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Which excursions to visit on vacation in Bali and how much do they cost? 22 best excursions in and around Bali with Russian speaking guides: 381 of the most interesting sights and attractions from proven tour bureaus and firms with excursions costing from $55!

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Hi everyone, my name is Anya and I continue my exciting travels around the world. On my travels, I visit the most interesting places and try out exciting activities to share with you relevant information and real impressions about them. Today, together with the TravelAsk team, I’ll help you choose the most-amazing excursions in Bali to make your trip unforgettable too.

Bali: things to do and see

What can I say about Bali? Everything you’ve ever heard about it is probably true. From the beautiful bounty beaches to the rugged, rocky beaches and pounding waves, to the most beautiful sunsets and the smug smells of the backstreets, Bali is a must-see. There are ancient temples, neighborhoods of beggars, stores with astronomical price tags, and small shops with aromatic oils. There are plenty of Russian tourists and downhikers from all over the world, and rich young people from Europe. In general, I can say one thing for sure, you will not be bored in Bali.

Since there are plenty of attractions, I advise you to take a tour of the island. I recommend paying special attention to the temples, beaches, and the general tour of the different resorts, because the atmosphere at each of them is absolutely special. I also really enjoyed the boat trips, jungle trips, seeing the rice paddies and traditional villages.

The cheapest excursions in Bali are basically a transfer and a ticket to certain places like Waterbom water park (highly recommended for families with kids, by the way), Bird Park or a ferry ticket to neighboring islands. They are priced around $30. The average cost of 5-7 hour guided tours is $60-80 dollars. Group tours from tour operators are 30-40% more expensive, individual tours – about 2 times more expensive, but the quality corresponds to the price.

Top 5 Excursions in Bali

Having been on most of the excursions that are offered in Bali, as well as studying the reviews of many tourists in person and on the Internet, I was able to compile for you a rating of the 5 most interesting and noteworthy excursions.

Getting to know Bali: sightseeing tour

Depending on the resort where you are located, you will be offered different routes of sightseeing tours of Bali. For example, in the eastern part of the island will focus on the temple complex Pura Besakih, on Bukit – the peculiarities of life of the various resorts located there. In general, the interesting places I advise to visit the neighborhoods of Mount Batur volcano to admire its panorama from the observation deck and swim in the thermal springs at its foot. Incredible photos can be taken against the backdrop of Tegallalang rice terraces. It is also very interesting to visit the coffee plantations and learn about the peculiarities of production of the most expensive and unusual coffee in the world – kopi luwak. By the way, I recommend to buy it here, because in the local markets, most will be fake. You can choose sightseeing tours here.

Balinese temples: Pura Tanah Lot and Oolong Danu

There are a lot of absolutely fabulous temples in Bali, but I recommend you to visit these two as part of your tour: first, they are far from the resort areas, and second, they are not part of the temple complex of Pura Besakih, which I will tell you a little further.

Tanjung Benoa, Bali - resort guide, beaches, reviews

For me, the most beautiful and atmospheric temple in Bali is Ulun Danu. It is located in a lost place surrounded by tropical forests and on the shore of a lake: like a picture from a dream or a movie. Because the building stands in close proximity to the water, it gives the fantastic impression as if the temple is floating on it. By the way, not far away is the Extreme Park and Bali Botanical Garden, which you can visit after seeing the sanctuary.

But still the hallmark of the island is the temple Tanah Lot. It is famous for the fact that at high tide is completely surrounded by the sea, as if risen from the depths of the sea. The building is protected by UNESCO, is one of the nine holy temples of Bali and the main sanctuary of the sea. Unfortunately, only true believers can visit it.

Finally, let me tell you about Pura Besakih – this is the largest and most important temple complex in Bali, which includes 89 religious buildings, including 19 temples. Be sure to go here on your own or with a tour, otherwise all the historical and sacred flavor of Bali will pass you by. The most important temple here – Penataran Agung, it reflects the 7 layers of the universe, each of which is dedicated to a separate sanctuary.

East Bali: The Principality of Karangasem

Karangasem Oriental is a fascinating combination of Bali’s main attractions, beautiful beaches, temples and places with a very cosmopolitan atmosphere. First, you can visit the temple complex of Pura Besakih, which I told you about above. Secondly, so you will visit one of the scariest and, in my opinion, most impressive temples – Goa Lavah, or the temple of bats, which live here hundreds, if not thousands. Another of the temples here is Lempuyang, which is called the “Stairway to Heaven”: once you’re here, you’re quite aware of this unofficial name.

I was also incredibly impressed by the palaces of Tirtha Ganga and Taman Ujung, which were built by King Anak Agung Anglurah Ketut in the middle of the last century: they seem to be much older and strikingly majestic in beauty.

Hiking in the Jungle: Rainforest and Wild Animals

If you are not afraid of dirt, cobwebs, strange sounds, squelching water under your feet and all sorts of surprises, go for a walk in the jungle. Since there are plenty of rainforests in Bali, there is no shortage of trails, for example, the trail between the villages of Asahpanji and Gemulak is often used. But I do not advise you to go into the wild forest without a guide. First of all, no one cancelled the snakes, poisonous insects and the possibility of getting lost. Secondly, there are wild animals: even harmless at first sight monkeys and babirus can cause injuries. But if you have an experienced guide with you, the walk will turn into a real drive and will give the full feeling that you are somewhere on a mysterious deserted island. This and other unusual excursions can be found here.

The mysterious island of Java

If you have seen everything on Bali, well, almost everything, then I advise you not to miss the opportunity and visit the mysterious island of Java, especially if in the near future you have no plans to return to Indonesia again. There are many ways to explore this island, but I recommend you to visit the city of Yogyakarta – one of the oldest in the region, which until the 11th century was the capital of the Javanese-Indian Kingdom of Mataram. What makes it even more mysterious is that it was destroyed by a volcanic eruption, so today, moving around the city with modern buildings, it’s hard to imagine such cataclysms of the past. I especially recommend to visit the area of Cota Gede, where silversmiths have long been settled, and today are the most interesting stores and restaurants. Also be sure to visit the temple complexes of Borobudur, Prambanan and Mendut: there are no similar ones in Bali.

Kuta, Bali - guide to the resort, reviews, beaches

If you want to see Bali in 1 day

Bali is a big enough island that you won’t be able to see everything here in 1 or 2 days, especially if you don’t have your own transportation. My advice: rent a moped or a car and explore all the resorts on the coast. Of course, you can’t visit them all in a day either, so you can either just drive along the coast to see as much as you can or dedicate time to explore 1-2 resort areas. You can also go on a sightseeing tour of the main attractions. I will tell you briefly about the main resorts so that you can choose the most interesting for you.

First of all, the town is only 2.5 km from the airport, and secondly, the resort area is very diverse in terms of atmosphere and natural beauty. In general, Kuta has combined everything you would expect from Bali: a paradise for surfers, wide beaches, the best hangouts, good shopping, and with all that the atmosphere is the most democratic, which attracts young people from all over the world. In comparison, in Seminyak you can find almost everything the same, but at a higher price, so the contingent here is also more fastidious.

Not far from Kuta is the peninsula Bukit: be sure to take at least a couple of hours. Here I particularly recommend areas Nusa Dua – very much party and fond of Russian tourists and downhikers, and Jimbaran – there’s just great fish restaurants, well, and you can gaze at the luxurious villas of wealthy people from around the world. And, of course, it is on Bukit nature is the most unusual: from the landscapes in the style of “bounty” to the rocky shores. By the way, all the beach tours are collected here.

If, on the contrary, you want to see the kind of Bali that sets the soul in tune, then go to the areas of Sanur or Changu. The former is a quiet and relaxed family resort, but the latter can offer unusual landscapes in the form of rice paddies and typical Indonesian villages with locals, which is an incredible contrast to, for example, the panorama of Seminyak.

If it’s raining in Bali

If it’s raining in Bali, it’s time to head to the spa: here they are not only authentic, decorated in Indonesian style, but also offer really good quality treatments, many of them, of course, with an Asian flavor. They offer dozens of types of massage, algae wraps, thalassotherapy, therapeutic baths and showers, Ayurvedic procedures, in general, complete relaxation. I primarily recommend large spa complexes attached to world-renowned hotel chains as they are particularly attentive to quality.

If you want extreme sports

The main extreme entertainment – surfing and diving. The first kind of sport you can do on almost any more or less qualified beach: surf spots are everywhere, there are many Russian schools, and prices are even very democratic. But still most of all recommend Uluwatu for experienced surfers and Kutu – for beginners. Experienced divers suggest the area Pemuteran in the north, Amed with plummeting down to 70 m reef and Tepikong with the temple and the lighthouse. Beginners will be easier but also more interesting in the Blue Lagoon near the port of Padang Bai. Extreme excursions can be chosen here.

Sea Trips

It probably won’t surprise anyone to say that sea-related activities are not uncommon in Bali. Among the most popular and familiar – water rides such as gyroscooters, surfing, scuba diving, sea fishing and boat trips along the coast. An unusual option – diving in a suit, to stay underwater so you can not stay long, and the depth will be small, but this option is perfect for those who are afraid of diving and snorkeling.

Indonesian visa for Russians and Belarusians - 2022

I also advise to sail to the island of Nusa Lembongan, where you can snorkel, go down the water slide, visit an authentic temple and a seaweed plantation. A special feature of this trip – the opportunity to ride on a boat with a transparent bottom. I especially recommend this excursion for families: first, so you do not lose a day of beach vacation, and secondly, the kids will be very excited, I checked. Sea walks are collected here, and excursions for children can be chosen here.

If you want to see Bali in the evening

At sunset, I highly suggest going to the Uluwatu temple, where there are dance performances stylized to the national dances of the local population. And although you realize that the dance kechak performed for you by professionals, synchronized movements of 150 people in an atmosphere of this will remain long in the memory. And then it’s time to go to the local bars and clubs that are famous throughout the world.

If you want to get out in nature

If you settled in one of the party areas with white sand, then be sure to go to a completely different world – the resort of Lovina. Its main feature – beaches with black volcanic sand. I advise to go here in the clearest weather so that against the background of the bright blue sea the sand looked especially contrasting. Also considered to be the best sunsets in Bali, and I was lucky enough to see dolphins splashing in the waves: just an incredible experience and a complete feeling of unity with nature, as if you were in a movie.

I also highly recommend a visit to a safari park. You can go here with the whole family, because the trip will be safe: it is by organized transport and in groups. The park is home to more than 80 species of animals, including atypical for Bali, I incredibly enjoyed it, especially compared to going to regular zoos.

Choosing the right tours: tips and tricks

I will share with you some observations to help you save money when organizing excursions in Bali, as well as to make them more comfortable.

  • Surely on the beach, in a cafe, a supermarket, or anywhere else you will talk to a friendly Russian-speaking man, who will start advising you the best stores, restaurants and tour agencies. And then completely by chance he will have time to take you there or at least give you a business card, which you will need to show at the above-mentioned place for a discount. Such people are called “helpers”: if you come by their recommendation they get a percentage of sales.
  • On all tours take drinking water, headgear and sunscreen.
  • If you are a self-guide and know your way around in guidebooks, and if you are traveling with a large group – you can take a cab and drive to the places you are interested in yourself. This option is especially suitable for those on whom historical excursions and local legends induce boredom.
  • Excursions in Russian are offered at all resorts on the island, and in the hotels you can not avoid offers from hotel guides. For me the best option is to book a tour through the Internet, so I can compare all the prices and read the real reviews of tourists. For example, you can pick up an excursion on our website, here.

To visit Bali is necessary for every self-respecting traveler, because it is already one of the most popular and well-known islands in the world. But even without taking into account this fact, Bali is a very interesting place, rich in ancient monuments and natural beauty.

Bali Holidays - 2022: Tourist Reviews

The 9 best excursions to Bali

The best tours in Bali

Add Bali to your Bali beach holiday! Learn about the 9 most interesting excursions on the island to take during your vacation in 2022. Descriptions, prices and tips for tourists.

Bali’s coolest places in a day

Description . If you come to the Indonesian island for the first time, take a car tour, which will help you learn about the life, traditions of the Balinese and better navigate the island. You will see the Goa Lwah and Lempuyang temples, Ujung and Tirta Gangga palaces, visit a chocolate factory and luxurious black and white sand beaches.

Цена . Для 1-2 участников — 108$. Уточнить цену >>

Reviews . The trip lasts 8 hours, but the time flies by. The Balinese guide speaks excellent Russian and talks very interestingly about the local sights. Tourists noted the spectacular view of the island from the observation deck.

The Heart of Bali: plantations, the Monkey Forest and the colors of Ubud

Description . You will see coffee plantations, rice paddies and learn how the subak irrigation system is set up . The tour includes a visit to Goa Gaja elephant cave, Monkey Forest, Saraswati Temple, lotus park and the royal palace of Ubud – Puri Saren.

Цена . За экскурсию для 1-6 человек — 60$. Уточнить цену >>

Reviews . Tourists recommend going on this tour. Many liked the interesting stories of the guide about the sacred places of the Balinese and a pleasant tasting of tea and coffee.

Excursions in Bali in Russian

Traditional dance performance at the Saraswati Temple in Ubud.

Cruise to Lembongan Island on a yacht

Description . A good option for a day trip to Bali with children is a boat trip to a quiet island. On Lembongan tourists can enjoy a beach holiday and water activities – 44 m long slide, canoeing and “banana” rides, underwater world watching from a boat with a glass bottom and exciting snorkeling.

Цена . Для взрослого — 120$, для детей от 3 до 12 лет — 50$. Уточнить цену >>

Reviews . The trip lasts 6 hours. The conditions of the walk are very comfortable, so even young children do not get tired. Tourists enjoyed the seaweed village.

Rafting in Bali

Description . Excursion to Bali with rafting on a mountain river will suit everyone who wants to have a vivid experience of rest. The rivers on the island are different. On some can rafting beginners, and others can do only experienced water tourists. During rafting on inflatable rafts you will pass through noisy river rapids, see rocky shores, waterfalls, tropical thickets and experience many strong emotions.

Цена . Для взрослого — от 32 до 72$. Стоимость экскурсии зависит от выбранной реки. Уточнить цену >>

Reviews . The safety of the trip is provided by professional instructors of rafting clubs. Life jackets, oars and protective helmets are issued to tour participants on the spot. For rafting you need a good physical form.

Car tour: Tanah Lot and Ulan Danu

Description . The trip to the cultural attractions of the island lasts all day. You will visit the picturesque village of Bedugul, see the temples of Pura Ulan Danu and Pura Tanah Lot, admire Bratan Lake, the cascades of Git Git waterfall and climb to the observation deck, where you get wonderful panoramic photos. A nice bonus is a visit to the fruit market and strawberry plantation.

Цена . Для взрослого — 105$. Уточнить цену >>

Reviews . Tour participants have the opportunity to explore Hindu shrines and Balinese pilgrimage sites.

North Bali for magic, scenery and insta-locations

Description . The southern part of the island has long been mastered by tourists – that’s where the most popular Balinese resorts are located. The north is less well known and attracts unexplored areas. You will visit places where you can take very beautiful pictures. The program includes a walk through the rice terraces of Jatiluvih, the Pura Ulun Dan Temple on Lake Bratan, the Wanagiri Hidden Hills lookout and the giant gates of Gapura Bali Handiara Kosaido village.

Prices in Indonesia in 2022: the cost of living and travel

Цена . Для 1-2 человек — 116$. Уточнить цену >>

Reviews . The one-day excursion is enjoyed by lovers of spectacular photo locations, connoisseurs of Balinese nature and local architecture. Tourists were left delighted by the picturesque resting place near Banyumala Twin Waterfalls.

Excursions in Bali in Russian

Jatiluvih Rice Terraces.

Safari in the reserve

Description . This group excursion with safari and amusement park will appeal to families with children. You will see 80 wild animals, ride camels, elephants and see the inhabitants of the freshwater aquarium. You will also see a spectacular animal show and visit a fun amusement park: roller coaster, electric cars, river slide and a small water park with pools and slides.

Цена . Для взрослого — 80$, для детей от 3 до 12 лет — 40$. Уточнить цену >>

Climbing Mount Batur Volcano

Description . Bali is an island created by the power of nature. The picturesque Gunung Batur Volcano is located in the northeast of Bali and is 1,717 meters high. Its slopes offer mesmerizing scenery. You will climb the volcano at sunrise, and after a 4-5 hour hike you will bathe in the hot springs.

Цена . Для взрослого — 60-80$. Стоимость зависит от программы. Уточнить цену >>

Reviews . Batur is worth going to for people with normal physical fitness. If you are accustomed only to beach recreation, hiking will turn into an ordeal.

Bali best tours

View from Batur. Photo: photogolic /

Bromo, Ijen and Madakaripur Falls

Description . Tourists who are seriously interested in volcanoes are advised to be on a three-day tour from Bali to the island of Java. Getting to the magical island is the dream of many travelers! On the first day, you will be taken from your hotel to the ferry at Gilimanuka. The ferry to the port of Banyuwangi in East Java takes about an hour. By evening you will reach the village of Jemara Lawang.

The second day is devoted to climbing the volcanoes Bromo and Ijen. You will admire the views of the coast from the observation decks and the powerful waterfalls of Madakaripur. On the third day, tour participants return to Bali.

Цена . Для взрослого — 342$. Уточнить цену >>

Reviews . A tour from Bali to Java is suitable for people who are fit. In addition to the scenic landscapes, tourists were impressed by the meeting with sulfur miners. The inhabitants of Java carry their precious cargo to the foot of the volcano in baskets that weigh 80 kg.

Excursions in Bali in Russian

The Madakaripura waterfall. Photo: tricell1991 /

Tips for tourists

Buy tours to places that are expensive and troublesome to get to yourself, and tours with an unusual program, such as rafting or climbing volcanoes. Waterbom Waterpark in Kuta, or Gili Islands you can easily drive yourself.

If you want to save money, choose group tours in Bali. They are cheaper than the individual trips by 2-3 times.

Learn from the organizers of the tour in advance what clothes and shoes are needed. For travel to the islands, take bathing suits, hats and sunscreen, for rafting – coral slippers and a set of clothes to change. For climbing volcanoes – comfortable hiking shoes, warm jacket and sweater.

We recommend ordering a cab at the hotel reception. Warn the driver that you need a car both ways.

You can get to neighboring islands by sea. Bali has three ports – Benoa, Padangbai, and Gilimanuk. Fast and cruise boats go from Kuta, Sanur, Amed and Kusamba.

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