Best central Prague hotels: 3 and 4 stars

Best central Prague hotels: 3 and 4 stars

where to stay in the center of prague

An overview of the best 3 and 4 star hotels in the center of Prague at low prices and with good reviews. Our tips on how to choose and book a hotel in Prague on your own and when is the best time to go.

We have selected the best hotels in Prague by criteria:

  • only hotels proven by tourists with good reviews;
  • as close to the city center as possible (Praha 1 area, max. 10 min walk from the Old Town);
  • the cheapest 3 and 4 star hotels in the center of Prague;
  • Double rooms with a bathroom .

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Exchange rate: 1 euro ≈ 57 RUB.

Choose and book your perfect hotel for your vacation in Prague!

A great alternative to hotels is to rent an apartment in the center of Prague. Search for apartments on Airbnb. The choice of interesting accommodation in Prague is vast!

Cheap 3 star hotels in the center of Prague

Cloister Inn Hotel

Starting from 70 € during high season and from 40 € during low season.

It is the cheapest among 3 star hotels in the center of Prague. Close to the center of the city and the Charles Bridge. Breakfast is included. Hotel guests liked the location of the hotel and commented on the good service and cleanliness.

Cheap hotels in the center of Prague

Room at the Cloister Inn Hotel (Photo: / Cloister Inn Hotel)

Ai Quattro Angeli

Price: from 75€ in high season and from 55€ in low season.

Quite a cheap 3 star hotel in the center of Prague. Apartments with kitchen, washing machine and private entrance about 700 meters from Old Town Square. Minimalistic wooden furniture, parquet floors and terracotta walls make the accommodation home-like.

Room at Ai Quattro Angeli (Photo: / Ai Quattro Angeli) Room at Ai Quattro Angeli (Photo: / Ai Quattro Angeli)

Prague Golden Age

Price: from 68 € during high season and from 40 € during low season.

The best 3 star hotels in the center of Prague include this beautiful and presentable hotel. In general, in summer the rooms cost from 90 euros, but there are discounts, for example in August. Feedback from guests is very good, guests like the large bathrooms and food, as well as the excellent location of the hotel in the heart of Prague – just 10 minutes walk to Charles Bridge and Wenceslas Square. There is free Wi-Fi.

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Central Prague Hotels

Prague Golden Age Hotel room (Photo: / Prague Golden Age)

Perfect Days Apartments

Price: from 54€ in the high season and from 40€ in the low season.

Another 3-star hotel in the center of Prague with good reviews and a very low price! Guests praise the apartments for their proximity to attractions, cozy beds and terrific service. Breakfast is not included, but the studio has a kitchen.

What to see in Prague:

Cheap hotels in Prague

Room at the Perfect Days Apartments (Photo: / Perfect Days Apartments)

Royal Court Hotel

Price: from 70 € during high season and from 30 € during low season.

We recommend staying in this lovely 3-star hotel close to the center of Prague – we stayed there during our trip. In low season it is cheap! It’s a 10-15 minute walk through Wenceslas Square to the center. The rooms are incredibly comfortable and the breakfasts are very filling. The hotel staff are all in Russian.

Cheap hotels in Prague

Room at the Royal Court Hotel (Photo: / Royal Court Hotel)

We have listed the most inexpensive Prague 3* hotels in the city center. There are many more beautiful hotels for 90, 100 and more euros per night – you can see and book them yourself on Rumguru.

Best central Prague hotels 3 and 4 stars

(Photo: romanboed / / CC BY 2.0 license)

Where to look for cheap tickets? Use Aviasales and Skyscanner – that way you’ll find the best price. Read also how to search for cheap airline tickets correctly.

Cheap 4 star hotels in the center of Prague

Small Luxury Palace Residence

Price: from 60 € during high season.

At this 4-star hotel in the center of Prague, an economy room in a loft costs from 60 euros per night during the high season. But if you want to live in luxurious interiors, we advise you to choose Deluxe room (85 €) or Double Room with 1 bed (63 €): elegant furniture, red walls and dim light from lamps, huge bed, paintings and candles. As they wrote in the reviews, “Lived like the Přemyslovci in a huge room with high ceilings”. Very atmospheric hotel!

Helpful pic:

Cheapest hotels in Prague

Room at Small Luxury Palace Residence (Photo: / Small Luxury Palace Residence)

Amarilis Hotel

Starting from 130€ in high season and 100€ in low season.

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Stylish hotel, clean and modern. Jacuzzi, sauna and massage. Breakfast included. Very well located – everything is close by.

What to see in Prague:

The best budget hotels in Prague

Room at the Amarilis Hotel (Photo: / Amarilis)

Elite Hotel

Price: from 100 € during high season, from 60 € during low season.

We recommend this four star design hotel in the center of Prague. Comfortable sauna, whirlpool, laundry service. Breakfast included. Moustek station is 10 minutes away and all the main attractions of the city are nearby.

Central Prague Hotels

Room at Elite Hotel (Photo: / Elite Hotel)

Best Western Plus Hotel Meteor Plaza

Price: from 115€ in high season and from 70€ in low season.

This cozy 4-star hotel is located in the center of Prague, about 500 meters from the Old Town. The hotel offers excellent service, guests can make use of the spa, jacuzzi, sauna, fitness center, terrace, laundry and other hotel services. The room has everything you need, too.

Helpful pic:

Best central Prague hotels

Room at Best Western Plus Hotel Meteor Plaza (Photo: / Best Western Plus Hotel Meteor Plaza)

Casa Marcello

From €98 in high season and from €60 in low season.

Elegant 4-star hotel in the center of Prague, where you can stay in comfort. Reviews are good, guests like the delicious breakfasts and cleanliness in the hotel, as well as the very convenient location. There is a sauna and jacuzzi, you can use the terrace.

Look for even more great hotels in Prague on Rumguru – the service searches among all booking systems. Are you booking a hotel for the first time? Read our tips on how to book any hotel quickly and easily.

Hotel Casa Marcello (Photo: / Casa Marcello) Hotel Casa Marcello (Photo: / Casa Marcello)

Best Hotels in Prague

The capital of the Czech Republic attracts with its historical monuments, beautiful architecture and calm rhythm of life. And yet here you can always find where to stay for a day or week, so it was inexpensive and comfortable.

The best hotels in Prague – it is not always a five-star facilities. There are many hotels in the city with a high level of service and cozy rooms that have 3 or 4 stars.

Choosing a place under the sun: list of hotels

It is better to book a room in advance to save yourself from unpleasant surprises when you arrive in the country. You need to decide what you want: to live in the center, to be close to cultural attractions, to have a good view from the window or additional services. Prague has offers for every taste.

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The best hotels in Prague are 3 stars.

This is a good option for those looking for budget hotels. The cost of accommodation varies from 25 to 90 euros. Travellers get good quality services at minimal cost.

Vn17 Apartments

A relatively young hotel complex. It began to welcome guests since 2014. The guests are attracted by:

  • Location in the heart of Wenceslas Square.
  • Proximity to numerous historical monuments: Charles Bridge, National Museum, Jindřišský Tower.
  • Free Wi-Fi.
  • There is parking with a daily fee of 18 euros per place.

Daily rates are 90 euros per room.

The address of the hotel is Vaclavske namesti, 17. Web site –

Cloister Inn

Cloister Inn changed its look fundamentally after a renovation in 2009. Hotel is preferred by those who like quiet rest, but do not want to live on the outskirts. The building is located in the center of the city. Among the advantages:

  • The proximity of a large entertainment complex and cozy cafes.
  • Availability of parking. The cost of 15 euros per day.
  • Accommodation with pets is possible for an extra fee of 10 euros per night.
  • Free internet.

The cost of living 65 euros per night. A 5% discount is possible for cash payments.

Address of the hotel – Konviktska 14, Prague, 110 00. Web site –

Salvator Hotel

40 spacious rooms await guests in the Salvator Hotel. It is located close to the center – in Prague 1 district. The main criteria for choosing this hotel for tourists are:

  • Proximity to cultural attractions: St. Vitus Cathedral, Powder Gate, National Museum.
  • Unusual architecture. The building is considered a historical monument.
  • Comfortable apartments with comfortable beds, mini-bar, set of dishes.
  • Courtyard and unusual style of the rooms.
  • Interesting leisure, organized cycling and hiking. There is a billiard room.

Room rates from 39 to 399 euros. Address – Truhlarska 10. Website –

The best hotels in Prague – 4 stars

4-star complexes are presented in a wide variety, but they have one thing in common – high-class service.

Elite Hotel

Located in the building of the former monastery. Rooms are small in size, but history buffs will love the atmosphere of the 14th century. Guests are attracted:

  • Unusual decoration of the hotel in the Baroque style, artistic paintings on the ceilings.
  • Proximity to such cultural attractions as St. Vitus Cathedral, Royal Palace in Prague, Charles Bridge.
  • Parking with a daily fee of 25 euros.
  • SPA center with whirlpool and sauna.
  • There are rooms for non-smokers.
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About the hotel written a lot of good reviews. The average cost of living is 78 euros.

The address is Ostrovní 32, 110 00. Web site is .

Hotel Liliova Prague Old Town

Very much like this hotel for couples. Located in the city center. Of the advantages:

  • Within walking distance of Charles Bridge (only 200 meters away). Old Town Square is a 5-minute walk away. About the same distance to the nearest beach in the capital.
  • The cosy rooms with wooden furniture, climate control and cable TV.
  • Free Wi-Fi.
  • There are rooms for non-smokers.
  • Pets are welcome.
  • Reviews note the cleanliness of the rooms, delicious breakfast, and courteous staff.

Prices start from 82, 76 €.

Charles Bridge Palace

Another option for a comfortable and budget accommodation. Of the advantages is worth noting:

  • Proximity to the historic city center. Clementium with its Mirror Chapel and Astronomical Tower is just a 3-minute walk away. It takes 8 minutes to walk to Old Town Square.
  • Comfortable rooms with air conditioning, mini-bar and satellite TV.
  • We provide a magnificent view of the Prague Castle and the Vltava River.
  • Free Internet access in the entire territory of the hotel.

Room rate from 114 euros.

Address – Anenske namesti, 1. Web site – .

Best 5 star hotels in Prague

Prague 5-star hotels are hotel complexes, striking with their original style and offering a variety of services.

Mandarin Oriental

This hotel gets excellent ratings from most guests. About it leave good reviews. Guests are attracted by:

  • Convenient location. There is a public transport stop just 100 meters away. It is a 5-minute walk to the Charles Bridge.
  • Unusual architecture. The hotel is housed in a building dating back to the 14th century.
  • Comfortable rooms with modern furnishings and heated floors.
  • Spa. Presented by 3 suites, each with its own twist. Mandarin Suite with futon mattress is suitable for lovers of Thai massage or shiatsu. The Petrin Suite is chosen by those who are partial to Rasul (Arabian bathing procedure) and Vltava Suite offers pool with water jets massage.
  • There is private parking (40 euros per day).
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The cost of accommodation – from 340 euros.

Golden Well 5

Business hotel with a small room stock. This hotel is chosen not only by business people, but also by ordinary travelers who appreciate the beauty and elegance. The guests appreciate:

  • Convenient location. A 3-minute walk separates guests from Malostranska Square and 7 minutes from the Charles Bridge. St. Vitus Cathedral is nearby.
  • Unusual style. The building was built in accordance with the architectural canons of the Renaissance. Once it belonged to Rudolph II – Emperor of Bohemia.
  • Beautiful view of the Prague Castle and the Royal Garden.
  • Each room has a coffee machine in addition to air-conditioning, mini-bar, satellite TV.
  • There is a fitness center on the territory of the hotel.

The cost of accommodation starts from 212 Euro.

Aria Hotel

The hotel will delight music lovers. It is located in Mala Strana district. Among its advantages:

  • The proximity of sights: the Prague Castle, Baroque garden, Charles Bridge.
  • Unusual decoration. Each floor is devoted to a different musical genre: opera, jazz, classical.
  • Comfortable rooms, where you can listen to any music and take a tropical shower.
  • Free WiFi in the rooms and throughout the hotel.
  • There is a sauna, Turkish bath, steam room and sports simulators.

Prices for accommodation start from 219 €.


There are 29 rooms to accommodate guests. Advantages of the boutique hotel:

  • Unusual architecture. The building is built in neo-Renaissance style.
  • Walking distance from the hotel: Týn Church, Old Town Square, Royal Road.
  • There are special rooms for non-smokers and allergy sufferers.
  • The hotel has a tour desk.

The cost of accommodation – from 134 €.

Address – Celetna, 7 / 600, Entrance Stupartska 2. Web site –

Savoy 5*

Savoy is located in the Diplomatic District – Hradcany. Among the advantages of the hotel guests note:

  • Close proximity to historical monuments: Strahov Monastery, Prague Castle, the observation tower on the Petřín Hill.
  • Free access to fitness center, whirlpool and steam bath.
  • The rooms have underfloor heating, TV with Smart TV technology.
  • Anglo-Saxon library with over a hundred books.
  • Business center, working around the clock.

The cost of accommodation is from 165 euros.

Good hotels in Prague in the center – a place where you can relax after cognitive excursions in the city. They will leave an unforgettable impression, thanks to the comfort and quality service.

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