Brussels to Amsterdam: how to get there

Flights from Brussels to Amsterdam

Cheapest air tickets Brussels – Amsterdam (BRU – AMS)

Aviaseils will find you the cheapest Brussels – Amsterdam airfare by comparing airfare to Amsterdam from 45 agencies, 5 booking systems, and 728 airlines. Where exactly to buy tickets for Brussels – Amsterdam is up to you.

Direct flight from Brussels to Amsterdam

  • Air France (dailyAF3147)
  • Aeromexico (dailyAM6210)
  • China Southern Airlines (dailyCZ7625)
  • Delta Air Lines (dailyDL9424)
  • Garuda Indonesia (dailyGA9219)
  • KLM (dailyKL224)
  • Kenya Airways (daily KQ1720)
  • Xiamen Airlines (dailyMF9364)
  • Malaysia Airlines (dailyMH5630)
  • China Eastern Airlines (dailyMU1834)
  • VLM Airlines (dailyVG392)
  • Sky Express, KLM, VLM Airlines from Brussels to Schiphol
  • VLM Airlines from Charleroi to Schiphol

A Brussels-Amsterdam flight with a layover will make your trip even more interesting. Connections can be made in:

  • Brussels (VG505 VLM Airlines flight)
  • Antwerp (VG492 VLM Airlines flight)
  • Rotterdam(VG462 VLM Airlines)

This is a great chance to explore these cities because the transfer time is usually at least 6 hours.

Keep in mind that depending on the number of days remaining until your flight, the price of a ticket for Brussels – Amsterdam can change by more than 128%.

Aviaseils advises to buy tickets from Brussels – Amsterdam in advance, so you can choose your flight conditions based on your wishes and financial possibilities.

  • Flights from Amsterdam to Brussels
  • Flights from Brussels
  • The distance between Brussels and Amsterdam is: 108 miles (173 kilometers).
  • Average flight time from Brussels to Amsterdam: 1h 48min
  • Flight frequency from Brussels to Amsterdam: Daily

Flight prices by month for Brussels and Amsterdam

Month One way Round trip
August 2022 02.08.2022 01.08 – 08.08.2022
September 2022 11.09.2022 01.09 – 08.09.2022

* Prices found by users within the last 48 hours do not constitute an offer.

  • Air France
  • Aeromexico
  • China Southern Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Garuda Indonesia
  • KLM
  • Kenya Airways
  • Xiamen Airlines
  • Malaysia Airlines
  • China Eastern Airlines
  • VLM Airlines
Trains in Holland: How not to get eaten by the railroads

Direct flights Brussels – Amsterdam, flight schedules

Brussels airports from which you can fly to Amsterdam:

Amsterdam airports accepting flights from Brussels:

Most popular on Aviasails

Flights from Brussels

  • Brussels-Moscow from ₽14,440
  • Learn more about Brussels to Istanbul from 3,207 ₽.
  • Brussels – Warsaw from 801 ₽
  • Brussels – Yerevan from 5 085 ₽.
  • Brussels – St Petersburg from 9 997 ₽
  • Brussels – Antalya from 4 191 ₽
  • Brussels – Kiev from 10 766 ₽.
  • Brussels – Helsinki from 1.222 ₽.
  • Brussels – Chisinau from 2,805 ₽
  • Brussels – Vilnius from 1,573 ₽

Flights to Amsterdam

  • Moscow – Amsterdam from 8 563 ₽.
  • St Petersburg – Amsterdam from 16,477 ₽
  • Helsinki – Amsterdam from 3,087 ₽
  • Istanbul – Amsterdam from 3,760 ₽
  • Budapest – Amsterdam from 2 966 ₽
  • Tallinn – Amsterdam from 2 421 ₽
  • Athens – Amsterdam from 3 716 ₽
  • Kiev – Amsterdam from 11 241 ₽
  • Prague – Amsterdam from 1 601 ₽
  • Vilnius – Amsterdam from 2,501 ₽

Statistical information on flights from Brussels to Amsterdam

Airfare from Brussels to Amsterdam by month

Flight cost always depends on the time of flight. The chart will allow you to compare airfares from Brussels to Amsterdam, track the dynamics of their cost and find the best deals.

Flight prices from Brussels to Amsterdam by month

Statistics will help to determine the season of low prices. For example, in July prices reach 22,047 rubles on average, and in September ticket prices drop to an average of 8,821 rubles . Planning your trip now!

Flight searches from Brussels to Amsterdam by month

Aviaseils users perform hundreds of thousands of searches daily on our site. We analyze this information and create charts to make it easier for you to plan your trips.

Flight Dynamics from Brussels to Amsterdam by Months

During high demand periods, it’s recommended to buy your flights from Brussels to Amsterdam in advance. For example, the number of searches in April reaches a maximum of 168 requests, and in June their number drops to 46 of the maximum.

Amsterdam Airport : how to get there
Price trends depending on the number of days left before a flight from Brussels to Amsterdam

What’s better: to buy tickets in advance to avoid a general rush, or to use a “hot” offer closer to the departure date? The schedule helps you to determine the best time to buy tickets.

Price trends depending on the number of days left before a flight from Brussels to Amsterdam

See how the price of flights from Brussels to Amsterdam has changed depending on the time of purchase. Since the beginning of the sale, their price changes by an average of 128%. The lowest price for a flight from Brussels to Amsterdam is 46 days before departure, around 7,753 rubles . The maximum price for a flight from Brussels to Amsterdam is 10 days before departure , approximately 22,752 rubles . In most cases early booking helps to save money, take advantage of it!

Flight prices from Brussels to Amsterdam depending on the day of the week

The cost of flights from Brussels to Amsterdam is not a fixed amount. It depends on many factors, including the day of departure. Dynamics of changes can be seen on the diagram.

Flight prices from Brussels to Amsterdam depending on the day of week

Statistically, the most affordable flights from Brussels to Amsterdam are on Mondays, with an average cost of 6,811 rubles . The most expensive flights are on Tuesdays, their average cost is 13,021 rubles . It is worth taking into account that departures on pre-holiday days are usually more expensive. We hope that this information will help you plan your trip in the most efficient way.

How to get from Brussels to Amsterdam

The distance from Brussels to Amsterdam is 213 km . There are several public transport services per day along this route, and you can also rent a car or cycle this route, spreading the load over the days (e.g. with an overnight stay in Rotterdam).

Train Brussels – Amsterdam

There are regular trains from Brussels Central Station to Amsterdam stations. On the platforms are conveniently located boards with information about the departing train (direction, departure time and stations of stops).

Dusseldorf-Amsterdam: how to get there

One of the most convenient options are high-speed trains Thalys. Trains run from 7:00 to 22:00. Travel time is 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Ticket price for the train Brussels – Amsterdam in 2022: from 45 € for a seat in second class and 95 € for a seat in first class. If you buy tickets in advance, you can find lower prices.

You can view the schedule on the official Thalys website. In addition, the purchase of a boarding pass is available at the station even a few minutes before the train’s departure.

You can also buy a train ticket on the Russian-language site Rail Europe, which specializes in European rail destinations, as well as through a unified service to find tickets for transportation around the world.

Bus Brussels – Amsterdam

Photo source: ©

Direct flights from Brussels Zaventem bus station and airport to Amsterdam bus station and airport are, among others, operated by Flixbus. Buses leave throughout the day and even at night. Travel time is from 2 hours and 45 minutes. The trip from one airport to another takes 4 hours and 45 minutes.

See the current Brussels – Amsterdam bus schedule on the Flixbus website and on the scoreboard:

Buy a bus ticket from Brussels to Amsterdam

The price of a Brussels-Amsterdam bus ticket in 2022 is between 10 and 31 euros depending on the flight. You can buy tickets online on the already mentioned website of the carrier Flixbus or on

You can compare all options for travel between cities in terms of cost and travel time through the unified ticket service OMIO.

From Brussels to Amsterdam by car

Travelling by yourself by car gives you the chance to explore the beauty of Belgium and the Netherlands, and to stop in Antwerp and Utrecht if you want, go shopping, and take pictures. If you are determined to stay the course and take the express train to Amsterdam, you can expect the journey to take about 2.5 hours. The distance between Brussels and Amsterdam by car is 213 km via the E19 and A27.

Eindhoven - Amsterdam: How to get there

Route description Brussels – Amsterdam

Route length between Brussels and Amsterdam: 212km

Approximate travel time: 2h 24m Show route description

Finding travel companions

The option with hitchhikers in cars also works: there are always lots of offers on this route, you can find the suitable ones with the search form.

OMIO unified ticket search

With Omio you can compare all available public transport options by price and travel time. Here you can find tickets for trains, coaches and buses for your chosen destination. Thanks to the easy search, you can find the best deal.

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