Bar, Montenegro: Reviews, prices and tips for vacations

Bar, Montenegro: Reviews, prices and tips for vacations

Good vacation for the whole family in Bar, Montenegro If you are looking for a place for a relaxing vacation with the whole family – this is just what you need. We went with my little daughter of five and my husband – we loved it. It was just an hour away from the airport by bus. I recommend choosing the Princess Hotel – it’s spacious, well maintained, and the staff are very nice. But, you should be prepared for the fact that the hotel doesn’t have its own beach – it’s public, so no one cleans up the garbage there. But there are pools both outside and inside the building, so both my daughter and I were happy. At

  • Bathing-sunning on the beach.

Rent a car in Bar (Not AVIS) We booked a car through AVIS in Bar in Montenegro – we regretted that we went to this company, because they only work with Russian guys, and the business is done in the Russian way, as in the 90s: on customers, service, your money – they do not care. The money for our booking they took 2 weeks before the trip, and when we were in Bar – it was not so easy to find them. In the evening, when we were supposed to pick up our car, we just couldn’t find them because there were no numbers on the houses and the locals

  • Bathing-sunning on the beach.

Tourists who would like to enjoy the magnificent Adriatic sunsets should definitely visit Bar. We lived in Budva and went to Bar with a regular bus for some ridiculous money. We came mainly to visit the old town, which is located not by the sea, but at a distance from it. Bar bus station is located next to the train station. Nearby stops a shuttle bus, which you can take to the Bar fortress. But we didn’t wait for it, and dropped 1 euro in line and hired a cab driver, who

Feedback on Montenegro and Bar before you go to Montenegro, Bar, contact by phone or e-mail with a very, very decent Russians who live here and for more than a year. Consult, ask for more details about the prices of everything, food, accommodation and so on. Money, unscrupulous people of all nationalities, here also want to shovel. Know that a bed in a house by the sea is 20 euros/day, and a little further in 20-30 minutes is 5 euros or a room with a double bed is 150 euros/month. We live here almost constantly since 2008 and can advise and suggest where, what and how much to buy a holiday by the sea and will be happy to help.

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App. Rux de Lux when we stayed for the hostess was the sister of Ivan.Pleasant sociable girl.In Russian ni boom, but agreed.Number is cheap, but when you see it alive-sensation that strongly overpaid.Nam this day and so unlucky did not arrive with us luggage, and it means that all things (and beach) somewhere and to sometime. So while waiting more room cleaning and entering it-again, my wife fell on the bed and staring at the ceiling, sobbed: over his head hung a bowl of lamp.Positioning designer trim-softly speaking ridiculous.See photos

  • sailing

We were in Bara from 12.09 to 24.09.2015 for the first and hopefully the last time. The hotel is so-so, for 3, although it is considered to be four-star. Food is very boring, same thing every day. We had very little fruit, if it came to an end, it could not be dosed. We had 2-3 seafood meals in 12 days, and it was in a sea country! We had a room full of ants. The boarding was excellent with free sun beds and umbrellas from the hotel. No program in the evening. The staff is generally friendly and polite. Like all Montenegrins. This is

WARNING : Sushanj (Bar) WARNING : Sushanj. We vacationed in Montenegro from August 16 to 31, 2015. We rented a house privately in a place called Šušanj near Bar. And I am writing this post to warn vacationers from making rash decisions due to lack of knowledge of the area. Make a decision about renting accommodation should not be taken by photos of houses and twittering owner that the beach is 10 minutes walk, and the reviews have already had a rest there. 1) Climbing to these private houses uphill with a slope of 20 degrees after swimming in the sea,

I read the article and did not quite understand the author. At the beginning of the article the author writes about Sutomora, concludes with a negative article about Shushan. And these are different regions. Yes, it is the Bar Riviera, but the districts are very different. Shushan is a district of Bar, and Sutomore is a separate town. It is not very clear which district the author is talking about. In Sutomore and in Shushan there are very decent offers to rest. It all depends on the capacity of the client. You need to be honest and not misleading. If you rent an apartment for 10 euros a day, what are you waiting for? From 30 euros per day you can afford not to climb high into the mountains, and live on the first – second line from the sea. Then you do not need to rent a car. In Sutomore and in Shushan, along the beach there are many cafes. And beaches are different – in Sutomore is both pebble and sand, in Bar, mostly pebble, but near the seaport there is a beach with imported sand. So, there is a lot of choice, it all depends on your capabilities. Yes, there is a lot of garbage! But we are the ones who litter. It’s a shame that there is no cult of cleanliness, like in Germany. But the nature is very beautiful, the sea is also clean! I do not know where the author bathed, but apparently, living in the middle of nowhere, saving money on accommodation and transport, he was limited in his opportunities to see all the beaches in Montenegro. And why walk from Sutomore to Bar? There are buses that run constantly . You need to be honest! Do you want to rest comfortably? You should pay good money and stay in a hotel by the sea. If you pay five kopecks, you won’t whine that everything is so bad here.

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Point 1 is not true – half of the area is not on the hill, the hill starts or from the beach Zukotrlitsa only on the left side, the rest of the area is flat, the hill after 5-10 minutes on foot, the more right, the more equal – you can and to station Shushan 15 minutes walk on a beautiful asphalted road from the sea on level ground. Point 2 is also not true – Shushan is full of small stores. There are 3 stores, 2 bakeries with hot bread and baked goods, a supermarket, and a pharmacy on the road from our house to the sea in our neighborhood. Point 3 – in one area of Shushan there are containers in another – the locals carry or carry their trash every day to the nearest one, and tourists in summer throw it wherever they can, alas. Point 4 – yes, the beach is pebble. Want sand – you’re not in the bar. Nearby is Sutomore with a sandy beach (there are pros and cons), half an hour – the Velika plaza (Ulcinj) with 17 km of a sandy beach. About turbidity of the sea – it on that and the sea that everywhere can be turbid or pure, depends on currents or the tourists who have dumped a dust from the yacht. The sea can be muddy anywhere, whether at an expensive resort in Sveti Stefan, or in Budva. The beach in Shushani is under the same luxurious pine trees as in Sveti Stefan, but everything is democratic and accessible. The free city beach, where mothers with children like to stay for a daytime nap, of course, is popular and not empty. And the area Shushan is the closest to the sea and the best part of the beach (under the pines) cottage area with private houses, villas and rare high-rise. In Bara itself, so close to the sea only high-rise buildings, and that part for walking and sunbathing, not for swimming near yachts and boats. So Shushan, whatever, is a great green part of Bar, the demand there is not going down, but only growing. I have been living in Montenegro for 6 years and have seen different parts of the country at different times of the year.

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All is true what the author wrote..We too had a rest in Shushani in 2012..Disgusting place..Dirty beach, dirty sea..Few stores..And not everything you can buy there..Very boring, if you do not take the car..The child had a terrible intestinal infection..I do not recommend Montenegro as a place to rest. Country of the 3rd world..Dirty probably only in Africa. do not spend money on such holiday and save the health and health of the children!

Montenegro is not for vacation with children. 15.08.15 I came back with my family from Montenegro. Holidays in Bar with 6 people, including 2 children. I will be brief: the sea in Bar. Disgusting. Dirty. In Montenegro there is no sewage treatment plants. ANYWHERE. I.e. All products of ability to live in peak tourist season daily merged through local rivulets directly into the sea on all coastal strip. All that write on forums about feces, pads, bags, floating plaster is absolutely true. You will see it with your own eyes! The water is muddy, with some sort of film, if the wind is coming from

Rent a yacht The professionalism of the crew will allow you to get completely distracted from mundane problems and get an unforgettable experience of rest on the water. At the same time you can choose the place for anchorage, overnights and the length of sea passages by yourself. In the places you like you can stay longer for swimming or sightseeing. In stormy weather you can fly under the sail on the crests of waves, getting a huge dose of adrenaline, or take refuge in a wind-protected bay or yacht marina. Waking up in the morning in the cabin at the anchorage, it is enough to take a few steps to dive into the clearest water, or you can just sunbathe on deck.

Montenegro. City Bar. – reviews

Opportunities for Russians to go to beach resorts have sharply decreased. Turkey and Egypt are closed, hotels in the Crimea and Kuban sharply inflated prices for summer vacations, and the ruble once again collapsed. All this hints that in summer it is better to stay at home.

Beach Mogren in Budva

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In Montenegro we lived a few kilometers from Bar, so it would be remiss of us not to visit this city and walk around it. In Bar itself and its immediate surroundings regularly, every half hour, runs a city bus.

Going to the city of Bar on a self-guided tour from Budva, we knew a little about it: there is an international port, including the ferry to Bari in Italy; there is a completely authentic old town; and the fact that the city is located on the Bar…

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Bar is a very nice and lively town. Renting an apartment in Sutomore, I went to Bara every other day. The town is not big, but modern and cozy. From the looks of it, and you can’t tell that it’s not only a major port, but also a base of NATO ships. From Sutomore you could get by shuttle bus for 1 euro.

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Bar is more of an industrial and port town than a resort town, but we decided to see it too. We stayed for 2 nights at Hotel Princess 4. The town is a little farther from Tivat airport than Budva Riviera cities and it is one of the reasons why it is not so popular among tourists.

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Montenegrin Paradise? The city of Bar dedicated … I wanted to write today a small review of Montenegro, the city of Bar. I will write personally about my experience and only about it, it may be useful and interesting to you.

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In Montenegro our family of three visited in June 2013. The first ten days we spent in Igalo, a suburb of Herceg Novi. I advise to rest there. Then we rented a car for 10 days, the review is here.

As such, there is no market in Bar. All that you can find in the internet are some mentions, descriptions of the fish market. But, friends, it’s not even funny. Three rows of three tables with prices and supermarket assortment. Shopping mercantile (clothes, shoes, etc.) in Bara is similar. Nothing interesting. Street.

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A few years ago vacationed in the southern part of Montenegro in the city of Bar. We chose this particular city in Montenegro somehow in the heat of the moment, because we were offered a nice new hotel stock. The hotel, indeed, was good and was located on the first line.

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I stayed in Bar for 2 weeks last year, in winter. Loved the atmosphere of the town, all very active, spacious streets and lots of cafes. Large coastline with coarse pebbles near the pines, decent promenade.

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Beach Lucica in the resort town of Petrovac in Montenegro Sandy beach mixed with pebbles, gentle entrance to the sea. The first 7 meters of the sea is shallow and excellent for children. The beach is located in a small picturesque bay, quiet and comfortable.

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The pirate town of Perast. The sea is as clear as glass? The coziest and most picturesque town in Montenegro. Return to the Middle Ages? It’s easy here. To climb the bell tower, to feed the fish, to visit the island of Virgin Mary on the reef. Moments freeze here.

Welcome to all who look into this review! I suggest you dive into summer and see a wonderful corner of the globe – a town with fascinating history and romantic scenic views – Perast, which is located on the shore of Boko-Kotor Bay, not far from the year of Kotor.

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