Bulgarian Visa for Russians – 2022

Visa for Bulgaria

Russians still require a visa to visit Bulgaria in 2022. The country entered European Union in 2007 and is subjected to its visa requirements. In spite of deep roots and mutual penetration of cultures the visa regime with Bulgaria is preserved.

Bulgaria aspires to Schengen and unifies the requirements for staying with it. In spite of the external similarity of Bulgarian visa and Schengen visa the documents required by applicants are different.

Documents for Bulgarian visa in 2022.

According to the requirement of the Consulate, in order to obtain a permission to visit Bulgaria, it is necessary to prepare the necessary package of documents for each applicant, which differs slightly in the type of visas requested:

A standard package of documents for a tourist visa includes:

  • Correctly filled out Questionnaire Form, (when applying through our visa center, filling out the questionnaire is sufficient;)
  • Valid passport;
  • The medical insurance policy with coverage from 30000 euros (with a discount you can buy it in our visa center – more details about tariffs);
  • Air tickets (not required in 2022) (For land transport: insurance, license, copy of the technical passport for the car);
  • Paid hotel or other reservations (not required in 2022);
  • Documents confirming your financial independence (Statements from banks, reference from the place of work are only required for those born in the former USSR republics and abroad, as well as for natives of the Caucasus);
  • Consent to process personal data.

Business trip.

If you intend to travel for business purposes, in addition to the standard package of documents you should present:

  • Invitation from Bulgarian side;
  • Letter from Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bulgaria;
  • A reference from work stating the purpose of the visit and a guarantee of financial support of the employee’s trip;
  • Registration certificate from the tax authority of the Russian Federation, for IE a copy of the registration certificate and an electronic excerpt from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities;

Private visit by invitation.

If Bulgarian citizen invites you, you should submit the following documents:

  • Invitation from a Bulgarian citizen with its registration with the local authorities;
  • Copy of the UGN card on both sides of inviting person;
  • A plane ticket; (for working IE or for IE – registration certificate of IE);
  • A copy of pension, for pensioners.

Travel of teams to competitions or cultural visits to Bulgaria.

For these trips you also need a national visa. Travelling to various competitions, sports competitions or camps are arranged by the sports committees or the Ministry of Culture by submitting a list directly to the Consulate, indicating the time of the events. Representatives of the relevant departments are responsible for collecting and submitting the documents.

Visas for owners of real estate and at their invitation.

For owners of real estate in Bulgaria, their spouses and minor children can obtain a separate visa for a period of up to five years. To get such visa you can find necessary list and explanations in section “Visa for owners of real estate”. Also on the basis of the property right an owner can make three year visas for his/her adult children, grandchildren, parents or parents of his/her spouse, who are not registered in the notary deed.

The procedure for processing visa documents

In spite of the differences in the types of Bulgarian visas, there are common standards for reviewing and processing documentation.

    The passport should be filled in by computer or by hand, legibly – in block letters, no corrections are allowed and should be signed by the one who asks for the visa, the parent or guardian signs for children;
  • At the time of the impending departure the passport must be valid for at least 90 days, the passport must be signed by the owner;
  • The passport must be in good condition (legible on all pages) with all pages without significant tears.
  • Proof of ability to pay.
  • Insurance must indicate the country of residence, for the duration of the visa and with a coverage of at least 30000 euros.
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Documents, confirming ability to pay.

To prove your ability to pay, you need to provide proof of your ability to pay in order for the residence permit application to be considered, as follows:

    Proof of employment must be on the letterhead of the organization with the address, telephone number and tax identification number, which must indicate the position held and the salary. The certificate must indicate the date of issue and the outgoing number, must be stamped and signed by the responsible employee (director, head of division, accountant). It is not allowed to issue the certificate to yourself. If you work for a sole proprietorship, you must additionally provide a copy of the certificate of the sole proprietorship. An account statement showing enough money to cover a stay in Bulgaria at the rate of 50 euro per day if the stay is less than ten days and not less than 500 euro if the stay is up to 30 days.
  • A letter from a sponsor. In case of insufficient financial guarantees a trip can be sponsored by a close relative or inviting party, on a business trip organization.The letter is drawn up in any form by the sponsor indicating the date of writing, personal data of sponsor and sponsored, country and duration of trip signed by the parties. A relevant document (marriage certificate, birth certificate) should be attached as proof of kinship. Sponsor should present proof of his solvency (certificate of employment, account statement).

Visa 2022 by yourself: step by step instructions.

Documents are submitted in two ways. Advance registration at the Consulate in Moscow or Saint-Petersburg (you can register 14 days prior to desired date of visit, strictly from 13 to 16 o’clock by telephone at the Consulate). Addresses of official visa centers are published on the site of Russian Consulate, and are located in major cities in Russia, such as St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Ufa, etc.

You can submit documents to any representative office without making an appointment, regardless of your current place of permanent residence.

Documents must be submitted no earlier than 90 days and no later than 6 days before the date of the impending departure, in the normal course of business. Also you can apply for the visa urgently in 2 working days and express in 1 working day. It costs more, and as a rule, the urgent visas are issued for one trip.

Who has the right to apply for visa to Bulgaria in person?

Documents may be submitted and received:

  • The applicant him/herself;
  • Anyone to whom the applicant has given a notarized power of attorney;
  • Accredited visa centers and tour operators;
  • A close relative, providing proof of kinship, only with the payment of receiving the passport back by courier service DHL;
  • State authorities, for group visits (competitions, contests, etc.)

Bulgaria does not require biometrics and therefore you can do without a personal visit to the consulate or visa center.

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The applicant or his representative has the right to apply to the Bulgarian Representation in Moscow. Bear in mind that when you apply on your own, the most important thing is to do everything correctly and the first time! Fill in the application forms and consents, attach all the necessary documents. Especially you need to pay attention to the collection and preparation of documents for minors.

Processing time and costs

Regular processing – processing takes up to 6 working days. Urgent processing – processing takes two working days. Express review – up to two business days.

In special cases, without any comments, the consulate has the right to delay application and visa issuance for up to thirty working days.

Visa validity periods

  1. Bulgaria issues several types of visas with intervals of stay:
  2. Up to thirty days – single entry, by dates of travel, or for 30 days;
  3. Up to thirty days – double entry, with a visa corridor of three to six months;
  4. Up to ninety days – single entry, with a visa corridor of three to six months;
  5. Up to ninety days – double entry, with a visa corridor of three to six months;
  6. Up to ninety days – multiple entry, with a visa corridor of up to six months;
  7. Multiple annual visa – multiple entries with a stay of up to 90 days in each six-month period, in a year not exceeding 180 days;
  8. Multiple-entry three-year visa (for owners of real estate) – multiple entries with a stay in each six-month period up to 90 days, not exceeding 180 days a year;
  9. D-type visa – for 180 days of stay;
  10. Transit visa is not issued.
  11. Study visa – no limit on the number of days to stay;
  12. Work visa – no time limit on the number of days.

Bulgaria and Schengen

Consideration of this issue is the most confusing topic, overgrown with the most ridiculous rumors and speculation. Misunderstanding of this issue can lead to deportation or denial of subsequent visas. On one hand Bulgaria is a part of EU, on the other hand it’s not a part of Schengen, but according to agreement on Borderlands visa to Schengen is equal to visa to Bulgaria, but not vice versa. You can see more details in section – about Schengen visa to Bulgaria.

Schengen visa for Bulgaria can be obtained only after the country’s joining Schengen zone that is expected in the nearest future. Now the rules are unilateral and you can go to Bulgaria with Schengen visa, but not vice versa.

Who doesn’t need Bulgarian visa

Visa is obligatory but it’s possible to enter Bulgaria without Bulgarian visa. It is possible to enter without a Bulgarian visa:

  • A valid multiple Schengen visa of any country;
  • Residence permit of Bulgaria or any other EU country;
  • A permanent residence permit in Bulgaria or any EU country;
  • Holding citizenship of Israel (a valid passport), United States of America and other countries outside of Europe that have an agreement;
  • Double entry or multiple entry valid visa of Romania, Croatia, or Cyprus (specifically visa, not visa).

Refusal of Bulgarian visa.

Bulgaria refuses visa very rarely, though it happens. Mostly it happens due to mistakes in processing, lack of necessary documents, and discrepancies between applications and documents. How to avoid refusal?

  1. Examine and submit papers as required, according to the standard.
  2. Correctly select and request a visa based on the intentions.
  3. Comply with the statute of limitations of the documents.
  4. State accurate information without misrepresentation of details.
  5. In case of a call for an interview, do not avoid it.
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There is no exact date of joining Bulgaria to Schengen zone, as well as nobody knows the price for Bulgarian visa for Russians in 2020 when the country should join visa-free area of EU, and if you have already got Shengen zone pack your suitcases and go to Bulgaria for holidays.

Visa for Russians in Bulgaria

Do Russians need a visa for Bulgaria in 2022? Russian citizens visiting Bulgaria require a visa. You can apply for it at the visa center of Bulgaria or at the visa sections of the Bulgarian Embassy.

Bulgarian visa is made out by yourself in the same way as at registration through a travel agency, the difference is that in the first case you’ll have to apply independently to the visa application center. In general getting visa to Bulgaria practically doesn’t involve any difficulties, therefore Russian tourists go to this country quite steadily.

Holders of valid Schengen visa type C and D may enter and stay in Bulgaria without any hindrance within the limits of Schengen visa. Maximum period is 90 days within six months.

Types of visas to Bulgaria

  • Entry short-stay visa is for persons whose purpose of travel is tourism, visiting relatives or friends.
  • Group visa is granted to persons who are citizens of one state and who have formed a group before applying for a visa. Group tourist visas allow a single entry and a stay of not more than 30 days. Group single-entry or double-entry transit visas entitle the bearer to single-entry or double-entry travel through the territory of Bulgaria. The composition and size of the group may not be changed during the stay or when leaving Bulgaria.
  • Transit visas may be issued to nationals who need to transit through Bulgarian territory to a third country within 24 hours. This visa entitles you to leave the airport and stay within the country’s territory for a specified period. Russian citizens do not need this visa if they arrive in Bulgaria with a stopover or change flights and do not leave the controlled zone of the airport.
  • Immigration visas are issued to persons applying for a long-term (up to 1 year) or permanent residence permit in Bulgaria.

Visa to Bulgaria 2022

Visas to Bulgaria in 2022 for Russians will be as before. It is necessary to stipulate that separately, as there was a lot of information that the Bulgarian side is planning to issue Russian tourists visas immediately on arrival to the country, but such practice would be contrary to the rules of the European Union, of which Bulgaria is a member.

Documents for Bulgarian visa

Standard and obligatory package of documents

  • The filled in application form for visa to Bulgaria (all fields of application form should be filled in. The application form should be signed by the applicant himself;)
  • Valid foreign passport with at least 3 months validity after the end of the supposed trip (+ copy of the first page). A photocopy of the first page and the page with valid Bulgarian and Schengen visas. Presence of the owner’s signature in the passport is obligatory;
  • A 3.5×4.5 color photo on a light background (including a photo of a child inscribed in the passport);
  • A photocopy of the pages of the internal passport;
  • Medical insurance policy, valid in the countries of Europe for the entire duration of the trip. The amount of coverage should be no less than 30 thousand Euros;
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Medical travel insurance for visa to Bulgaria Price comparison service for medical insurance from leading insurance companies in Russia. Indicate the country and dates of travel, then choose a suitable option and take out the policy.

  • Air tickets (copy) or proof of reservation or documents for your car (copy of registration certificate, copy of driving license, copy of the Green Card, free form itinerary).

Tourist trip

  • Hotel booking confirmation (faxed copy/electronic booking). The confirmation should include all departing persons by name, dates of stay, and hotel details. It is also necessary that the invitation confirm the fact of payment for the hotel by the applicant;
  • Proof of employment on letterhead paper with stamp, address, telephone number, position and salary of the applicant. Pensioners have the right to submit a pension certificate instead of a proof of income;
  • Evidence of sufficient funds for travel (currency purchase certificates, traveler’s checks or up-to-date bank statements, etc.) on the basis of €50 per day per person (but not less than €500 for the entire duration of travel).

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Private visit

  • Bulgarian citizen invitation sample (original and photocopy);
  • Proof of relationship for close relatives.


  • Photocopy of visa of destination point (country);
  • If the applicant is visa-free, documents confirming the purpose of the trip (invitation, hotel reservation, real estate documents, etc.) are required.

Business trip

  • Invitation from Bulgarian legal entity in prescribed form (original and photocopy);
  • Recommendation letter issued by Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce or Bulgarian-Russian Chamber of Commerce in Moscow or a copy of the contract, testifying the mutual business activities and intentions related to the forthcoming trips;
  • A letter of employment on the letterhead of the company with a stamp, address, phone number, position and salary.

Travel with children

For children, regardless of whether they are inscribed in the passport of the parents or not, a separate application form, which

Visa to Bulgaria

a full set of documents. In addition to the general list the following documents must be submitted:

  • A copy of the child’s birth certificate (it is advisable to have the original with you as well);
  • If the child is traveling with one of the parents or a third party, a notarized copy of the parent’s power of attorney for the child’s departure, as well as a copy of the first page of the parent’s passport.

If one of the parents is dead or absent, documents should be presented (death certificate, original copy of police certificate, copy of single mother’s book, etc.).

Children over 6 years old who are registered in their parents’ passports must have their photographs superimposed. Children over 14 years old must have their own passport.

Photo requirements

  • Photo must be color, 3,5 × 4,5 on a white background (including the child inscribed in the passport).
  • The face in the photo must be clear, large, only in full-face, and occupy 70-80% of the photo. The eyes must not be red.
  • Photographs with tinted glasses, photographs made by handicrafts, or photographs cut out of amateur photographs are not accepted

Submission requirements

Visa to Bulgaria

To expedite the application process, the enclosed documents must be stacked in the following order:

  • Passport;
  • A completed Bulgarian visa application form with a pasted photo;
  • A photocopy of the main page of the passport;
  • Documents, confirming the purpose of the trip;
  • Insurance policy;
  • Flight tickets booking;
  • Certificate of employment;
  • Documents, confirming availability of sufficient funds;
  • For unaccompanied minors: copy of birth certificate and notarized copy of parents permission to travel;
  • Additional documents.
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Visa validity periods

Short-stay (entry) visas validity periods

  • Single entry visa entitles the holder to enter and remain in the country for a period of up to 90 days within 6 months from the date of entry. The specific length of stay is indicated on the visa sticker;
  • A double entry visa entitles the holder to two entries and a stay of up to 90 days for a period of 6 months from the date of the first entry. The specific length of stay is indicated on the visa sticker. However, holders of a double-entry visa cannot enter the country twice through the same border crossing;
  • A multiple-entry three-month visa is valid for three months. The visa allows multiple entries and a total stay of up to 90 days in Bulgaria. The specific period of stay is indicated on the visa sticker;
  • A multiple-entry six-month visa is valid for six months. The visa entitles the holder to multiple entries and a total stay of up to 90 days in Bulgaria. The specific period of stay is indicated on the visa sticker;
  • A multiple-entry annual visa is valid for twelve months. The visa entitles the holder to multiple entries and a total stay of up to 90 days in Bulgaria within six months of the first entry. The specific period of stay is indicated on the visa sticker.

Transit visa (single entry, double entry, or multiple entry) entitles you to travel through the territory of Bulgaria to third countries with the possibility of staying in the country for up to five days for each entry.

Cost of visa to Bulgaria in 2022

The consular fee is 35 €, with an additional service charge of 14 €, so that the cost of visas to Bulgaria is generally comparable to Schengen. The fee is payable in cash in rubles directly at the visa application center. If necessary, an express visa can be issued within two days (not counting the day of application) – the consulate fee is 70 €, also a service fee of 14 €. The information is for September 2022. More information on prices on the website of the Bulgarian visa center.

The following categories of citizens are exempt from paying the consular fee:

Visa to Bulgaria

If a visa is refused, the consular fee and service charge are non-refundable.

Visa processing period

Short-stay and transit visas are processed within 4-6 working days (depending on the place of application), and urgent single entry visas for short stays and urgent single entry transit visas are processed within 48 hours. You can check the status of visa application documents at the page.

Who doesn’t need a visa

Citizens of some states do not need a visa to Bulgaria. These are EU countries, USA, UK, Japan, Israel, Australia, New Zealand and others.

A visa is not necessary for short term stay in the territory of the republic and the owners of valid double and multiple Schengen visas, long-term visas, as well as residence permits issued by countries of the Schengen Agreement. The only condition for holders of such visas is that the number of entries and the visa corridor travel Schengen visa must not be exhausted.

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