2022 Salou Holiday Reviews

Salou reviews

Reviews about Salou based on personal experience. Pros and cons, personal impressions, what you liked and did not like about the trip. Who should pay attention to this city, whether (Spain) is suitable as a place for family or youth vacation. The main attractions and entertainment, what the city of Salou is famous for. Tips and tips and tips for those who plan to visit the city for the first time.

I stayed in Salou for 11 nights in August 2019. One of the goals of the trip was to return 10 years later to Barcelona, where I went in 2009 from the city of Blanes on the Costa Brava. Salou, on the other hand, is the Costa Dorada.

In addition to being a beach resort, Salou has iconic attractions.

What to see in Salou

  • Port Aventura. Although this place has a lot of shortcomings, it is still worth checking it out. And for the really cool rides, and for the atmosphere. By the way, not so long ago it opened a mini-park Ferrari Land, which also has a very cool ride Red Race, which I was able to ride.
  • The promenade with fountains. Especially in the evening. And it was not so much the fountains that were interesting (although they look really cool in the evening illumination), as the different events that took place there almost every night. It includes concerts and all sorts of processions with drums, and one time there was even a festival of fireworks. In general, what else, but the atmosphere of the constant holiday in Spain, well, very much catches on. The promenade is called Boulevard Jaime I and runs parallel to the Levante beach.
  • A complex of modernist mansions. A few buildings on Boulevard Jaime I in the port area, which separates the beaches of Levante and Poniente. Among them stands out the Chalet Bonet, built by a student of Gaudi himself.
  • The fortress of Torre Vella. It was a surprise to me that Salou even has a castle. Moreover, there are exhibitions inside. I was not able to examine the exhibition itself, but I really liked the garden around the castle, as well as the evening illumination.

And this is not all the attractions of Salou. There are thousands of years old olive trees (look very cool), a steam engine of the middle of the century before last, the complex “Catalan manor” and even some Roman ruins, which, however, I have not reached. And if to go to the eastern outskirts, passing not only the beach of Levante, but also Capellans, you can get to a very cool viewing platform, where we just contemplated the sea.

In summary, even if you leave the beaches and parks out of the equation, you can put a day on the sights of Salou, and you will not be bored.

Salou – pros and cons

Well, now I will share my impressions of the holiday in Salou in general. So, the pros:

  • Holiday atmosphere. It has already written above, and I will not repeat it.
  • A large selection of food. This, by the way, directly affects the prices, because of the competition. If you want nourishing, inexpensive and relatively healthy, go to Buffet Hong Kong. On weekdays at lunch time buffet costs less than 12 euros per person. Drinks, however, are ordered separately, but there is a whole counter where you can take raw seafood as much as you want, give it to the chef and he will fry it for you. In the evening and at weekends the buffet costs about 15 euros. Alcohol is not included, but the sangria there is great and also not too expensive. And there is also sushi.
  • A lot of stores. This also affects the prices. For example, in Greece, it is quite difficult to find beer cheaper than 1 euro in a coastal store, but in Salou – no problem. By the way, Spanish beer is very good if compared to other seaside countries.
  • Sightseeing. At each significant object there are stands with information in 8 (. ) languages, including Russian.
  • Easy to get to. Including from Barcelona airport. The Bus Plana buses run even at night, which is convenient because there is no need to overpay for cabs. Bus to or from the airport costs 16.9 euros per person. At Bus Plana stops during the day there are employees who provide consultations in English and at the company offices, which are also very numerous, there are Russian speakers.
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But there are some disadvantages. And the significant ones:

  • The beaches. There are two kinds of beaches. First, the extended sandy, where very gentle descent, and so many people that if simply to lie down, you will see someone’s heels at a distance of an outstretched hand, that is rather disgusting. Secondly, wild game with stones on which it is uncomfortable to lie down and go into the water are quite small areas closer to the outskirts, and there are very few people there for obvious reasons.
  • High prices for accommodation. I would say cosmic compared to Greece, Montenegro and Bulgaria, where I vacationed in 2017, 2018 and 2016, respectively. A room in a 4-star hotel, not without bugs and not on the first line (it took us 5 minutes and 45 seconds to get to the beach – I specifically timed it) came out to us about 130 euros per night. In Greece, we could have for that money to take something on the first line, and in Salou the choice was such that substantially save money was not possible.
  • Infrastructure in Port Aventura. For all the pros of the park and my sincere recommendations to visit it, I had the feeling more than once that it is a money-grubbing machine, and their comfort in this sense is pushed into the background. Let me explain with an example: there is a ride at Angkor Wat, a fun attraction, but directly related to pouring water. So, after visiting it, you can either use the paid dryer, or walk wet until it dries itself. In my opinion, this is pork. Well, and the queue is so hell that when it’s your turn, almost all the fear fades away (and I rode and Red Race, and Hurakan Kondor).

Salou – to go or not to go.

Here I find it difficult to give a definite recommendation, given the significant disadvantages. Perhaps you should stay there for 2-3 days, so that to visit the parks and walk around the city, and then go somewhere else for a beach holiday.

If you want to see the city more clearly, you can watch a video review, which I made after the first full day in Salou. It is at the beginning of the review.

Salou is the most Russian and the most soulful resort of the Catalan coast. You want to take a long and lazy walk, lie on the beach, daydream and eat good food here. This place is ideal for a relaxing and meditative rest of mind and body.

Before coming to Salou, I had a rich cultural program planned for a whole week. But for the whole seven days the only places I went were PortAventura and Reus. The rest of the time – I thoroughly enjoyed Spanish relaxation:). And by the way, I have no regrets, it was a real vacation, which is also needed at times.

  • Great sea and no less wonderful beaches, some of which are even marked the flag of UNESCO. Beautiful sand, good entrance to the water. Here you can rent a deck chair, or you can bask in the sun with your towel. If bored, you can take a ride on a banana or catamaran, or you can just jump in the wave and lie a star.
  • Well-developed infrastructure. There are a lot of stores (where they often speak Russian), cafes, restaurants and stores. A great many hotels and apartments to rent. I lived in a rented apartment on the first line, and it cost me ten times cheaper than staying in a hotel. I had a balcony overlooking the sea, where I had a great breakfast and enjoyed drinking coffee. Lazy, in a word.
  • It’s cheap here. For a European resort in Salou, the prices are quite low. For example, a glass of wine in a restaurant costs from one euro, a bottle can be bought for five or six. For a large paella you can pay up to seven euros, and to all alcoholic drinks tapas is free. And the stores in general are quite optimal prices, especially for olives, oil, seafood and wine. These you can eat here all the time and pay for it very little (compared with Italy, for example).
  • PortAventura is very close. Seriously, you can even walk here or take a bus in ten minutes. You do not need to travel for hours to enjoy the rides. True, if you make my mistake, and go here in the middle of summer vacations, you will also have to spend a lot of time in line. Because in addition to the tourists, there are children from the Spanish summer camps that just attack every attraction. They have no sense of fear because they endlessly ride the Dragon and Shambhala (and this, by the way, is super high and super scary slides), so wait for your turn can be two hours. Therefore, if you’re going to come here in the summer, better take a night ticket or come in the afternoon.
  • Almost all through Salou there is an excellent bike path, it can take you to Cambrils, which we did by the way. To relieve a little and get the muscles back in tone. In the town itself, there are a few rental bikes, where the transport can be rented for a few hours or a whole day. Another tip, do not read the guidebooks, where you will be advised to get to Reus by bike. You can’t, the bike lane ends almost immediately after Salou, and then there is an expressway that you can’t ride on other than a car.
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Salou is a great and very nice town. There is nothing super colorful or distinctive about it, it’s a resort to the bone. But that’s what we often come on vacation for – evening walks in pretty dresses, dinners in beautiful summer cafes, beach parties in the evenings, dancing till you drop and much more. The important thing is to feel at ease and enjoy your travels!

Holiday Salou

Salou is a city of celebration. We spent a whole day there, but the time flew by very quickly. We went there not only for the beach, but also for the holiday. On August 15, the Spaniards celebrate their national holiday. It was a holiday of the “Assumption of Our Lady. We were promised not only a cultural program, but also fireworks on the beach.

A few tips for those who have decided to spend a whole day in Salou on a holiday. Be sure to take not only a swimsuit, but also a festive dress. It will come in handy on the holiday. There are no public toilets in Salou, so be prepared for a long line at the local McDonald’s. There are many stores where you can buy not only cheap souvenirs, but also brand-name items.

We spent half the day on the beach, but we didn’t see any preparations for the holiday. But in the evening, not only did many dressed up tourists show up, but also various entertainers. The downtown fountains were lit with beautiful lights, and all the bars were busy.

We didn’t know exactly where on the beach the fireworks would be, so we followed the crowd of other tourists. At about 9pm we made it to the right beach. There was nowhere to sit down. There were no benches, no sun loungers either. We sat just on the sand. Our legs were already blowing from exhaustion. But as soon as the fireworks started, the tiredness had disappeared. Have you ever seen fireworks in the shape of smiley faces? It was just a shock. The fireworks lasted about 20 minutes. What kind of shapes we didn’t see in the sky. I don’t go to any more fireworks in Russia. After the salute in Salou – it’s not the same. If you want to be impressed for life, you have to see it.

Barcelona - Salou: How to get there

Spain is a country unlike any other. I realized this when in 2010, my wife and I were here for the first time – we rested on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea in the town of Santa Susana. It was then that I decided that after some time we would definitely come back here, but in full body, with our children. And now, in 2017, the time has come to keep my word.

We are again in Spain, this time in Salou, which is 90 km southwest of Barcelona. The choice of this particular resort was not accidental.

Here are the reasons why Salou is popular among Russian-speaking tourists:

  • A large selection of gorgeous beaches, some of the cleanest on the Mediterranean coast.
  • Good location. Popular with Russian tourists to Barcelona, Reus, Tarragona is very easy to reach.
  • One of the largest amusement parks in Europe – PortAventura is located in Salou.

Here are some tips for those who want to make the most of their vacation in Salou:

  • Take advantage of the Bus Plana bureaux, which are located at every step of the way. This is where you will find cheap but quality excursions.
  • Be sure to visit PortAventura. There is fun for children and for those looking for extreme adventures.
  • Tickets to PortAventura too buy in Bus Plana. They have exactly the same prices as on the official website of the entertainment center, and if you visit a family of 4 or more people, you will get an additional discount.
  • Be sure to try the authentic sangria. The drink that is sold in Russian stores has nothing to do with the Spanish one.

Unfortunately at Bus Plana not all the most interesting excursions. We have a lot of other tour bureaus ;-) with exclusive excursions. So look wider when choosing excursions

The Spanish passions of the series led me straight to the pearl of Catalonia, to this sunny Salou. The city, although small, is very cozy and suitable for families. I tried to dance a folk dance with castanets, but ended up looking like a gypsy who decided to dance in front of the audience for the first time:))

I think you must like it here, because there are a lot of little things that attract avid tourists:

  • The famous Port Aventura amusement park, I rode several rides and barely got my feet out of there, I’m too fragile a soul;
  • there are many beaches in the city, so for a start it is better to walk around all of them (there are 5 of them) to find a place where you will be really comfortable;
  • the musical fountains are also fascinating, but personally I was not enthralled.

All in this city is wonderful except the prices, they are too high for weekday rest, therefore only on vacation and you can come, but will have to save up money decently.

Let's go to the Costa Brava! Resorts, beaches, prices for recreation - 2022

I can not avoid mentioning the sea. It in Salou is warm and kind of even tender (what a sentimental me). Beaches are clean, but there are no changing rooms, and it confused me a little, but I put a bathing suit at the hotel, light top dress and no problems with changing.

In general, you will get a lot of emotions, see the beautiful architecture, talk to the Spaniards who are not clingy and try the local food. What could be better than a trip?

Eh, I envy you now, because you will see it all for the first time:)

Bon voyage and good wind!

Good time everyone!

I have read some negative comments about Salou and realized that people just didn`t know where they were going, or they were going for too active a vacation. I have been to Salou several times. I love this town because it is always quiet, despite the sea of tourists, great weather, and a great apartment or apartment can be rented within 100-200m from the beach, if you do it in advance.

Of course it is more of a family resort for a beach holiday, but a couple of years ago, before my marriage, we and a group of friends had a great time going to Barcelona and the nearest towns.

If you are not interested in local excursions to Montserrat, Figueiros Castle, S.Dali museum, night fountains in Barcelona, Barcelona itself with its attractions, Tarragona, and you’re more for beach leisure, good food and wine with delicious jamon, you don’t need to go anywhere from Salou, because everything is within walking distance, you just need to know the places! There are singing fountains on the waterfront, a lot of restaurants, cafes, patisseries, supermarkets with fresh seafood and fish, which are cut up in front of you on the spot. My husband and I also went to a wine tasting at “Armonia” bodega in Salou and we got great wine and jamon for great prices. And we were lucky that we discovered this store with a possibility to taste the wine at the beginning of vacation, because all 20 days of the vacation we bought there, and even brought a lot of wine, jamon, sweets and traditional cheese. Here is this store we definitely recommend to visit no matter what your preferences in rest, because there are different wines for all tastes and purses, and cheese is some cool, and Jamon awesome and natural cosmetics, and the prices are very low, we compared. The sellers there are Russian-speaking, so there were no problems with the language. There is an address and their website on the Internet.

The bus plana can take you to small neighboring towns: Tarragona, Reus for excellent shopping, and in Cambrils for beautiful walks along the waterfront with pine trees and dinner at local fish restaurants. Barcelona is also a short train ride away. Also planning to fly there on vacation this year, if everything works out.

In general, guys, study this town and transport links in more detail before your trip to make sure the vacation went great!

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