Best Beaches in Kemer: descriptions, hotels, reviews

Pebble and sand beaches of Kemer

In the south of Turkey by the Mediterranean Sea is a popular resort town of Kemer, surrounded by mountains and pine forests of the national park “Olympos Beydaglar. Rest in this Turkish resort will appeal to those who love pebble beaches, clear blue sea and mountain scenery.

In addition directly to Kemer to the beach area of the city are a few nearby villages. In the direction of Antalya are Geynyuk and Beldibi, in the direction of Adrasan – Kirish, Chamyuva, Faselis, Tekirova and Cirali. The beaches are mostly coarse and fine-pebble, not counting the bulk areas on the beaches. Most of Kemer’s beaches are Blue Flag awarded for their high environmental scores. This means that the cleanliness on the beaches are monitored, the trash brought from the sea is removed regularly.

The swimming season in Kemer lasts from May to October, although tourists start arriving to the Turkish resort in April. In spring, the water is not yet comfortable enough for swimming – +21 ° C, so many people prefer to just sunbathe on the beach. In May the sun is still not too hot, keeping the daytime temperature around +25 ° C. It’s a good time for tourists who can’t stand the heat. The evenings can be cool, especially by the sea. The largest number of holidaymakers on the beaches of Kemer is from June to early September. In August, the warmest sea is +29 ° C.

To avoid crowding on city beaches in the peak season, choose the surrounding villages, where there are slightly fewer tourists, or settle on the wild beach alone with nature. There are wild stretches of beach in every holiday village, and in Kemer itself. Places untouched by man, preserving their pristine look and natural beauty.

In our roundup we have collected the beaches of Kemer and the surrounding villages, public and private, wild and landscaped. As mentioned before there are no natural sandy beaches in Kemer, they are sprinkled with sand by employees of hotels for the convenience of their guests.

Beaches of Kemer

The beach of Cirali (Cirali), located in the village of the same name on the Mediterranean coast is not yet so well known.

The beach of the Club Med Hotel 3* in Kemer is south-east of the Turkiz Marina port. It is located immediately.

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The shoreline in the city of Kemer, extending north from the port is commonly referred to as the Central Beach.

The beach of Club Med Palmiye Hotel is a landscaped private 800-meter zone only for the guests of the resort complex.

The beach of the resort village Kirishi is a few turning one into another beach areas with a total length of about.

Most often, the introduction to the beaches of Fazelis takes place when tourists from nearby resort towns come to .

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Kemer beaches on the map

Overview of Kemer beaches

Central Beach

The central beach is a long coastal strip on the north side of the port of Kemer. The beach is pebbly, like most of Kemer, only here and there sandy areas assigned to hotels. The free areas are marked with the sign “Halk”, which means that the beach is public. Such areas are equipped with locker rooms and sun beds, which rent the coastal cafes, often offering to pay at once for the whole day. If you come to relax on the beach just for a few hours, try to negotiate a reduced rental price.

The most popular section of the central beach is considered “Beach 155”. It is always crowded here. The beach is wide, but because of the abundance of sunbeds, rows of which stretch right up to the water, it seems quite narrow. Some people lie down to sunbathe on the towels, causing inconvenience to those who want to walk to the sea. Sun umbrellas and awnings are also available. All equipment is free only for guests of coastal hotels, the rest will have to pay a rental fee. In principle, as on the other hotel beaches.

Hotel sections of the Central Beach are not fenced in any way, everyone can come and sit near the water. On these beaches usually have a bar with free drinks for holidaymakers on the system “all inclusive”, toilets and changing rooms. Another plus of these beaches is that the sand is poured on the shore.

The central beach is kept clean and the sea is of light blue color and clear because of the pebble bottom. Excellent visibility at depth, this is an excuse to rent diving equipment and explore the underwater world of the Mediterranean Sea. Pleasure boats take tourists on excursions or fishing in the open sea. Some parts of the central beach have inflatable slides for children and playgrounds. In the evening the fun just begins. Disco, foam parties or entertainment shows are arranged under the incendiary music.

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Best beaches in Kemer

The best sandy beaches in Kemer

All you need to know about the best beaches in the Turkish resort of Kemer. Where to vacation for parents with children? What can be done on the Central Beach of Kemer? Which 4 and 5 star hotels have their own sandy beaches? Where are the pebble beaches? Photos, descriptions and map in Russian. Tips for tourists.

Kemer is one of the popular resorts that are part of the Turkish Riviera. Its beaches are visited annually by hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the world. High Taurus Mountains protect the coast from strong winds, so the sea in Kemer is much calmer than elsewhere in Antalya.

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Map of Kemer beaches in Russian

Beach holidays in Kemer

Within the city permanently about 20 thousand people, but in the summer months at the expense of tourists and seasonal workers number of residents of Kemer increases several times. Beach strip town stretches for several miles. Kemer resort area includes several small villages – Geynyuk, Chamyuva, Beldibi, Tekirova and Kirish. Each of them has good beaches, hotels and entertainment, but the people are smaller.

Beaches . Almost all beaches of Kemer are covered with rounded pebbles, but some hotels have their own beaches with bulk sand. Due to the pebbles the water near the shore is transparent, and the sea bottom is visible even at a depth of 8-10 meters. Kemer’s beaches are constantly cleaned, so they are awarded the honorary award – “Blue Flag”.

Hotels . The hotel fund of the resort is developing rapidly. Today, vacationers can stay in 300 hotels, most of which are located on the first line to the sea. Tourists can stay in budget family apart-hotels, boarding houses and comfortable 4* and 5* all-inclusive hotels with their own equipped beaches.

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Photo and description of beaches in Kemer

(Photo: zolakoma / / CC BY 2.0 license)

Beach season in Kemer.

Holidaymakers appear at the Turkish resort already in April. In early May, when the sea warms up to +21 … +22 ° C, the first swimmers start at the beaches of Kemer. In early summer, the water temperature reaches +24 ° C, and the coast arrives main stream resorts.

Even more crowded on the beaches of Turkey in August. At the end of summer the water in the sea reaches a temperature of 29 … +30 ° C, so the beaches from early morning until late evening there are a lot of people. The main beach season ends in mid-October, but according to reports from tourists, fans of bathing in the sea do not leave the best beaches of Kemer to the end of November.

Municipal beach

Almost all beaches in Turkey have the status of municipal beaches. They do not charge for entry. Kemer’s long Central Beach is located to the north of the Turkiz Marina mooring area. It is covered with pebbles and is deservedly popular with locals and tourists. It is notable that the pebbles here are not uniformly gray, and are colored in different colors – brown, beige, greenish and gray-blue. Because of this, the coast looks very colorful.

A comparison of resorts:

Pebble Beach in Kemer

(Photo: shyb / / License CC BY-NC 2.0)

The city beach has a well-developed infrastructure – sun loungers, sun umbrellas, changing cabins, toilets, showers and beach cafes. On the shore tourists are offered a lot of water entertainment – jet skis and catamarans, sailing, parachute behind the boat and diving. Children have a great time on the inflatable slides and playground. In the evenings along one of the best beaches in Kemer open nightclubs and discos, so there is a lot of noise and fun and gathers a lot of young people.

The city beach is always crowded. According to feedback from those who have vacationed in Kemer, the sea is better to come early in the morning, as after breakfast, almost all the sun beds at the beach are busy. The beach is easy to walk to from the central part of Kemer. If you want, you can get here on the minibus dolmusha.

Private beach areas on the central beach have 4-star hotels – L’ancora Beach Hotel , Golden Lotus Hotel and TT Hotels Hydros Club . Budget accommodation is offered in walking distance from the beach by Romeo Beach Hotel , Miranda Moral Beach and Kemer Residence 2.

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Pebble Beach in Kemer

Beach Moonlight

One of the few sandy beaches of Kemer stretches 320 m south of the Turkiz Marina. The Turks call it Ayisigi. According to reviews from tourists, Moonlight is ideal for holidays with children and the elderly. There are orange trees and pine trees on the shore, for children there is a water park, dolphinarium and a mini club. Adults also have something to do – a few meters from the shore is equipped with a golf course.

Along the entire beach stretches the picturesque Moonlight Park complex. Like the central beach, Moonlight offers water-skiing, jet-skiing, paragliding and boat rides along the coast.

The area near the shore is divided into paid and free zones. On the paid part of the allowed on tickets, which begin selling at 9:00. Tickets are valid during the day, and their holders enjoy sun loungers and umbrellas from the sun. The beach bar sells soft drinks, tea and fast food. If you’re in the mood for a more substantial meal, the restaurants and cafes at Moonlight Park are worth checking out. See where the best restaurants are in Kemer.

The beach is easily accessible on foot from central Kemer. Within walking distance of Moonlight are the budget Kervansaray Apartment and Melisa Garden Hotel .

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The beach “Moonlight” is sandy. With sun beds, umbrellas, bars and cafes. The beach “Moonlight”. Already in the morning there are a lot of people.

The beach of the ancient city of Phaselis

The coastline near the ancient city of Phaselis is loved by lovers of sea walks and avid fishermen. It is a great place to swim, sunbathe and rent a yacht for a trip along the coast of Turkey. The bay to the south of the town has a pebbly beach, while the bay to the north of Faselis has a fine sand with a grey-pearl color. Both coves are shallow and well warmed by the sun, and pine forests stretch around them. Discover the 10 best excursions in Kemer.

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The beaches of Faselis are about 13 kilometers away from the center of Kemer. They are reached by cabs, minibuses, and sightseeing buses. There are no hotels near the ancient town, so the local beaches are accessed by a day-trip from Kemer. Rest on the beach and swimming is worth combining with a tour of the Lycian city ruins or a boat trip.

Sandy Beach near Kemer

(Photo: zolakoma / / CC BY 2.0 license)

Hotels with sandy beaches

In Turkey, tourists like to vacation with comfort and often choose hotels with their own sandy beaches. The natural shore of Kemer is pebbly, so all the beaches of sand here are created artificially. The coastal strip is paved with clean fine sand, but the entrance to the sea everywhere pebble.

Garden Resort Bergamot Hotel 4* is located a little away from the coast, 800 meters north of downtown. To reach the sandy beach of the hotel on foot or by a free shuttle bus, which runs at 30-minute intervals. According to tourist reviews, sandy hotel beach is fully equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas, toilets, showers, shade shelter and cabins for changing. On the beach area are open bar and playground.

4 star hotels in Kemer near the beach

(Photo: / Garden Resort Bergamot)

Rixos Sungate 5* is an all-inclusive hotel. It is located in the suburban resort of Beldibi, 13 km north of central Kemer and 45 minutes from the airport. The hotel is reached by cab or shuttle bus. The hotel’s sandy beach is considered one of the best in Turkey. The entrance to the water is gentle everywhere. The beach stretches over 950 meters and has all the necessary beach infrastructure. Hotel guests use not only free sunbeds and umbrellas, but also beach towels. There is a bar on the beach, which offers Turkish and imported alcohol, beer, wine, cocktails, soft drinks, coffee and tea.

5 star Hotel with sandy beach in Kemer

(Photo: / Rixos Sungate)

Club Hotel Phaselis Rose 5* is one of the best hotels in Turkey. It accepts guests on an all-inclusive basis and has its own beach. The hotel is located in the southern part of the resort village Geynuk, 6 km north of the center of Kemer. The coast is covered with fine pebbles and patches of sand. Away from the hotel beach, behind the coastal stones is a secluded bay where fans of snorkeling love to spend time.

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