Best Beaches in Bulgaria: descriptions, hotels, reviews

30 Best Beaches in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a popular tourist destination for holidays by the sea. The attractiveness of its resorts are not least provided by the beaches. They are mostly sandy, with few exceptions, with developed infrastructure, very clean and ready to provide visitors with a variety of additional attractions: boat rental, banana boat rides, scuba diving instructor and more.

Partly the coastline belongs to the territory of hotels and resorts, but even then the entrance is rarely restricted to outsiders completely, but you will have to pay for it. This amount may include some services, such as renting a deck chair, free use of showers with fresh water and so on. There are also completely closed complexes, offering guests maximum privacy.

The most popular beaches in Bulgaria

Beautiful sandy beaches near resorts, photos with names and descriptions.

Sunny Beach

Refers to the resort complex of the same name. Length by different estimates – from 7 to 10 kilometers, width varies from 30 to 100 meters. The surface – the golden sand. Popular areas La Cubanita, Bedroom, Cacao Beach. The water entrance is smooth. The depth near the shore is insignificant, increases gradually. There is a rental of small things for recreation. Working rides for children and adults. On the shore are built small cafes. There are parties at night.


Cocoa Beach

Refers to the resort “Sunny Beach”. Near the club of the same name – a place for concerts and parties. Length – 500 meters, width – 150 meters. Coverage – golden fine sand. Near the shore is shallow – suitable for recreation with children. Until dawn, parties are held, which attracts young people. Entrance is partly free. In the paid zone services are provided: ordering food, more comfortable and spacious seating and more.


Golden Sands

The beaches belong to the resort of the same name. Covering – fine sand. The entrance to the water is less gentle than in “Sunny Beach”. The sea is subject to the formation of waves. The Mojito area is more liked by young people, because of the bars and parties. Riviera belongs to the complex of the same name and is closed to outsiders. On Central, sun loungers with umbrellas and without are a few meters from the water. It is the most crowded. There are: playgrounds, watercraft rentals, playground and more.


Albena Beach

The length is about 5 kilometers. Coverage – fine white sand. The shallow water stretches for 100 meters from the shore in some parts, a smooth entrance to the sea. Entrance is free, you can rent chairs and umbrellas already installed. Right in the water are small slides. There are lifeguard towers. There are classes for windsurfers: suitable for beginners, as the winds here are not too strong.


It is considered the outskirts of the town of Sozopol. It is about 5 kilometers long and up to 100 meters wide. Part of the territory is equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas. Immediately behind the beach there is a huge swimming pool, there is a smaller pool on the west side and a network of hotel complexes, to which they belong. It goes smoothly into the not too well-developed area: it is clean, but there are no beach accessories, including those for rent.


South Beach Nessebar

Located in one of the oldest cities in Bulgaria. Narrow beach: width up to 40 meters. The surface of the beach is light sand. There are lifeguards on the shore. There are two zones: paid and free. On the sea there are waves, with strong waves it is forbidden to swim. The development comes close to the water. Little green, from the heat you can take cover only under umbrellas. There is no cafe directly on the shore and sports grounds – the lack of space.


Kara Dere

Located between the village of Gorica and Byala. It is long, not too wide. Can be attributed to the wild, because there is no permanent tourist infrastructure. Both cafes and rentals are mobile. The surface is fine sand, light and clean. The forest belt comes right up to the line of the beach, in some places is replaced by thickets of bushes. On one side of the beach is rocky. Favourable conditions for surfing.

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Ustieto (Sinemorets).

It is located on a sandy spit: on one side the sea, on the other side the mouth of the Veleka river. There is no tourist infrastructure, completely wild beach. The environment is picturesque: cliffs, dense forests and sand dunes. The entrance to the water is smooth, but the depth changes sharply. The bottom is sandy, the sea is transparent. There are almost no winds. The peculiarities of the location and topography, despite the beauty, made it sparsely populated.


Butamyata (Sinemorets).

Small in length, but wide. Located in a bay, sheltered from strong winds. However, there are waves – suitable for beginner surfers. Part of the area is filled with umbrellas and sun loungers, they rent them. The surface – yellowish sand. The shallow water stretches for a few tens of meters. The beach is surrounded on the sides by rocky ledges. Behind the beach, there is a forest belt, and then there are residential and hotel buildings.


Central beach of Sozopol

It is located in the bay between the Old and the New Town. The coastal strip is narrow. There are almost no waves. In transparent water there are small sea inhabitants. The sand is fine. Slightly darker than its neighbors. The entrance to the water is smooth, shallow. Restaurants and cafes a few meters from the established deck chairs, there are private vendors with ice cream, water and sweets. Entertainment on the shore is almost nonexistent.



It is long and quite wide. Coverage – white fine sand. Entertainments: slides and water attractions, located directly in the sea, volleyball, boat or banana boat rides, snorkeling, underwater fishing. Infrastructure: tents with rent of deck chairs and umbrellas, cafes right on the beach, showers, toilets. Waves rise impressive – a paradise for surfers. The main visitors – noisy companies, with one side of the beach flows into the nudist.


Golden Fish (Sozopol)

Located near the popular camping site of the same name. Covering – a fine sand. Almost always windy. The surfing school works, there are offers on rent of boards. Admission is not free, but inexpensive. Right on the shore are built cafes. There are attractions for all ages. The infrastructure is more modest than on other beaches in the city. The bare minimum toilets, stalls, showers, umbrellas and sun loungers.


Harmanite (Sozopol).

Quite long, but not wide. Construction comes close to the sand. Entrance to the central part is paid, free only small areas on both sides of the beach. Slightly further away are the nudists. The water is almost always clean, in the wind there is a small amount of algae. You can feel the currents near the shore, but it’s pretty shallow. Suitable for children, and for windsurfers.


Eastern and central beaches in Pomorie

East Beach is very clean, includes a protected area. It is long and popular. Part of the area is filled with sun loungers, the other me – for free accommodation, there are sporting events and parties. On Central, the sand is two shades: dark and golden. On the sides are stony areas. Not too suitable for children: shallow water only at the shore, raises strong waves.


Central beach of Varna

Located near the Seaside Park. It is not too long, but it is wide. On the way there you can visit the planetarium or the dolphinarium. The bottom, like the coast, is covered with sand, but becomes stony on the outskirts. Waves are small and rare. Entrance is free, there are points of rent of deckchairs. Small cafes right on the shore. There is a swimming pool, tennis courts, volleyball courts.



Located near a large hotel “Journalist”. Just 2 kilometers away are the Golden Sands. The length is about 2 kilometers. It is divided into paid and free zones. In the second in the water there is algae. Behind the buoys begins the zone of boats and scooters. Directly in the sea near the coast there is a sector for children, fenced and safe for swimming. Entertainment: water slides, boat rides, sports games.

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South and North beaches Primorsko

Both are located in bays. You can get to the Southern Beach by water or by passing on the suspension bridge. It is separated from the settlement by the river and the lake. It is about a kilometer long. It is considered more comfortable. Fewer waves, the water is a couple of degrees warmer. North windy. Suitable for surfing. Length – about 2 kilometers. There are secluded corners on the outskirts. The sand is coarse. The water is more transparent than on South.


Shkorpilovtsi beach

The longest in Bulgaria – about 13 kilometers. Part of the territory is practically wild, there are also places for camping. Tourist infrastructure even in the most popular areas of the beach is poorly developed. It differs from its neighbors in that it attracts visitors even outside the holiday season: there are mineral springs nearby. Forests and rocks in some areas come right up to the water. Algae are washed up on the sand, but there is almost no trash.



Located near the mouth of the river with the same name. Despite the fact that the region is famous for its forests, valleys and microclimate, the beach is not so popular with tourists. It is 2.5 kilometers long and up to 100 meters wide. The sand is clean and white. Swimming tourists prefer to swim away from the mouth to avoid the whirlpools and depth changes. On the north side are rocks, from any point there is a view of the dense forests. There is no infrastructure.



Located in the bay of the same name. On the sides – the rocky ledges and small mountains. The opposite side of the sea – the sprawling green valley. The sand is white and clean. On the coast there is everything you need for recreation. Nearby there are no hotels, but there are archaeological sites. Inside the bay – shallow water. Further begins the depths, beloved by divers. Entertainments: walks, boating, outdoor games.


The new beach at Sveti Vlas

The beach is divided into a paid zone and a free zone. The first zone is equipped with sun beds and umbrellas, there are no free places for your beach equipment. The second zone is totally free, but crowded. They are separated by a low stone wall, extending into the sea. Most of the season is windy. Surfers and windsurfers are regular visitors to the beach. Infrastructure: cafe, lifeguard tower, rentals, volleyball court, etc.


St. Constantine and Helena beach

Refers to the resort of the same name. The beach is narrow and the sand is gray. Entrance is free, the fee is charged for the use of sun loungers installed on the beach. The beach is winding. There is a division into zones depending on the belonging of the territory to the hotels: “Grand Hotel Varna”, “Sirius Beach”, “Azalia”. There are no particular differences between them, only the latter’s bottom is covered with stones, not sand.



Located in a protected park. There is almost no tourist infrastructure – the land is protected by the state. There is free access to the coastline. In some distance there is a paid parking lot. Dense forests approach the water closely. The beach is narrow and long. Of the bare minimum: rent chairs, mobile cafe, cabins for changing, areas for sports, marked conditionally.


Atliman .

Situated in Kiten. Because of its location it is also called the North beach. Its surface is light sand. The bay to which it belongs is sheltered from the winds. The surrounding rocks create an additional barrier to the gusts of cool air. The main attractions of the beach are associated with the institution “Zangador”: you can eat here during the day and dance in the evening.


The Central beach of Burgas

It is located near the Marine Park. Its average length is about 100 meters wide at some parts. The sand is with impurities, so it has a dark color. The water is light, almost transparent. The area is divided into zones: there are two areas with sun loungers, a sector for sports fields, places for tents and cafes. Entertainment: water rides, trampoline jumping, playground and more.

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Located in the southern part of Bulgaria. It is long and wide. The white sand flows smoothly into the dunes. A small part of the territory is landscaped: there are sunbeds, a lifeguard tower, cabins for changing, toilets, and a mobile cafe. On both sides is a wild beach, limited by stone boulders. The sea is clean with frequent rising waves. Entertainments are few: water skiing, surfing, but no rental boards.


Central beach in Byala

Closely approaches the green hills. It is long and not wide. The sand is light and the water has a deep blue color. On the beach there are no separate areas and exhibited deckchairs, but works rental. As the territory does not allow to turn to cafes and stores, it is possible to buy water and a snack only from private traders. Entertainments: water slides, “banana” rides, kite flying, table tennis.



The beaches are divided into three sections: north, central and south. The central one is wider than the others and more crowded. This is where the differences end. Along the coast stretches the promenade. There are sections with umbrellas set up. They are free, as well as entrance to the beach area. On the land side the beach is framed by hills and dense bushes. There is not much entertainment, catamaran rentals do not work regularly.



Located a few kilometers from a major highway. Wild beach. From time to time there are mobile cafes and rental stations. The strip of white fine sand is long, but very narrow. A lot of impurities barnacles and seagulls. Close approach a country road and green hills. The water is tinged green with algae. The winds are strong. Experienced surfers and windsurfers come here.



Located 3 kilometers from the village of the same name. Wild beach. The sand is light and coarse with particles of shells and small stones. The length is long, but the width is not. There is no nearby any signs of civilization. The place is considered environmentally friendly. Nearby are two lakes: Jezeretskoe and Shablenskoe. The first one is fresh water. To reach it is not easy: there is no highway, and the local road in some areas is poorly passable.

The best beaches in Bulgaria

Front Line hotels in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is the sea, the sun and the golden sandy beaches. We have prepared for you a selection of the best beaches in Bulgaria with photos and tourist reviews. Map of beaches in Bulgaria. Popular all-inclusive hotels on the first line and resorts for holidays with children. Bonus – where to find nudist beaches.

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Beaches with a description on a map of Bulgaria

Golden Sands resort beaches

Golden Sands is one of the most famous resorts in Bulgaria. There are a lot of beaches, the length of the resort on the coast – about 4 km. The sand is very clean and fine, the sea bottom is shallow. The beaches of Golden Sands are surrounded by greenery, trees, parks and recreation areas. Bulgaria is considered one of the best options for recreation with children, and the beaches at Golden Sands is excellent proof of this. And also Golden Sands is a youth resort, the nightlife of Bulgaria is concentrated here.

Some hotels in Bulgaria work on “all inclusive” and have their own beach, but guests can go there and use the infrastructure for a fee. The prices on the beaches at Golden Sands are rather high: an umbrella and a beach chair cost 6-8 leva, a blanket on a beach chair is 3 leva.

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The hotels that have their own beach:

  • Grifid Metropol Hotel
  • HVD Viva Club Hotel
  • Berlin Golden Beach Hotel.

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Golden Sands Beach in Bulgaria

(Photo: Radoslav Minchev / / License CC BY-SA 2.0)

Beaches in Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach is a place no less famous, and therefore there are always a lot of tourists here. The most popular beach, the first in the ranking of beaches in Bulgaria is Cocoa Beach.

Cocoa Beach is a very quiet area in terms of weather. There are almost no waves here, the bottom has a slight slope. It is an ideal place for water sports: all kinds of surfing, yachting, water skiing, scooters.

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Beach infrastructure is also paid. An umbrella and a sun lounger cost about 8 leva, a toilet about 0.5 leva.

The hotels in the first line:

  • Prestige Sands Resort
  • Premier Fort Club Hotel
  • Hotel Bellevue – Beach Access.

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Sunny Beach

(Photo: Scowl Broccoli / / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Beaches of Albena

If you do not like noisy crowded resorts, go to Albena. Here are the widest sandy beaches in Bulgaria (so you will find a place on the sand). The sand on the beaches in Albena is nice and fine, the sea is clear and the resort is famous for its purity. Do not hesitate to come to this region of Bulgaria on holiday with small children!

At the same time you can be treated in Albena – this place is famous for its therapeutic mud. From here it is very easy to go on excursions, for example, a safari park, on jeeping or paraglider flights.

The hotels that have their own beach:

  • Hotel PrimaSol Ralitsa Superior.
  • Paradise Blue Hotel & Spa.

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Sunny Beach for kids

(Photo: Balcon del Mundo / / CC BY-SA 2.0 license)

Goldfish Beach

There is one! Three kilometers from Sozopol there is a quiet wide beach, equipped with everything you need for an interesting and unusual holiday. There is a campsite, hot showers and delicious food in the cafe. A vacation spent in a tent is almost more popular in Bulgaria than an all-inclusive accommodation!

Fans of surfing and other outdoor activities gather there. For many tourists it is surprising that in Bulgaria you can also ride a board! And the beach “Golden Fish” is perfect for this. Visiting the beach, parking a car and setting up a tent here is paid! Entrance to the beach costs about 0,25 euros.

Hotels in Sozopol

  • Apolonia Resort
  • Complex Saint Nicholas
  • Blue Orange Beach Resort.

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Sandy beach in Bulgaria

(Photo: Złota Bułgaria / / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Beach “Dunes”.

This name appeared at the beach for a reason – these are really low dunes, which you can admire for a long, long time! The majority of beaches in Bulgaria are sandy, but you will definitely remember this one for its special beauty. Here you should go first of all for health, because in these places there is wonderful healing air and very good hotels. The resort is suitable for family holidays – the bottom here is gentle, and the sea is calm.

The beach “Dunes” is surrounded by rocks and pools – you feel you are in one with nature. This corner of Bulgaria is also a great place for surfing.

The hotels that have their own beach:

  • Arkutino Family Resort
  • Duni Marina Beach Hotel.
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Arkutino Beach near the Dunes

Good reviews for this beach

(Photo: Złota Bułgaria / / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


The beach area of Primorsko resort is one of the longest in Bulgaria, about 10 km. This resort has many hotels and hotels – from modest guest houses to luxury all-inclusive hotels, and there is also a camping area for lovers of nature by the water itself. Many beaches in Bulgaria are awarded with the “Blue Flag”, and Primorsko is no exception. You can go yachting and underwater fishing or take a cruise on the Black Sea from here. Outside the beach there are recreation areas and amusement parks.

Hotels with private beach: Hotel Forest Beach.

On the first line:

  • Toma’s Residence
  • Hotel Vermona.

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Front Line hotels in Primorsko

The beach in Primorsko. Photo: vicspacewalker /

St. Constantine and Helena

Among the best beaches in Bulgaria, there is one place that is not often written about, and for good reason! This is a cozy, literally buried in the green little resort. Although this place does not have a developed rich infrastructure, a vacation near the resort of Saints Constantine and Elena in Bulgaria is sure to be memorable. There are hot hydrogen sulfide springs, known for their healing properties, few tourists, the number of hotels is also small. However, such seclusion will not suit everyone – you will not find here any special entertainment and large stores either. In addition, the coast is quite high, not everyone can easily get down to the water.

You can take an ordinary city bus from the resort to Varna or Golden Sands.

The hotels in the first line:

  • Villa Katalina
  • Pool View Apartment
  • Azalia Hotel Balneo & SPA.

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Hotels with nice beaches in Bulgaria

The beach at St. Constantine and Helena. Photo: /


Not a tourist spot at all in Bulgaria is the secluded Ustieto beach near the resort of Sinemorets. Sinemorets is a southern Bulgarian resort located just 5 km from Ahtopol and very close to the border with Turkey.

The beach is situated at the mouth of the Veleka River – one of the major mountain rivers in Bulgaria. Place is characterized by silence and calmness, the nature is almost untouched by man. Because of the sudden changes in depths to rest here with children is not recommended, but adults tourists are sure to enjoy this place.

Hotels in the resort of Sinemorets and Ahtopol on the first line:

  • Apart Hotel Apolonia Palace
  • Agata Beach
  • D&S Apartments.

Find tours to these and other hotels on Travelate, and if you’re traveling on your own, check out Skyscanner Hotels.

Beach at Sinemorets

(Photo: Artur Malinowski / / CC BY 2.0 license)

Nudist Beaches

Nudist beaches in Bulgaria are not an uncommon phenomenon and are treated quite calmly here. Beaches those usually are far from noisy places, that is to say you have to drive by bus or walk along the beach for a long time. But the water in these places is clean, and around very beautiful and not crowded: the mountains, narrow paths, greenery, and often the lack of hotels. Despite the fact that this vacation is not to everyone’s liking, these particular beaches are some of the best in Bulgaria. Nudists are usually friendly and quiet, and no one will force you to undress. You can swim in a bathing suit, but, most likely, you will feel uncomfortable yourself.

Near what resorts are nudist beaches in Bulgaria:

  • Ahtopol
  • Albena
  • Varna
  • Sunny Beach
  • Golden Sands
  • Sozopol
  • Sinemorets and others.

A deckchair and an umbrella on nudist beach on Golden Sands costs the same as on usual beach – about 6-8 lev. On more wild beaches there are no deckchairs and umbrellas, but this does not stop anyone – you can sunbathe on the sand or a towel.

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