you with bright parks, no less extreme hikes on Ai-Petri and fascinating descents into the caves.

All along the Black Sea coast you will be offered a yacht trip. It is ideal to meet the sunrise or spend the sunset on the deck.

Choose your coast

Black Sea

Sea of Azov

Baltic Sea

Hotels in Palmira Group: Unwinding vacations with comfort

Palmira Group is a Russian company which successfully specializes in management of hotels and cultural heritage sites. All objects in their portfolio correspond to modern trends of quality and comfortable recreation. They offer hotels for restful family vacations on the seashore in the Crimea, hotels for business trips and tourism in the big city and places to relax and rest easy a few kilometers away from Moscow.

With children

Deciding where to go with the kids for the May holidays in 2022? Consider Kolomna, near Moscow. The Pastila Museum, where kids can make a delicious dessert themselves, the Kalach Museum, where you can even try kalach with stewed goose, and the Tram Museum – a pure delight for little lovers of big machines.

A visit to the Kolomna Pastila Museum will please both children and adults. Photo: Mikhail Frolov

In the territory of the Kremlin, where Marina Mnishek was imprisoned, there’s School №3. Here are constantly organized different activities for the kids. On excursions it is necessary to make an appointment in advance.

Interesting excursions are held on the tower, where Marina Mnishek sat in confinement. Photo: kolomna-kremlin.org

Towards the end of the day, walk to the apple orchards glorified by the writer Ivan Lazhechnikov. When, if not in May, to take a walk here? Visit a coffee house “Dom s mezzanine”, where the atmosphere of a real merchant’s house was recreated. And finally take a walk through the old town center, have a picture with policemen or at one of the guard posts.

Interesting for the whole family




By Car

Traveling by own car is becoming more and more popular. Especially convenient for families with children. You can make your own route, make convenient stops and see the sights that are interesting only to you.


The classic car route lies along the South Coast of the Crimea. Start your journey in Simferopol – there is a large concentration of attractions dedicated to the ancient and modern history of the peninsula. Then you have Alushta, one of the favorite Crimean resorts since Soviet times. And finally, Yalta – the Crimean Riviera, the unofficial capital of the peninsula. Travel along the route pleasant – the road is generally smooth, although there are sections with serpentine ascents and descents.

Simferopol – Sevastopol

The capital of Crimea, the former capital of the Crimean Khanate and the hero-city of Sevastopol are all in one trip. Along the way you will see many major Crimean attractions, located both in the cities themselves, and in the vicinity: there are both natural sites (mountains, caves, reservoirs, bays), and man-made (monasteries, museums and entire cities). The roads are flat, all the serpentines are left aside, traveling by car on this route is a pleasure.

Kerch – Sudak

The picturesque route begins at the “Crimean gates” – Kerch. Everyone who drives a car comes to the peninsula through this city. On the way you pass through 4 cities and countless places of interest: from wide beaches to art galleries. There are sights to suit all tastes. But be careful on the mountain roads – the views, of course, open spectacular, but it’s better to go slowly.

Lazarevskoe – Sochi

Breathtaking landscapes, clear sea, steep serpentines – this route has absorbed all the contrasts of the Krasnodar region. On your way to the heart of the region – Sochi – you can decide for yourself where to stop. There is no need to choose, if you can visit all the interesting places you will see on your way, why Mamedovo Gorge in Lazarevskoe, tea plantations in Dagomys or ‘Arboretum’ in Sochi?

Adler – Rosa Khutor

Travelling to the mountains by car can be comfortable and pleasant if you go from Adler to Rosa Khutor. Climbs and serpentines, of course, will be your companions on the way, but you will be more than rewarded for these small difficulties – the views you will discover on the way are truly breathtaking. Before the trip, pay attention to the sights of Adler, and then – go ahead, conquer the mountain peaks!

Where to go in September 2022 in Russia - 8 ideas

Moscow – Gelendzhik

Swim in the Blue Bay, sunbathe on well-groomed sand and pebble beaches and go on safari. And on the way to the resort to see the Don and Oka, stop at the observation deck in the mountains. A trip to Gelendzhik by car is a great option for a family vacation. There is a lot of sun, comfortable hotels and family entertainment.

On a river cruise

River cruises in May have two big pluses: not too expensive compared to summer and not too hot. Of the minuses: it’s cold to swim in the river. But such a trip is like vitamin E for tired eyes. Travel agencies offer different tours. There are tours which last from 1 to 3 days, for example Moscow – Myshkin – Uglich – Tver – Torzhok – Khnevyi Bor – Moscow. There are tours up to 12 days long, for example: Nizhny Novgorod – Kozmodemyansk – Cheboksary – Kazan – Vyatka Polyany – Urzhum – Petropavlovsk (Sovetsk) – Potrepukhino (Kirov, Kotelnich) – Chistopol – Kazan – Nizhny Novgorod.

May Holidays can be spent on a river cruise. Photo: globallookpress.com

We advise to choose a holiday itinerary. For example, the ship “Alexei Tolstoy” offers a trip of six days in the direction of Samara – Saratov – Volgograd (Victory Day, a day and a half) – Saratov – Samara” (cost 12500 rubles). And motor ship “Georgy Checherin” promises three happy days along the route St. Petersburg – Vaalam – St. Petersburg (the cost from 4600 rubles).

And one more thing: take cash with you. You’ll probably want to buy something as a souvenir or dine at a local cafe, and on board and in small towns, card payment is often a problem.

Cruises along the Golden Ring

You can see the ancient cities of the Russian Volga region, the heart of Russia – the Golden Ring – during a river cruise on a motor ship. The programs last on the average 5-8 days and sometimes include wellness procedures: many ships have massage rooms, and sometimes entire spa areas.

Into the mountains

Each of you has heard something about Dagestan, but somehow has little idea what he can see there. And you can see the analogue of almost all national parks in the United States. Only a trip to the iconic places in America will cost a very large sum, and a ticket to Makhachkala on May Day can be bought for 5-6 thousand rubles.

The beauties of Dagestan are not inferior to the views of the national parks of the United States. Photo: unsplash.com

From the Dagestan capital, go straight to the Sulak Canyon. Not only is it one of the deepest and most beautiful in the world, but the incredibly bright turquoise Sulak River flows below. This huge body of water was created to support the operation of the Chirkei hydroelectric power station. In May, apricot orchards are in full bloom here.

Climb the highest arch dam in Europe (232.5 meters), the view from it is impressive. It’s as if all the mountains were laid out in the palm of your hand. You can take a boat ride on the reservoir, and then go fishing in the fishery, where you can immediately cook rainbow trout.

You can take a boat ride on the reservoir or on the river Sulak. Photo: unsplash.com

If you have time, go to the Chechen mountain village of Veduchi. There are Alpine meadows on one side and ancestral towers on the other. The views are breathtaking. In a couple of years a ski resort will be built here, so you need to go for pristine beauty right now.

Train “Pearl of the Caucasus”: Nalchik, Grozny and Derbent

Instead of sanatorium vacations in Pyatigorsk and Kislovodsk and luxurious hotels in Sochi came adventure trips to Dagestan, Chechnya and Adygea. Russian Railways have offered travelers a unique product – a railroad cruise through the key cities of the North Caucasus region.

Famous peaks of Russia




Along the Golden Ring

Let’s go on a trip to the Old Russian towns during the May holidays in 2022. Here you can see many unique monuments of culture and history, which miraculously survived to this day. In these ancient cities folk crafts are honored and treated with dishes of the national cuisine. And the prices for a tour will please tourists.

Where to go on holiday with children for New Year - 2021

Cities of the Golden Ring – a real encyclopedia of Russian history. Photo: pixabay.com

If you are not ready to go to the sea or to the mountains, take a tour of the Golden Ring and go on a fascinating journey through the country’s past. Yaroslavl, Vladimir, Rostov the Great, Kostroma, Suzdal, Sergiev Posad, Pereslavl-Zalessky – all these cities are true “encyclopedias” of Russian history, where both adults and children will be interested.

Ancient cities of Russia


Rostov the Great

Sergeyev Posad

Where to rest on May holidays inexpensive

We do not know who decided that the best experiences can be bought for a lot of money. If you have 322 rubles for the train Moscow-Krivandino, a bicycle and a couple of friends, then a great May holidays are already provided for you. You get to the terminal station and take your two-wheel drive through the village of Misheronsky to the Venichki Petushki. On your way you will see oak and pine forests, plenty of lakes, foxes, hares, blossoming apple orchards, and buy the first strawberries from the villagers. A great option to vacation in May inexpensively.

For new impressions you can go on a bike ride in the Meshchera. Photo: unsplash.com

If friends do not like cycling, look for fellow travelers on bike forums, Meschera is a popular destination, and you will always find company. Moreover, experienced travelers have with them modern navigation devices and applications that will help you not to go astray.

Want more extreme variant, pass on the Meshchera places on kayaks. Isikhra, Gus, Pra, Polya, Buzha – the impressions of these rivers will remain forever.

Take a look at other budget options


Veliky Novgorod





Beautiful and unusual

A piece of Tibet is easy to find in Europe’s only Buddhist republic, Kalmykia. The endless steppe, smelling of tarting feather grass, the golden abode of Shakyamuni Buddha, tulip fields and pelicans.

A piece of Tibet is easy to find in Europe’s only Buddhist republic, Kalmykia. Photo: Dmitry Akhmadullin

If you want to go somewhere beautiful and unusual for the May holidays in 2022, look for tickets to Elista. Here you find yourself in a completely different reality. Stores with pagodas, wind music at government buildings, monks walking through the city, prayer wheels.

Check out the main Buddhist temple in the city with a nine-meter statue of Buddha. Then go admire the tulips in the steppe. They bloom almost everywhere, but not for more than a week, so it’s hard to guess the exact time when they will.

Zolotaya in Elista is one of the largest Buddhist temples in Europe. Photo: commons.wikimedia.org

But pelicans and black-headed grouse are always there, you will find them on Lake Manych-Gudilo. The lake’s high mineralization and therapeutic muds attract hundreds of tourists, but in the spring there are not so many of them. Strangely enough, despite the popularity of Manich-Gudilo, there are no hotels, so it is better to take care of the lodging in advance. The distance from Elista to Manych is 190 kilometers.

Elista has an airport, but flights there are rare and expensive, it is easier to fly to Stavropol, Rostov-on-Don or Volgograd.


Bus Volgograd – Elista. From 750 rubles.
Bus Elista-Yashalta (nearest point to Manych) 250 rubles.

To Sakhalin with the travel company “Sodruzhestvo

Sakhalin, despite its remoteness, attracts more and more guests every year. The island is ideal for almost every kind of tourism. People come here to enjoy the beauty of nature, try ski slopes, enjoy the unique cuisine. The main thing is not to get confused in the variety of proposals. The travel company “Sodruzhestvo”, which organizes any type of tourism for guests, ready-made and individual tours, can help you with this.

Tasty and Fun

Where to go to get a good meal? Gastronomic tourism is very popular lately in Russia. In every corner of our country travelers are usually treated to unusual dishes and national viands.

At the Tsar Ambassador festival, guests are treated to a variety of herring dishes. Photo: vk.com/seledka76

Many gastronomic festivals and holidays will be held in the cities of the Golden Ring in 2022: the herring festival “Tsarsky Ambassador”, the International Cucumber Festival, the cheese festival, the gingerbread day, the festival “Khleb da Solba”, the day of Russian pie. Got your appetite whetted? We’ve gathered for you the top 10 most interesting events where you’re sure to get a very good meal!

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