15 best hotels of the Crimea on the seashore. Prices – 2022

15 best hotels by the sea in the Crimea

Rest in Crimea 2020 prices by the sea

We have selected the best hotels by the sea in the Crimea at various resorts. Choose and time to book!

There is a rule in all seaside resorts: the closer to the sea, the more expensive the accommodation. In the Crimea, it also works, but only in resorts with mountainous terrain on the South Coast – there is little land, and it is expensive. Yalta is the most expensive resort. Prices for hotels in 2022 near the sea – from 5,000 rubles to infinity, a little further away – from 2,500 rubles. In Alushta and the surrounding area prices are the same.

In Feodosia, Evpatoria, Sudak and Koktebel prices are about the same – you can live by the sea for 3000-4000 rubles. A lot of inexpensive housing in the private sector.

Prices are per night for two in the summer of 2022. I searched all hotels on Hotelluk. To find a great accommodation at a good price, book in advance. Read more about how to book a hotel in Crimea to bypass sanctions, and find out how hoteliers in the south cheat tourists. Look for favorable tours to these and other hotels on Travelate, and also see how much a trip to the Crimea costs.

“Spice and Passion, Yalta

A boutique hotel by the sea with the most exotic name in the Crimea! To the beach and seafront – only 400 meters. The price for such a close-to-the-sea hotel in Yalta is more than reasonable: from 5000₽ for a standard room, and from 7500₽ for a room with a luxurious terrace. The building is almost circular, so the layouts are unusual, and the various rooms have views of the park and concert hall, the promenade and the sea. There is a captain’s suite decorated with precious wood. Take one with a terrace – you won’t regret it!

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Eco-hotel “Levant” 4 *, Yalta

The hotel is located right on the seashore! Rooms with balconies, nice windows in the floor and sea views. It’s nice to wake up with a view of the sea, isn’t it? The rooms are simple but stylish. There is a private beach. Prices start from 11,000₽ per night.

Old Composer’s House, Yalta

Want to live in a mansion from 1881? Stay in the restored House of the composer Spendiarov, which has been converted into an elite apart-hotel. It is worth stopping here, if only for the sake of the magnificent front room! The apartments are laconic and nice, with balconies overlooking the sea and embankment, and on the roof is a swimming pool. The apartment is 50 meters from the sea. Price from 10000₽ per night.

Oreanda Premier Hotel 5*, Yalta

Beautiful hotel in the classical style by the sea in the center of Yalta. If you want to have a luxurious vacation in the Crimea, this is the right place for you. Prices are high – from 16000 ₽ per night for a room. But the hotel has it all: spa, swimming pools, green area, restaurants, bars and entertainment. The beach is free for guests.

Lodging in the Crimea by the Sea

Rooms at Oreanda Premier Hotel

Bungalow Bill Resort, Alushta

Cool modern one and two bedroom houses on a hillside surrounded by pine trees! Balconies overlook the sea and the beach. Stylish comfortable rooms, swimming pool, water park. It’s great to relax with children! Prices start from 7500 for a one bedroom bungalow. The price includes breakfast.

“Yustas, Alushta.

If you are unpretentious and you do not care so much about the appearance of the room, stay in “Yustas”. It is modest, but clean and has everything you need. The hotel is located on the beach, in the Professor’s corner, and the price is just fabulous – from 1800₽! For the South Coast, the cost is just unreal.

How much does it cost to go to the Crimea - 2022. Let's do the math!

Cheap hotels by the Sea in Crimea

Bungalow Bill Resort

“Terrace, Alushta

Nice hotel in the Crimea on the beach – with all the amenities and a very nice interior. Panoramic windows, terraces and views of the sea add to the coziness. The mini-hotel has no stars, but looks like a European “three”. Located in the Professor’s corner. The price for the South Coast is excellent – from 5200₽.

MORE SPA & Resort 4*, Alushta

This is a big elegant resort on the beach – there are not many of them in the Crimea! If you want to rest beautifully and comfortably, do not hesitate to come to this hotel. Spa with swimming pools, restaurants overlooking the sea, children’s playground, a cozy garden. In general, everything is done with taste and love. The price for all this beauty – from 9000 ₽. You can get a little more expensive with full board.

Lodging by the Sea in Crimea

Room at the Sea Hotel

“Scarlet Sails” 4*, Feodosia.

This is one of the most expensive and popular hotels in Feodosia near the sea – it is separated from the water only by a road and a lot of greenery. From balconies there is a view of the sea. The beach, swimming pools, spa and fitness center – there are all the amenities. A night there costs from 6,500₽.

Cool apartments on the beach in Feodosia

Living in a beautiful European-class apartment with direct access to the sandy Pearl Beach is easy! The luxury house “Black Sea Embankment” has different apartments – from budget ones for 3500₽ per night to large family and VIP ones for 6500₽. Fully furnished apartments with parking and a playground, some with sea views. Beautiful!

Rest in a hotel on the Crimea Sea

Apartments with sea views

“Pani Yarotska”, Evpatoria

A small but cozy guest house on the beach – only 200 meters to the sandy beach. Quiet and peaceful. The territory is very well maintained, there is a garden. You can cook yourself in the kitchen, there is a barbecue. Price from 3200₽.

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“Jeval”, Evpatoria

This hotel is an oriental fairy tale. However the luxury in the interior does not splash over the edge – everything is unobtrusive and with great taste: bright carpets, lamps, patterned pillowcases and curtains, carved furniture, paintings and plates on the walls. The hotel is a 5-minute walk from the sea, near Juma Jami Mosque. The price starts from 7300₽.

Gold Crocodile, Koktebel

This guest house is not right on the beach, but it’s very close. The owners have tried to furnish with taste, each – its own design. All the amenities are there. The price is not high at all – from 2500₽, and in low season from 1800₽.

“Oriental, Koktebel

The hotel is located near the beach – 150 meters. There is a restaurant, shared kitchen, laundry, parking. The water park is about 1.5 km away. Price from 3500₽.

Houses and hotels by the sea in the Crimea

Guest House Oriental

“Diva”, Sudak

A modern hotel with a laconic interior. There is a swimming pool. Located directly on the waterfront, near the water park. Alchak-Kaya is very close. Price from 3700₽, breakfast included.

Hotels in Crimea: official prices for 2022


Choose a suitable hotel according to a hundred of parameters. Current availability, instant confirmation and online payment.

  • Outdoor Pool: Included. With fresh water, 180 square meters in area, 255 cubic meters in volume. It is not heated and is equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas.
  • Outdoor Pool: Included. With fresh water (28*18 meters, volume 450 cubic meters, depth 86-160 cm). There is a children’s section: (depth 55 cm). Works seasonally.
  • Indoor pool: Included. A 50-meter heated seawater pool with 3 lanes, with hydromassage compartments and a fountain. The pool has a view.
  • Outdoor pool: Included. Three unheated pools (size 15*7; 28*5; 25*5 meters), with fresh water. In the pools there are classes and sports activities.
  • Indoor Pool: Included in the price. Size 17*7 meters, maximum depth 2.2 meters. With heated fresh water. There is a children’s section. Operates all year round.
  • Outdoor pool: Included. Two outdoor pools (20 meters long (560 cubic meters) and 15 meters long (460 cubic meters)). With seawater heated, water, water supply and sewage systems.
  • Beach within walking distance
  • Each floor of the hotel is designed in the style of the various countries of the world
  • Cafe on the top floor with views of the sea and the Crimean mountains
  • Outdoor Pool: Included. With fresh unheated water, 200 square meters, equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas, there is a children’s section.
  • Outdoor Pool: Included in the price. Size 14m x 5m, depth 2m, heated, equipped with sun loungers. Nearby is a children’s pool.
  • Closed guarded area.
  • Within walking distance of the Dolphinarium, the water park and the center of the resort town
  • The area is equipped with barbecues, pavilions
  • Picturesque closed area;
  • Rich rose garden and a mini botanical garden with subtropical flora on the territory of eco-hotel;
  • home cuisine with organic products.
  • Good value for money.
  • 150 meters to the beach
  • Comfortable rooms
  • Outdoor Pool: Included. 90 square meters. m., with fresh unheated water and a children’s area. Operates seasonally.
  • Indoor Pool: Included in the price. Fresh water pool with heated water. Size: 4*10 meters, 75 cubic meters, children’s section, works all year round. Hotel about
  • Outdoor pool: Included in the price. Unheated, with fresh water, size 23*8 meters, depth 1.7 meters. It is equipped with sunbeds, shades from the sun, awnings.
  • Located on the seashore
  • Developed infrastructure for recreation with children
  • Good quality-price ratio
  • Outdoor Pool: Included. Size 13*25 meters, depth – 1.6 meters, with seawater and children’s section. It is not heated and is open seasonally.
  • Outdoor pool: Included in price. Unheated, 3 meters deep with hydromassage.
  • Indoor pool: Included in price. In AquaDeluxe: with salt water, heated and children’s area. The size of 10*25 meters. In the corps Aquamarine: swimming pool with fresh water.
  • Outdoor Pool: Included in the price. In AquaDeluxe corps: with salt water, heated swimming pool and children’s area. A total area of 900 square meters and a depth of 0.55-1.6 meters. In the corps Akvam
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