Antalya in October 2022: weather, temperatures, whether to go

Weather in Antalya in October

Is it worth going to Antalya in October? What is the weather like in Antalya at the beginning, end and middle of October? How do I dress and can I swim? What time does it get dark? Where to go, what to see and do in October 2022? Air and sea temperatures, rainfall, daylight hours, 2020 and 2021 weather archive, forecast for 2022 as well as weather reviews and tips on what to wear and where to go from tourists and locals.

Antalya weather forecast by observations and reviews

Weather in Antalya in early October

The air temperature at the beginning of the month is kept at 20 degrees, during the day it reaches 26 degrees, and at night it can drop to 14. The water temperature is 25 degrees.

Weather in Antalya in the second half of October

At the end of October, the air temperature is 20 degrees, it reaches 26 degrees during the day, and at night it drops to 14. The water temperature stays around 25 degrees.

Is it cold in Antalya in October?

In the month of October, the daytime temperature in Antalya is usually kept at 26 degrees, but can reach 37 degrees (the highest recorded temperature) and drop to 2 degrees at night (the lowest recorded temperature). Everyone perceives the temperature differently, but bringing a hat and swimsuit is the right thing to do.

Can I swim in Antalya in October?

The sea temperature in Antalya in October, usually stays at 25 degrees. At the beginning of October, the water temperature is around 25 degrees, and at the end it is 25 degrees.

The water is well warmed up, swimming in the sea in October will be comfortable even for a child.

Rains in Antalya in October

On average, 64 mm of rain falls in Antalya during October.

Holiday in Antalya in October with children

In October in Antalya with a child is better to go only if you are focused on the excursion program, as for a beach holiday the weather is not too suitable.

What to do and what to see?

October is great not only for visiting museums and theaters, but also for visiting natural sites. To plan your leisure time you can use our Antalya attractions directory.

Antalya in October – pictures of holidaymakers

Antalya in October or how to survive the weather surprises

I had just once a holiday in Antalya in the middle of October. Now I understand why the price offers are so tempting! During a 10-day vacation I never went into the sea. I’m a heat-loving person, and therefore warm at a temperature of 20 degrees, well, not possible. And in the daytime some days I even wanted to put on a jacket, and I’m not talking about the evening.

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Separately I would like to mention the subject of the sea. And all because it upset me most of all. I was used to calm and clear, but in fact it was so that the sea was boiling, throwing waves on the shore, and the color has changed, as if began preparing for winter.

Positive aspects of an October holiday:

  1. The number of vacationers decreased in a huge number of times. The beach is unusually empty.
  2. It is possible to meditate and enjoy the sea noise of the waves.
  3. The service is at a high level. The locals are very courteous and attentive to tourists, fulfill literally every whim.
  4. Low prices. Prices for souvenirs, textiles and much more can not fail to please. So surprised by the prices for children’s bed sets that I could not resist and bought two at once.
  5. Topical visit to the hammam. For a long time I could not understand who goes there in summer and why. Turns out it’s okay, it is useful in October, November, April.

To call it a completely useless trip I can not. Still managed to breathe the air of the sea. If we compare with a summer vacation, Turkey in the summer is mostly lying on the sun beds, but the fall holiday is much more active.

Turkey has long been a favorite place for beach lazy vacation, not only Russians, but tourists from all over the world. I do not know how the trip there this year, but two years ago we had a great vacation in Antalya in early October.

Weather in October

If you plan to spend time on the beach and swimming a lot in the sea, it is better to go at the beginning of the month, as in the second half it starts to get cold, and the air and water temperature is not favorable for a long bathing. In early October the daytime temperature ranges from 25-28 degrees and the water gets warm to a comfortable 23-25 degrees. But it should be noted that the daylight hours are short and it gets dark quite early. And with the evening air cools to 18-20 degrees and often begins to blow wind.

The rains in Antalya begins in late autumn, so in October there are no problems with it, but the clouds in the sky, which prevent sunbathing sometimes. And, of course, near the sea increased humidity and frequent changes in atmospheric pressure, which may cause the corresponding reaction of the body in people with heart problems.

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Despite the low temperature by local standards, it is better to use a sunscreen with a factor of 30-50, as you can get burnt literally in half an hour. Headgear should also be worn when under the sun.

Fruits/vegetables/berries/seasonal dishes

Antalya is a tourist city that focuses on year-round tourism (except that February and March are not very popular), so fruits and vegetables are sold all year round. In addition, Turkey itself grows most of them, so oranges, dates or huge grapes you can always buy at the market or try in a hotel restaurant. There is no special seasonality in the dishes, because tourists come from different countries, and sellers want to reach the maximum audience.

As far as food is concerned, you should try fish and meat dishes – they are especially delicious in Antalya!


At the end of October the whole country celebrates Turkey Day and Antalya is no exception: there are food festivals, performances and fairs all over the city. Restaurants and cafes offer special dishes and entertainment until the morning. On other days, you can visit local discos, bars, pubs and shows, of which there are hundreds, if not thousands.

Tourist saturation.

If you evaluate the October we were vacationing, there were a lot of tourists and all the hotels were 90-100% full. Sometimes even for all there were not enough sun beds or a place at the pool, and to reserve tables in good institutions had to several days before the scheduled date of a visit. Tourists come from different countries, but about half of the total were travelers from the former CIS countries. About 1/4 were Germans and Austrians, and the remaining quarter was occupied by a variety of nationalities.

After the tour sales ban, as far as I know, the number of Russian tourists fell by about 80-90%, but there are still direct flights and you can book the right hotel yourself in a few minutes.

Given the flexibility of prices and the advertising campaign conducted by the Ministry of Tourism of Turkey around the world, the country quickly made up for this loss and October 2016 in Antalya will be as crowded as it was two years ago.


Mosquitoes are not very aggressive and only rare bites can disturb you, but if you have hypersensitivity, take with you a spray for and after bites. Antalya’s fauna is no other threat.


Recently in Turkey terrorist attacks become more frequent, and television creates a picture of tension and insecurity during a stay in the country. But all these events take place in the capital and other non-tourist cities on the Black Sea coast or in the center of the country, while in Antalya there is the eternal atmosphere of festivity and safe holidays.

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Apart from the well-known measures, there is no need to do anything else: Antalya is safe for health and life at the moment, as it was two years ago in October.

The weather in Antalya in October 2022

Antalya weather in October 2022

October is the equator of autumn, but not in Antalya, Turkey. The weather here is only remotely reminiscent of autumn in our area, in the first half of the month at the resort is still shining bright sunshine, and the warm sea caresses its waves.

  • What is the temperature of water and air in Antalya in October?
  • Is it worth to go to the resort and what can be done here?
  • How much does the holiday cost at this time?

October weather: water and air temperature

For people who cannot stand the heat, as well as for people with small children, a holiday in October in Antalya will be just perfect. Compare the rest conditions for holidays with children in July and choose October with confidence!

The weather in Antalya in October 2022
Daytime Night Water temperature
At the beginning of October +23…26°C +18…19°C +19°C
At the end of October +21…24°C +17…18°C +18°C

The sea is still warm and the sun is not as hot as in the summer months.

Daytime temperatures exceed 24-25 degrees, but the nights become cool. But this just means that night swimming is hardly possible, but during the day you can still enjoy a beach holiday.

The average annual rainfall in October in Antalya is less than 1 millimeter. The weather is sunny for most of October, with wind gusts of 4-5 m/s.

The October rains in Turkey tend to pass at night, so the pleasure of rest they will hardly spoil. The rain brings a slight coolness to the resort. Downpours in the first half of the month are very rare, but in the second part of the month there can be thunderstorms.

It is not unusual for the end of October to be marked by hurricanes, thus ending the ‘velvet’ season in Antalya.

The end of the season entails the closure of many hotels and restaurants, they will open only in the new season. Find out when the beach season opens in Turkey.

By the end of the month, the beach season can be considered finally closed, but visiting the sights is still very possible.

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Antalya in October: is it worth to go?

Should I go to Antalya in October?

If you want to catch the “velvet” season in Turkey, do not mind saving on vacation, and at the same time dream to enjoy the sightseeing without queues, feel free to go to Antalya in early October!

The weather in the first half of October will allow you to taste the beauty of unhurried beach vacation, and the bright sun will give the long-awaited tan.

Evening walks along the sea coast will envelop you in romance and provide a good night’s sleep. We recommend that you take a light jacket or shawl for your walks. Nights in October in Antalya are already cool, it is not uncommon for the temperature to drop to around 9-10 degrees Celsius.

What to do in October at the resort?

The sea during the day is still warm, so feel free to go on a conquest of the water element. Discover the world of windsurfing or water-skiing – these activities are in high demand at the resort.

Shopping in October can be a success, it is in autumn, the local stores have great sales. And do not forget to haggle in the market in those stores where there are no price tags – the seller may give you a significant discount.

If the beach vacation bored you, active sports do not attract, and shopping spent most of the brought money – go to the local water parks. There you will be able to relax with the whole family without spending too much money.

Also budget option would be a visit to the zoo in Antalya.

What to see at this time?

Of course see the iconic places of Antalya! The city of Antalya, which was founded in 159 BC, you will be surprised. The surroundings of Antalya can also be visited:

  • Düden waterfalls.
  • The Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.
  • Lycian tombs.
  • The sunken city of Kekova.
  • The Yivli Minaret.
  • Amphitheatre of Aspendos.
  • Residence of Emperor Hadrian.
  • Museum “Mini City”.
  • Eski Jami and Kisik Minaret Mosques as well as Murat Pasha Mosque.
  • Hydyrlyk Kulesi Tower.
  • Museum of Archaeology.
  • Ruins of the ancient cities of Termessos, Aspendos, Finike, Kekova and Demre Mira.
  • Karaalioglu Park.

Weather in Antalya in October - Residence of Emperor Hadrian

Residence of Emperor Hadrian

Antalya, Karaalioglu Park

Karaalioglu Park

Antalya, Yivli Minaret

The Yivli Minaret

Antalya, Lower Düden Waterfall

Nizhny Duden waterfall

Antalya, Archaeological Museum

Archeological Museum

Prices for holidays in Antalya

October holiday prices in Antalya you will be pleasantly surprised, the tourist season is coming to an end, and many travel agencies simply flooded with offers of “hot” tours to Turkey.

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To get acquainted with the prices for holidays on an “all-inclusive”, and also to learn the rates for independent, but no less comfortable, rest in October Antalya you can in the following tables. Read more about the prices of Turkish holidays in 2022.

Prices for tours in Antalya in October
Number of stars in the hotel Price
7 days 10 days
At the beginning of October 3 * from 36 000 rubles from 42 000 rubles
At the end of October 3 * from 35 000 rub. from 52 000 rub.
Prices for individual holiday in Antalya
Ticket price from Moscow (return flight) Hotel room price (per day) Rent apartment (per day)
with 1st connecting flight from 10 900 rub. From 1 030 rub. from 780 rub

7 free and useful tips for vacations in October Antalya

Autumn vacations are naturally different from summer vacations, but reading our tips will help you to turn your October vacation into a pleasant and exciting experience.

October draws a line under the active tourist season, prices for many services will be reduced, so you can save quite a bit on your vacation. Learn more about the prices of holidays in Turkey in October.

  1. The daytime sun at this resort is still active, so use sunscreen.
  2. The sea in the first half of October at the resort is still well warmed, you can safely swim with children.
  3. Many hotels and stores stop their work in October after the tourist season, take it into account when planning your vacation. When planning a vacation it is important to consider the duration of the flight. Find out how long it takes to fly to Turkey from Moscow.
  4. In mid-autumn, the local stores have grand sales and the shopping can be more than successful. Especially chic stores are on Ataturk Street.
  5. And do not forget to haggle with Turkish vendors. Bargaining in Turkey is elevated to a special rank, and the process of bargaining a pleasure to both the seller and the buyer.
  6. The most prestigious film festival in Asia, the famous Golden Orange International Film Festival, is held in autumn Antalya. This is the prototype of the American Oscar or the equally famous Cannes Film Festival.
  7. The end of October in Antalya is marked by thunderstorms and downpours, so an umbrella and light warm clothes on holiday is not superfluous.

I have been traveling in different countries for 5 years now. In my arsenal I have a huge number of bike and motorcycle trips. I am fond of hiking and cruises.

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