April 2022. Where inexpensive to fly abroad to rest at sea

The best places to vacation in April

Where to go on vacation in April

Plan a rest by the sea! We have made a selection of the cheapest tours and tickets. Find out where you can go for an inexpensive vacation in April 2022. We also tell you where the best beach vacation is and where they let you without a visa.

Attention! This review is not about where you can go on vacation abroad, but just about the best beach destinations. For the rest of the open just over a dozen countries (see below). The choice is not much, but at least something! We hope that more destinations will open soon. The cost of the vacation in the review is given for last year. When the borders open, we expect similar or even lower prices for tours.

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What countries are now open

Here’s where Russians can fly on vacation now (read our travel guides for links, we’ve been to almost all of these countries):

The beach in Varadero.

Beach in Varadero, Cuba.

Cheapest tours on the sea in April

South of Russia – from 7500 rubles/person.

Pretty cheap in April 2022 you can fly to the South of Russia – on a holiday and on your own. It’s already warm, everything is in bloom – beautiful! Of course, it is too early to open the swimming season on the Black Sea in April, but you don’t have to swim in the sea. Walk on the shore, listening to the sound of waves and breathing fresh air is already enough.

Tour from 15 000 rub. Search →
Tickets from 3 600 rubles Search →
Hotel from 700 rubles. Search →

Turkey – 13300 rubles/person.

Is it possible to rest abroad for only 25 thousand rubles? Of course, because there are good old Turkish resorts! This is one of the most inexpensive options, where you can vacation at sea in April 2022.

We were in Kemer and Alanya in June – the heat was unbearable. So we advise to go to Turkey in April, though not the time for a beach holiday. But there are no crowds of tourists, hotels and beaches are half-empty, the prices are low and there is no stuffiness. Want to swim? Choose a hotel where the pool is heated. Learn more about holidays in Turkey.

Tour from 26 600 rubles Search →
Tickets from 6 700 rubles Search →
Hotel from 11$ Search →

Where to go for a cheap flight to the sea in April

Boat trip on Bosphorus, Istanbul (Photo: unsplash.com / @reo)

Tunisia – 19000 rubles/person.

Leisure in Tunisia is excellent and relatively inexpensive, if you do not prioritize swimming – the water is still cool (+17 ° C). There is a clear warm weather without the exhausting heat and stuffiness. It’s +23. +24°С in the south of the country during the day, +15°С at night, and 2-3 degrees colder in the north. You can have a course of thalassotherapy, take a tour to the Sahara, see cave settlements and ancient buildings.

Tour from 38 000 rub. Search →
Tickets from 16 000 rubles Search →
Hotel from 11$ Search →

Inexpensive vacation at sea in April

The beach on Djerba. Photo: Nanagyei / flickr.com.

Cyprus – 14000 rubles per person.

Inexpensive vacation at sea in April 2022 is possible in Cyprus. Come to the end of the month: prices are low, there are few people and it’s warm. The water is still cold, but the weather is fine for sunbathing, walks by the sea and excursions. The stone of Aphrodite and the Tombs of the Kings in Paphos, the mountain villages, temples and monasteries. Rent a car and explore the island.

Tour from 28 000 rub. Search →
Tickets From 6 300 rubles. Search →
Hotel from 25$ Search →

Where to have a cheap rest in April at sea

Petra tou Romiou (Aphrodite’s Rock) – sea kecourt in Paphos, Cyprus (Photo: disparkys / flickr.com)

Greece – 20300 rubles/person.

It is too early to swim in Greece – the water is not warm enough (about +15 ° C). But you can soak up the fresh sea air, enjoy almost deserted beaches and visit ancient ruins without the crowds of tourists and queues! We had a rest in Rhodes in summer and came to the conclusion that in such a hot weather in Greece is better not to go there – in the offseason is much better! Learn where to rest in Greece.

Where to go in Europe in April: 7 best places
Tour from 40 600 rub. Search →
Tickets from 8 200 rub. Search →
Hotel from $15 Search →

Where inexpensive to fly in April

This is us on vacation in Rhodes. It was very hot, the coolness came down only after sunset.

Thailand – 25500 rubles/person.

In April 2022 you can have a relatively inexpensive flight to rest in Thailand! Voyages to expensive hotels are cheaper. We stayed in Phuket in April and first half of May and were satisfied with the rest: hotel prices are going down, and the people at the resorts is much less.

April is a transitional month between high and low seasons. Not everyone is comfortable in such conditions: the humidity increases, it rains more often, the sea is not always calm. But you can rest on the beach, but it’s better not to go on long excursions. Learn about holidays in Thailand in the spring.

Tour from 51 000 rub. Search →
Tickets from 23 500 rubles Search →
Hotel from $14 Search →

Where to relax in April by sea

We liked Janui beach in Phuket very much. It is picturesque and almost idyllic!

Vietnam – 31000 rub/person.

You can have a rest by the sea in April 2022 in Vietnam: in Nha Trang +30. +33 ° C in Nha Trang, +33. +35°С. Sea +27 ° C and above. Rains occur, but rarely. Learn more about the weather in April.

April in Vietnam is suitable for beach holidays, diving and excursions. Take a trip to Dalat – high in the mountains is cool and nice.

Tour from 62 000 rub. Search →
Tickets From 24 500 RUB Search →
Hotel from 8$ Search →

Inexpensive beach vacation in April

Long Beach in Fukuoka is really long! Almost all hotels on the island are concentrated along it.

Beach Vacation in April 2022

Here we are talking about the more expensive destinations that are best suited for a beach vacation in April.

Maldives – 58000 rubles/person.

We rested in the Maldives in April on different local islands: Rasdu, Toddu and Ukulas. The weather was perfect for beach holidays, snorkeling and excursions: the daytime was over +30 ° C, calm and without rain and the sea was pleasantly cooling. In general, it’s a transitional month, because in May the rainy season starts, and usually the weather is not so malleable. There are waves and rain, but we were lucky.

Tour from 116 000 rubles Search →
Tickets From 28 500 rubles Search →
Hotel from $15 Search →

Where to go on a warm sea in April

This is us on vacation in the Maldives. Snow-white beaches, azure water, fish, corals. Beautiful! And we spent only 45,000 ₽ for two people for the entire vacation – not too expensive.

Israel – 31000 rubles per person.

Israel is another good destination for a vacation at sea in April 2022. Warm water in the Red Sea in Eilat and Ein Bokeh on the Dead Sea.

Tour from 62 000 rub. Search →
Tickets from 9 400 RUB Search →
Hotel from 48$ Search →

Where to rest inexpensive in April

Beach Village Beach in Eilat, Red Sea (Photo: wikimedia.org / Ludvig14)

Sri Lanka – 35200 rubles/person.

April is the last month before the long rains in Sri Lanka. It is very warm during the day +32 ° C, sea water +30 ° C. The skies often frown and it may rain in the evening. In April, it is best to vacation by the sea in the east of the country (e.g., Trincomalee). Hikkaduwa, Benton and Unawatuna are often stormy. Read more about the weather in Sri Lanka.

We were in Sri Lanka in March and traveled half the country. The island is very colorful! Definitely advise to go there. By the way, in April you still have time to see whales – they migrate off the coast of Mirissa. We went on a whale safari – it’s impressive. Read how to see whales in Sri Lanka.

Tour from 70 400 rubles Search →
Tickets from 27 000 RUB Search →
Hotel from 8$ Search →

Where to relax in April by sea

Mirissa, Sri Lanka (Photo: unsplash.com / @ollivves)

Spain – 40000 rubles/person.

The weather in Tenerife is excellent: an average of +24°C, low humidity and almost no rain, sunny. Travel to the south at the end of the month, where you can sunbathe and even swim in the coves. Read useful articles about Spain.

Beach holidays in July 2022. Where to rest on the sea
Tour from 80 000 rubles Search →
Tickets from 12 600 rubles. Search →
Hotel from 19$ Search →

Where can fly in April

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Photo: Louis Bordes / flickr.com)

Bali – 50000 rubles/person.

The island of Bali is not quite suitable for a beach holiday. It is first of all culture and nature, sightseeing and recreation. If beaches are important, you should choose Nusa Dua and Sanur, where there are less waves.

In Bali, we also vacationed in April, but lived in Ubud and explored the north of the island. During the day it was hot and humid +30 ° C, sometimes it rained – usually at night. Everything as usual in SEA!

Tour from 100 000 rub. Search →
Tickets From 35 200 rubles. Search →
Hotel from 19$ Search →

Where to rest in April by sea abroad

Karang Beach in Sanur (Photo: unsplash.com / @wxs)

Where else to vacation at sea in April 2022

April is a good time to vacation by the sea in the UAE, Jordan, as well as Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Cuba. It is warm and sunny on exotic islands – Seychelles and the Philippines. European resorts of the Mediterranean Sea will be ready for beach vacation only in late May – early June.

A useful selection:

April beach holiday abroad

Ancon Beach near Trinidad, Cuba. This is where we went by bus. Clear water, fine sand, light breeze – and almost nobody!

Where to go in April without a visa

Few people like to bother with visas. Below I’ll list places where you can go without a visa or make it simplified. All of these countries are warm and suitable for a beach vacation in April. You can safely go!

Beach holidays in April: 18 options, where to go to rest on the sea

In April, our body, tired for the winter, insists on a rest. I want to throw everything and fly to the sea, to a warm country, where the sun shines and the waves come upon the shore. Where to go in April not to make a mistake with the weather and not to spend too much abroad?

Do I need a visa?

Grenada province St. Patrick sea boat beach

© fishwasher / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

Going on vacation abroad without a visa, shielding yourself from unnecessary hassle, is quite realistic. A number of countries accept foreign guests even without a passport. But only in Abkhazia you can rest on the sea. However, the Black Sea coast has long become commonplace, and I want something more exotic. And the sea is still cold – only 15 °.

Where to go in April without a visa? The list of countries is extensive. Consider options from nearby resorts, where you can go on weekends, and ending with distant overseas countries.

Look for hot trips on the Onlinetours and Travelata search engines. With the help of these sites you can compare offers from more than 120 tour operators at a time . Read the secrets of finding the best deals on tour.


Turkey Alanya the sea

© bdnegin / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

Looking for a cheap vacation in April? Turkey is not a bad option. The country is just getting ready for the holiday season. There are few people, the hotels are half-empty, and you can have a rest in a comfortable room on a budget. Tourists are attracted by cheap all-inclusive tours – from 33,500 rubles for two. Again, you can fly to Turkey and without a visa.

If you are not bored with winter, and you are planning to go skiing and snowboarding, go to the mountains. In Turkey is very decent “skiing”. The snow cover is firm in March, but alpine skiing is possible in April. Where to go? Best of all in Uludag or Palandoken. But here, too, in mid-spring, the snow melts, skiing becomes unsafe, and the slopes are closed.

Beach holidays in April even for the hardened tourist will be a serious challenge: the water is only 17 °, the air 21 °. The only thing left is to sunbathe by the sea. The warmest weather in Fethiye, where the water gets up to 19-21 °, and in late April the daytime temperature reaches 23-25 °.

New Year and Christmas in Europe - 2022: Where to go

Those who can not stand the summer heat and dreams to get acquainted with the culture of the east, it is time to go on excursions inland or in Istanbul. Monuments of ancient Rome, Byzantium, the Ottoman Empire will take you to the distant past. History buffs will love it.

Best articles on the subject

Cyprus city pafos pool hotel palm trees

© richcumbers / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

Cyprus resorts in April are deserted and not suitable for swimming. With water temperatures of 17-18°, count on heated pools only. At 21-24° in the air, you can sunbathe on the beach admiring the delightful scenery. Taverns and restaurants are ready to welcome guests.

Driving around the island, visiting the water parks and entertaining hotel programs will add variety. Without the hustle and bustle you can quietly explore the local attractions.

There is a chance to have an inexpensive rest: packages for two people cost from 45.000 roubles.


Egypt garden pool hotel

© abzisse / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

Where to relax in April if you want to swim? Welcome to Egypt! The holiday season is gaining momentum. It’s not yet hot: 26 degrees during the day and 18 degrees at night. The Red Sea is warming up to 23 °. And the underwater flora and fauna is so beautiful and diverse that diving is becoming a popular hobby.

In early April, the desert wind brings sandstorms. So choose hotels in enclosed bays or come to rest in the second half of the month. Wait out the bad weather in the spa hotels and water parks.

Be aware that in May in Egypt comes the heat – 30ׄ °. Have time to go to the Egyptian pyramids before the rise in temperature. You can get an all-inclusive vacation for two people for 68-69 thousand rubles.

Look for good hotels on Hotellook – the site compares prices of different booking systems (Booking, too) and finds the best one. Read our guide on how to find a good and inexpensive hotel on your own.


Tunisia ocean boat beach

© R Otaviano / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

The April weather in Tunisia is not conducive to water procedures. It is relatively warm on the island of Djerba – 22-23 ° C. The sea is cold, but the beaches are full of sunbathers. At the beginning of the month the sandstorms drive holidaymakers indoors. So choose a hotel with a good pool or book a tour with a spa treatment. In low season there is a chance to buy cheap thalassotherapy sessions. Knowledgeable people specifically buy tours abroad for the sake of treatment in thalassotherapy centers.

Active tourists spend their leisure time on the golf course or go to Carthage, a crocodile farm, a Berber village. Prices for a tour for two people – 61-62 thousand rubles.

    – Unusual excursions from the locals. – Inexpensive group tours.

Only Russian-speaking guides.


Israel tel aviv beach sea

© pazit / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

Fascinating vacation will turn out if you combine vacation at sea with a visit to Christian shrines and treatment at the Dead Sea. Combined tours are good in April when it’s not so hot, but you can already swim: the waters of the Red Sea are 21-23 °, at the Dead Sea – 24-26 °. The air temperature ranges from 23 to 28°.

For Easter celebrations, millions of people come together. Try, and you too, to visit the Temple of the Holy Sepulcher and touch the ancient relics.

A week trip to Israel will cost you 80 000 rubles for two people.

Save on lodging by renting apartments from local Airbnb. Get 2,100 rubles as a gift on your first booking.


jordan shore beach pool hotel dead sea

© davidcjones / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

Another country on the shores of the Red Sea, where tourists are welcomed by a warm sea – 24-26 degrees. Already in early April, the air warms up to 30°. It’s even hotter at the resorts of the Dead Sea. In the center of the country the weather is cooler. When you’ve had enough of beach idleness, go sightseeing and visit the city of Petra.

A week’s vacation costs 56-59 thousand rubles.

UAE, Dubai

Abu Dhabi Beach UAE Arab Emirates

© michael-panse-mdl / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

Where to rest comfortably in April, it is in the Emirates. A full beach season with daytime temperatures of 30-32° awaits you. At night, the temperature will not be below 20 degrees. The waters of the Persian Gulf warm up to 27 °. The Gulf of Oman is cooler, up to 21 °. The heat is easily tolerated due to the low humidity.

Where to go in January in Europe: 10 best places

Dubai is a tourist Mecca, a revived fairy tale. The fanciful skyscrapers and hotels, which look like fabulous palaces, fountain shows, artificial lakes, even shopping malls look like monumental structures. Vacation at sea in the UAE will cost you no less than 57 000 rubles with a flight, but without meals.


Morocco beach sea shore

© heatheronhertravels / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

In April, Morocco is a blooming garden, but the holiday season is just picking up. So going for an inexpensive vacation is quite realistic. The minimum price for a tour in April is 24,800 rubles.

Sometimes it rains, it is cold at night and the Atlantic Ocean gets only 18-19 ° with an air temperature of 20 °. Marrakech is the warmest at 24° during this period. Excellent conditions for travels around the country, visits to hamams and strolls through the oriental bazaars. To diversify the trip will help the annual sand marathon in the Sahara, in which you can participate.


India south goa beach

© abhijitnavale / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

Where to go to the sea in April so you can swim in plenty? Choose India, the state of Goa. Spring is considered a hot and dry season here. But the water is like fresh milk – 29 °. The thermometer reads 35-37° during the day and never drops below 27° at night. The situation is saved by a fresh breeze from the sea, which brings freshness. All kinds of water activities are available: surfing, snorkeling, and sea fishing.

Go on vacation in the first half of April, it rains in the middle of the month.

It is possible to spend 7 days at sea for two for 50 000 rub.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka nimbo beach

© Jacques Beaulieu / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

April is the last month of high season in Sri Lanka. For the first two weeks, the weather is perfect for a seaside vacation. The air is 32°, the water 30°. Holidaymakers’ favorite activities are swimming, surfing, and rafting. Light storms and gentle waves only benefit sports tourists.

From the middle of the month, the southwest monsoon brings rain, strong winds and high humidity (up to 100%). During this period, it is better to choose resorts on the east and northeast coasts, protected by mountains.

The island has many historical and natural attractions, cafes and restaurants. The only thing there is no nightclubs.

Tours to Sri Lanka for two can be found from 50,000 rubles for a week, if you’re lucky with the burning.


Vietnam nichang beach sea

© paparazzistas / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

April is the only month of the year when the weather is equally comfortable in all regions of the country. May is fraught with natural disasters with showers and storms. In April, however, nature calms down, giving peace, tranquility and excellent seaside recreation. The air is heated to 28 °, the same 27-28 ° in the water, in Fukuoka up to 30 °.

Every walk becomes an adventure: a trip to Halong Bay, a visit to the rice plantations, hiking in the Marble Mountains. All this with a background of Buddhist temples and palaces.

Pleasantly surprised by the variety of fruits in the off-season.

Because of the long flight prices bite – from 60,000 for two people.

Best articles on the subject


Thailand beach krabi bay boat

© lvisg / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

Asia in April is a delight with hot weather. The air is 30-34°, the sea 28°. There are practically no waves. It rains occasionally, but the sun shines most of the month.

You can visit Buddhist temples, colorful shows, trips to national parks and boat trips. You can spend the whole day on the islands, there and back you will be taken on any water transport – from an ordinary boat to a white yacht.

Resorts in Thailand offer affordable prices. It is possible to spend a week for two for 70,000 rubles. This is inexpensive for such a long trip.


china taiwan beach walk shore

© Alexander Karpenko / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

Where to vacation with children in Russia - 11 ideas

Russians not so long ago discovered the island of Hainan in southern China. In April you will get all the beach pleasures here: the weather is hot (31 °), the sea is warm (28 °) a unique underwater world. There are no strong currents near Pirates Island, which is especially nice for divers. Surfers flock to Dadunhai Bay.

Tired of beach leisure? Then go to a UNESCO-protected national park or nature reserve. In April the city of Luoyang invites you to a peony exhibit. And in the city of Wenchang held a Festival of Chinese culture and the festival of coconut. Do not leave indifferent water-ski racing and Chinese lantern show.

Prices for packages start from 65 000 roubles for two people.

Bali surfing beach wave

© sunova_surfboards / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

A trip to blooming summer will be an April trip to Indonesia in Bali. The rainy season is winding down, but there are showers early in the month. The daytime temperature is 33° and the sea is 29°. Sandy beaches, uninhabited islands, evergreen jungles, hot springs and active volcanoes await you. And at sea – diving, surfing and other sea pleasures.

The cost of a round trip starts at 38,000 per person.

Dominican Republic

domenica beach beach baiaibe shore

© Reinhard Link / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

An April trip to the Dominican Republic will be your last chance to catch dry, clear weather before the rainy season. The 30° heat and warm sea (28°) allow you to spend whole days on the beach. Athletes conquer the waves, eco-tourists explore the country, and rum and cigar lovers hang out in bars.

The closer it gets to May, the higher the humidity and more mosquitoes. Tourists disperse, prices drop. But the long-haul flight makes itself felt, and the price for the trip per person is considerable – from 50,000 rubles.

Cuba beach sand

© azonei / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

April on the island of Liberty is the best time for vacation. On the threshold of the May bad weather, a light sea breeze is brewing, which is pleasantly refreshing, but does not interfere with recreation at all. The air heats up to 30° and the sea is 28°. The bathing season is in full swing at all Cuban resorts.

You will see blooming orchids in Holguin province, sparkling waterfalls, tobacco plantations. Tourists are invited to sea fishing, they organize festivals and carnivals with fiery dances.

A week of such a holiday is not a shame to part with a round sum of 50,000 rubles.


maldives lodge ocean

© abzisse / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

The Maldives in April live in expectation of a low season with strong winds and showers. The weather is fickle, with clear days alternating with overnight rains. But you can feel the proximity of the equator, the sun scorching and warming the air to 32°. Even at night it doesn’t drop below 27°. You don’t have to leave the sea – surfing, diving, walking around the numerous islands will fill all your free time.

Despite the abundance of commercial fish, shore fishing and underwater hunting are prohibited by law. If you really want to fish, you have to hire a boat and go out into the open ocean.

A week’s rest with breakfast for two people costs from 96,000 roubles, “all inclusive” – from 165,000 roubles.


the philippines island ocean

© Rusty Ferguson / flickr.com / CC BY 2.0

The Philippine islands are not the best place for babies and people suffering from cardiovascular diseases. With an average daily temperature of 35°, the humidity is very high. But the sea is like steaming milk, and the underwater currents that wash around the 7,000 islands form a unique fauna.

The underwater world is amazing with a variety of corals, invertebrates, tropical fish, sponges. On every island there is a diving club, which welcomes both experienced athletes and beginners. There are no typhoons in April, and you can go to the volcanoes, which the island owes its origin.

To fly to the Philippines for 77,000 rubles.

If you are going on vacation in April, ask about the climate of the host country. The warmest sea and hot weather will be in Asia and the Caribbean. If you are afraid of a sharp transition from wet spring to sultry summer, choose other destinations.

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