Beach holidays in May 2022. Where to have a better holiday at sea

Where to relax in May 2022 at sea? 10 warm countries

Holidays at sea in May

May in Russia can already please with sunshine and warm weather. But the “thunderstorm in early May” is not an exception for many regions, as well as the maximum +10°C on the thermometer and a cold gusty wind. Taking advantage of the long holidays many Russians are flying to warm countries to reload from everyday work and get warm on the coast.

So if you want to save money, look for the tours that leave after May 10.

This article will tell you where to go to the sea in May 2022, where it will be comfortable with children, and what resorts in Russia can please in the last month of spring. We’ll figure out where in May the sea is warm and you can swim, and where there is still a low season, but cheap tours.

What are the restrictions on holidays abroad?

Breaking away for a weekend in France or Germany is not so easy – in addition to difficulties with visas, you need certain vaccines and PCR-tests.

Europe is not the only one with such rules, each country now sets its own conditions. Some only need a negative PCR, others also need a vaccination, others take an additional test upon arrival and a few more during the vacation. Somewhere you have to sit quarantine, and somewhere you have to install an app on your smartphone that tracks contact with those who are sick.

Sorting out the conditions. To make it clearer, I’ve compiled a list of countries open to date into a table.


With a Sputnik V certificate:

With a PCR test:

No need for anything:

Where to look for tours profitable?

To find where to go to the sea in May inexpensively, it is not necessary to compare thousands of proposals from dozens of tour operators. Special services have long been created, where all the actual tours are collected in one “table” and ranked by price and rating.

On these sites you can choose the cheapest offers, sort tours by popularity and set your search criteria: date of tour, hotel severity, food type, distance from the sea, swimming pool availability.

I advise you to trust your beach vacation in May by the sea in 2022 to one of these services. Look for tours, and at the same time and discounts here:

We have long used these sites – they save time when you need to navigate prices, read reviews or see hot tours. They have offers from all the tour operators, so there is no need to jump from site to site. Very convenient, take advantage!

Open country tour prices for May 2022:

Where to?

Where can you fly out from?

How much for a tour for two people?

Where to see?

Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara, Kazan, Ekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don, Perm, Makhachkala, Irkutsk, Khabarovsk, Vladivostok

from 65 000 rubles for two people

Almost all major cities, including Irkutsk.

from 60 000 roubles

Almost all big cities

starting from 35 000 roubles

from 140 000 roubles

Moscow, St.Petersburg, Kazan, Ekaterinburg, Ufa, Rostov-on-Don, Novosibirsk

from 150 000 rubles

Where can I go in May at sea?

If you can not decide where to relax in May at sea in 2022, advise to consider the UAE, Egypt, Cuba, Maldives, Turkey. It will be hot and the sea will be warm. I will tell you more about the weather, conditions of entry and prices for tours to these countries.

Dubai Garden of Wonders

The UAE opens the rating of countries where it is warm in May and you can swim. The water temperature is about +27°C, and the air warms up to +37°C and sometimes higher. At the end of May it becomes too hot, and in the summer even the locals run away from the Emirates – because of the exhausting heat the country becomes unsuitable even for a beach holiday.

It will be a little hot for excursions, but to swim in the sea will be comfortable and warm. If you want to break away from the sunbed and look around, I advise:

  • climb the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.
  • Do an unrestrained shopping spree at Dubai Mall, the largest shopping mall in the world.
  • Hang out in one of the top water parks in Dubai.

Entry requirements: Anyone who is over 12 years old needs a PCR test 48 hours before departure and a free test at the airport upon arrival. Compulsory insurance covering covid. Prices for May tours to the UAE: from 65,000 rubles for a one-week tour for two. ⚡ On a side note: read our series of articles about the UAE.


El Fanar beach The Pyramids of Cairo

May is a perfect month for a holiday at favorite Red Sea resorts: the heat has not yet set in and it is already possible to swim and sunbathe. During the day the air heats up to +30 ° C and at night it never drops below +21 ° C. Lose the warm sweaters, take more swimwear – the water in the sea will be +26 ° C!

In April and May the beach season is in full swing! And the tours in early May have the highest prices. If you are planning a vacation at the May holidays, I recommend to look for a tour a few months in advance, while there are still places on flights, a wide choice of hotels, and prices do not tend to cosmic.

What should I choose: Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh or other resorts? Sunny, dry, soft sand on the beach, all inclusive and animation all day long – will be everywhere. Isn’t that the perfect holiday concept?

❗ Conditions of entry: certificate of vaccination Sputnik or PCR, taken 72 hours before departure. Children under 12 years old don’t need anything. Prices for May tours to Egypt: from 60,000 rubles for a one-week tour for two. ⚡ On a side note: a selection of the best hotels in Hurghada.


Turkey Turkey city

Where else can you rest on the sea inexpensively in May? Russians invariably buy May charters to Turkey. There are a lot of days off and so want to go somewhere! On the Antalya coast is already warm, hotels meet delicious food and unlimited alcohol, animators have already prepared a new entertainment program – in general, the fate commanded, and the hand unwittingly updates the search engine hot deals.

Where to go in Europe in April: 7 best places

It’s about +25 ° C outside, the water temperature is +20-22 ° C, and the most thirsty for the sea, even bathe. Turkey is a great option for an inexpensive flight to the sea abroad, but in May I would still look for hotels with heated pools and preferably with sea water.

But you can choose any resort (and read more about it at the link):

  • Warm Mediterranean Sea: Kemer – Antalya – Belek – Side – Alanya.
  • The beautiful, but still cool Aegean: Marmaris – Fethiye – Kusadasi – Bodrum

❗ Entry conditions: from 12 years of age you can choose between a negative PCR in 72 hours, a certificate of vaccination or a rapid antigen test + electronic questionnaire. No visa required. Prices for tours to Turkey in May: from 35 000 rubles for two on all-inclusive. Take a note: read our article about rest in Turkey in May.


May is a kind of “velvet season” in Cuba, when tourists go home, and the dry winter is gradually replaced by rainy summer. In May you can still rest, rainy days no more than seven, and if the rain does charge, it’s for a couple of hours in the afternoon.

Outdoors during the day to +30 ° C, nights are also warm, and the water is +28 ° C, so if you’re not afraid of periodic tropical showers, I advise you to keep Cuba in your list of “May holidays at sea in 2022”.

I suggest you mix up your relaxing beach vacation with a colorful stroll through old Havana or a ride in a retro convertible!

Entry requirements: valid only for international passport. Prices for May tours to Cuba: from 140 000 rubles for 10 nights all inclusive for two.


Maldives vacation

Maldives is one of the sunniest and brightest countries, where it is better to go in May abroad at sea. And don’t let the lack of attractions embarrass you – this nuance more than makes up for the rich underwater world of the Indian Ocean. In the Maldives, you can snorkel or scuba dive.

Other activities: swimming with dolphins, fishing at dawn, seeing sharks and whales, riding on a jetski or sailboat, surfing or leisurely lying on the beach!

I advise to choose atolls farther from the main island of Male’ – the water there will be cleaner and the reefs brighter. And in general, any island-resort in the Maldives – as an example of high-class service: each villa has a personal butler, everywhere is clean, the beds are pillows of different levels of softness, and every bush is well-groomed and not ignored.

Despite the fact that the Maldives does not have its own production, the food in the restaurants is always delicious, fresh and varied.

❗ Entry conditions: PCR test 96 hours before departure for anyone over a year old + online questionnaire and health insurance. Tour prices in May to the Maldives: from 135 000 rubles for a week for two with breakfast. On a note: in the Maldives is very expensive, so I advise you to take a tour with meals at least “breakfast + dinner” in advance.

Where else can rest in May 2022 abroad inexpensive?

If you do not put the main condition of the holiday is a 30-degree sea, the list of countries where you can go on a May holiday abroad is much wider. Do you want a change of scenery and save money? Choose Tunisia, Georgia, Bulgaria, Vietnam or Montenegro.


Sandy beach

The water in May has not yet warmed up to a comfortable +24°C, but the sky is clear and the air is really summery. The tan is nice and even, without the risk of burns. The evenings get warmer, discos and clubs open – the country is “waking up” from the winter lull and is ready to receive visitors again. The noisiest parties – in nightclubs in Sousse, the warmest – on the island of Djerba, and most beautiful – in the city of Ariana, during the Rose Festival.

Travel around the country is more comfortable than the scorching summer. In May you can see the magical Sahara or the legendary Carthage inexpensively and without the crowds of tourists.

And do not forget what else invariably attracts Tunisia – thalassotherapy! How nice sip of tart arabica after a morning massage. Prices for accommodation and Thalasso are 10-20% lower than in the high, summer season.

❗ Conditions for entry: vaccination and PCR taken 48 hours before departure + declaration. Children under 6 years old do not need a PCR. Prices for tours to Tunisia in May: from 60,000 rubles per week all inclusive.



If climbing up Kazbek for you is more interesting than quietly lying on the beach, and shashlik, khachapuri and wine alluring more than all these overseas seafood and “all inclusive”, I advise you to go to Aviasales and look for your lucky ticket Moscow-Tbilisi (but with a connection, there are still no direct flights).

Georgia is known not only for its wine, but also for its mineral water. The main medicinal spring and mineral resort is located in the famous Borjomi. Come here for a vacation to improve your health and see the spectacular waterfalls of the Borjomula River plummeting down from the mountains.

Entry requirements: vaccination certificate or negative PCR taken 72 hours before the trip. Children under 10 years of age do not need anything. Prices for hotels in Georgia: from 2000 rubles per night.


Beach holiday

The water temperature in May is about +15-17°C, the air warms up to a comfortable +25°C, the evenings are still cool. It will be quite pleasant to walk and sunbathe, but it is still early to bathe in the sea.

Summer 2022: Inexpensive Seaside Destinations

But in May is the festival of roses. The flower is a symbol of Bulgaria, so the holiday is celebrated in grand style: in fact, it’s a real colorful carnival with festivities, workshops and parades. I advise you to visit the Valley of Roses and the city of Kazanlak – it is the center of rose growing and it is there where the main events take place.

In addition to the Rose Festival, you can go to Sofia and see the quiet and measured capital without tourists, see ancient churches, stroll along the boulevard Vitosha and look at the Historical Museum.

In fact, what’s not to like about a refreshing walk along the coast? It’s as revitalizing as the sultry July sun.

Entry requirements: vaccination certificate or PCR done no earlier than 72 hours before entry. Children under 12 don’t need anything. Prices for tours in May to Bulgaria: from 40,000 rubles for two with breakfast.


Sea in Vietnam

Although in May the “dry season” ends, Vietnam remains one of the best countries for recreation at sea. The air temperature is +33-35°C, water is warmed up to a stable +29°C – it is comfortable to swim and lie on the beach. And despite the fact that the sky can be obscured by clouds, there is a high probability to get a sunburn without realizing it.

While Vietnam has the most stringent rules of entry. In addition to vaccinations and PCR tests, you have to install as many as 3 apps on your phone! But if you pass the quest of all the formalities, as a reward you get a quality Asian vacation at a nice price.

Diving, surfing, fresh fruit, cute trinkets at Nha Trang market and cheap seafood are all constant attributes of the Vietnamese vacation we’ve been longing for.

Entry requirements: mandatory vaccination certificate and PCR test 72 hours before departure, repeat tests on the 1st and 3rd day of arrival + insurance covering kovid. Children under 12 years of age do not need a vaccination.


Montenegro sea holidays

In May in Montenegro it is already warm: temperatures warm up to +25°C, so walks and travels around the country will be very comfortable.

I consider May the best month for “excursions” – no summer heat, nature is blooming, you can see the country without crowds of tourists at the main sights. And there is a lot to see in Montenegro.

My family and I drove all over the country and made our own list of the most beautiful places:

  • The fortress city of Kotor
  • Old town in Budva
  • The marina at Porto Montenegro
  • Canyons of the Tara and Moraca Rivers
  • Djurdjevića Bridge
  • St. Stefan Island
  • Lake Skadar
  • Old Town in Ulcinj
  • Great Beach in Ulcinj

And there are also many inexpensive excursions in Montenegro, which you can buy at a tourist kiosk on the spot or in advance on the Russian service Tripster:

    – $45
  • Canyons of Montenegro: $50-$55.

Or at all – rent a car and be completely independent. Montenegro is a great option where you can vacation in May abroad without a visa and without hitting the family budget.

❗ Conditions for entry: vaccination certificate or PCR made not earlier than 72 hours before entry. Children under 18 years of age do not need anything. No visa required. Note: There are still no direct flights from Russia.

Where to go in Russia in May 2022?

Moscow VDNKh

Sochi and the Crimea are great destinations to go in May in Russia. The daytime air temperature feels really summery and rises to +28°C, but it’s still a bit early to swim – the sea has not yet warmed up. If you still want to have a rest at the Black Sea, choose hotels with heated swimming pools and sea water.

Do not forget that the vacation may be not just a beach vacation. In May in all of Russia really comes the spring and each destination – whether it’s a big city or a small village, in its own way blooms. May holidays are a great excuse to get away and see the cities I have long planned.

Most of all I like to walk around on holidays in Moscow – there are no traffic jams at all this time, because the city dwellers are leaving for their summer homes, the weather is usually sunny and people are so relaxed and calm.

If you live in the capital, and beach holidays in May abroad is not set, I advise you not to neglect the country holiday. Choose a hotel with a pool, spa, “all inclusive” and animation and go on a well-deserved vacation. To understand the best hotels near Moscow, read our article about country hotels in Moscow.

Beach vacation in May with a child – my tips

The airport in Moscow Museum with a Child

I hope you have already decided where to go with a child to the sea in May. And since I am an expert on vacationing with kids, I will give you some tips to make your vacation with your child calmer and more fun:

10+ ideas for where to go in May by the sea in 2023

May brings with it clear skies, birdsong, warmth and long sunny days that awaken the desire to go to the sea. Fortunately, in the last month of spring, the beaches are not yet overcrowded with tourists and the temperatures are as pleasant as the prices. Vacation on an island paradise up to your ears in sand, a relaxation in Thailand or Vietnam, or the opening of the swimming season in Turkey and the Crimea? In May you can find a destination for every taste and budget!


Where to go in May

/ photo © Olgaozik /

It’s already summer weather in Dubai in May with temperatures climbing above +35 degrees, so sunscreen and a hat are the first things to put in your suitcase going at this time in the Emirates. The evenings are warm and there is almost no precipitation. The sun radiates heat for more than 11 hours a day. The best way to plan your itinerary around the city is to spend most of the day in places sheltered from the sun: shopping malls, theme parks, dhow cruises.

August 2022 holiday in Russia: where to go

May is the last month of the year to visit beaches, desert and parks before the mercury gauge reaches its peak. As a reminder, the hottest time in Dubai is from July to August, when temperatures can exceed +50 degrees.

To refresh and gain some impressions, it is worth to visit the fountain show in the Downtown area, which is also known for the tallest building in the world and the largest shopping center. After 6 p.m. every 30 minutes the water jets synchronously “dance” to the sounds of Arabic, Bollywood and Western music.

Another opportunity to take a break from the Dubai heat is to go skating in the Dubai Mall. There is an Olympic-sized ice skating rink on an area of 1,500 square meters.

Since May is the beginning of the off-season, it is likely that hotels and airlines will offer a more modest price tag.

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Where to go in May

/ © Don Toofee / CC BY 2.0 /

May is the last quiet month before the start of the summer tourist season in Egypt. Temperatures are rising exponentially, and the sun is already starting to burn significantly. May is hot weather in Egypt, but it is not the uncomfortable debilitating heat that is felt at the height of summer. Not the best time to travel through the desert, but lovers of relaxing beach holidays will be pleased. This time is perfect for a vacation at the coastal resorts of the Red Sea, where the temperature is a little lower and a light sea breeze softens the heat.

Popular beaches in Egypt in May is quite lively. Tourists spend their days by the sea and pools sipping cocktails, sunbathing and diving into the endlessly beautiful sea. There is also great nightlife, especially in Sharm el-Sheikh, where you can have a drink from an ice glass at the ice bar or watch belly dancing and world stars at the bar Gu. In addition, popular in Egypt, a trip to the pyramids in May will not be as tedious as in the summer months.

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Where to go in May

/ Photo © daves_archive_1 / CC BY 2.0 /

Turkey’s parks, gardens and squares are in bloom and pleasing to the eye in May. It is warm during the daytime, but not hot. The nights are moderately cool. As the high season approaches, life in the resort towns comes alive. In early May the cafes, restaurants, clubs and souvenir shops start working. From the middle of the month ready to welcome guests water parks, aquariums and dolphinariums. In the markets you can find seasonal fruits: bananas, oranges, medlars, strawberries, apricots and cherries.

Thanks to the mild comfortable temperature of +24. +26 ° C in May in Turkey there are ideal conditions for combining beach and sightseeing holidays. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the history and culture of the country. Another advantage of a holiday in May are much lower prices for hotels (except for May holidays). Excursions, souvenirs, market goods are at least 20% cheaper than in the more popular summer season.

Resorts of Turkey are in different climatic conditions, different natural landscapes and the average temperature of water and air. All this affects the duration of the season. Most resorts are located in the subtropics, on the shores of the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea. Alanya is considered the warmest resort in Turkey, where the beach season begins in April. In general, the weather in Turkey at the end of May resembles the summer in most European countries.

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Where to go in May

/ Photo © Lydia Pintscher / CC BY 2.0 /

May in the Maldives is a hot month, with an average maximum temperature of +31 ° C. At the same time, this month marks the start of the official rainy season. Visibility in the water worsens due to the presence of plankton. If you are ready to put up with occasional warm rains, May is a great time for an inexpensive holiday in the Maldives.

The holy month of Ramadan begins in May, although the exact date changes every year. This does not change the daily routine on the resort islands – food and alcohol are offered as usual. But when visiting the inhabited islands, some restrictions must be observed.

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Where to go in May

/ Photo © Shazron / CC BY 2.0 /

May marks the beginning of Thailand’s rainy season, with most parts of the country experiencing rain for at least half of the month. Temperatures, however, remain high, averaging between +25 and +34 °C, depending on where you are.

However, the eastern coast of the southern peninsula is sheltered from most of the monsoon activity, and it is usually much drier there than in other parts of the country. Therefore, for a beach holiday at this time of the best suit such islands Samui or Ko Phangan.

On the islands of the Andaman Sea is the low season, and some resorts on smaller islands such as Ko Bulon Lae and Ko Wai are completely closed. In these regions, the sea becomes rough, and many public ferries stop operating until November.

Rest in June 2022 in Russia: where to go

However, extreme water sports enthusiasts are glad of such weather, and in May to Phuket come surfers from all over the world.

This is a great time to watch rice farmers plant their fields in the northeast. Rayong and Chantaburi host an unusual durian-eating contest in May.

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Where to go in May

/ photo © tiarescott / CC BY 2.0 /

Seychelles boasts a unique combination of dense rainforests, coral reefs and pristine beaches. May is considered one of the best times to visit this paradise destination. During this month, the temperature in Seychelles is between +28-31 ° C. It’s technically winter on the archipelago, but the weather remains warm and pleasant.

May is ideal for diving in the islands. The ocean is at its best this month. If you are lucky, you may see a whale shark during a dive.

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  • Which resort to choose?


Where to go in May

/ photo © Citizen59 / CC BY-SA 2.0 /

The bathing season in May also starts in Tunisia. However, the water temperature in the sea can show chilly. The most comfortable conditions for swimming in May in Tunisia are in the area of Djerba Island, where the sea has already warmed up to +21 degrees. In Sousse, Hammamet and Monastir, the water is cooler – no more than +19 degrees. If you do not want to take risks and look forward to a warm sea, it is better to come to Tunisia in June.

The coastline of Tunisia stretches for 1148 km – there is enough golden sand for everyone. The beaches of Tunisia are never crowded.

The most beautiful beaches are located on the peninsula of Cap Bon. You can also have a great swim in Djerba.

Tunisian beaches are wide and surprisingly long. The beach north of Sousse is about 35 km long, and the beach near Nabeul reaches 50 km! Most hotels are quite distant from the city and have their own beach.

However, Tunisia is more than just a beach destination. Every major city has a medina or historical quarter, which was once surrounded by city walls. Walking through the labyrinth of narrow streets and touring the archaeological treasures of the Roman era is a must in Tunisia.

Where to go in May

/ photo © dronepicr / CC BY 2.0 /

Thanks to its southern location near the Middle East, summer starts earlier in Cyprus than elsewhere in Europe. And May is perfect for relaxing on the beautiful, Blue Flag-winning beaches of Cyprus.

The weather in Cyprus in May is sunny with daytime temperatures of +24-34 °C. The chance of rain is less than 5%. The sun goes down at 19:45. The water temperature is largely determined by the location of the resort. On the south coast of Limassol, Larnaca and Ayia Napa, where the entrance to the sea is shallower, the water temperature in May is +21-25 °C. On the west coast near Paphos and the north coast near Latchi the sea is cooler +19-22 ° C in May.

Bathing is for the lovers, but the compensation is the absence of exhausting heat and crowds of tourists at popular attractions.

Water parks work from the beginning of May. Many beach restaurants and bars, which are closed for the winter, also start to take visitors.

Where to go in May

/ Photo © Nick S / CC BY-SA 2.0 /

Crimea is one of the most popular destinations for May holidays. People come to the peninsula to breathe in the healing sea air, get their first summer tan, and explore the interesting parts of Crimea before mass tourism begins. In spring, when the sun melts the snow on the tops of the Crimean mountains, especially beautiful mountain streams and waterfalls, surrounded by lush vegetation.

Despite the fact that on May holidays Crimea enjoys unprecedented demand, the sea at the Black Sea resorts begins to warm up to an acceptable temperature for swimming only at the end of the month, when the water temperature reaches +20 ° C. Resorts of the Crimea meet the summer season differently: on the west coast (Evpatoria, Sevastopol, Saki) it is warmer than on the east, and on the Azov coast the swimming season begins earlier due to the shallow water.

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Where to go in May

/ Photo © GLady /

In May, summer finally comes to Morocco as well. Nature is at its peak and the daytime heat is still acceptable. Fresh fruits and vegetables are available everywhere.

Of all the cities in Macocco, tourists are most interested in two popular destinations, Agadir and Marrakech. The daytime temperature in Marrakech is +28°C, dropping to +15°C at night. In coastal Agadir is a bit cooler: about +23°C during the day and +13°C at night. The further into the desert you get, the higher the daytime temperatures will be.

The last month of spring is also suitable for an active holiday in Morocco: surfing, hiking in the mountains, touring ancient ruins and ancient streets.

In May, Morocco hosts two popular festivals, the Rose Festival and the Mawazine Rhythms of the World. “Mawazine-Rhythms of the World” is a music festival in the city of Rabat where local musicians perform alongside well-known artists from around the world. Past headliners have included Rihanna, Carlos Santana and Robert Plante.


If you do not agree to compromise and want to guarantee yourself a warm sea during your vacation, one of the best solutions would be Israel. In May it sets a very pleasant weather for holidays in Tel Aviv, as summer temperatures and humidity in the resorts of Israel may seem excessive to some. The temperature in the Mediterranean Sea in May – about +22. 23 degrees. There is practically no precipitation. A fresh breeze from the sea is very welcome, because by this time the temperature reaches +30 degrees.

Beach holidays in December 2022. Where to rest on the sea

On weekends, sandy coastlines of Tel Aviv are full of tourists. The most popular central beach – Gordon Beach, Frishman Beach and Banana Beach. They have showers and sun loungers and umbrellas are available for hire.

A variety of cafeterias and restaurants along the pedestrian street Tayelet that connects the center of Tel Aviv and Jaffa, make it easy to spend a whole day at the beach. The promenade along Tayeleth leads in a short time to the old Arab port town of Jaffa, where the ruins of the acropolis and the stone architecture are well preserved. On the site of the former marketplace are now restaurants and artisan boutiques. The evenings here are especially lively. The colorful flea market, the St. Peter’s Monastery and the Old Port area are also not to be missed.

But traveling to Israel – it is not just a beach holiday, but also an immersion in history, an introduction to the unique attractions of the biblical land. In May before the onset of the exhausting heat can touch the Christian shrines, known throughout the world, to visit Nazareth – the cradle of Jesus Christ, to stand at the Wailing Wall. For more secular attractions – the amazing underwater aquarium in Eilat, the Bahai Gardens in Haifa, the Pagoda House in Tel Aviv, the Israeli National Science Museum in Haifa.


At the beginning of the month the sun warms up to +20 degrees, at night it is cooler – up to +15 degrees, therefore together with bathing accessories in the vacation suitcase should be put a few warm things.

If your goal – to swim in the sea, it is better to come to Abkhazia at the end of the month when the water gets up to +22-23 degrees.

If you are willing to put up with the changeable weather, holiday in Abkhazia in May will present a meeting with the nature of Abkhazia in its best season. The sea is clean, the waterfalls and rivers are full of water, everything is in bloom, the first harvest of fruits and vegetables ripen.


Sunny beaches, warm sea, coral reefs of the Red Sea, the mysterious caves of Petra – all the joys of a May holiday in Jordan.

On the shores of the Gulf of Aqaba by mid-May it is quite hot (on average +33 ° C). However, even such high temperatures are usually comfortable due to the low humidity. Water temperatures in the Gulf of Aqaba are also warm (+24°C on average in May). Water clarity for diving and snorkeling is ideal, and as summer approaches, the currents are much calmer than in winter.

The Dead Sea in May is the choice of those who want not only to rest, but also to improve the body and get a dose of youth and beauty.

May is the best time of year to visit Petra. The amount of precipitation is not much – 4 mm, and the temperature rarely rises above +30°C. Petra is one of the greatest ancient cities in the world, and it definitely justifies its popularity among tourists. After a 2-kilometer walk through the deep, narrow Siq Gorge, you step into Treasure Square with its grandiose buildings built into the high cliffs. This iconic landscape is so beautiful that Hollywood regularly films Petra in its movie epics (such as Transformers and Indian Jones).

In May, wildflowers are in bloom everywhere in Jordan, and it’s a great time to put on comfortable shoes and go hiking in search of good shots.


In May, Bulgaria is more of an excursion destination than a beach destination. The beautiful waters of the Black Sea and the wide sandy beaches deceptively entice you to relax, but the water has not yet warmed up to a comfortable temperature (+15 ° to +17 ° C). The beginning of beach season in Bulgaria roughly coincides with the Russian southern resorts.

At the end of May some water parks begin to work, in particular Action Waterpark in Sunny Beach and Aqua Paradise near Nessebar. If you absolutely want to swim in Bulgaria in May, it is better to choose a hotel with a heated pool.


Where to go in May

/ Photo © cloud.shepherd CC BY 2.0 /

As summer approaches, the likelihood of precipitation increases as the hot rainy season approaches. However, precipitation is uneven: the northern hills of Ha Giang are already receiving heavy rains by this time, while to the west in the Sapa and Mu Cang Chai region is still dry with average temperatures of +20-24 degrees.

The Central Vietnamese coast is protected by the Truong Son mountain range and receives relatively little rainfall during the summer months, while the Central Highlands begins to feel the effects of the southwest monsoon.

This is a great month to vacation on its coast. The white sandy beaches of Nha Trang and Quyinhong, further north, are relatively calm, and the warm waters of the South China Sea beckon for a dip. A beach holiday in May can easily be combined with a visit to UNESCO World Heritage sites Hue and Hoi An.

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