Europe itinerary: Budapest, Rome, Milan, Paris, Riga

Interesting routes in Europe: by car, by bus, by train

Traveling around Europe is easy and pleasant: the roads are excellent, and for those who do not have a car, there is public transportation. Some people like to hitchhike, others prefer to travel through Europe by bus and train or private car – there are interesting and beautiful routes for everyone.

To save money and make an inexpensive itinerary around Europe, take advantage of our tips and tricks on what countries are cheaper to travel to:

How to plan your own trip to Europe

The main thing is to determine your budget and your preferences. Whether you just want to pack the number of countries into your profile, or just want to see some beautiful places and have unforgettable experiences. For your first trip to Europe it is better to choose one country and 3 – 5 places to stop.

Trip budget. How much money do I need for a trip to Europe? This question is asked most often. Of course, everyone has different requests, but there is an answer. Open Bucking and look at the prices for accommodation in the city where you are going. Choose the type of accommodation that suits your needs and budget. Multiply the price for a night of accommodation by 2 – that will be your minimum daily budget. Multiply that by 3, and you have enough money for all the travel, entertainment, and food. It remains to multiply by the number of days of the trip and add the price of airfare to Europe – you get enough money for an independent travel in Europe.

Beautiful European cities that tourists don't know about

If money is tight, they choose accommodation in guesthouses (rooms in hostels for several people), and hitchhike between cities. But the motto of “Go-Znem” still travel though inexpensive, but with comfort! Therefore, how to hitchhike through Europe, we will not parse, and focus on more familiar options: car, bus, train.

To make a route around Europe, remember these three steps:

  1. Choose a city or several.
  2. Calculate a budget for the trip as described above (considering each city along the route). If you’re out of range, go back to step 1 and choose another city.
  3. Catch a sale on the selected route. If there are no sales and prices are not satisfied, then go back to step 1 and choose another city.

Don’t know where to go? Then get inspired by other travelers’ reports – subscribe to Facebook or Vkontakte or Odnoklassniki groups.

Lifehack for those who are from faraway cities of Russia (Omsk, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Vladivostok, etc.) To save money choose a cheaper flight from your city to any city in Europe – the main thing is to get to Europe, and there low-cost low-cost to get anywhere. Check the packages – often tours (flight + hotel) from the regions are cheaper than the flight alone. Use a tour instead of a flight, and travel wherever you want in Europe.

If you need a visa, start doing it 3 months before your trip. Or choose only visa-free countries.

Super route: Riga, Barcelona, Malta, Milan, Vilnius for 13000 rubles!

Where the Russians can go to Europe without visa

Lucky for those who have a residence permit in Europe, other tourists with Russian passport is available only five countries where you can go to Europe without a visa:

    (tourists – 60 days) (up to 30 days)
  1. Bosnia and Herzegovina (up to 30 days)
  2. Macedonia (up to 90 days within half a year)
  3. Serbia (you can stay without a visa for up to 30 days)

For other European countries you have to get a visa – see how to get a visa for a year or more. Or choose another country from the list of visa-free countries. If you have a Schengen multivisa, then here’s a list of countries where you can go with it.

Travelling by train and electric train

By train around Europe. High speed train AVE to Madrid, Spain

High-speed train AVE in Spain

This is the most expensive way to travel around Europe, but very comfortable (see train travel in Austria and Switzerland).

To save money, you must either buy tickets 2-3 months in advance, or use commuter trains. Train timetables and routes in Europe are easy to find on the Internet and immediately buy a ticket, but the train is not so simple – in many countries, tickets can only be bought locally.

Tip: Going to Know. When planning your itinerary, look at different modes of transport. Most often it is more convenient to combine train, plane and bus.

By the way, you can go from Moscow to Europe by train – a great option for those who can not fly.

Now reading: Bad reviews of Tripinsurance (Tripinsurance) and Absolut Insurance – it’s important to know about travel insurance!

Countries where to go by train to Europe from Moscow: Czech Republic (Prague), Estonia (Tallinn), Belarus (Minsk), Latvia (Riga), Finland (Helsinki), Poland (Warsaw), Lithuania (Vilnius), Germany (Berlin).

On buses in Europe

Inside the Lux Express bus

Inside the Lux Express bus

Buses are very convenient because, unlike trains, go almost everywhere, so they are suitable for everyone who does not want to rent a car. Plus, if you haven’t had time to buy a sold-out train ticket in advance, buses are a great way to save money. For those who like to drive around Europe without a car, we discuss all the interesting routes and travel details in a separate topic – traveling around Europe by bus – see travel reports and ready-made itineraries, and ask questions there.

Europe by car

Europe travel routes by car

European routes: Spain by car

The most tempting thing is to rent a car in Europe and drive around several countries. You can not rent a car, but drive your own. We recommend before the trip to read tips about renting a car in Europe: where to look for parking lots, how to pay for roads and more.

The 5 most beautiful capitals of Europe: Vienna, Prague, Rome, Amsterdam, Paris

Traveling by car in Europe is advantageous if you have a large group. Book a car in Europe can be very cheap, – use the Search for low prices on car rentals. Prices can be from 5 euros a day (car with manual gearbox), if you rent on action and off-season.

How to plan a trip to Europe

Use Google maps – mark places you want to visit on the map, and get a ready-made itinerary, as well as the distance and travel time. Think about how much time you are ready to spend at the wheel. Then plan your overnight accommodations, hotels, and things to see.

Where to go by car in Europe

Your travel plan depends a lot on where you want to start. Itineraries in Europe by car from Moscow are quite different from those that start in Milan, Paris, or Lisbon.

Routes to Europe by car

Here we’re gathering routes, where to go by car in Europe . Maps of interesting routes in Europe.

    Europe by car, route from Moscow Moscow Moscow – Warsaw (Poland) – Krakow – Prague – Paris – Andorra – Barcelona – Marseille – Nice – Monte Carlo – Pisa – Florence – Rome – Pompeii – Island Sicily – Venice – Munich – Vienna – Bratislava – Budapest – Byala, Podlaska – Moscow

Add your itineraries here, and photo reports here.

Europe’s best routes

No matter what mode of transport to travel, the main thing is to compose a travel itinerary for Europe so that to see more interesting places. We’ve collected the most beautiful routes to Europe by train, car, bus and detailed travel information.

Here is a list of the most interesting and beautiful routes in Europe:

If you have any questions about the itinerary or want to add your itinerary report, feel free to do so! You can add it here or in Facebook group – Itineraries of Europe or in VKontakte – Itineraries of Europe . The best reports will be published in our club “We went to Europe”.

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Travel itinerary: The 5 most beautiful European capitals

This self-guided European travel itinerary is designed for a couple of weeks of vacation. It is optimally designed in terms of cheap flights and logistics. In one trip you will see some of the most beautiful European capitals: Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Rome and Paris.

Itinerary map. Below you can see a map of the itinerary of the European capitals.

Super route: Riga, Barcelona, Malta, Milan, Vilnius for 13000 rubles!

This itinerary is for 1 person; if traveling as a couple, simply multiply the amount by 2.

Europe's 5 most interesting cities

1. Budapest

  • Flight cost: Moscow-Budapest airfare from 49 euros. Cheapest way is to fly with Wizzair lowcost airline.
  • Number of nights and room rates: 3 nights at Hotel Colours Apartments Budapest at a price of 251 euros.

Budapest is the most beautiful city in Europe with such architectural masterpieces as the Buda Castle, the Fishermen’s Bastion, the Vajdahunyad Castle and the majestic Parliament. You can enjoy very beautiful views of the city from the fortress observation decks and buy delicious food at one of the most picturesque markets in Europe – Budapest Central Market.

The streets and avenues of Budapest are ideal for hours-long walks. Unlike other capitals of Europe, there is a very cool thing – a large number of thermal springs, where 27 baths are organized. Many of them are richly imperial decorated, and it’s nice to spend half a day in them. I would recommend going to the most modern baths Lukac or Rudac, which offer picturesque views of the city.

And now let’s move on to another point of our trip – eating goodies. Hungary is a paradise for meat-eaters, because the portions in restaurants and cafes are huge, and the dishes are very tasty and hearty. My top Hungarian dishes: Hungarian goulash soup, paprikash, stuffed cabbage rolls, schnitzel and Esterhazy cake.

Hungarian parliament the most beautiful building in the world

2. Vienna

  • Ticket prices : Budapest-Vienna bus tickets from 9 euros. The cheapest way is by Flixbus.
  • Number of nights in the hotel and cost of accommodation : 2 nights in Airbnb apartment at a price of 90 euros

We associate Vienna with classical music, elegant architecture and, of course, cozy cafes with coffee and strudel. Given the high cost of living, it is most common for tourists to get to know Vienna on a day trip. Their main goal is to see as much as possible. Within 1-2 days, you can get to know the main sights of the old city a little: the Town Hall, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Imperial Palace Hofburg, Vienna State Opera, the unusual Hundertwasser House, Belvedere Palace and Schönbrunn Palace. All in all, the city has a rich heritage of three empires, and it’s best to spend a couple of days exploring them. Don’t forget about the local cuisine: you simply must try the authentic Viennese schnitzel and the city’s calling card – Sacher cake.

If you get bored in Vienna, you can always go to the countryside, such as the spa town of Baden, Grafenegg Castle or Lichtenstein Castle.

Vienna City Hall

3. 3. Prague

  • Ticket prices: Vienna-Prague bus tickets from 15 euros. The cheapest way is by Flixbus.
  • Number of nights and prices for accommodation : 3 nights in Airbnb apartment at 120 euros
The 5 most beautiful capitals of Europe: Vienna, Prague, Rome, Amsterdam, Paris

The third capital on our itinerary is romantic Prague which is beautiful in any season, but especially in spring. You can walk around the city center and its landmarks in a day: Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square. But to feel the atmosphere of the city, it is worth to wander through the streets, look into the little-known courtyards, climb up to the observation hills Vyšehrad or Petřín.

If your feet were able to walk for a day 20-25 miles, and you want something unusual, then a couple of days you can spend on guided tours: “A trip to Dresden for a day” and “From Prague to the fairy-tale town Cesky Krumlov with the castle Hluboka nad Vltavou”. By the way, these tours, compared with excursions to other European cities are inexpensive (35 euros).

While exploring Prague do not forget about the local beer, sweets trdlo, delicious grilled sausages and the famous Czech goulash, which must try every visitor to the Czech Republic.

District of Prague Malá Strana

4. Rome

  • Flight costs: Prague-Rome air tickets start at 30 euros. The cheapest flight from Prague Airport to Rome Ciampino Airport is Ryanair.
  • Number of nights in a hotel and price : 3 nights in a hotel at the price of 100 euros

If your finances do not allow you, you can end your trip in Prague. If your heart desires a new experience, then go and conquer the capital of Italy. Since the direction of Prague – Rome is very popular, the price of tickets are not too bite, and you can fly to the Eternal City pretty cheap.

About Rome you can write books, you can wander for months, but still explore it completely will be unreal. Therefore, to begin with, it is better to join a group cheap tour “Daily Walk around Rome”, and then independently more detail walk around the most interesting places: the amphitheater for gladiatorial fights Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, the palaces of the Emperors, the Capitoline Hill, Venice Square, the Castel Sant’Angelo, Villa Borghese and the Spanish Steps.

Believe me, for a couple of days in Rome, you will not have time to explore the non-tourist attractions or go out of town – you would cope only with the main sites.

But many hours of walking will brighten up the Italian cuisine, a variety of pastas, pizza and the famous gelato ice cream sold on every corner.

Trip to Italy and Rome

5. Paris

  • Flight cost: Flight tickets Rome-Paris from 31 euros. The cheapest flight is Easyjet from Rome Fiumicino airport to Paris Orly airport.
  • Flight home : Flight Paris-Moscow from 90 euros
  • Number of nights at hotel and room rates : 2 nights at hotel for 164 euros

The final destination of our trip will be Paris. Most tourists themselves make their own program in Paris, depending on their preferences. Some want to spend a whole vacation in the Louvre and other museums, some want to take pictures at all the sights, some want to spit from the Eiffel Tower, and some want to visit Disneyland.

Super route: Riga, Barcelona, Malta, Milan, Vilnius for 13000 rubles!

I would recommend spending a day exploring the city’s main attractions: Notre Dame, the Louvre, the Champs-Elysées and the Arc de Triomphe, taking selfies at the Eiffel Tower, climbing the bohemian Montmartre hill to the Basilique du Sacre-Coeur, strolling in the Luxembourg Garden.

That brings our trip to a close. I think it was very eventful and interesting. In all these cities I have been personally, and have seen a lot of them, used public transportation, and if you are interested in any nuances on the organization of the holidays, feel free to ask questions in the comments.

Paris trip by yourself

Travel Expenses

In addition to airfare and bus tickets, you’ll need to budget for travel from/to airports, as well as lodging expenses. In addition to the classic hotels and hostels in all of these cities you can rent an apartment, for example on the well-known reliable website Airbnb, where the accommodation is on average 50% cheaper than stays in hotels.

Here are the total costs for this trip.

  • Moscow-Budapest air tickets: 49 euros
  • Transfer from Budapest airport to the city center : 3 euro
  • Hotel in Budapest : 251 euros
  • Bus tickets Budapest-Vienna : 9 euro
  • Apartments in Vienna : 90 euros
  • Bus tickets Vienna – Prague : 15 euro
  • Apartments in Prague : 120 Euro
  • Air tickets Prague-Rome : 30 euro
  • Airport bus to Rome city center: 6 euros
  • Rome airport bus : 6 euro
  • Rome-Paris air tickets : 31 euros
  • Apartment in Paris : 164 euros
  • Paris airport transportation in the city center : 3,8 euro
  • Paris airport transportation : 3.8 euro
  • Paris-Moscow flight : 90 euros
  • Food: 20 euros * 13 nights : 260 euros. This price includes breakfast in the apartment, a snack in the street, and dinner in a simple place in Paris or a good restaurant in Prague or Budapest.
  • Pocket money: 300 euros. This amount is enough for souvenirs and incidental expenses. If you will just walk around the city, use public transportation, you will not exceed the budget.

Total cost for a 2 week trip to Europe: 1131.6 euros + contingency pocket money of 300 euros. This amount includes flights, accommodation, transportation costs and simple meals.

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