Dream Journey to India: I want to find the 8th wonder of the world!

Seven Wonders of the World (India’s Greatest Treasure)

Continuing the theme of the Seven Wonders of the World, I, in early January 2017, escaped for a week from snow-covered Moscow to an unknown India. The goal of my escape was the Taj Mahal on a trip through the Golden Triangle of India (Delhi-Jaipur-Agra). But the delights of traveling in the Triangle is the talk of another reportage. But here, I want to share my impression of the magnificence, grandeur and mystery of the Taj Mahal. Looking at the panorama of the complex, you can imagine how under the scorching rays of the Indian sun, a sea of people moving, creating snow-white splendor on the banks of the river Jamna. Like hundreds of elephants pulling multi-ton blocks of translucent marble. It took twenty-two years to build the mausoleum, which people would later call the Wonder of the World. And at that distant time, the Mughal ruler would immortalize these years with twenty-two domes on the gates of the complex. Taj Mahal is a marble tomb erected by order of Tamerlane’s descendant, the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan to his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal in 1653. And for almost four hundred years it has been the original monument to the love of two hearts, attracting other people and delighting their eyes with its perfect proportions, beauty of ornamentation and lightness of architecture. The relationship between the future Moghul Emperor and the young beauty who sold beads is full of tragedy and romance. The girl who happened to fall into the gaze of the merciless Padishah was called Arjumand Banu Begum. She boasted not only attractive appearance, but also noble descent, so there were no obstacles to the engagement of the young. The young Jahan made Arjumand the ornament of his palace, which is how Mumtaz-Mahal, the name given to the girl by Jahan’s father, the Great Padishah Jahangir, is translated. With the advent of the young maiden, Jahan lost interest in the great number of concubines and wives that accompany the life of any padishah. Mumtaz and Shah Jahan lived together for nineteen years and gave birth to fourteen children. Mumtaz accompanied the Emperor everywhere both at feasts and in battles. Being pregnant with her fourteenth child she was with him on a military campaign, sharing the inconveniences of field life. The birth of the last child took the Great Mogul away from his beloved. His grief became inconsolable. The Emperor spared nothing for the tomb of his beloved wife.Its interior and exterior walls were inlaid with stones using semi-precious stones.

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Jasper, malachite, agate, opal and other stones were brought from Tibet, Persia, China, Russia and other countries. In all, twenty-eight precious and semi-precious rocks were used in inlaying. We visited a marble inlay workshop on the general journey. This is a very hard and labor-intensive process that requires great precision. Not to mention the fact that stone carving makes no mistakes at all. One wrong move of the carver and the entire block of stone has to be redone. The Taj is an example of Mughal architecture, incorporating elements of Persian, Indian and Arabic style. The Taj Mahal complex is built with complete symmetry on any axis. The only violation of this symmetry was the tomb of the Shah himself. Unfortunately it is forbidden to take pictures inside the tomb. Therefore, to see the magnificence of the stone carvings and inlays today is possible only by visiting the Taj itself. Unexpected architectural solutions embodied by the ancients in the construction. So, in order to avoid the destruction of the dome of the mausoleum, four minarets, surrounding it, have an inclination to the outer side. Many mysteries left us Shah Jahan and his Taj Mahal. Personally, I was shocked by two of them. The first is the inexplicable optical effect of the Taj itself. If you look at the Taj from the balcony of Agra Fort palace on the opposite bank of Jamna, then if you go five or ten meters back from the point of initial viewing, the Taj will increase in size. Much has been speculated about this phenomenon, but to this day there is no logical explanation. If anyone is critical of my pictures, I suggest to go and see for yourself and make sure that it is true. The second mystery is connected with the plans of Shah himself. According to a legend, he planned to erect a copy of the Taj Mahal on the opposite bank of the river, only of black marble, and to connect both structures with a carved bridge of sighs. Here, whether it was true or just a beautiful legend I cannot say. But if it had happened, humanity would have had a grand monument to love with a capital letter! Why Taj Mahal is considered a wonder of the world? Probably everyone will have his own answer to this question. For me it turns out this way. First – it is a flawless masterpiece in terms of architecture, mathematics, construction and design. You can’t take anything away, but you can’t add anything either, so as not to disturb the harmony. Second, the Taj is the greatest example of the love of two hearts. An admonition to billions of people in the past, present and, I would like to believe, in the future. This is especially relevant today, in an age of crisis of relationships and trust between people. And thirdly, it is an exclusive which is not available anywhere else. Even if someone decides to build a copy of the Taj, the Taj Mahal near Agra, India, will still be the first and only mausoleum built three hundred and sixty-four years ago. At the end of my report I would like to invite everyone who wants to get acquainted with India to begin their acquaintance with a trip along the Golden Triangle. Delhi, Jaipur and Agra are the cities that can show the European man the main attractions of India’s culture. Allow you to feel the spirit of India and understand the meaning: India is a country of contrasts. Yes, beyond the Golden Triangle is the temple complex Cajuraho, Ajanta Caves, the Statue of Shiva in Murudeshwar and more, which can attract tourists. But as many people as there are preferences. But the basis of acquaintance is, I think, the Golden Triangle. Have a pleasant, rewarding, informative and exciting trip.

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Dream Journey to India: I want to find the 8th wonder of the world!

trip to india

Journey to India. The program and itinerary of the trip across the country from New Delhi in search of the legendary Adam’s Bridge.

The program of the trip was written for the contest 30 000 rubles for a dream trip organized by the site MAKE-TRIP.RU. The challenge was to come up with an original idea and route for the trip, as well as to keep within 30 000 rubles for the flights. The best texts of the participants will be published in a separate rubric.

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Author: Lukashevich Anna .

Probably many people at least once have thought about traveling to India. Many people go to India for the “enlightenment” and the search for self, others go for the ridiculous prices… The beaches of Goa are enough for someone, and for someone even Mumbai is not enough flavor, and he goes to the outback in search of his India.

If someone were to ask me which travel plan is closest to my heart I would immediately suggest my own, because India is too versatile and you can’t get a taste of India just by going to one place.

And now I will tell you about the purpose of my journey. A couple of years ago, surfing the travel sites I came across a very interesting article about the Bridge of Adam, which connects in very ancient times India and Sri Lanka. And since then I can’t get away from the obsession to see this bridge with my own eyes, and if I’m lucky and it turns out to be more than just a legend, I will walk across it!

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According to ancient legends, the bridge was built during the reign of Rama by an army of giant monkeys, in order to release from captivity Sita – beloved of God Rama – kidnapped by the evil demon Ravana. Of course, it is hard to believe that a bridge more than 50 kilometers long could have been built by monkeys. Nevertheless, this version of the appearance of the bridge does not arouse the slightest suspicion among Hindus, because the history of its creation is described in one of the sacred books “Ramayana.

Even more fantastic to this legend is the fact that the bridge was built from special floating stone blocks. But no matter what, if you believe the historical maps, the bridge actually existed and was destroyed by a powerful earthquake in the 15th century.

Of course, now there is not much left of the bridge, time and powerful currents have contributed to the destruction of the bridge. But even now, looking at the area on satellite maps, you can easily find the outlines of the bridge. And according to travelers who have reached the ruins of the bridge, you can even walk across it, because in some places its base was not deepened at all.

And what excites my imagination even more is that stone blocks are actually found all along the coast, miraculously not sinking in the water. It is hard to believe such a thing, even if we set aside the legend and imagine that this bridge was built by people… But, on the other hand, the Egyptian pyramids were also built by people.

To reach the destination of my journey, I will have to cross almost all of India from north to south. Beginning in New Delhi, step by step I will move towards the goal of my journey, city by city I will explore the culture of the country and its historical monuments, traveling by train and bus, sleeping in a new place every day, getting to know a good hundred or even a thousand locals!

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On my way and Jaipur, decorated with ancient sights, as a birthday cake of the long man, and the dizzying Gwalior Fortress, the caves of Elora and the solar tower in Modhera amazes with grandeur of architectural thought.

I will definitely stay in Mumbai for a few days to wander the city in search of places from Shantaram, one of my favorite books. I will definitely visit Goa, because I’ve already bought myself a couple of cool swimsuits for a reason. And to tourists in these places are more loyal, it’s not difficult for me to rent a motorcycle and ride it the rest of the way. I will stop on the way to Hampi, and try to find Mowgli, visiting the Mathanga Hills, and the magical evergreen Western Ghats, which are as beautiful as the rice paddies in Bali! And many-many other attractions!

Actually my itinerary on google maps has about a hundred places already, and I hope I can see at least half of them! But it will be the end goal of my journey that will be the main one for me! Dhanushkodi Point (9°09’09.2 “N 79°26’35.8 “E) is exactly where Adam’s Bridge begins! The eighth wonder of the world – yet to be discovered and therefore so alluring to any traveler!

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