All about the private sector in the Crimea! Prices – 2022. How to rent an inexpensive place

All about private sector in the Crimea! Important advices and best accomodation

Rest in Crimea prices private sector

Are you planning your holidays in the Crimea in 2022? Find out all about private sector! The review of prices and tips, how to find inexpensive accommodation in the center and by the sea without intermediaries and why it is better to book in advance. Different places to live in Crimea: in Yalta, Alushta, Alupka, Sudak, Sevastopol, Feodosia, etc. Our tips from personal experience.


Where it is better to book

So, you’re going to rest on your own in the Crimea. Tickets bought, resort selected, itinerary developed. It remains perhaps one of the most important – to choose an inexpensive but pleasant accommodation in the Crimea.

Of course you can settle in an expensive hotel “all inclusive”, which will be helpful staff, daily cleaning and other benefits. However, most tourists still prefer the private sector. Why? It is cheaper and more sincere: the atmosphere is homely, there is a common kitchen, you can communicate with neighbors and chat with owners. Among the landlords there are often people who love their country. They will always tell you something informative about the resort and its surroundings, as well as explain how to get to the most interesting places in the Crimea. In the Crimea, inexpensive housing in the private sector a lot: someone looking for the old-fashioned way on the spot, and someone prebook.

We after a number of unpleasant situations from now on always book accommodation in the private sector in the Crimea in advance. We look at the service Hotelluk. We advise this service because it works consistently with the Crimea and finds hotels and guest houses at the best price and discounts. Also, there are a lot of checked out accommodation with real reviews on the popular service Check out lodging on both sites and choose what you like best. Also read our tips and cautions about how to book accommodation in the Crimea. Check out the list of new hotels in the Crimea and the top 15 hotels by the sea.

5 reasons to book accommodation in the Crimea in advance :

  1. Imagine how you will be in the heat (or at dusk) with luggage and, God forbid, with a child looking for accommodation, not knowing the city? And if you have a reservation, you can just give the address to the cab driver.
  2. You will not be handed a pig in a poke – you yourself choose the right accommodation.
  3. When choosing on the website you can read reviews from other tenants.
  4. Booking is done without intermediaries in the form of realtors and other “assistants”, the extra penny is not taken from you.
  5. Almost always it is cheaper – the owners make discounts on the reservation sites, as the competition is high. But if you come to the host “hot”, he will tell you the usual or inflated price – that’s the mentality. We checked more than once: the price of the owner may be inflated by almost 2 times.

Cheap apartments in Crimea without intermediaries

Photo: Guest House Kafa in Feodosia.

Holidays in the Crimea in the summer of 2022. What the weather and whether to go

Rules of safe housing reservations

People in the Crimea are special, they don’t get along with the Internet, and they live as if they were not in the 21st century. With this we have faced several times and experienced the full range of emotions. We tell you about some of the nuances of booking accommodation in the private sector in the Crimea – what you should be prepared for and how to safely rent an apartment.

Do not book accommodation on the same day. Better – a week or a month, well, in a pinch – a day. Hosts in the Crimea are irresponsible: it is quite possible that the room will not be ready for your arrival and you will be offered a more expensive.

ALWAYS call the owners and confirm the reservation. Sometimes it happens that the ad is on the site, but the owner is in another city or country, and can not take you. This happens with housing in small settlements – we had such a story happened in Olenevka and Kacha.

Check with the owner of the address of the housing – it is not always correct on the reservation site.

If you come by car, ask the host if there is parking and where it is located. For example, on the South Coast, the streets are narrow and the lots are small. Some have a private parking inside the yard, someone offers to put a car near the house on the street, and someone even in a guarded paid parking in the city, although promised to provide space – and that happens! We faced this in Alushta and Sudak.

Keep in mind that tourists from the Krasnodar region, also rest Crimeans themselves, so find housing in the private sector is more difficult.

Many cities are hilly. If you are hard to climb the hill, look for lodging on a flat area and as close to the sea as possible.

If you do decide to look for accommodation on the spot, we advise you not to take the first option that will be offered at the bus station or airport – compare a few. Trade up, especially if you’re going to stay for a long time. Walk around the area where you’d like to live and consider your options consistently. Find rental housing in the private sector is not difficult – on every second house there are signs with advertisements.

And now let’s get to the most important thing: the prices. We have made an overview of the prices for holidays in the private sector in the Crimea in the summer of 2022 and reviewed the most popular resorts of different types of housing: guest houses, apartments, rooms, mini-hotels, private houses. Search and book them without intermediaries!

A lot of people are going to the Crimea this summer, and a lot of places are already unavailable, so hurry up and book.

Yalta is probably the most expensive and popular resort of the Crimea. But nevertheless it is possible to find the rather inexpensive variants of accommodation without intermediaries in the private sector for the summer season 2022.

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Apartments in Yalta cost from 2400 rubles per day. It’s almost twice as expensive at the seaside – from 4200 rubles. There are more proposals in the range of 4300-8600 rubles per day. Usually there is parking, Internet, a mini-kitchen.

The guest houses are cheaper than the apartments – the hosts offer accommodation from 1.5 thousand rubles per night. There are more offers in the range of Br2,500 – Br4,000 per night. The inexpensive guest houses usually have a simple interior, a minimum of furniture and a common kitchen. The bathroom may be either private or shared. These mini-hotels are the most common housing option. They are scattered throughout the resort, and prices depend on amenities, as well as distance from the sea and city center.

You can rent a house or villa with 2-3 bedrooms, pool and sauna from 6 thousand rubles – the price depends on the amenities and can be up to 200 thousand rubles (and even higher).

Rest in Crimea prices without intermediaries cheap

Photo: Meridian Guest House.


You can stay at a guest house in Alupka for 1200 rubles per day – this is the lowest price at the resort in the high season. Apartments near the beach can be found from 1700 rubles, a room in a villa – from 2200 rubles.


In Alushta are a lot of inexpensive guest houses – from 800 rubles per day for a room for two. But such prices are rare; in general, rooms cost from 1100-2500 rubles. Many of them are located close to the sea. To rent a house is possible from about 7.5 thousand rubles per day.

Cheap accommodation in the Crimea in the private sector

Photo: Dacha.

Sudak .

Sudak is one of the most convenient and relatively inexpensive resorts of the Crimea. Here is a very clean sea and not so many tourists, as in Yalta, and at the same time a huge number of attractions in the vicinity – you can occupy yourself for the entire vacation. In addition, it is convenient to get to other resorts: the New World, Koktebel and Feodosia, as well as small towns, little-known tourists. Another plus Sudak – an inexpensive private sector on the beach in the Crimea. The prices are modest, and the conditions are not bad.

Rent a house in Sudak can be from 2000 rubles a day – the price depends on the facilities and area of the house. The cost of apartments – from 1700 rubles per day, rooms in guest houses – from 600 rubles. There are more offers of guest houses in the range of Br1000-2000 per day.

Cheap holiday rentals in the Crimea

Photo: Baza Otdyha Rodina.

Novyi Svet

Novyi Svet is a small but popular neighbor of Sudak. Rest there is more expensive than in Sudak. As with other resorts of the Crimea, the private sector is represented mainly by guesthouses, apartments and private cottages. All of them are located close to the sea, since the settlement is quite small.

In the summer of 2022 you can find options at low prices – for example, a small house with partial facilities from 1400 rubles per day, a comfortable house with private facilities inside – from 2500 rubles. Rent an apartment without intermediaries can be from 2500 rubles per day, the price depends on the number of rooms.

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If you are going to live in Sevastopol it is very important where you are going to stay. If in the historic center, then to the beach will have to go by transport. You can rent an apartment in the center from 2000 rubles a day, but more often there are variants for 3000-5000 rubles. A room in a guest house closer to the beach in Lyubimovka or Uchkuevka can be found starting from 1000 rubles. A house costs from 1500 to 9000 rubles.

Evpatoria .

Rest in Evpatoria popular with tourists: there are many inexpensive proposals in the private sector, but they are quickly snapped up (as, however, and other resorts in the Crimea). Summer 2022 a room in a guest house can be rented from 1200 rubles a day (near the beach), apartments – from 1300 rubles, a house with two bedrooms – from 2400 a day. Roughly the same price in Saki, a little cheaper – in villages near Evpatoria.


Private sector in Feodosia is one of the most inexpensive in the Crimea, so the rest will not be expensive. It is a lot of cheap guest houses – for the summer season 2022 at rent without intermediaries a room can be found from 600 to 1000 rubles. All of them are at some distance from the beach – 2, 3 or 4 lines. Those at the seaside cost from about 2000 rubles per day.

Studio apartment or apartment – from 1500 rubles per day. House with 1 room – from 1600 rubles, with 2-4 rooms – 5000-6000 rubles.

Cheap accommodation in the Crimea from the owner

Photo: Guest House Black Sea.

Koktebel .

Lodging in Koktebel is almost as cheap as in Feodosia. Guest houses – from 600 rubles per day, apartments – from 2000 rubles. Many people live in tents at campsites. But to rent a house is more expensive: two-room – from 2500 rubles, three-room – from 3000 rubles. Wooden cottage – 3000-6000 rubles (depends on the number of rooms).

Private Sector in Crimea

Photo: Art Hotel.

Private Sector in the Crimea: prices for holidays by the sea in 2022

Independent vacation in the private sector in the Crimea attracts tourists the opportunity to save money and move freely across the peninsula, if necessary, referring to the private sector in the place of the stop.

Prices on the rental market in the private sector resorts of the Crimea depends on the popularity of a particular direction, the general condition and area of the selected object, the availability and variety of amenities, distance from the sea and beaches.

Sudak © Alexander Sorokin

Prices in the private sector in the Crimea in 2022

Inexpensive accommodation in the private sector of the Crimean resorts by the sea is rented in summer at a price of 500 rubles per day. You have a good chance to book the cheap accommodation in the small seaside villages and settlements like the Black Sea, Saki, Lazurnoe, Koktebel etc. half a year before your vacation. You can also find a big variety of budget accommodation in the popular resort Sudak.

Nikitsky Botanic Garden

At the beginning of the season from May till mid-June you can count on the considerable price compensation from the private owners – up to 70%! Such discounts are more likely to be given by the owners of guest houses that were initially focused on the rental business, while the seasonal changes in the prices for daily rent apartments are hardly traceable (from 1000 rubles per day as a standard).

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You’ll find a cheap accommodation for the peak season – July and August – in the private sector in the Crimea in 2022 if you start booking a room or an apartment in advance, even in winter. In this case you will find a double room in a house near the coast at a price of 600 rubles. A couple of weeks before the trip the choice is not as rich, and if you have no binding vacation to a specific resort, you can consider options in the range of 700 – 1000 rubles per room.

With the onset of the holiday season the chances of finding a comfortable room for less than 800 rubles increase as the number of vacationers in the Crimea drops sharply with the start of the school year. The closer it is to the end of the season, the nicer the discounts from private individuals are.

During the low season from late November till May the prices for private sector accommodation at the seaside in the Crimea are at their lowest. The exception is the New Year vacations, in anticipation of which there is a temporary increase in demand for accommodation in cities with interesting excursions, including Sevastopol, Yalta, Feodosia, Sudak, Simferopol.

Lodging in the private sector of the Crimea without intermediaries

Not all tourists find it convenient to rent an apartment with private individuals. Moreover, even with this format of holiday is desirable to prepare: get a general idea of the prices in the resort and the layout of the streets. Then you can confidently bargain with the locals who meet tourists at the stations, and reject all the inconvenient options away from the sea.

Do not forget about the other risks: the verbal deal with the owner does not give any guarantees – both financial and in terms of compliance with obligations; it is problematic to find a house for a day or two on the spot – it is advantageous for owners to look for guests for a week at least; the choice of apartments for rent in the high season in a popular resort can be very limited, and prices – inflated.

To protect yourself from resort fraud intermediaries, unscrupulous owners, and various unpleasant things related to the search of accommodation on the spot, it is worth considering booking on a large online platform, which oversees the business relationship between property owners and tourist-tenants.

Booking service provides financial security of transactions, the validity of reviews of the resort accommodation: only reviews from tourists who have used the previously made booking are allowed for publication.

Private Sector in Alushta without intermediaries. Prices - 2022

Of the nearly 4500 options for accommodation in the Crimea on the private sector without intermediaries (the site owners themselves represent their real estate) has about 400 objects. The most common variant of accommodation – guest houses where rooms with a common bathroom are for rent. The landlords in large cities prefer to let their apartments for daily rent: there are over 150 such offers at, with the prices starting from 800-1000 rubles per day. If your budget starts from 3000 rubles you can rent a whole house – a comfortable accommodation for a large family.

Central beach in Koktebel © vladkonst

Rest in the Crimea in the private sector by the sea

Among them are Sudak, Feodosia, Evpatoria, Yalta, Alushta and many other small seaside towns and villages – Novy Svet, Nikolaevka, Saki, Gurzuf, Beregovoye, Ordzhonikidze, Rybachie, Olenevka and others.

The choice of housing and the price range in each resort is different, but the private sector is widely represented everywhere.

In the private sector of Yalta, which is so popular with tourists in the Crimea, prevail apartments and guest houses. The most comfortable accommodation – private houses with green yards and even pools within walking distance of the beaches of Yalta.

Sudak .

Inexpensive and picturesque Crimean resort Sudak attracts independent tourists beaches and attractions. Private sector of this seaside town pleases with a variety of budget accommodation options (from guest rooms to family houses) all year round. You can find apartments, cottages and guest houses for tourists in the private sector of Sudak in the Crimea on


Located between Yalta and Sudak Alushta, tourists prefer to stay in the private sector in inexpensive rooms in guest houses and apartments in apartment buildings near the sea.

Evpatoria .

This famous resort on the western coast of Crimea remains one of the best places for tourists with children. Evpatoria is available on all the year round.


Choose housing in the private sector of sunny Feodosia on can be nearly 30 options in different parts of the city: closer to the beach, harbor, city center and art galleries or in the southern part of the resort – the Genoese fortress. The resort towns in the Feodosia city district are not less attractive for tourists, and in the first place – Ordzhonikidze and Koktebel.

Searching for transfers in the Crimea

It is not always convenient to get to a private sector of the Crimean resort by public transportation. If the way with the suitcases is not a short distance (especially for those who arrive on the peninsula), it is wise to use a transfer rather than plan a complex route with changes.

Transfer options in Crimea from KiwiTaxi:

Search for transfers to Evpatoria, Yalta, Saki, Kerch, Feodosia, Alushta, Koktebel, Sudak, Nikolaevka, New World, Partenit, Gurzuf, Koreiz, Gaspra, Nikita, Morskoye, Olenevka, Ordzhonikidze , Peschanoye

Show transfers from Evpatoria, Yalta, Saki, Kerch, Feodosia, Alushta, Koktebel, Sudak, Nikolaevka, Novy Svet, Partenit, Gurzuf, Koreiza, Gaspra, Nikita, Morskoye, Olenevka, Ordzhonikidze , Peschanoye

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