10 Best Restaurants in Antalya

What restaurants to visit in Antalya?

Restaurants in Antalya

Delicious gourmet food is an integral part of a good holiday. Antalya is a great place to get acquainted with the Oriental cuisine or try a Turkish interpretation of the usual dishes. To avoid disappointment you should try something new only in proven places. I have therefore prepared for you a selection of the 10 best restaurants in Antalya. Not only do they serve delicious food, but they also have a beautiful view and interior.

The restaurant is located on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea almost in the heart of Antalya. The place is loved by visitors for the gorgeous view that opens from the spacious summer terrace – on the sea, the old city and the port of Antalya.

The establishment is represented by an indoor air-conditioned room for 200 people. It is laconic and in white and beige colors. There is also a summer terrace with fans. It can accommodate up to 500 people.

In the restaurant Arma you can taste:

  • hot and cold appetizers;
  • salads;
  • pineapples;
  • Desserts – ice cream and pastries;
  • seafood;
  • second courses of meat and vegetables.

Restaurants in Antalya

Here you will not find many traditional dishes, mainly European cuisine is prepared in Armagh. But a dinner for 2 people will cost about 20-30 dollars.


Mermerli is located on a hill in Antalya’s Old Town, which offers a stunning view of the sea and the rest of the historic Kaleici district. The interior and the exterior correspond to its location: it is stylized like an old building, the walls resemble a castle. Floor-to-ceiling windows expose a panoramic landscape.

The restaurant has a small interior room for 60 people. There are tables at a sufficient distance from each other. There is also an outside terrace for 200 people.

Mermerli Beach in Antalya.

They will ask about $20 for lunch and $10 for breakfast. The menu includes:

  1. Hot and cold appetizers.
  2. Salads.
  3. Garnishes.
  4. Meat dishes and seafood, including grilled items.
  5. Desserts.
  6. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

European and Mediterranean cuisine, fast food are represented among the menu items.

7 Mehmet

Mehmet Akdag Author restaurant is 15 km from the city center towards Konyaalti beach. Here you will taste dishes cooked according to both traditional Turkish recipes and unique ones invented by the chef. The richness of the oriental menu attracts not only tourists but also locals to the place.

7 Mehmet has one large indoor hall, as well as an outdoor terrace overlooking the park. The tables are laid out freely so you can sit comfortably indoors or outdoors.

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Restaurants in Antalya

In addition to Turkish cuisine the restaurant offers Mediterranean cuisine. Fish and meat dishes, various snacks, Turkish soups and good quality wines are served here. A lunch for 2 people will cost about 25-35 dollars.

Lara Balk Evi

This place is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and is very close to the center of Antalya. Here you can order a table at the edge of the open terrace overlooking the sea and the cliffs. Awnings have been placed over some of the tables to prevent the sun from shining brightly, so you can enjoy the food and the view. In addition to the exterior area, the restaurant has an interior room.

The restaurant is especially appreciated for its seafood and fish dishes. However, when you come here, you should remember that the price tag is higher than in most other establishments. At the same time, the portions are quite small. On the average, for two you will spend $35-50 for lunch or dinner.

Restaurants in Antalya

If you do decide to go for Lara Balk Evi, make sure to try the grilled lobster, steamed sea bass, stuffed squid, and fried fish cutlets-the best of the bunch.

Asmani Restaurant

Another establishment located right on the Mediterranean coast, not far from Lara Beach. The restaurant positions itself as an institution of high cuisine. Its image and menu corresponds to it.

The interior and the terrace of Asmani abound in wood finishing, which gives the interior a special coziness. Not in vain it is chosen to hold a romantic dinner or enjoy a warm company of friends. Additional atmosphere is added with sea and mountain view from the terrace.

Restaurants in Antalya

Cuisine of the restaurant features European, Mediterranean and Turkish delicacies. Once there, you should definitely try the artichoke salad with guacamole dressing, soup from the chef and octopus carpaccio.

Food prices at Asmani are quite high. The average bill for two people is $65. With alcohol will come out even more expensive, because a bottle of wine costs from $16. But it is not worth ordering the alcohol here, because it is quite mediocre.

Gizli Bachse

This Turkish cuisine restaurant is located in the historic Kaleici district. Its terrace overlooks the harbor and the sea. Here you can also find a cool breeze blowing in the summer heat.

The restaurant and its open zone are decorated in brown and beige colors, in traditional style. This gives the place a special coziness and atmosphere.

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Restaurants in Antalya

During a visit to the restaurant, you can taste national food and drinks. Among them are kebab Osmanli, Turkish coffee. Also, the menu offers a wide variety of seafood and seafood dishes. Average bill for two people will cost $35-40. However, the portions will be quite large.

Nar Beach Bistro

Inexpensive but tasty restaurant stands on the seashore on Konyaalti Beach, east of Ataturk Park. Nar Beach Bistro has a glass veranda and outdoor terrace. From any table you can admire the sea and the coast.

The facility offers visitors the opportunity to choose food of different peoples of the world:

  • Turkish;
  • Mexican;
  • Italian;
  • Mediterranean.

Restaurant customers especially praise shrimp in garlic sauce, salad with fried halloumi cheese. As for drinks, Turkish coffee with cherry liqueur is recommended. The average cost of dinner at Nar Beach Bistro is only $16-$20.

Restaurants in Antalya

If you decide to eat at this restaurant, keep in mind that the menu here is served either in Turkish or English. The former has many pictures of dishes, but there are almost none in English.

Ship Inn Marina

The restaurant is located to the west of the center of Antalya – you will have to drive 14 km from there. Ship Inn Marina is located in the 1st interior room and has tables with cushioned sofas on the terrace. From there you can watch the seascape with ships, yachts and boats and you will also have a view of the opposite side of Antalya. The interior space complements this picture, as the interiors are decorated in a marine theme.

Restaurants in Antalya

The restaurant offers different national cuisines:

  • Mediterranean;
  • Turkish;
  • European.

The menu includes meat and fish appetizers, second courses, vegetable salads, wines, and soft drinks. Here you can get a hearty meal for $35-40 for two.

Seraser Fine Dining Restaurant

This fine dining restaurant is located in the heart of the Old Town, west of the Andrian Gate. Thanks to a special wall design that imitates ancient masonry, the establishment has a unique atmosphere. The chairs and tables also match the building’s exterior and interior – they look aged but luxurious.

Restaurants in Antalya

When you come to the restaurant, if you wish, you can be seated in the hall or in the patio, where there are citrus trees and palm trees. Here you will find dishes to your liking. The cooks of Seraser Restaurant cook according to recipes:

  • European;
  • Turkish;
  • international;
  • Mediterranean cuisine.

Despite the fact that some dishes are unusual for Turkey, the cooks try to add some traditional touches to them. An average dinner for 2 people costs about $35-45.

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Vahap Usta Et Restaurant

Another place situated far away from the city center, at a distance of 14-15 kilometers from it. The view from the restaurant is not too attractive compared to those on the beach. However, here too, in addition to the inner hall, there is an outer courtyard with tables set among the tall trees.

Restaurants in Antalya

Despite the unremarkable appearance and interior decoration, the place gathers positive feedback from visitors. All thanks to the skill of the restaurant’s chefs. They expertly approach the creation of dishes, successfully combining the ingredients with each other. One of these is the avocado salad, which differs for the better from analogues in other establishments.

In addition to vegetable salads, the restaurant does an excellent job of preparing meat and fish dishes and seafood. The average bill will come out to $30-35. If you visit Vahap Usta Et Restaurant, you can still try something for free – the institution spoils visitors with small presentations.

Restaurants in Antalya on the map

On this map I have marked all the above restaurants.

Described the restaurants in Antalya are really worth your attention. Here you can try the dishes that you can not find anywhere else, because the Turkish chefs like to play with the familiar food in their own way. In these places you can not only have a tasty meal, but also have a good time. This is facilitated by the work of the staff of restaurants, and the surrounding nature and architecture.

10 Best Restaurants in Antalya

Eating out and enjoying the panorama of the Mediterranean Sea in Antalya is not difficult! We’ve chosen 10 restaurants in Antalya with great food, pleasant interiors and beautiful coastal views.

Antalya Dining Map

Castle Cafe & Bistro

Not far from the Hıdırlık Tower in Antalya’s Old City there is a cozy restaurant with a gorgeous view of the sea. Here you can have a cold beer with shrimp during the day, and in the evening order a great lamb kebab and enjoy a stunning sunset. Prices are average for Kaleici.

Average check . For dinner without liquor for two you will pay from $25.

Address : Kilincaslan Mah. Hidirlik Sok. No: 48

Website : Castle Cafe&Bistro

Castle is a popular restaurant in Antalya with a beautiful sea view and offers well prepared seafood and fish dishes. If you want to dine with the best panoramic view, choose a table on the outdoor terrace. Sea bass carpaccio with capers is 50 lira, seafood salad with Mediterranean greens is 70 lira, and grilled octopus is 85 lira.

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The average bill . For dinner for two you will pay $20-30.

Address : Iskele Cd. No:75 Kaleici Yat Limani

Website: Arma

Serving in a restaurant. Shrimps on grill. Photo: Arma. If you want to dine with the best panoramic view, choose a table on the outdoor terrace. Photo: Arma.


The haute cuisine fish restaurant under the fortress wall in Antalya’s old harbor is capable of surprising even seasoned gourmets. Serving in a restaurant is very fast. In just 5 minutes you have a dish on your table! Try the dish with shrimps, squids and different kinds of fish, or shish kebab. The restaurant is home to gorgeous cats that all tourists enjoy petting.

The average check . Dinner for two will cost $25-40.

Address : Selcuk Mah. Kaleici Yat Limani Tuzkapisi Sokak No:7 Kaleiçi Yat Limanı Denize Sıfır

Website: Aynalı

Restaurants in Antalya with view of the sea

Serving in a restaurant. Lobster soup. Photo: Aynalı.

Nar Beach Bistro

One of Antalya’s best restaurants with beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea is located south of Ataturk Park. From the outdoor terrace and the glass veranda you can see the whole coastline. Guests receive a menu on a tablet in Turkish and English. The restaurant serves a salad with fried halloumi cheese and sumptuous shrimp in garlic sauce.

The average check . Dinner for two costs between $16 and $20.

Address : Konyaalti Caddesi Atatürk Parki, Muratpaşa

Branches in Antalya with Observation Deck

From the open terrace and the glass veranda you can enjoy a great view of the whole coast. Photo: Nar Beach Bistro.

Ship Inn Marina

One of the most beautiful restaurants in Antalya is the one next to the harbor. From the terrace you can see the yachts and boats on the roadstead. There is a game room for the little ones. There is a large anchor in front of the building, and the interiors are decorated in nautical style.

Average check . Lunch for two without alcohol will cost $35-40.

Address : Liman Mahallesi, 2. Liman Caddesi Setur Marina Ici

Serving in a restaurant. Photo : Ship Inn Marina. Room. Photo: Ship Inn Marina.


A restaurant on the cliff in Antalya Old Town, perfect for evening relaxation and leisurely meals. The history of the restaurant goes back to 1933. Floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows allow you to admire the sea from every table. We recommend ordering tender grilled meat for 60 lira and grabbing a large plate of seafood for 220 lira.

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The average check . Breakfast for two will cost $10 and lunch will cost $20.

Address : Selcuk Mah. Banyo Sok. No. 25 Genclik

Casual Restaurants in Antalya

Floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows allow you to admire the sea from every table. Photo: Mermerli.


For a romantic dinner in Antalya we recommend a beautiful restaurant in front of the Freedom Park. A great place to spend the evening together and watch the sunset. You’ll get a pleasant gastronomic experience with an artichoke salad with guacamole for 70 lira, octopus carpaccio for 72 lira and a delicious soup from the chef for 36 lira.

Average check . Prices at the fine dining establishment are not low. A dinner for two will cost from $65, a bottle of wine from $16.

Address : Sirinyali Mahallesi, Lara Caddesi, No:24, Muratpasa Akra Otel

Website: Asmani

Served in a restaurant. Rice with seafood. Photo: Asmani. Photo: Asmani.

7 Mehmet

This restaurant is famous for its exquisite view of the sea and Antalya. The chef makes sure that his staff cook dishes from seasonal vegetables and use the best Turkish meats and seafood. Prices will pleasantly surprise! The fragrant lamb in a tandoor costs 45 lira and the rice with pineapple and bergamot jam costs 15 lira. Kids can have fun in the game room.

The average bill . A lunch for two will cost $25-35.

Address : Meltem Mah. Dumlupinar Bulv. No: 201 Antalya Kultur Parki

Website : 7 Mehmet

Serving in a restaurant. Photo: 7 Mehmet. The restaurant is famous for its excellent view of the sea and Antalya. Photo: 7 Mehmet.

Nejat Balik

A luxurious fish restaurant in Antalya located right on the beach. The restaurant delights with aromatic coffee, seafood, Mediterranean and Turkish dishes. The fish rolls cost 43 lira and the grilled shrimp 50 lira. Enjoy a delicious meal to music with views of the Mediterranean Sea!

Average bill . You can have lunch for two for $18-$25.

Address : Eski Lara Yolu No: 28 Muratpasa, Manavoglu Parki

Website : Nejat Balik

Serving in a restaurant. Photo: Nejat Balik. Enjoy a delicious meal with music overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Photo: Nejat Balik.

Lara Balık Evi

A very good fish restaurant in Antalya serves grilled lobster, tasty fish soups, steamed sea bass, fried fish cutlets and stuffed calamari. A portion of seven shrimp costs 57 lira and a plate of seafood costs 77 lira. A bread basket is served with all dishes.

The average bill . Lunch for two will cost $35-50.

Address : Genclik mah Tevfik Isık cad. No 8 Muratpaşa

Fish restaurants in Antalya

Photo: Lara Balık Evi.

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