Beach holidays in December 2022. Where to rest on the sea

Beach holidays in December 2022: where to vacation at the sea abroad?

In our latitudes in December, the snow and frosts are already in full force. In most parts of Russia winter is cold, but sometimes I want a little sun and sea in the midst of the most brutal blizzards and snowstorms! And there is not a single reason to deny yourself a summer fairy tale, especially if finances and work schedule allows you to take a little time out. Speaking of finances, a beach holiday in December can be a very inexpensive event The Emirates are still ready to welcome tourists.

The Emirates and Egypt, where the velvet season is just starting, are still ready to welcome tourists. More and more popular among Russians is vacationing in Vietnam, which has long become a real Mecca for fans of creative and inexpensive pastime.

For those who can afford the best, we can recommend a holiday in the Dominican Republic.

In this article I will answer the most pressing questions for future travelers:

  1. Where is the best place to rest abroad in December?
  2. Where the sea is warm enough, and the air temperature is optimal for active recreation and excursions?
  3. Where the rest at sea will be inexpensive?
  4. What can do besides swimming and what attractions are worth visiting?
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Holidays in the UAE.

Despite the fact that December is considered the low season in the Emirates, the popularity of holidays in this country in winter is still high. And it is not even in the mild climate, when the sea warms up to the usual 20°C, and the opportunity to visit many attractions and see what in summer was unavailable because of the grueling heat.

It is worth noting that the UAE is a true paradise for shopaholics and all those who are used to counting money when going shopping. There is no income tax, so the prices for gold, outerwear and other traditionally expensive things pleasing to the eye and purse.

In December you can plan your holidays in both Sharjah and Fujairah, both emirates as the weather is much the same. What’s worth paying attention to, though, is the laws and traditions, which may vary greatly in different parts of the country. Sharjah, for instance, has a very strong Muslim community and as such, the Emirate has a ‘dry law’ all over the place. It is forbidden to drink not only on the street, but also in your room. The rest of the UAE is more liberal to the tourists, alcohol is available in some stores, and there are practically no restrictions on its use indoors (at the hotel). If a holiday without alcohol at all is not a holiday, then carefully read the description of the hotel, where you plan to stay – in some of them the strong alcohol is poured only after 19:00.

If the lack of alcohol can spoil the New Year mainly for men, women should in advance think about a strict closet. Despite the fact that the Emirates are mostly secular state, frank attire anywhere except the beach is not welcome. By the way, if you decide to stay in the apartment and expect to swim in the city beaches, it would be good to know that in some cities are the so-called women’s day. During this time, men are not allowed on the beach, so that local women can enjoy the sea without the strict Muslim clothing. Although in December the locals don’t really bathe in the sea – it’s cold.

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The pluses of recreation

  • The perfect temperature for a beach holiday. The water temperature is quite comfortable for swimming, even for children.
  • Very inexpensive tours. Lasting ticket in Sharjah, UAE, in November – early December will cost ridiculous 13000 rubles per person. However, by the end of December the price increases by half.
  • Many attractions and just beautiful views in all emirates.
  • Very accessible shopping. Despite the fact that the UAE Catholic Christmas is almost not celebrated, many shopkeepers have adopted the tradition of Europeans to arrange discounts by the second half of December.
  • Hotels are mostly new with excellent friendly staff and good food.
  • Safe traffic on the roads and in general a highly conscious and law-abiding society. Breaking the law here is very expensive and fraught with severe punishment. But pedestrians should be careful, especially in working-class neighborhoods, where there are many newcomers, because they bring their driving habits with them. Therefore, a crosswalk is not yet a guarantee of safety.

Minuses of Recreation.

  • Despite the possibility of bargain shopping, in general life here is quite expensive. If you plan to eat out of the hotel or even go on your own and rent an apartment, then be prepared to splurge. The only recourse is cheap exotic fruit and seafood, which no one considers a delicacy here.
  • Winter is winter, even in the Emirates. Judging by the reviews of tourists about the weather in Dubai and other parts of the country, 2-3 rainy days a week is considered normal. However, this is a statistic, so some people are lucky for a whole warm and sunny week, well, someone will have to buy an umbrella as well☺
  • The laws regarding alcohol are strict. They are forbidden in Sharjah, but in the rest of the emirates they are available in certain places. Drinking alcohol on the street is strictly punishable.
  • Holidaying in the UAE in December and early January, especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, it becomes quite expensive pleasure, though very spectacular.

Prices for tours in December

Holidays in the Emirates at this time of year can be both budget and fabulously expensive. Minimum tour price from Moscow to Dubai in early December varies from 13 000 rubles (last minute ticket) to 15 000 rubles.

Closer to the New Year the cost of a trip rises rapidly. Since December 25 you can visit the UAE for no less than 50000-60000 rubles per person for double occupancy.

Where to go to the sea in December 2022

Many people think that in winter to fully relax, you can only at the ski resort. Fortunately this is not so. The first month of winter is quite possible to spend on a comfortable beach under the warm sun. In the world there are plenty of countries where the beach season at this time only begins or in full swing.

Beach holidays abroad

Naturally, in Russia you will not be able to bask on the beach, but foreign resorts provide such an opportunity. There are more than 15 countries where in the first month you can enjoy not just warm, but even hot sun.

  • From Moscow (by plane) is 3682 km
  • Visa: required
  • Air temperature: +26 °
  • The water temperature in the sea: +24 °
Where to go on vacation without a passport

Emirates is a wonderful country, whose authorities have found a way to enrich the country by creating here an ideal environment for tourists. The most popular resort is Dubai, but recently increased attention to other places. In December it is warm here, the season of discounts and sales starts, so that you can not only relax on the sandy beach, but also buy brand-name things at a good discount.

UAE in December

In early winter there is no rain in the UAE, so the weather is warm and dry. If you are coming for a holiday take note: Sharjah or Ras Al-Khaim will be a little cheaper than Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Prices for tours in the UAE start from 55000 for two people with a flight. Popular and inexpensive hotel in Dubai is Citymax Hotel Bur Dubai. The cost of a charter flight from Moscow in economy class will be about 10000 for a couple. The prices for hostels start at 600 rubles. Hotels 2-3* – from 3000 rubles, 4-5* – from 4000 rubles.

tours in the UAE

Where to go and what to see:

  • At the observation deck of the Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world)
  • Light Music Fountain (the world’s largest)
  • Dubai Mall (largest mall in the world) and Aquarium.
  • Burj Al Arab (Sail Hotel).
  • Dubai Marina (luxury skyscraper district of the city).
  • Dubai Creek
  • Old Dubai – Bastakia district.
  • Dubai Opera House
  • Gold Market


Some tourists do not consider India as a country for vacation in the first month of winter and in vain. There are a huge number of resorts that offer a great opportunity to spend time on the beach. Goa is very popular. It is the hottest there.

India in December

Some holidaymakers prefer less popular destinations like Chennai or Mumbai. The air temperature there is between +29 … 30 °, the water is about 26. Prices are not much different, although in Goa everything will be a little more expensive, due to the popularity of the resort. By the way, Chennai has the longest beach in the world, but you risk getting caught in the rain.

Tours in India from 44.000 rubles with flight (for two people)


From Moscow (plane) – 7065 km Visa: not required (for stays up to 30 days) Average air temperature: +30 ° sea water temperature: +27 °

Resort of Thailand, which enjoys particular popularity is Pattaya. And quite reasonably. It is always warm, a huge number of attractions attracts people of all ages and preferences. In Pattaya will be something to do and lovers of wild nightlife, and families with children. Swimming mainly go to Ko Lan, a small island near the resort with the clearest water and incredibly beautiful beaches.

Thailand in December

Connoisseurs of architecture and landscape architecture is better to go to Bangkok. There is not only great weather, but also a huge variety of attractions. The cultural program will be saturated.

Tours in Thailand

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Hotels in Pattaya

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Sri Lanka

From Moscow (by plane) – 6573 km Visa: required Air temperature: +30° Ocean water temperature: +28°

Where to go on New Year's Eve - 2022 by sea? 7 Warm Countries

Sri Lanka is one of the best, but not the cheapest places to vacation by the sea, or rather – the ocean, in the first winter month. The best beaches are considered the shores of Unawatuna and Bentota. Enjoy the unforgettable beauty of pristine nature can be in Negomboe or Hikkaduvoy.

Sri Lanka in December

With children mostly go to Tangalle, there in December, a huge number of turtles. The kids are just delighted, and many adults, too. In the capital, Colombo, also not bad, but it rains more often. Since rainfall occurs mainly at night and then small, the quality of rest does not affect it.

Tours in Sri Lanka

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Hotels in Colombo

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From Moscow by plane – 2700 km

Visa: not required

Air temperature: +24°

The water temperature in the Red Sea: +22 ° C

Warm enough for a beach holiday and to participate in a variety of exciting excursions. In the country December is considered a low season, so you can buy a tour, at a very favorable price. For many vacationers this is a definite plus.

Israel, December

If you decide not to go sightseeing, but just to relax by the sea – go to Eilat. It is the warmest weather, the sea will please the calmness. During the whole month it rains only 1 – 2 days. In other regions – cool, the sea is often rough. The only thing you can do is surf.

Tours in Israel

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Beach Hotels, Eilat

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From Moscow (by plane) – 2648 km Visa: required Average air temperature: +25 ° (Aqaba, warmest) Average sea temperature: +23 °

Many resorts prefer the Dead Sea resorts. In December there are few people, prices are minimal, and the level of comfort – the maximum. The most popular resort, and not just because it is warmer, is Aqaba.

Jordan in December

This is a duty-free city where you can buy unique items at an affordable price. By the way, going shopping, keep in mind: Friday is market day, but all the stores are closed. If you want to have a great time at a swanky beach, Aqaba is the best option.

Jordan tours

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Hotels in Aqaba

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From Moscow (by plane) – 5790 km Visa required Average air temperature: +22° Average water temperature in the South China Sea: +20°

The only place in China, where you can relax on the beach in December – Hainan province. It’s the warmest there. Service remains at the proper level, and prices are much lower than in high season. Note – the sea is the warmest in the region of Sanya.

China in December

The water temperature during the month before New Year’s Eve reaches +25 °. If you decide to go to Hong Kong, the most you can hope for is fascinating excursions. Swimming is definitely not an option. The water is cold, the temperature is suitable only for walking.

Tours in China

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Beach Hotels Hainan

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From Moscow (by plane) – 6735 km Visa: not necessary Air temperature: + 30 ° (South) Water temperature in the South China Sea: +27 °

Beach vacation in October 2022. Where is inexpensive? Cheap Tours and Tickets

Choosing Vietnam as a country for a beach holiday in December, remember: the warmest region is the south of the country. Especially popular is the island of Phu Quoc. You can swim there almost all year round. Nha Trang is the most famous resort of Vietnam. They come here for the warm sea, the water temperature reaches 26 °, the air – 27.

December Vietnam

To be fair, Nha Trang has no equal in terms of entertainment. It can compete with any resort. Especially famous is its amusement park. So if you go on vacation with children – Nha Trang will be the best option.

Tours in Vietnam

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Beach Hotels Da Nang

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From Moscow by plane – 9300 km Visa: not required Air temperature: +32° (Jakarta) Ocean water temperature: +28°

The most popular among our fellow citizens are two resorts: Jakarta and Bali. Jakarta is hot and has less rain. In Bali, it often rains, but it starts sharply, as well as ends. It rains mostly at night.

Indonesia in December

At the same time, the temperature remains comfortable. Sumatra is also in demand, though much less. The temperature regime is quite comfortable. But it rains almost every night, sometimes taking over the morning and evening.

Tours in Indonesia

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Hotels in Bali

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From Moscow (by plane) – 9580 km Visa: not required (up to 30 days) Air temperature: +28 ° Ocean water temperature: +25 °

Despite the approaching New Year, in Havana and Varadero quite warm, pleasing and the temperature of the ocean water. Russian tourists mostly choose Santiago de Cuba or Trinidad. The latter resort will please the total absence of rain and warmer water.

Cuba in December beach

In general, the whole island of freedom will bring real pleasure. The only downside is periodic rain. So if you don’t want to spoil your mood with sudden rainfall – go to Trinidad. A full recreation is guaranteed.

Tours of Cuba

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Beach Hotels Varadero

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Dominican Republic

From Moscow by plane – 9360 km Visa: not required Air temperature: +30°C Water temperature in the Caribbean Sea: +27°C

Most often come to the eastern part of the Dominican Republic divers. Here they have created ideal conditions for them. The underwater world of the area is amazing with its beauty. Especially popular is the island of Catalina. It is small, but there are a huge number of underwater attractions.

Dominican Republic in December

Most fans of diving here like two places: “The Wall”, where dives can be made at a depth of 4 to 40 meters and “Aquarium”. There are a huge number of seahorses, puffer fish, as well as lionfish and striped winged fish. Exclusively for beach holidays, Puerto Plata and Samaná are more suitable.

Tours in the Dominican Republic

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Hotels in Pointe Cana

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From Moscow (by plane) – 6900 km Visa: not required (for stays up to 30 days) Air temperature: up to +30° Ocean water temperature: +29°

Going to celebrate New Year in the Seychelles – buy tours in advance. Closer to the holidays the prices go up significantly. Holidays in the islands are multifaceted and varied. Perhaps this was the reason for its popularity, despite the rather high prices.

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Seychelles in December

There is a chic opportunity to dive or surf, make exciting boat trips or just swim. Please note: if you want to take a souvenir from the island, in the form of coral, shell or shell turtle crafts will need to make every effort to get permission.

Seychelles tours

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Hotels on Mahe

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From Moscow by plane – 6570 km Visa: not required (up to 30 days) Air temperature: +30 ° Water temperature in the sea: +28 °

Temperature regime that the air and water, almost all resorts in the Maldives is the same. The difference can be as little as 1 – 2 degrees. It rains rarely, are short, so it does not affect the overall quality of rest.

Maldives in December

In contrast to the Seychelles, the rest here is not so diverse. For example, if you want to enjoy all the beauties of the underwater world of the islands, go on a trip before the 10 th. The ocean is calm. But closer to the middle of the month the ocean “rages”. It’s a perfect time for surfing.

Maldives tours

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Hotels in Male’

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From Moscow by plane – 10720 km Visa: not required (electronic license) Air temperature: +31° Ocean water temperature: +27°

Not all of Mexico will have hot weather waiting for you, it’s usually warmest in the south of the country. The southwestern and southeastern coasts also have warm weather, but a little rain can sometimes spoil the mood. Acapulco is the most popular resort in Mexico, which in the first month of winter, gathers a huge number of tourists from all over the world.

Mexico in December

A lot of surfers, the ocean will please the waves. Well, those who want a quiet rest on a cozy sandy beach, mostly go to the island of La Roqueta. In the east of the country is no less interesting. The beaches are covered with white sand. A huge amount of entertainment.

Tours in Mexico.

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Hotels in Veracruz

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From Moscow by plane – 8647 km Visa: not required (up to 60 days) Air temperature: up to +35° Ocean water temperature: +30°

In December, sometimes heavy rains come, but as a rule, they do not last long, occur in the afternoon. So it is unlikely to cause much inconvenience. The first month of winter in Mauritius – a period of various festivals.

Mauritius in December

The cultural program is varied, exciting and brings a maximum of positive emotions. There are evenings of music and poetry, unusual dancing and cooking shows. Mauritius is ideal for a fun and active holiday season.

Tours in Mauritius

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Port Louis hotels

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So that’s pretty much it. Now you know where and how to spend your time in December. I hope the above information will help you make your choice. Rest will be most comfortable and interesting. Have a great time everyone.


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