Where to stay in Amsterdam: 4 motorhomes

Where to stay in Amsterdam: 4 motorhomes

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Where to stay in Amsterdam? Amsterdam is a vibrant city and an unconventional place to stay, and choosing the right accommodation is key to a successful trip. Here is a selection of remarkable motorhomes that appeal to the senses!

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How to look for accommodation in Amsterdam?

The main helper for those looking for accommodation in Amsterdam is the rental service Airbnb.ru. There you can find a variety of non-trivial housing: boats, apartments with a terrace, yachts, and even houses in the tree. As a rule, accommodation found by travelers with the help of this service is much cheaper and more interesting than hotels. We recommend that you also read our review of Airbnb coupons, as they can help you save a little money while traveling.

And if for some reason you prefer to stay in hotels and hostels, then you can find a room in Amsterdam on the service roomguru.ru.

We also have other selections of places to stay in the Dutch capital – “Lodging in Amsterdam: 4 boats to live in” and “Where to live in Amsterdam: cottages”.

Prices and lodging information are current at the time of publication and are subject to change (including due to currency fluctuations).


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1. Vintage van for two (from 2,500 p.)

A bright and unusual accommodation for unconventional people is the Vintage Van at Zuider IJdijk. If you are a determined traveler who knows exactly what he needs in Amsterdam, then this accommodation option is particularly suitable for you – here you can create a special atmosphere for a trip with candles, incense and lamps. Warm colors, soft pillows and curtains create comfort and coziness. You will not feel uncomfortable in the van, because it is two meters high.

There is a kitchen, a dining table, a double bed and two benches, wi-fi, and heating. There are two large mirrors hanging on the walls. A cheap and unusual option for those looking for an inexpensive place to stay in Amsterdam.

You can choose any campsite of your choice, but you can’t drive the van yourself – the owner will take you to the campsite you prefer and pick you up. The owner recommends the campsites at Vliegenbos and Zeeburg, both quite close to the center. Be warned, the price for a campsite spot is not included in the price.

2. Motorhome (from 3,500 p.).

A comfortable and inexpensive van that sleeps four people. Ideal for a group of friends deciding where to stay in Amsterdam. You can drive it around Amsterdam – visit Edam, Volendam, K√∂ckenhof, Efteling and so on (and that’s a huge advantage), but you’ll have to pay extra. If you want to stay in a campsite, you will have to pay about 25 euros per night in a campsite.

The van has everything you need: a shower, a kitchen, a bed, and so on. Extra charge for each subsequent guest: 1741 p./night after 2 guests. In addition, a car deposit of 250 euros is required.

3. Farmhouse van (from 3 400 p.)

This caravan is a real find for those looking for an inexpensive place to stay in Amsterdam. Located on the Kuiper family farm on the edge of the city, this caravan is a unique opportunity to experience farm life. Every morning you will be brought a breakfast of local fresh produce, and during the day you can help the owner on the farm by learning how their work is done. This is especially appealing to children, as the farm has 600 sheep that are milked every day. Farmers make delicious cheese and yogurt from the milk. The interior of the carriage completes the scenery – rustic simple and attractive.

How to get to Amsterdam cheaply? The fullest instruction

The trailer has a kitchen, heating, a double bed and an extra bed for a child. You can use the bathroom in the farmhouse. Amsterdam is easily accessible by bus or bikes.

The farm is located in Waterland, a wonderful countryside that can be explored by bicycle. In addition, a walk through the old 17th century villages will be unforgettable.

4. Motorhome (from 3 700 p.).

Spacious and bright carriage in the countryside – what can be more beautiful than a vacation in nature? No doubt, the carriage will win the hearts of those who love animals and nature and who are deciding where to stay in Amsterdam. Like the previous carriage, it is owned by the Kuiper family and is located on the edge of the city. In the morning you can enjoy a delicious breakfast.

The van has a double bed as well as two single beds. In addition, there is a kitchen, dining table, coffee machine, kettle, fridge, shower and so on. You can also use the bathroom in the farmer’s house.

There are also facilities for relaxing outside – you can, for example, dine in a tent.

Where to stay in Amsterdam: Hotels

If you want to stay exactly in hotels or hostels, then to find them we recommend the service roomguru.ru – it compares the prices of various booking systems and finds the best.

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Where to stay in Amsterdam: the best and the worst neighborhoods

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Which neighborhood to stay in in Amsterdam for sightseeing? Where is the best place to live in Amsterdam so that it is convenient to get to all the interesting places? In today’s article we will look at the best areas of Amsterdam for tourists, and our Dutch friends helped us in this. We will describe in detail the pros and cons of each area so you can decide where to stay in Amsterdam for you.

Where to stay in Amsterdam for a tourist: the most convenient districts and one suburb

Where to stay in Amsterdam: map of the best and worst neighborhoods

I want to note right away that the division of Amsterdam districts into the best and the worst is very relative. Amsterdam is one of the most prosperous cities in the world, its citizens do not rob passersby out of hunger. There are almost no homeless people or beggars, and those that do are hounded by the police. And the likelihood of running into a drunken hooligan or pickpocket in the city center is no lower than in the suburbs: where there are many tourists, shady characters are always lurking.

What to see in Amsterdam in 1, 2 and 3 days

Nevertheless, there are also areas in Amsterdam where the standard of living is below average and the population does not boast an excess of friendliness. We asked our friends Richard and Caroline, who hosted us in Holland, to identify areas where they would not advise tourists (and Dutch people too) to live. Thinking a little bit, they listed two suburbs of Amsterdam – the western Nieuw-West and the southeastern Zuidoost – as unhappy areas.

Details about these neighborhoods we will not tell, because the probability of your appearance in them is extremely low. But to give a non-transparent hint why our friends put them in the “bad”, on the map we marked them in black.

In addition, a cursory search on Bookings showed that these areas not only lack attractions, but also very few hotels. So it’s unlikely you would choose these areas of Amsterdam to stay in. But we must warn you. By the way, don’t be intimidated by the size of these districts on the map of Amsterdam: a large part of their area is occupied by forest parks, wasteland and cemeteries.

The rest of Amsterdam’s neighborhoods are considered to be more prosperous. But not all of them are located convenient for travelers, and hotels are concentrated mainly in the center. If you choose which areas of Amsterdam is better to stay a tourist, you can choose the four main districts: the central part of Amsterdam, led by the Old Town, Jordan, de Pape and the Museum Quarter. Below we will describe each of them in detail.

Those neighborhoods where to stay in Amsterdam we can recommend are marked in brighter colors on the map.

Old Town: right in the center

The price of a double room on Hotellook.com starts from 70 euros.

If you are looking for a place to stay in Amsterdam to be in the midst of all the most interesting things, you should go to the Old Town. The most famous sights of Amsterdam, the most beautiful streets and the most reckless entertainment are all within walking distance. Yes, it can be noisy and the number of tourists per square meter is off the charts. But even in the historic center of Amsterdam there are a lot of quiet streets where English students will not be shouting under your windows till morning.

By the way, many tourists come to Amsterdam not only for the capital itself, but also to visit other, no less beautiful cities in the Netherlands. The old city is ideal for this purpose, because all hotels are located near the station.

  • The main advantage of the Old Town: you can quickly get on foot to the main sights, and to the station.
  • The main disadvantage of the Old Town: the high cost of living. But to be fair, other parts of Amsterdam are not much cheaper.
Where to stay in the center of Amsterdam

Where to stay in Amsterdam and book a hotel: Old Town.

Where is the best place to stay in Amsterdam for a tourist? The Old Town is probably the most convenient neighborhood, with Amsterdam’s main attractions and the train station located here.

Red Light District: cheap and noisy

The price of a double room on Hotellook.com starts at 65 euros.

Dusseldorf-Amsterdam: how to get there

It is in the Old Town that the great and terrible De Wallen red light district is located. We will not go into detail, you already know what kind of neighborhood it is.

We decided to make the red light district a separate item because this is where many of the cheap hotels and hostels are located. So if you want to save money, choose hotels in the red light district. If time and nerves, then book hotels in other areas of the Old City

But it’s not all bad. Yes, the disadvantages of living in the red light district are obvious: crowds of people, drunken tourists screaming at night and the like. But the neighbourhood is very well located and close to everything, not to mention it is one of the main attractions of Amsterdam.

So I can give some advice: if you are looking for where to stay in Amsterdam inexpensively, don’t discount De Wallen. But study the reviews of tourists on Bookings very carefully, because in this area, the location of the hotel decides everything. If the windows overlook a noisy street, forget about sleep until 5 am. But if it’s in a quiet courtyard, it’s very livable. There are such hotels in the red light district, and there are a lot of them.

  • The main advantage of the red light district: the convenient location in the heart of the city.
  • The red light district’s main downside: the noise and crowds of tourists, especially after dark.
Where to stay in De Vallen

Where to stay in Amsterdam inexpensively: the red light district.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive place to stay in Amsterdam, consider the De Wallen neighborhood. But be sure to read the reviews of the hotels there very carefully.

Jordaan: Beauty and tranquility

A double room costs from 70 euros on Hotellook.com.

Where should you stay in Amsterdam to experience the spirit of the city, surrounded by picturesque canals and charming houses, but with the main attractions close by? The answer is yes, you are in Jordaan, one of the most interesting and beautiful districts of the Dutch capital. You can walk to the MuseumsQuartier, the red light district, and the train station. That said, Jordaan itself doesn’t have many sights, and thus not many tourist crowds.

Jordaan is a small and quiet (compared to Old Town) neighborhood, which is located in the western part of the historic center. It is separated from Old Town by the beautiful Prinsengracht canal. Old-timers love De Pijp and God forbid you to doubt that it is the best neighborhood to live in Amsterdam.

There are two versions of the origin of its name. According to one of them, it comes from the French word Jardin (garden), because there has always been a lot of greenery and flowers. The second (more reliable) version says that in the Middle Ages the Jews settled here – de Joden in Dutch.

The Jews, as you understand, will not settle anywhere. We liked Jordaan too – in our opinion it’s one of the best neighborhoods in Amsterdam for tourists, where you can stay with children, which I would not advise doing in the center and especially in the red light district.

  • The main advantage of Jordaan is that it is the quietest and most picturesque of Amsterdam’s central districts.
  • The main disadvantage of Jordaan: The cost of living there is not lower than in the heart of the city.
Brussels to Amsterdam: how to get there
Where to stay in Jordaan

Where to stay in Amsterdam for a tourist: Jordaan district.

What are the best places to stay in Amsterdam for a tourist? Jordaan is a quiet and comfortable corner of old Holland.

The east side of the city center: Rembrandt lived here

The price for a double room on Hotellook.com starts at 60 euros.

While the Jordaan district in the west is connected to the Old Town, the three smaller districts of Amsterdam, which smoothly flow into one another, are Nieuwmarkt en Lastage, Plantage and the historic Jewish Quarter Jodenbuurt. It’s full of Jews).

These three neighborhoods begin where the red light district ends and can be loosely called the eastern part of the city center. The area is more businesslike and modern than Jordaan or Old Town. Business centers, supermarkets, high-rise buildings, and modern hotels organically adjoin here with the old Dutch three- to five-storey houses made of dark bricks scattered on the banks of canals.

Unlike Jordaan, this neighborhood boasts more or less famous landmarks. Here you’ll find the Rembrandt House, Waterloo Square, the Artis Zoo, the Magere Bruges Bridge, the Micropia Museum, the South Church, and other places of interest.

  • The main advantage of the eastern part of the center:

Lower accommodation prices compared to Old Town hotels.

The streets adjacent to the red light district can be noisy at night. There are no other disadvantages.

Where to stay in East Amsterdam

Where to stay in Amsterdam: districts east of the city center.

To the east of downtown Amsterdam, traditional Dutch cottages are juxtaposed with more modern but no less charming buildings.

De Pijp: Inexpensive and not too close.

The price of a double room on Hotellook.com starts at 60 euros.

The funnily named De Pijp (De Pijp is Dutch for “the tube”) is one of the most budget-friendly neighborhoods in the city, and if you’re looking for a cheap place to stay in Amsterdam, you should look into it. It starts where the Old City ends, at its northern border.

You would expect De Pijp to be a bedroom community, with traditional Dutch houses and more modern standard architecture. The Albert Cape, Amsterdam’s largest market, is the only place you can buy products from all over the world and a lot of trinkets.

You can’t boast of other sights in the area, so you need to get to the iconic places of Amsterdam by public transport. For example, from the central part of De Pijp to Dam Square – about 3 km, to the station – 3.5 km. But many museums – such as Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum – can be reached on foot.

A little advice on choosing accommodation in De Pape. If you want your neighbors to be local old-timers, book hotels in the northern part of the neighborhood. If you want to discover the multicultural side of Amsterdam, welcome to the southern part of De Pijp – bright, colorful, and soaked in Surinamese curry.

  • The main advantage of De Pijp is that it is full of inexpensive hotels, stores, and ethnic cafes.
  • The main disadvantage of De Pape: many attractions in Amsterdam can be reached by public transport.
Netherlands: Self-Drive
Where to stay in De Pape

Amsterdam's best districts for tourists: De Pijp.

The De Pape neighborhood is a good place to stay in Amsterdam for cheap sightseeing and museums.

Museum Quarter: Cultural and Natural

The price of a double room on Hotellook.com starts at 65 euros.

Everyone knows about the giant letters I am sterdam in the Dutch capital, right? And now you know that it is located in the Museum Quarter.

In addition to the famous letters here is, as you know, a huge number of museums. The Museums of Van Gogh and Modern Art, the Rijksmuseum with Rembrandt’s “Night Watch” and the Diamond Museum are the best places to stay in Amsterdam for culture lovers.

And you can walk to almost all of Amsterdam’s main squares, churches, and lanterns in about half an hour. And after a day of sightseeing or museum-touring you can relax in the large and beautiful Wondela Park in the Museum Quarter.

  • The main advantage of the Museum Quarter is its convenient location combined with the quietness and low price of hotels.
  • The main disadvantage of the Museum Quarter: besides museums, there are almost no attractions (but they can be reached on foot).
Where to stay in the Museum Quarter

Where to stay in Amsterdam for a tourist: Museum Quarter.

Where to stay in Amsterdam if you don’t want to hit the red light district every night? The Museum Quarter is a quiet neighborhood with good value for money.

Haarlem: Amsterdam’s most beautiful suburb

The price of a double room on Hotellook.com starts at 60 euros.

May the people of Haarlem forgive me for shamelessly calling it the Amsterdam suburbs! But since the topic of our article “Where to stay in Amsterdam for tourists” and the main purpose of our visit is the capital of Holland, it would be wrong to choose a place to stay without paying attention to this nice old town. And there are three reasons for this.

Firstly, hotels in Haarlem are cheaper than in Amsterdam.

Secondly, the trip from Haarlem to Amsterdam railway station takes 15 minutes, the trains run constantly, and from the station to all the sights – on foot.

And thirdly, if you are going to Holland for more than half an hour, you must make time for charming Haarlem, one of the most beautiful cities in the country.

So why not settle in this quiet town so you can raid Amsterdam from Haarlem? And at the same time to The Hague, Delft, Leiden, Rotterdam: From Haarlem station there are always trains to many Dutch cities. And often cheaper than from Amsterdam.

Where to stay in Haarlem

Where to stay in Amsterdam and book a cheap hotel: Haarlem, Holland.

Haarlem is the most beautiful suburb of Amsterdam and the best place for a tourist to stay for trips to the capital and other parts of Holland. Once again, I apologize for the “suburbs”

If in our selection you didn’t find an area or hotel to your liking (which is unlikely), two thousand Amsterdam hotels for all tastes and wallets are waiting for you on Bookings. By the way, Amsterdam is the birthplace of the largest reservation system in the world Booking.com!

Friends, where do you advise to stay in Amsterdam? What parts of the Dutch capital do you like best? We are waiting for your reviews about your trip to Rembrandt’s city and Bookings!

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