8 best excursions in Kemer: prices 2022 and description

8 best tours in Kemer.

Picked 8 most interesting excursions in Kemer, which are loved by us and tourists.

Where to buy tours

The most expensive and the lowest quality excursions offer tour operators. So it is better not to get anything from the hotel guides. In general, it’s better not to contact with them – you won’t meet a bigger cheater anywhere. What nonsense they do not believe in to gullible tourists! Sightseeing and especially renting a car in Turkey is very dangerous, no one is responsible for you, and locals are just waiting for an opportunity to rob you. In the era of the pandemic, these scoundrels have invented another trick: allegedly, only buying an excursion from the hotel guide, you can get into a kind of police “base” and get the opportunity to freely walk around the resort and move around the country. And how can they not be ashamed of such a brazen lie? In general, it is better to stay away from these rascals. Learn the truth about the tours in Turkey.

All tours we buy only on our favorite service Tripster. There you can read real reviews of tourists, so it is easy to choose a good and interesting excursion. Prices are lower than the street vendors, and there is more reliability. In addition, there are unique author’s tours that will show you the country from a new side. I heartily recommend it.

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Useful articles about Kemer:

Vacationing on an island paradise

Suluada Island is often called the Turkish Maldives – not to be confused with Lake Salda, which is called exactly the same. In Turkey they like to call something Maldives, but to us these places around the uninhabited island reminded us more of Italy and Greece. The water is so clear and turquoise that you want to swim in it, and the pictures come out very juicy.

The tour lasts more than 12 hours. During the boat trip you will visit several picturesque bays and swim in the most beautiful places!

Price . The 2022 tour to the Turkish Maldives from Kemer costs 32€ per person.

Excursions on ships from Kemer.

Just look at that spotless clear water off Suluada Island!

See the unique landscape of Cappadocia.

During your vacation in Kemer, be sure to take a trip to Cappadocia – I guarantee that you will fall in love with these wonderful landscapes! Two days in the Land of Beautiful Horses is not enough, but enough to see the main beauty and to be impressed. By comparison, we spent almost a week there and walked around all the valleys. Read our review of Cappadocia.

This super-full two-day tour to Cappadocia is a tourist favorite: the program is interesting, the views are amazing, and the guide is passionate. During the trip you will see many beautiful valleys, an underground city, cave churches with frescoes, rock fortress cities, and get to fly in a hot air balloon! The flight is paid for separately. We can recommend this tour on a hot-air balloon (here cheaper, there are reviews). Book it in advance, because there are not always places in season.

Price . In 2022 the tour from Kemer to Cappadocia costs 60 € per person. It’s almost all-inclusive: this price includes travel, entrance fees, lodging and meals (except lunches).

Tourist reviews . All holidaymakers are satisfied with this tour. Many call the trip to Cappadocia the best trip of a lifetime. We bought other excursions from the organizer Anna and were completely satisfied.

Eugenia : “In general, if you sunbathe on the beaches of Turkey, do not spare time and go for an unforgettable experience in Cappadocia, and if possible, choose a guide Baja!”

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This is me in Pashabag, the valley of the monks in Cappadocia. The Valley of Love in Cappadocia.

Seeing non-tourist Turkey

If this is not your first time in Turkey, you’ve seen all the highlights and are looking for something out of the ordinary, we recommend taking this tour of the unknown Turkey. It is led by our acquaintance guide Nikita – an intelligent, pleasant and enthusiastic person, who will tell interesting stories about Turkey and show unexplored places: the figure of Hercules carved by nobody knows who, the ruins of a Byzantine fortress, beautiful mountains and colorful mountain villages.

Price . The tour costs 127 € for a group of 1-9 people.

Go to Pamukkale and fly in a hot-air balloon

Pamukkale is the second most popular natural wonder in Turkey. Just imagine – it is a spa resort with a 2200-year history! The place is wonderful: the snow-white travertine with blue water, the ancient ruins of the city, mentioned in the Bible, the famous “rejuvenating” Cleopatra pool. In general, it is beautiful, interesting and healthy. :) So I advise to come here. The place, though untwisted, but we liked it. Learn about the best thermal springs in Turkey, and see our review of Pamukkale.

Note that this tour does not waste any more time shopping and only takes you to wine tasting. If you want a Pamukkale tour with shopping, check out this tour.

Price . A one-day excursion from Kemer to Pamukkale in 2022 costs 50€ per person. Also, recently they started launching balloons over Pamukkale, just like in Cappadocia. The trip and balloon flight cost 100 € per person. Individual tour is very popular with tourists – it costs 250 €.

Excursions from Kemer

This is me cooling off in the mineral water pool in Pamukkale.

Feel the breath of antiquity in Mira

We went to Mira and Simena on our own by rented car and we advise to visit these ancient places at least with a tour. After all, it’s a great opportunity to be transported back 2000 years! You will visit the ancient amphitheater, look at the Lycian tombs in Myra and learn about the rich history of the city. And in Demre, you will see the sarcophagus where the relics of Saint Nicholas were kept, learn about the life of the saint and his miracles.

Price . The tour costs 196 € per person.

Excursions from Kemer

The ancient city of Mira.

Rafting on a mountain river

This excursion is for those who are tired of beach vacation and want something active, but not very extreme. Rafting is completely safe – on excursion take even children from 6 years old! The group is accompanied by the skilled instructor. During the rafting you will go down the mountain valley Köprühlü on inflatable rafts and see the ancient bridge Oluk, which was built by the Romans in the 2nd century AD.

Price . Rafting in Kemer costs only 18€ per person. The price includes transfers, lunch and equipment. Please note that the tour takes more than 12 hours.

Anna: “Oh, it was one of the most driving excursions)) I am delighted, a lot of positive emotions! And the video as a memory, of course for a fee, but it was expected) in general, anyone who needs unforgettable emotions go))”.

Sail on a pirate yacht

On this excursion from Kemer you can safely go with children, because there is animation on board: they arrange a foam party and dances, make aqua makeup for kids. It lasts for 7 hours and takes place on board a pirate schooner. You’ll sail along the picturesque coast, see the cave and pirate fortresses, swim in the beautiful bays and visit the ancient city of Faselis (I recommend not to be lazy and go to the ruins).

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Price . The boat trip costs 17 € per person. Drinks in the bar and a visit to Faselis must be paid separately.

Oksana : “Really enjoyed this event! Everything is well thought out, precise and professional. The excursion itself fascinates with its scale: a huge pirate ship, great and interesting route, the show on the ship, and even with the shade on the ship everything was thought out (everyone had enough, no one was left in the sun without desire).

That’s the kind of ship that usually takes you on boat rides. Lyosha on the ruins of Phaselis. I advise you to wander through the remains of the ancient city during the tour – it’s small, but interesting. From the amphitheater of Fazelis there is a beautiful view of Mount Tahtali.

See the mountain gorges

If you like adventure and are ready to discover little-known Turkey, take a jeep tour through the picturesque canyons of Taza and Köprülü. In addition to stunning views of the canyons and bridge, you’ll see the unusual Devil’s Stones and the amphitheater of the ancient city of Selge.

Price . Excursion from Kemer with a Russian-speaking guide costs 30 € per person.

The best excursions from Kemer: Top 10

If you came to Kemer and do not want to spend time in the captivity of “ole ina”, then I fully support you. And even tell you what excursions from Kemer are worth visiting, the prices in 2022, the program and the plan of action.

C 25.08-10.09 action lasts with a cashback of 20% for tours in Russia. You need to register your MIR card and book a tour at Level.Travel (promotional code of 1500 ₽ when buying from 70.000 ₽ – LT-SEPT-RU1) or Travelate (promotional code of 1000 ₽ when buying from 60.000 ₽ – AF1000travelinka). Tour is more profitable, because this way you get a cashback for everything – flight, hotel, transfer.

So, the beaches of Kemer bored, the beer in the bar does not end, and the soul is asking for a high. Then it is worth looking around and decide that we need to go urgently to impress and cultural enlightenment. Moreover, there is a lot to see near Kemer.

The resort at the foot of the Taurus Mountains is worth visiting Demre, Kekova, Miru, Mount Tahtali, burning Chimera Lights, the village Ulupinar and a few other interesting places.

To buy tours in Kemer in Russian it’s easier to buy online: on Tripster and Sputnik8 sites. There you can find out the prices, descriptions, reviews, compare and choose a convenient time. All tours are in Russian, there are small groups and individual tours.

Kemre, Kekova, Mira

  • Price for a guided tour in Kemer: 25 €
  • Duration: 11 hours

There is one main reason why Demre, Mira, Kekova should be visited as part of a tour from Kemer – it’s a much closer drive from here! I remember back in 2006 they took us there from Side! We drove 6 hours one way, because we stopped at “advertising stores” and somewhere else on the way. What a pity no one told me that at the time. It was far, expensive and very tiring. And from Kemer to go to Demre, Mira, Kekova is the best, there is nowhere closer, and the prices are lower, because the transfer is shorter.

What is included in this tour from Kemer:

  • Kekova can only be seen from the sea, so you can take a boat ride along the ancient shores. Now the city is flooded by 5 meters, but from the water you can see the remains of the ancient city, the remains of columns, walls, even the water supply system. You will also see the ancient city of Dolihiste and will be able to swim.
  • Ruins of the old town of Myra, the remains of the ancient amphitheater, the acropolis, rock tombs.
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  • Home of Santa Claus, or Nicholas the Wonderworker, the town of Demre. This is one of the most visited places in the whole country. The miraculous properties of the tomb have been known since ancient times, here you can make a wish by touching the sacrophage.
  • Turkish lunch in a restaurant.


Boat trip, ancient Phaselis

  • Price of tour in Kemer: 17 €
  • Duration: 7 hours

This is one of the most “light” tours in Kemer, no need to go anywhere, just sit on the boat, ride and enjoy the beautiful views. During the boat ride you can swim, sunbathe, see Kemer’s surroundings from the water, visit enclosed coves and get out at the ancient Faselis. This is an ancient Lycian city on the Mediterranean coast, founded by the Greeks from the island of Rhodes. Now you can see the ruins of Hadrian’s Gate, the Roman baths, the amphitheater, the acropolis and the agora. The cost of the tour from Kemer includes animation and lunch on the ship.

Excursions from Kemer


Phaselis. What to see in Antalya

What is included in this tour from Kemer:

  • Pirate Cave , islands in the Mediterranean Sea, views of Mt.
  • The Lycian city of Phaselis, founded by the Greeks (you may visit if you wish, entrance fee is 30 Liras).
  • Lunch cooked on board.

Excursions from Kemer

Lights of Chimaera by jeep.

  • Price in Kemer: 28 €
  • Duration: 6 hours

The famous Chimera Lights on Yanartas Mountain are located in Cirali. This tour in Kemer is for advanced, because you still have to walk up the stone steps of the mountain to get to the lights. On the way there will be clear pine forest, ruins of an ancient city. Some particularly cunning tourists go down to the Chimera Lights from the village of Ulupinar (go all the way down, not up), and at the bottom take a cab to go back. Nearby is our favorite beach Olympos with picturesque cliffs, ruins of the ancient city (entrance fee – 20 liras, included in the price). This is the place where the Mediterranean turtles lay their eggs.

What is included in this excursion from Kemer in Russian:

  • A jeep ride to Olympos Beach, one of the cleanest in the country.

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Olympos Beach. What to see in Antalya

  • The ancient city of Olympos (visit).
  • Village Cirali, where there is a quiet unhurried life. The road to get here leads through a steep descent. The village is surrounded by mountains from both sides.
  • Yanartas mountain, the path to the mountain was paved by the Lycians (wear comfortable shoes, it takes 15-30 minutes to climb).
  • Dinner at a restaurant in Ulupinar valley by the mountain river that descends from the Taurus Mountains. Here trout are caught for restaurant dishes and cooked with Turkish spices.

Best tours from Kemer

Chimera Lights in Cirali

Excursion to Tahtali Mountain from Kemer

  • Price of excursion in Kemer: 55 $
  • Duration: 3 hours

The best excursion from Kemer is to its main attraction, Tahtali Mountain. This peak is hard not to notice, is visible from all corners of Kemer. At an altitude of 2365 meters above sea level it is cold, here the snow melts only in June, so take warm clothes. The way up is on the funicular, the lower station is in the mountains near the village of Chamyuva. At the top there is a fantastic view of the sea and neighboring villages. It’s hard to imagine that this snowy mountain is in hot, sunny Turkey.

What is included in this tour from Kemer:

  • Climbing the mountain Tahtaly, the ride on the ropeway itself is already a sightseeing attraction.
  • Free time on Tahtali Mountain (1,5 hours).
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tours from Kemer, prices

Tahtali Mountain in Kemer.

Holiday in Kemer in June, reviews and photos.

River rafting in the mountains.

  • Price of tour in Kemer: 18 €
  • Duration: 12 hours

This excursion from Kemer is suitable for active tourists. You will raft on the mountain river in a picturesque place among the mountains in the picturesque canyon Köprülü with professional instructors (total length of the route is 14 km). Before the excursion you need a briefing. Rafting will take place also under the bridge Oluk, which is more than 2000 years old (it was built by the Romans). During the rafting you will be entertained by an instructor, you will shout cheerful speeches and train team spirit. Afterwards, you will have a delicious Turkish lunch.

What is included in this excursion from Kemer in Russian:

  • A trip to Köprülü Canyon .
  • Instruction with a professional instructor.
  • Rafting on mountain river on a raft.
  • Lunch in Turkish style.

Olympos, Kemer

Excursions in Kemer.

Geynyuk Canyon, ATV safari

  • Price of excursions in Kemer: 19,5 € (single quad bike, cost per person), 29 € (single quad bike)
  • Duration: 3 hours

Geynyuk Canyon is one of the main attractions near Kemer. It has stunning blue water, beautiful nature, lots of active entertainment. Wedding and family photo sessions are often held in Geynyuk. This dynamic excursion from Kemer for young people, although suitable for families with children. Before the trip you need to be instructed by a professional attendant, all issued helmets. You will also need a handkerchief and glasses to cover your face.

What is included in this tour from Kemer:

  • A trip to Geynuk Canyon .
  • Two rides on quad bikes 40 minutes each (the route goes through the forest, mountains, and wading through the river).
  • A stop at the mountain stream for rest and swimming.

tours from Kemer, prices


  • Price of the tour in Kemer: 38 €
  • Duration: More than 12 hours

Pamukkale is one of the most popular excursions from Kemer. The place is included in the top 10 most beautiful sights of Turkey. Pamukkale is a calcium sediment in the form of natural baths, which are thousands of years old. There are natural thermal springs and Cleopatra pool, where you can swim in the warm mineral springs. Their water has a rejuvenating and healing properties, the temperature all year round +36 degrees, so that you can get into the pool, even in winter. Nearby are the ruins of the ancient city of Hierapolis.

What is included in this tour from Kemer:

  • A trip to Pamukkale , 17 thermal springs with different with temperature.
  • Cleopatra and Karahayit swimming pool (bathing costs 50 Liras).

Cleopatra Pool

  • Necropolis, the ancient theater, the martyrdom of St. Philip, and the temple of Apollo in the ancient city of Hierapolis.
  • The ruins of the ancient baths.
  • Lunch and dinner in Turkish style.

Pamukkale, Turkey

Journey to Cappadocia for 2 days

  • Price of tour in Kemer: 70 €
  • Duration: 2 days

Cappadocia is a legend in Turkey, whose name means “land of beautiful horses”. Here are the natural stone pillars, tuff “mushrooms” and pointed towers. And you can also visit the underground caves, pigeon houses and monasteries in the rocks. And the most important entertainment here – flying in a hot-air balloon, which showed even in “Heads and Tails. In order not to get tired on the road, the tour from Kemer to Cappadocia is designed for 2 days with an overnight stay in a hotel 4 *.

What is included in this tour from Kemer:

  • A trip to the fabulous Cappadocia .
  • Goreme National Park where nature created the towers and pillars, and cells and monasteries are located in the rocks. Admission costs 45 liras.
  • Rock fortress Ukhchisar .
  • Chavushin village with rock houses.
  • The underground city of Saratli (entrance costs 10 Liras).
  • Accommodation in a 4 star hotel, breakfast and dinner at the hotel.
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tours from Kemer, prices


  • Tour price in Kemer: 190 €
  • Duration: More than 12 hours

Istanbul is a must-see for everyone. It is the main city that is associated with Turkey (and not the capital Ankara). This excursion from Kemer by plane, during which you will see the main mosques of Istanbul, markets, narrow streets of the city, sail through the Bosphorus Strait and admire the city of the “seven winds” from the sea.

What is included in this tour from Kemer:

  • Flight from Antalya to Istanbul.
  • Sultanahmet Square in Istanbul.
  • The legendary Blue Mosque, the hallmark of Istanbul.

Süleymaniye Mosque

Istanbul sightseeing tours, prices & descriptions

  • Hagia Sophia Museum .
  • Topkapi Palace .
  • Istanbul market .
  • Boat trip on Bosphorus Strait .
  • Lunch and dinner in Istanbul .

tours from Kemer, prices

Ortakoy Mosque in Istanbul .

Picnic and fishing in Ulupinar .

  • Price of excursion in Kemer: 30 $
  • Duration: 5 hours

Ulupınar is a real Turkish village on the way to Cirali where unhurried life flows. You can see it on the left if you drive from Kemer to Cirali. Here in the river valley you can catch different fish, such as trout. There are so many of them, that even a beginner can do fishing. The water in the river comes from the Taurus Mountains, it is clean, you can swim. Each fisherman is instructed and given a fishing rod and other tackle. At the end of this tour from Kemer, a picnic with dishes from the river trout awaits you.

What is included in this tour from Kemer:

  • Trip to Ulupinar .
  • Free time or fishing .
  • Lunch of trout (you can choose other dishes from the menu).

Road to Tahtali

Road to Ulupinar.

Now you know what are the best excursions from Kemer 2022, prices and description . If you don’t want to travel far, choose Faselis, Lights of Chimera, Ulupinar, Demre, Mira, Kekova. Long trips to Istanbul, Cappadocia and Pamukkale are worth it, although they take a lot of time (you do not need to plan anything for the next day to rest properly). Reviews about these tours from Kemer are always positive. And if you are going to rest in Kemer, read other popular articles about the most picturesque resort of Turkey.


What to see


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I liked it very much in Pamukkale. I myself work with stone, as a specialist it was interesting to me to see the process of travertine formation. But it is better to go with overnight stay, because only in the morning and evening you can walk around without tourists. And to see Hierapolis in peace. For one day to go is of course a mockery.

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