Where to rest in Malaysia – 6 resorts.

The best resorts to vacation in Malaysia, where best to vacation in 2020

Malaysia is an attractive country, loved by many tourists. It is not large in size, but it is very beautiful. Mild climate, excellent beaches, good-natured population – this is what the first thing tourists who have been in Malaysia call, listing the advantages of rest in this state.

Geographical location

Malaysia is located in the southeastern part of Eurasia. The South China Sea divides the country into two parts. The western part is the mainland, it occupies the Malacca Peninsula. Nearby are other states – Thailand and Singapore.

And the eastern part of the country is occupied by many islands. The island of Borneo is on the border with Brunei and Indonesia.


When choosing a place to rest, you should consider the weather conditions of the region.

The climate in the southern part of the Malacca Peninsula and the island of Borneo is equatorial. The rest of the state is in the subequatorial belt. That is why the weather in the country during the year almost does not change. The average annual temperature of a particular region depends largely on the number of mountains. In the flat areas the average temperature exceeds +26 degrees. At the same time, during the hottest season, it can go up to +32 degrees during the day. At night, of course, a little colder. The average night temperature is +21 degrees.

It is always colder in the mountainous areas: with increasing altitude the temperature decreases.

As for the rains, they are distributed throughout the year. Kalimantan receives the most rainfall. In the western part of the country, the rains are less frequent.

Tourists believe that spring and summer are the best time to vacation in Malaysia. In the second half of autumn, the temperature rises and the air becomes more humid. Therefore, the vacation will be less comfortable.

As you know, the resorts are divided into two main varieties: beach and sightseeing. Both of them can be found in Malaysia.


Since Malaysia occupies exclusively peninsulas and islands, there are a lot of beaches and this in turn is reflected in the number of beach resorts. The coasts here are clean and the sea water is clear and warm.


Penang is the name of the state located on the Malacca Peninsula. This place is very popular with both locals and foreigners who come to spend their holidays in this beautiful country.

In the state of Penang a huge number of attractions, which will not leave any tourist indifferent.

To get to the island of Penang, do not have to cross the sea on any water transport. You can get here from the main part of the country by road. Especially for this long bridges were built over the sea.

Penang has a lot of hotels, where everyone will find a suitable price for a night.

The total cost of living in the state of Penang for two vacationers for 30 days, not including accommodation costs is 40-50 thousand rubles.

In a cheap restaurant you can have lunch for 200 rubles.

A one way ticket on the local public transport will cost about 40 rubles.


I think this is the best place to stay in Southeast Asia. The atmosphere is nice here.

You can start admiring the beauty of the island by approaching it by boat.

The city itself is cozy. There are narrow streets, colonial architecture, many cafes of the European type and a large number of Europeans themselves who have come here for recreation.


Tioman is washed by the waters of the South China Sea.

It is a quiet and peaceful place, which suits well those who like magnificent scenery and special, unforgettable experience.

Here among the buildings can not find high hotels, no matter how much the tourist does not gaze into the cityscape. Also, there are no big restaurants and other modern amenities. But the mild tropical climate, pleasant atmosphere and features of the local beach areas and attracts many tourists here.

Clear sea water, pebbly and sandy beaches are all attributes of Tioman. And the friendly locals won’t leave anyone in trouble. Everyone who happened to be on this island can try many new and unexplored things.

The uniqueness of Tioman is that there are suitable conditions for tourists with different requests and different financial capabilities.

Those who prefer a more secluded holiday can go to the eastern part of the island, to the beach of Juara. However, it is worth saying that in this case you should be prepared for a lot of expenses. Rest in the eastern part of Tioman is an expensive pleasure. If the budget does not allow, you should go to the northern part of the island. The coast here is called “AerBatang”. It is a gathering place not only for those who want to save money on vacation, but also for diving enthusiasts with different budgets.

Prices in Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur for the traveler

The main attraction of Tioman, which attracts a large number of tourists – a mountain with a funny name – “Ears of a Donkey. Apparently, locals associate it with tropical plants growing on the top.

In a restaurant at a good hotel, the average cost of a meal is $8-10. In cheap street cafes, you can dine three times cheaper.

As for lodging, you can rent a bungalow for $ 15 or resort, a stay which will cost 10 times more expensive.

Moving around Tioman is possible on a rental bike. You can get around Tioman by renting a bicycle.


Tioman is the most beautiful island in Malaysia. It combines impenetrable jungle, high mountains and huge rocks on the coast.

The temperature here all year round is about the same +30 degrees. We came here in the summer, as we knew there were no waves and almost no rainfall at that time.

Our itinerary was as follows.

1. We chose hotel Tunamaya. We had a good view of the island. The hotel gave us a free boat transfer from the ferry.

2. Then we stayed at the Hotel Berjaya. There is a long beautiful beach with palm trees next to it.

On the third day, we moved to TheBarat hotel. Here we bathed in the sea, walked on the beach, and admired the beauty of tropical nature.

Rava is a small tropical island, which above all should be recommended to those who love extreme. It is located 15 km from the main coast, and its diameter is about 1 km.

It gathers fans of scuba diving and other hobbies related to the sea.

Unfortunately, the island itself is not as interesting as the beaches, but you can feel like a real Robinson. This is due to the small size and almost total absence of man-made objects. Of course, the island is not uninhabited. There are even a couple of hotels. However, tourists visit this place rarely.


Rava is just a heavenly place that I was lucky enough to visit recently. I will never forget this vacation. The warm, gentle climate, the beautiful tall tropical trees, the warm sea, the cute monkeys running by – everything was just amazing! Total relaxation and no city fuss!


Excursion resorts, unlike beach resorts, are remote from the coast. Tourists who want to experience the culture, history, and sights of this amazing island nation come here.

Kuala Lumpur

To list the sightseeing resorts of Malaysia, you must begin with the big city of Kuala Lumpur, because it is the capital of this country. It is a huge metropolis. It is home to 2 million people. Attractions in Kuala Lumpur can be found almost at every step. It was here you can look at the striking height of the Petranos Towers, which have become the hallmark of the country.

In addition, in the capital of many ways to have fun, among which everyone will find something to their liking.

Kuala Lumpur is not a quiet city, people here are in constant motion.

Kuala Lumpur is the center of the country and it is a must visit for those who want to get to know Malaysia from all sides.

Dinner at a restaurant alone in Kuala Lumpur can be for $ 3. That’s about the same price as a Big MacDonald’s Big MacDonald’s Big MacDonald’s Big MacDonald’s Big MacDonald’s Big MacDonald’s. And dinner for two with wine costs more than $15.

The fare on public transport costs 60 cents, which is about 40 rubles.

A room in a hostel can be rented for $20. The average room rate in a 3-star hotel – $ 40, in the 4-star – $ 70. And accommodation in the most comfortable conditions will cost more than $100.


I dreamed of going to Kuala Lumpur and seeing the towers for myself. This year my dream came true.

It was the perfect time to visit Kuala Lumpur. For two weeks of his vacation I saw not only these towers, but many other amazing sights.

It is very beautiful, interesting, warm, tasty, and not expensive.


The island of Borneo, which also bears the name – “Kalimantan”, is known primarily for its nature. Here there are primitive forests and mountains, the astonishing height.

Holidays in Borneo can be recommended to those who want to relax on the beaches with white sand and visit the picturesque nature parks. However, for this you will need to go to the north-eastern part of the island, namely in the state of Sabah.

Many hotels of those that are located in Sabah State, do not have their own beach. Therefore, for a vacation at sea have to travel to nearby beach areas. However, it does not cause much trouble, because in most cases, you can get from the hotel to the beach in less than 5 minutes.

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Beach lovers arriving in the state of Sabah spend their time on small islands. Getting to them helps water transport: boats and boats.

In Sabah you will find something nice to do not only for those who like to spend time on the beach, but also for those who like to explore new places. Here you can hike up the mountain trails and through the jungle, where orangutans live.

Sabah is also suitable for those who enjoy scuba diving.


Langkawi is one of the most famous Malaysian islands. First of all it is known as the most romantic place in this country. Tourists are attracted here by the pure white sand which has healing properties. It reduces the pain of people suffering from rheumatism and osteochondrosis.

Longkawi is mostly visited by people who like to relax in silence and comfort, away from the annoying noise of the city.

Everyone who spends time on this island has an opportunity to admire all its beauty from a bird’s eye view. There is a cable car that leads to Mat Chinchang Mountain, which is the highest point of Langkawi.

The most courageous travelers can join an excursion to a crocodile farm. If you are not brave enough to do so, you can simply visit the park or nature reserve, which is home to many other interesting animals. Here you can see wild boars, deer, monkeys, pheasants, etc.

Also the island of Langkawi can be recommended to those who like shopping. The fact is that Langkawi was once declared a duty free zone. That’s why the price of goods here is much lower than on other Malaysian islands.


The island of Redang is part of the archipelago that bears the same name. Redang is the largest in this archipelago. Its average diameter exceeds 6 km.

There are many hotels here, which are mainly inhabited by scuba diving enthusiasts. Prices for a night’s stay for two begin at $40.

Divers tend to come to this island to become a visitor to the marine reserve, which was created in order to preserve the marine ecosystem. There are about 300 species of fish, more than 1,000 invertebrates, and about 500 species of coral.

A couple of sunken shipwrecks resting on the bottom are also of great interest to tourists who like to dive underwater. The water is most transparent from mid-spring to early fall. Those who visit Redang during this time can see the large pinniped tortoises migrate.

Malaysia: A Guide to Resorts

Southeast Asia is among the most popular destinations for Russian tourists. One of the countries that deserves the attention of fans of discovering new continents is Malaysia. Unique natural beauty, the opportunity to touch the fauna and flora, a wide range of active leisure options, historical and cultural attractions and comfortable beaches – all this is a vacation in Malaysia.

Location and Climate

Located in Southeast Asia, Malaysia consists of two parts, separated by the South China Sea. The western part, the mainland, is located on the Malacca Peninsula, bordering Thailand and Singapore. East Malaysia is insular, occupying the northwestern part of the island of Borneo, where it is directly adjacent to Brunei and Indonesia.

Malaysia on the map

When choosing when to go to Malaysia, it is worth considering the climatic conditions of the region.

The climate in the country has monsoon and equatorial features on the island of Kalimantan (Borneo) and in the south of the Malacca Peninsula, in the rest of the country – subequatorial.

The average temperature for the flat areas of the country is 26.5 degrees Celsius. In the warmest months the thermometer column can rise to +32 degrees, while the coolest night temperature is 21 degrees.

In the mountainous areas the temperature is lower and gets cooler as you get higher.

As for precipitation, it is distributed throughout the year in Malaysia. It is worth considering that on the island of Kalimantan, the annual rainfall is much higher than the same indicator in the Western part.

The best time to vacation in Malaysia is the spring and summer, from early March to mid-September.

The late fall (November) and winter months are characterized by high temperatures and high humidity, which greatly reduce the feeling of comfort.

How to get there

From Russia it is best to get to the place of rest by plane.

The country has several airports with international status. Among them are the air harbors of the island of Penang, Langkawi, Kalimantan, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching. The country’s largest airport is located 50 km from the Malaysian capital, in the town of Sepang. A regular express train (KLIA) runs from Kuala Lumpur Airport to the center of the capital.

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Kuala Lumpur International Airport

There are no direct flights to Malaysia from Russia.

The most relatively “economic” way to get from Moscow to Kuala Lumpur is by connecting flights through Qatar or Bangkok at a price of 306 euros for 1 adult.

In addition to the air flight, one can get to Malaysia by sea or land from neighboring countries. Thus, the country is connected by a network of highways with Singapore and Thailand. More than four dozen ports are equipped to receive water transport.

Visa regime

Russian citizens going to Malaysia for a holiday don’t need a visa if the period of stay doesn’t exceed three days. Otherwise you will have to apply for visa in advance at the embassy of Malaysia in Moscow.

Important rules for entering the country:

  1. Passport must be valid for at least six months after the date of leaving Malaysia;
  2. On hand the passenger must have a ticket or an itinerary receipt, confirming the date of leaving the country;
  3. As a financial guarantee, Malaysian Customs officials may require a minimum of $500 in cash or on a bank card.

The main resorts and cities

The choice of holiday destination depends directly on what the traveler wants to see and how to have fun in the country.

Kuala Lumpur

The capital of the state is the largest and most populous city. Today it is a modern metropolis, which is the largest commercial and industrial heart of Malaysia. It is here that the Petronas Towers, which have become the trademark of the state, are located.

Other major cities are:

  • Ipoh, the capital of the state of Perak; – the main city of the state of Johor;
  • Kalang, the administrative center of Selangor State;
  • Petaling, which acts as a satellite of Kuala Lumpur.

Resort areas

Kalimantan (Borneo).

The Malaysian part of the island, which is ruled by three countries, is a combination of beautiful beaches, coral reefs, forests with sprawling trees, grottoes and caves.

The area is home to two states: Sabah and Sarawak.

The state of Sabah for tourists is:

  • Beaches covered with fine white sand;
  • Natural parks;
  • The rich underwater world of coastal waters.

In 3-5 minutes by sea from the shoreline is a group of islands, which are most often visited by those who appreciate a comfortable beach holiday. Since hotels in Sabah often do not have their own beach area. Moving from Borneo to the islands and between them can be done by smoothly plying boats and houseboats.

You can get acquainted with the nature and inhabitants of the island on a trip to the jungle. By the way, on the territory of Sabah is the peak of Kota Kinabalu – the highest peak between New Guinea and the Himalayas. Worthy of a visit are the Turtle Island and the rehabilitation complex for orangutans.

The second part of the Malaysian territory of Borneo is Sarawak, the largest state in the state.

The administrative center of Sarawak is the city of Kuching, around which there are several national parks:

  • Gunung Gading, where you can see the Rafflesia flower, characterized by its gigantic size and unpleasant odor during flowering (from November to January);
  • Bako, of interest here is the rich species diversity of plants and intricately rugged rocky shore of the South China Sea, it is here you can see a nose monkey.

In the vicinity of Kuching discovered the oldest caves Niah and Mulu, which had the remains of primitive people who are more than 40 thousand years.

Holidays in Malaysian Borneo is suitable for lovers of different types of recreation: from fans of active trekking and mountain climbing to the supporters of lazy beach holidays.


Located in the Borneo archipelago, the island is beloved by divers from all over the world.

The island has a diameter of only half a kilometer. It is interesting because it is formed by living corals. Visibility under the water column reaches 40 meters. The nearest settlement – Simporn – is within 40 km from Sipadan.

The best time for diving, snorkeling and fishing is from the 10th of February to the second decade of December.

Dive programs are designed for divers of varying skill levels, including beginners.

Important! To travel to the island requires prior permission. No more than 120 visitors are allowed on the island at a time.


The island resort is called the most romantic in the state. Located in the Andaman Sea off the northwest coast of the country.

The island is surrounded by a scattering of small patches of land, which guarantees picturesque views from the shoreline. Langkawi’s beaches are covered with the purest white sand. It is believed to have healing properties for rheumatic conditions and osteochondrosis.

Prices in Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur for the traveler

The leading beaches on Langkawi tourists call Pantai Pasir Hitam, Pantai Kok, Tanjung Ru.

If you want to combine a quality beach vacation with active fun in clubs and bars, then you should choose the coast of Pantai Chenang and Pantai Tentah.

If you plan to engage in water sports, you should go to the coast of Senang.

If you want to stretch out on the black sand, then Pantai Pasir is the way to go.

In addition to beach holidays in Langkawi worth visiting:

  1. Legends Park, where tourists learn island myths and stories;
  2. Mat Chinang Peak, using the cable car that stretches for more than 2 km;
  3. Pulau Poyar Marine Reserve and the Underwater World Oceanarium;
  4. Pulau Singa Besar Park, home to monkeys, iguanas, deer, wild boars, and other island wildlife;
  5. Crocodile Farm.

Incidentally, Langkawi has been a duty-free zone for 30 years, which means that prices here compare favorably to other areas of the state.


The island is part of the eponymous archipelago and is the largest in it. Its size is 7×6 km.

There is a large concentration of hotels, which attracts mostly divers.

The minimum room rate for two people on Redang is $45 a night.

Divers come to the island because of the opportunity to visit the marine reserve, created to preserve the marine ecosystem of the archipelago, there are protected about five hundred species of coral, over 290 species of fish and over a thousand – invertebrates. In addition to the coral formations, two sunken warships are of interest on Redang. The best visibility, up to 30 meters, is between April and the end of September.

Those who visit Redang in August and early September will be lucky enough to see the migration of giant spiny turtles.


The largest island in eastern Malaysia is part of the Pahang National Wildlife Refuge. It is one of the cleanest and most picturesque islands in the world.

The uniqueness of Tioman is the availability of recreation for people with different needs and budgets.

Beaches on the west coast, Gentings, Selang, Tekek, should choose those for whom the quality of beach holidays – the most important criteria for comfort. Connoisseurs of secluded and more expensive holidays can set their eyes on the east of Tioman, Juara beach. Budget tourists and divers choose the north of the island, the coast of Aer Batang.

There are more than 2 dozen dive sites around Tioman.

The island’s main natural attraction is Mount Donkey Ears. It got its name because of the bifurcated and overgrown with tropical greenery peak.

The best time to visit Tioman is from late May to the second decade of November.


An island rising off the west coast of the Malacca Peninsula, it is connected to the mainland by high-speed ferries. Its dimensions are 12 X 4 km.

The island is worth visiting:

  1. Those who appreciate a beach vacation. Popular bays:
    • Pasir Bogak, fringed by coral reefs;
    • Turtle Bay, where giant turtles lay their eggs during the first two summer months;
    • Tepuk Nepah, a sparsely populated beach with a coral cove;
    • Pantai Puteri Devi, home to one of the most popular resorts, Pan Pacific.
  2. Diving enthusiasts will be interested in the marine reserve Telak Nepah Park.
  3. Those wishing to explore the fauna, see deer, toucans and monkeys can be found in the park Pangkor Forest Reserve.

An island of nearly 300 square meters is connected to the mainland by a bridge 13 km long.

The island’s capital, Georgetown, is rich in buildings from the early 19th century, including religious buildings and old mansions. Will not be bored here and inveterate partygoers, for which there are many bars and clubs, and those interested in history and culture, they should go to the Museum of Penang history.

The most interesting tours:

  • A visit to the observation deck on Mount Penang, which can be reached by cable car;
  • The island’s botanical garden with a wide variety of species and a beautiful waterfall;
  • Orchid Garden;
  • Diamond Factory;
  • Local water park;
  • Tropical Spice Garden;
  • Butterfly Farm;
  • Tropical fruit farm on an area of 10 hectares.

Most hotels on the island are concentrated in its northern part at the resort Batu Ferringi.

Penang has all the conditions for an active pastime: there are diving centers, tennis and golf clubs, complexes for riding and squash. You can try your hand at various water sports or take a ride on a rented yacht.

What you need to know about a vacation in Malaysia

Transportation within the country

  1. Air travel. In addition to international, the country has 16 local air ports. There are more than 20 domestic flights a day.
  2. Water transport. Most of the islands are connected by ferries. One of the leading carriers is Langkawi Ferry, you can see its prices and fares here.
  3. Rail. Trains are available all over the mainland, the leading carrier being KTM. Fares depend on the destination, class of car, and choice of upper or lower shelf. In addition to domestic destinations, trains run to neighboring countries, so a ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore in a seated First Class car will cost 65 ringgit.
  4. Bus service. This is the most popular form of public transport in the country. It is worth noting that comfortable air-conditioned buses work on intercity routes, which is not the case with the cars that run inside localities and in the suburbs. You can buy tickets at bus stations or directly from the driver. For the tourist such transport is inconvenient because it does not stick to a schedule and stops are spontaneous without announcement, often the doors just open on the fly.
  5. Cab. Such services in the country are inexpensive. All cars in the cities are equipped with a meter, but the duty of the tourist is to make sure it is on. The fare is paid in cash. A 20-minute ride will cost no more than 8 ringgit. At night the price rises 1.5-2 times. Long-distance cabs often do not have a meter, so you must clearly stipulate the price before the car departs.
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Car rental

Before you decide to rent a car, you should know:

  • The country has left-hand traffic, unaccustomed to Russians;
  • Traffic is congested in large cities, jams are frequent;
  • Traffic rules are not often observed by drivers;
  • Quality of the roadbed is good only on the main highways, secondary roads are in a dilapidated condition.

To rent a car you must be

  1. Be between the ages of 23-60;
  2. Have a driver’s license of international standard.

In addition to the cost of rental, a number of insurance payments and local taxes are paid.

It is preferable to rent a car from international car rentals, which have offices in major cities of the country.

Communications and Internet

A popular way of communication in Malaysia is a payphone installed everywhere. Payment is made by special cards that are sold at gas stations, newspaper kiosks or on the network “Telecom”.

The same Telecom is a monopolist in the supply of Internet traffic. There are internet cafes almost everywhere.


Malaysia’s large cities and duty free zones create an excellent environment for shopping. A wide selection and reasonable prices (in duty free areas) is an additional factor of attractiveness.

As souvenirs you can bring:

  • Products made of silver, bronze or pewter;
  • Wickerwork;
  • Silk, cotton fabrics, batik.

In the markets and stalls of local traders bargaining is appropriate, but in the stores, as a rule, the prices are fixed.

Local cuisine was formed under the influence of Malay, Chinese and Indian culinary traditions. Abundance of spices and herbs is a distinctive feature of local dishes.

Unleavened rice is the mainstay of Malay cuisine. It is cooked in a broth, fried with meat, vegetables or seafood, mixed with fruit, and used in the preparation of chips and confectionery.

  • Nasi lemak – rice boiled in coconut milk with nuts, vegetables, eggs, and herbs, the dish is decorated with a banana leaf;
  • Ketupat – rice patties;
  • Cha kwai tu – rice noodles with seafood;
  • Ekor – spicy thick soup cooked on buffalo tails with lots of spices.

In local cuisine there is a considerable prevalence of seafood and fish over meat.

Salted fish is dried on the shore in the fishing village


Malaysia is a safe country for the most part. The only people to watch out for are petty thieves and pickpockets. Especially need to be vigilant in crowded places. Do not carry documents and all money.

It should be noted that recently there have been cases of fraud with bank cards. The main advice is not to pay with a card in small shops and stores. It is better to use “plastic” in large networks and hotels.


If you are not planning to visit the Malaysian jungle, vaccinations provided to Russians under the national vaccination calendar are enough.

Otherwise, if you want to explore the jungle, it is worth getting vaccinations against hepatitis B, Japanese encephalitis B, meningitis and tuberculosis. Prophylactic therapy for malaria is also a good idea.

While in the country, it is important not to forget about general hygiene standards, keep hands clean, do not use running water and unwashed fruits and vegetables, as well as fish without heat treatment.

Knowing the basic rules of safety and choosing a place of rest in accordance with their interests – the key to informative and rich trip. Recreation in Malaysia is diverse and will be equally memorable for tourists with different expectations, budgets and travel goals.

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