Beach holidays in November 2022. Where to rest on the sea

Where to go in November 2022 at sea

The high season is over and a little forgotten, there are slush and grayness outside. A great chance to escape from the autumn depression is an escape to sunny shores. It remains to choose where to vacation in November 2022 abroad inexpensively. Beach holidays in November is possible and useful, we’ll tell you where to go!

Beach classics: Egypt, Thailand and the UAE.

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One of the most popular destinations in November is Egypt. The high season is over, the prices are going down, the temperature, though, too. But Egypt’s fall temperatures can be counted among the pluses of a beach vacation in November. At most resorts set a comfortable 25-30 degrees, the water is warmed up to 26.

It is best to choose a tour to resorts in the Sinai Peninsula: Taba and Nuweiba. Here and the heat, and less chance of precipitation than in Sharm el-Sheikh.

Holidays in November

In November, Thailand begins to slowly begin to take tourists. The rainy season is over here but not at all resorts. In Pattaya, dryness and warmth prevailed – +30 ° C, the Gulf of Thailand waters are heated to 24-26 ° C. The only downside of this holiday – the beginning of high season, and accordingly the prices for hotels, tours and even fruits in the markets go up. But you will have access to the best entertainment and show programs of the new season.

Peak tourist season in November in the UAE. This fabulous country welcomes holidaymakers with an average temperature of 30 degrees. Those who are very fond of the sun should go to Dubai. The climate is milder in Fujairah. This is the only emirate on the Gulf of Oman, so the beach holiday here is actually by the Indian Ocean. All beaches in the Arab Emirates are sandy – white, golden and even red. There are paid and free, equipped and wild, but all have one thing in common – purity.

The shores of the Indian Ocean

The Seychelles or the Maldives – that’s where to go for a beach holiday in November! This is a paradise on the shores of the blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Resorts delight with silence and peace. Sunbathing on the white sand, you will never remember that this is the last month of autumn. By the way, November is the beginning of the diving season, so the most beautiful and interesting dive sites are open for visits.

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Beach Vacation

Another star of the Indian Ocean is the island of Mauritius. Beach vacations here are perfectly clean coastlines that are cleaned every day, diving and surfing. There is Pereyber beach for lovers of partying, and there is Flick en Flac, a favorite spot of the Mauritians themselves, next to the bird sanctuary. There are only two minor drawbacks to beach holidays in November in Mauritius – it is relatively expensive and nudism is banned here.

Spicy India and Sri Lanka

In the last month of autumn tourists are waiting for the beaches of India and its neighbor, Sri Lanka. There is a slight chance of rain, but most of the month is still sunny and +30 degrees. The most popular and developed Indian beach resort is Goa. There are crowded beaches with cafes and sun loungers, where local boys started a business selling freshly picked coconuts. And there are few or completely wild, where you can admire the dolphins and eagles.

From October to May, tourists occupy the southwestern coast of Sri Lanka. This is the best time to take a dip in the ocean waves and engage in water sports: surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing. The best beaches at this time of year are in Negombo, Veligamy, Induruwa, Bentota, Tangalla, Kalutara, Wadduwa, Beruvela, Hikkaduwa, and Pottuvil Point.

Caribbean Beaches

Beach in November

If you want an exotic beach holiday in November and are looking for somewhere to go, welcome to the other side of the planet! Sunny Mexico, Jamaica, Cuba, and Dominican Republic await you. In Mexico, you can bask on the shores of the Pacific Ocean or the Caribbean Sea. Worth a visit to the beaches of Acapulco, Cancun or Tulum. Keep in mind, however, that the famous Acapulco is not aye-aye-aye, the infrastructure has not been renewed for a long time.

In Jamaica and Cuba in November, possible tropical storms, but the average temperature is 26-28 degrees. Cuba will delight you with numerous diving tours and municipal beaches with free umbrellas and sun beds. Dominican Republic can not boast many historical sites, but the beaches – easily. Reefs fence off the area for swimming from dangerous sea creatures and undercurrents, so the beach holiday is comfortable and safe.

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Where to go to the sea in November

Where are the best beach vacations in November

When it’s cold and raining outside, it’s time to hit the road. How nice to hear the sound of the surf and bask in the warm sea water! In addition, the end of autumn is always happy last minute deals. We have chosen 7 countries where you can go in November 2022 to relax by the sea: there is dry, warm and sunny.

Because of the pandemic, not all of the listed countries are allowed to fly on vacation. Check the current list of open countries. We hope, more destinations will open soon.

How to save money wisely:

    And Level.Travel – finding great deals on tours


What countries are now open

Here’s where Russians can fly on vacation now (read our travel guides for links, we’ve been to almost all of these countries):


Our vacation in the Dominican Republic.

Where is the most comfortable place to vacation in November abroad? Very good in the UAE: daytime +30°C, nighttime +18. +20 ° C, the sea is warm +23. +25 ° C. The weather is ideal for beach holidays and excursions.

In November, the tours and hotels in the UAE are more expensive because there are a lot of tourists.

Current prices for November 2022:

Tours From 70,000 ₽ for two for 7 nights
Airfare From ₽ 19,000 round trip for one person
Hotels From $28 for two

Things to do. In Dubai, ascend the Burj Khalifa, stroll through the Old City and the markets, check out the Dubai Moll and visit the VOD Dubai International Jewellery Show. See the fish at the aquarium and have fun at the water park. In Abu Dhabi, go to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque and attend the three-day Formula 1 World Championship.

Where to fly to the sea in November

The beach at Dubai Marina. In November and December the water is not as warm as in summer, but even then tourists swim.

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Relatively inexpensive to relax at sea in November in the Maldives – compared with December prices are lower. If you have dreamed of visiting the islands of paradise, it is worth flying in November. In addition, we know how to spend a vacation in the Maldives cheaply, because we have visited 4 islands: Toddoo, Rasdu, Ukulas and Male, and spent only 45,000 ₽ for two. Read our tips at the links.

November is a transitional month. Dry weather sets in, but there may still be rain. The air temperature is +30°C, the water is clear and warm +28°C. The driest region is Haa-Alifu Atoll, rainy in the center of the archipelago: Faafu, Baa, Male, Ari. See when it’s best to vacation in the Maldives.

Current prices for November 2022:

Tours From 120,000 ₽ for two for 7 nights
Airfare From ₽40,000 round trip
Hotels From $50 for two

Things to do. There are few excursions in the Maldives: diving, snorkeling, sea fishing, trips to uninhabited islands and picnic island, romantic dinners on the beach, water skiing, and canoe rentals are the main activities. Tourists mostly lie lazily on the beaches.

Independent travel to the Maldives

These are the uninhabited islands of Madivaru, 1 km from Rasdu. Here you can come on an excursion. From one island to the other you can walk directly on the ocean (about 500 meters). We did not get to the island, but our drone flew there.

November in Cuba is a transitional period to the dry season. Night showers are already brief but still regular. In the first half of the month there may be winds and storms, so the best place to relax in November is in the south of the island: the water in the sea +28 ° C, daytime above +30 ° C, dry. After sunset it’s cool, +18. +21°С. Find out when it’s best to travel to Cuba.

Current prices for November 2022:

Tours From 120,000 ₽ for two for 7 nights
Airfare From 45,000 ₽ round trip
Hotels From 25$ for two

What to do. Mix up your beach vacation in Cuba with excursions to ancient towns and Native American villages, rainforests, and nature reserves. In November, Cuba celebrates the patron saint of Havana – Christopher Columbus, an international fair and jazz music festival. Havana is especially transformed at the beginning of the month during the theater festival, when the main squares of the capital become stages for artists.

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Where to rest in November without a visa

Trinidad is a city in central Cuba. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Known for its brightly colored houses.


Bravely and decisively go on a beach vacation in November 2022 in Israel. Better – to the Red Sea in Eilat and the Dead Sea resorts to swim and sunbathe. The weather is ideal, in my opinion: daytime at an average of +23. +27 ° C, at night +16 ° C, sea water +23. +26 ° C. There is no heat and rain. It is also convenient that we have visa-free travel with Israel!

In November you can get a relatively cheap flight to Israel (compared with the high season), if you catch a hot tour.

Prices before the pandemic:

Tours From 72,000 ₽ for two for 7 nights
Airfare From 8,000 ₽ round trip
Hotels From $40 for two

What to do. While there are no pilgrims, go to the holy places: Jerusalem, Nazareth, Bethlehem. Visit Bahai Gardens in Haifa, see Tel Aviv and Jaffa. Relax at the Dead Sea and go snorkeling or diving in Eilat.

Best November beach vacations

Dead Sea. Photo: tsaiproject / / CC BY 2.0 license.


Vietnamese resorts where you can have a good and inexpensive vacation at sea in November: Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Mui Ne and Phan Thiet. The weather there is excellent: +32 ° C during the day, the sea +25 ° C. But in Da Nang, Hue and Hoi An it’s cold and rainy. Sometimes there are hurricanes. Learn more about holidays in Vietnam in November.

Interested in Vietnam? This is one of our favorite countries! We have lots of helpful notes about it, because we’ve lived and traveled there for many months. A big plus is the simplified visa regime for Russians: you don’t need a visa for up to two weeks, and it’s very easy to get one for longer periods.

Prices before the pandemic:

Tours From 84,000 ₽ for two for 7 nights
Airfare From 25,000 ₽ round trip
Hotels From $8 for two
22 ideas where to rest inexpensively at sea in 2022

What to do. The sea in Mui Ne is choppy, so it’s perfect for surfing and kitesurfing. For snorkeling and diving, go to Phu Quoc, where you have good visibility. Take a trip to Ho Chi Minh City, Halong Bay, Dalat or Sapa.

Where to rest in early November at the sea

Poet Mountain has a great view of Halong Bay – you don’t need to buy an expensive tour :)


A full beach holiday in China in November is possible only on the island of Hainan, the other seaside resorts is already a bit cold. Excellent rest in 2022 at sea is possible in Sanya: in November the sea is warm +25 ° C, air temperature +28 ° C.

Prices before the pandemic:

Tours From 77 500 ₽ for 2 people for 7 nights
Airfare from ₽30,000 round trip
Hotels from $14 for two

What to do. The water is so clear that you can safely explore the depths of the sea. Popular excursions to local attractions include Pirate Island, the Butterfly Museum, Ma An Volcano, and the Dong Tien Temple Complex. Take a tour to Beijing and the Great Wall of China, Hong Kong and Shanghai for great shopping and towering skyscrapers. Dress warmer, the metropolises are much more northerly.

November beach holiday inexpensive

The Dragon of Asia Bay (Yalunwan) is the most prestigious of the three bays in Hainan. Photo: alekskai52 /

Goa – here’s where to rest in November 2022 at sea! At this time the high season begins, it becomes dry and clear. It rains, but rarely. The humidity drops to a comfortable 70%. On average it is +27. +32 ° C at night +22 ° C, the water in the sea +29 ° C. Learn about the best vacation time in Goa.

Prices before the pandemic:

Tours to Goa. From 60,000 ₽ for two for 7 nights
Airfare From 33,500 ₽ for one round trip
Hotels From $8 for two

What to do. In addition to beach holidays, November in Goa, surfing or diving, going on river cruises and jeep safaris in nature reserves. Get your health fix at local ayurveda centers. Attend famous trance parties on the open-air beach.

Where to rest in November abroad cheap

Kola Beach, near Agonda, Goa. Photo: Viraj Rajankar /

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