Cayo Coco, Cuba – 2022. Reviews, tips and prices for vacations

Hotel reviews for Cayo Coco

The sea food and sushi are great.The location is great.The service is excellent.Would recommend for a comfortable family or romantic vacation. Read more

Pullman exceeded my expectations and more! We had a great time there and will definitely be back! The food was great, the entertainment was delightful, and the bartenders were very attentive! 10/10️Will do. Read more

We had a great stay at our hotel in October 2021. We loved everything, the beach is great, they say the best on Cayo Coco. The hotel area is huge, we didn’t go everywhere in 11 days. The grounds are staffed by gardeners, y. Read more

The food is amazing, I would love to leave my review on the hotel. I would like to leave my review of an unforgettable time I spent at the Mojito Hotel on Cayo Coco from December 21, 2021 to January 3, 2022. We vacationed with our small. Read more

We stayed with my girlfriend in this hotel at the end of January. Bathroom was amazing the hotel is extremely clean and the staff was extremely nice. Read more

We stayed in Cuba for the first time! No minus will change the excitement of the ocean, beach, and atmosphere! It was a quick trip from the airport to the hotel. Dancing, drinks, full care at the entrance at once. We were in and out of the hotel. Read more

We stayed with friends and kids, only 7 days, would have liked longer. Bathroom was perfect for our family. The staff were amazing the night shows. Breakfast was a great experience and definitely worth a visit. Read more at

We stayed at this hotel in August 2021 and will stay there again in October. I will write right away that we went to Cuba for the atmosphere, the ocean, the dancing, and we got it all at this hotel. I think the beach at Memories is the best. Read more

Rest with children in Cuba: 5 best hotels

The ocean is super! Just heaven on earth! Beautiful well maintained area.Rooms, though simple, but cleaned regularly, clean. Food – chicken and fish cooked tastily. Fruits are always plentiful. The waiters were very good. Read more

This was my third stay at this hotel. I came for a month for the first time in Feb 2021 but I couldn’t bring myself to leave and prolonged my stay for 2 more weeks. Now I come every time at once for 1.5 months. Read more

We stayed from Feb 18 to Feb 25, 2022. Breakfast is the best we’ve ever had. The staff were friendly and welcoming. There were some small problems with the room, but they were resolved quickly. The hotel is clean and the area is large. Read more

The staff at the hotel are very clean and the athlete is very well looked after. The staff are very good at what they do and will not give you anything better to do. The entire staff is working like sleepy flies, except for the lobby bar and cleaning staff. The staff is very nice and helpful. Read more

Good day ! We stayed on 01 Feb 11 nights. The sea is not warm enough – but I had a great time. The sand and ocean are gorgeous. Insta Samki all here on the photo – will be chic, but will have to eat. Read more

Beaver to all. Were at the hotel in February 22, hotel solid 4+, sun loungers on the beach free, towels give out for the beach, but for the loss of 20$. We stayed in building 43, room 208 overlooking the mangrove lagoon. Read more

I had a great stay at the hotel. Hotel area is big, a lot of flowers, very well maintained. Large beach with free sun loungers and several bars. The sand on the beach is white, the ocean is clear and without algae. Rooms. Read more

When is the best time to rest in Cuba. Seasons and weather by month.

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Vacations in Cuba with Children Because of Cuba’s complicated culture, the prospect of visiting with children can seem daunting.The ongoing problems in the economy mean that even some basic goods are not readily available here. Not to mention.

New Year’s Eve in Cuba. Cuba. The rebellious spirit of freedom, the romance of the revolution, the sea, the beautiful beaches and the hot sun. If you decided to go here for the New Year’s Eve you are an incorrigible romantic. Desperate and carefree.

Organizing a wedding, wedding ceremony in Cuba Where did you dream to get married? On a white sandy beach? At sunset? In a picturesque garden? These and many other wedding opportunities are available in Cuba. Not without reason the second name of the place – Liberty Island.

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Cayo Coco – great sea and beaches

The resort island of Cayo Coco in Cuba is known for its all-inclusive hotels and good beach vacations. Find out what tourists say about the hotels and sea, how much it costs to vacation at the resort, and when it’s best to visit.


Impressions of the resort

The island, which got its name after the white ibis, the coco bird, is loved for its warm climate, peaceful atmosphere and excellent beaches. Cayo Coco – the real kingdom of idleness!

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Despite the long flight – 12 hours from Moscow, families with small children like to come to the Cuban island. Also Cayo Coco to the elderly and fans of diving. Although few people speak Russian, but the attitude to tourists from Russia is good. Find out where to vacation with children in Cuba.

No matter who says what, but Cuba, namely the island of Cayo Coco, is good. It’s a very colorful country and it has super positive people. The beach is gorgeous: white sand, seagulls, pelicans, there’s a place to walk.

Elena: “Do not expect from Cuba luxury rooms, new furniture, no mold, mosquitoes, etc. This is Cuba, and even more so Cayo Coco! Cuba is the ocean, white sand, smiles, dancing and chic rum with lots of cocktails.”

Best hotels on Cayo Coco

According to tourist reviews, the island is not bad hotels. The only criticism is slow service. All hotels offer all-inclusive accommodation and have their own beaches with sun umbrellas and sun loungers.

Look for tours on Travelate. The best hotels in Cayo Coco, Cuba, according to traveler reviews:

Prices for vacations on Cayo Coco

A distinctive feature of Cuba is the colorful houses, pictured is the lettuce hull of the Colonial Cayo Coco Hotel. Photo: vitaldrum /

Best beaches

Cuban island is part of a nature reserve, so the sea and beaches on Cayo Coco are clean. The luxurious sandy coastline stretches for more than 20 km. The beaches are separated from each other by coral reefs. Most of them have an excellent view of the sunrise. Entrance to the water is almost everywhere gentle – with the kids to rest safe! According to reviews, the best beaches in Cayo Coco are Playa Uva Caleta, Los Perros, La Petrolera, Larga, Los Flamencos, Las Coloradas, La Jaula, Dorada, Las Conchas and Prohibida.

Daria: “The ocean and the beach are just magical! I can’t and don’t see the point in describing them in words. I thought it wouldn’t surprise me, but believe me, it’s worth seeing.”

18 Reasons to go to Cuba and fall in love with it

Oleg Matveev: “The sea and the beach make up for everything! The wide sandy strip, gentle entrance, and the color is super.

Tourist reviews of vacations in Cayo Coco

The entrance to the water is gentle almost everywhere, so it is safe to have a rest with children! Photo: vitaldrum /

Prices for food

Tourists mostly buy all-inclusive tours and eat at hotels. Food in Cayo Coco is inferior to Turkey and the Dominican Republic, but no one goes hungry. Vacationers recommend trying the seafood at Lenny’s Bar and Grill restaurant. A portion of lobster, fried fish, and baked shrimp are 15 CUС each.

Vera: “The food is pretty good, but there’s not much variety. Most of the dishes are in ready-to-eat form. Seafood is mostly only in a la carte restaurants. You can eat fast food at any time of the day or night.”

Reviews of Cayo Coco in Cuba

A portion of lobster, fried fish and baked shrimp cost 15 U.S. dollars each. Photo: Toa Heftiba /

Excursions and Entertainment

Cayo Coco hotels are busy entertaining tourists in the evenings with foam parties, dance shows, and fun programs for children. Outdoor enthusiasts dive the coral reefs and ride horses along the coast. There is a tour bus that runs around the island. A full-day ticket costs 5 CUC. Explore the different corners of Cayo Coco for yourself!

The choice of excursions in Cayo Coco is not as great as in Varadero. Tourists like trips to the towns of Moron (40 CUC) and Trinidad (80 CUC), Jeep Safari (80 CUC) and the Sugar, Cigars and Rum tour (75 CUC).

Jana: “Took a visit to the dolphinarium – a full program, namely with swimming and tricks. Tour for half a day, drove, bathed with the dolphins as a family and back to the hotel. Our kids really liked it.”

Things to do on Cayo Coco

Outdoor enthusiasts dive the coral reefs and ride horses along the coast. Photo: FamVeldman /

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When it’s best to go

The Cuban island has a temperate tropical climate. The coldest month is January at +25°C, and the hottest weather on Cayo Coco is from July to September at +30. +34°С. October is the wettest month, raining like a bucketcket during about a third of the month.

If you like warm weather, come in winter and spring, those who are ready for any heat will do in summer and early autumn. The sun in Cuba is always active. Do not forget to take a good sunscreen!

Valeria: “In January it was very windy, +28 ° C, water +24 ° C. My husband was swimming and I was sunbathing. At this time of year there are no mosquitoes and midges.

Elena: “In June, the weather is good, but if you do not swim, it is stuffy +35 ° C. In the evening from 16 to 19 in general beauty, it did not rain.

Weather on Cayo Coco

If you like warm weather, come in winter and spring, and those who are ready for any heat will do in summer and early autumn. Photo: vitaldrum /

Conclusions: is it worth to go to Cayo Coco

According to the reviews of tourists, holidays in Cuba will not appeal to those who are used to impeccable cleanliness and European standards of service. Cubans are people with special values. They do not worry about minor things, do not rush anywhere and like to enjoy life, so you should not expect much. They come to the tropical island for the local color, a great holiday at sea and a good mood. One trouble – there are mosquitoes on Cayo Coco. Stock up on repellents!

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