Follow the white rabbit.

“Alice in Wonderland” – quotes

– Yes,” said Alice to herself, “what a flight!

– It’s not it, but he’s Old Man Time!

– Hence the moral: “Don’t laugh with your tongue, laugh with your deed!”

The quotes are.

Amelie – Quotes A mystery is always attractive.

V. Pelevin “The Holy Book of the Werewolf” I don’t need anything from people at all, except love and money.

W. Shakespeare “Much Ado About Nothing” Bad is the staff that has no horn at the end.

In a nutshell.

A long, long time ago in far, far away England .

. the girl Alice saw the white Rabbit and followed him into the deepest well. To find something that no one had ever looked for before.

She drank from a vial that said, “DRINK ME!” Chewed on a mushroom on both sides. Played croquet with a pink flamingo. The Cheshire Cat himself showed her the way. Want to know if the Rabbit Hole is deep? Follow the White Rabbit. And pick a red pill.

And now for the quotes.

Preface by B. Zahoder

There are mountains of books written in which “Alice” is interpreted and explained in every way. And when they explain it so much and for so long, it means, in my opinion, that people don’t understand it all themselves.

– How do I know what I think? If I tell you, I’ll know.

CHAPTER FIRST, in which Alice nearly fell through the Earth

/* Alice flies down the hole. And has time to think a little bit */

– Yes,” said Alice to herself, “what a flight!

/* Alice discovers a pretty little vial with a paper label tied to the neck */

– No,” she said, “I’ll see if it says ‘Poison!


CHAPTER SECOND, in which Alice is bathed in tears

/* The rabbit runs past Alice */

– That would be all right, but here is the Duchess, the Duchess! She’ll be furious if I’m late! That’s exactly where she’ll come!

/* Alice fell into a pond of her own tears /*

– No, it can’t be,” she was frightened, “it doesn’t look like anything! But today it doesn’t look like anything, does it? It’s called, in my opinion, being in a miserable position.

/* Conversation with Mouse. About cats and dogs and stuff.

– Talking? – Mouse squeaked indignantly, trembling all the way to the tip of his tail. – I wouldn’t talk about such an obscene subject! I don’t want to hear about it!

CHAPTER THREE, in which the Instance Crossing and the story of the ponytail take place

/* . and even Stigand, the Archbishop of Canterbury, glorious in his love for his fatherland, found it dignified. */

– What, what did he find? – Duck was suddenly interested. – He found it,” replied the Mouse, irritably, “Don’t you know what ‘it’ is? – I know what ‘it’ is when I find it,” replied the Duck nonchalantly, “usually a frog or a worm. So I ask: what exactly did the Archbishop find?

/* O Mouse tells the story of why she dislikes Ky and Sy so much.

– Hear this, O child! This tragic saga, this terrible story with a tail of a thousand years old!

/* The old Cuttlefish tells her daughter the importance of self-control, but the young Cuttlefish won’t listen.

– You’d better be quiet, mother! You’ll drive the oyster out of her mind!

CHAPTER FOUR, in which Triton Bill flies down the chimney

/* Rabbit again. And he’s sad again.

– And that Duchess! My head’s gone, and the pelt’s gone, and the tendrils too! She’s gone, she’s gone! She commands my execution, there is no abyss on her!

/* Alice grew up and stuck in Bunny’s house. And Bill is forced to go down the chimney */

– No, I wouldn’t trade with him! My situation is hopeless, but at least I can kick!

/* Alice’s plan: become what she’s always been. And find her way back to that wonderful garden.

– It was an excellent plan; simple and clear, the best I could think of. It had only one drawback: I had no idea how to put it into effect.

/* The puppy plays with the wand, and Alice prudently hides.

– “Yes,” thought Alice, “it’s like playing tag with a horse – you can’t help but run over it!”

CHAPTER FIVE, in which the worm gives useful advice

/* The worm smoked a bong, came down from the mushroom, and gave some last advice /*

– Take a bite from this side and you’ll get bigger, and take a bite from that side and you’ll get smaller. Bite on this side, you’ll get bigger, you’ll get smaller.

Take a bite from this side and you'll get bigger; take a bite from that side and you'll get smaller. Bite on this side, you'll get bigger.

/* The dove identified Alice as a snake

– A snake! – Dove shouted fiercely. – You snake! – What am I to you a snake! – Indignant Alice.-Leave me alone! – Snake is a snake! – Dove repeated, but not so confidently.

– Directly out of the sky at me, damned! Oh you snake! – But I’m not a snake – they say to you, – said Alice – I just.

/* With the help of a magic mushroom, biting off a little bit of this and that, she managed to become the way she used to be.

– And you know, she was so unused to being a normal girl that, at first, she even felt a little embarrassed!

CHAPTER SIX, in which the pig and the pepper meet

– Alice guessed that it was a liveryman, for he was wearing livery; but judging by his face, it was just a crucian.

/* the doorman with the face of a tadpole. And that explains a lot.

– And who said you had to get in at all, young lady? – said the doorman. – You have to start with that question, don’t you? – That was certainly true, but Alice did not like to be spoken to that way.

Time, seagulls and words: how to talk about travel?

/* Everyone in the kitchen sneezed. Except the Cook and the Cheshire Cat. He was lying by the stove and smiling all over his mouth.

– I didn’t know Cheshire Cats were supposed to smile. To tell you the truth, I didn’t know that cats can smile at all. – They all do,” said the Duchess, “and most don’t miss a chance!

/* There’s confusion in the kitchen. The cook throws herself at the Duchess.

– If nobody poked their noses into other people’s business,” muttered the Duchess, “the world would turn a lot faster than it does now.

– Can you imagine the confusion that would ensue? No one would know when it was day or night! Because then the spinning would have been gone. – Speaking of disgust! – said the Duchess. “Disgusting girls get executed!

/* Cheshire Cat on a tree branch

– And indeed, the Cat’s appearance was good-natured; but only very long and claws and a mouth full of teeth – all this inspired reverence.

– Tell me, please, where do I go from here? – That depends a great deal on where you want to go,” replied the Cat. – I almost don’t care,” Alice began. – Then it doesn’t matter where you go,” said the Cat. – As long as we get somewhere,” Alice explained. – Don’t worry, you’ll get somewhere,” said the Cat, “as long as you don’t stop halfway.

/* Alice decided to come from the other side.

– Tell me, who lives around here? – she asked. – This side. – The cat waved his right paw in the air, – lives a certain Hat. Form Hat! And this side, – and he waved his left paw in the air, – lives Dizzy Hare. Dizzy in March. Hunt whoever you want. Both are crazy.

– Why would I go to the abnormals? – Alice babbled. – Well, I’d better not go to them. – You see, it can’t be avoided anyway,” said Cat, “because we’re all abnormals here. I am not normal. You’re not normal. – And how do you know I’m not normal? – Alice asked. – Because you’re here,” the Cat said simply. – Otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

/* The Cat disappeared, but then came back.

– Like you said: “Into the pig” or “into the piglet”? – he asked with lively interest. – I said “into the piglet”- answered Alice, – and may I ask you not to disappear and not to appear all the time so suddenly, because I feel dizzy! – All right,” said the Cat, and this time he really began to disappear part by part, slowly: first the tail-tip disappeared, and then – gradually all the rest; at last only one smile remained, – the Cat himself disappeared, and she still hung in the air.

CHAPTER SEVEN, in which one drinks tea like a lunatic

/* About Time and the Clock.

– They lie for two days,” sighed the Hat. – I told you not to put butter on them! – He added, looking at the Hare angrily. – He did. Yes, but the butter was of the highest grade! – Hare unsure objected. – So what? There may have been crumbs in it anyway! – Hatter continued to grumble. – There was no need to smear the mechanism with a bread knife!

– If you knew time as I know it,” said the Hatter, “you would not speak of it in the middle way. It’s not him, he’s Old Man Time!

CHAPTER EIGHTH, in which croquet is played at the Queen’s

/* Seven is trolling Six.

– Good for you! You’re doing the right thing! Always turn a sore head into a healthy one!

/* The game did not inspire Alice. But the Cheshire Cat was.

– This is my friend. Cheshire Cat,” said Alice, “let me introduce you. – He has an undesirable appearance, – said the King. – However, he can kiss my hand if he wants. – Thank you,” said the Cheshire Cat.

The King said it's only as long as there's a head and you can cut it off, so don't talk nonsense.

/* The Executioner, the King and the Queen argue about the Cat. And the Cat disappears, as usual.

– It seems the Executioner asserted that you can’t cut off the head, if there’s no body to cut it off, that he never did such things, and at his old age he’s not going to! – The King said that as long as there was a head, it could be cut off, and there was nothing to talk nonsense about! – And the Queen said that if everything was not done now, and much sooner, she would have all the heads cut off without exception!

CHAPTER NINE, in which the story of the Delicatessen is told

/* The Duchess sees morality in everything. And the Queen knows only one recipe – about the head.

– No, no, no, child,” said the Duchess, “there’s a moral in everything, you just have to know how to find it!

– Hence the moral: “Don’t laugh with your tongue, laugh with your deed!”

– And hence the moral: “Be what you want to seem.”

– I kindly warn you,” the Queen shouted, stomping her foot, “either you or your head won’t be here, and not this minute, but a hundred times sooner! Choose! – The Duchess chose, and was gone, just in time.

CHAPTER TEN, In Which the Cancer Cadrille Dances

– “Tomorrow, tomorrow, not today!” – Said the Boiled Crawfish – No matter what they say, – Do only that!

CHAPTER ONE in which we find out who stole the pies

** The trial goes on and Alice grows **

– Stop pushing me! – Sonya told her (they were sitting next to each other). – I can’t breathe. – I can’t stop! – Alice said guiltily. – I grow! – You have no right to grow here! – said Sonia. – Don’t be silly,” Alice said less guilty. – You are growing too, aren’t you? -Whatever! I’m growing like everyone else,” said Sonia. – And you’re a mischief-maker!

A Journey with a Taste of Gonzo: The Beginning

CHAPTER TWENTY-FOUR, in which Alice testifies

– Silence! “Law number Forty-two!” he read loudly. – All persons over a vertex in height are to leave the courtroom.

– Your Majesty! – Suddenly Valet spoke. – I did not write it, and no one will prove I did; there is no signature. – So much the worse for you if there is no signature,” said the King. – If you had not had your villainy in mind, you would have signed like an honest man.

– Cut off her head! – The Queen screamed at the top of her lungs. – No one moved. – Who is afraid of you! – said Alice (she had already reached her real height). – You’re just miserable cards – that’s all!

End .

So much the worse for you if there is no signature,

And what’s interesting is this.

Translation by Boris Zakhoder.

Actually, of course, this is not a translation, but rather a retelling. An attempt to convey not the text, but the spirit.

Zakhoder reread “Alice” in English for 25 years. It was his favorite book. And one day he finally made up his mind.

Because he couldn’t help but translate it.

A comment about The Cat by Boris Zakhoder

Do YOU KNOW who the Cheshire Cat is? Some scientists say that the Cheshire Cat is actually just that. cheese! In the olden days in England there was a type of cheese – in the form of a smiling cat’s head. And others assure that it is a leopard, which was painted on the sign of an inn in Cheshire (there is such a place in England). In my opinion, The Cat looks more like a leopard than a cheese. I could be wrong, though.

Ban it! Or better yet, burn it.

The book is, of course, a children’s book. But there are some questionable moments. A lot of it. And some are reaching out to ban it.

The first to do so, oddly enough, were the Chinese. In 1931 “Alice” was banned in Hunan province of China.

What was the reason they chose? The most innocent one, in my opinion. That “animals should not speak with a human voice” and “animals and humans should not be shown as equals.”


“Alice in Wonderland” made the name Alice so famous. Many people began to be called that. Remember “The Mystery of the Third Planet”? Surely Alice Selezneva was also named after “That Alice.” Otherwise it would have been Sveta. Or Marusya. So thanks to Lewis Carroll for our happy childhood.

What do the quotes from “Alice in Wonderland” kind of teach us?

You shouldn’t drink any vial, even a pretty one. Especially if it says “DRINK ME!” You’re probably in trouble.

On the other hand, if you don’t drink from such bubbles – no adventures (which are essentially the same trouble, only the word is different). Then fairy tales won’t be told about you and songs won’t be sung about you. To drink or not to drink? It’s up to you.

Anyway, she’s a strange girl. She drinks something, then she eats mushrooms. There’s some kind of trick to it.

Read a good book and you’ll be happy. And remember, they can all,” said Duchess, “and most do not miss the chance!

Amelie – Quotes A mystery is always attractive.

V. Pelevin “The Holy Book of the Werewolf” I don’t need anything from people at all, except love and money.

W. Shakespeare “Much Ado About Nothing” Bad is the staff that has no horn at the end.

'Don't worry, you'll get somewhere,' said the Cat, 'if you don't stop halfway.

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“Follow the white rabbit”: what the famous fairy tale was really about

Lewis Carroll astrology - RIA Novosti, 1920, 27.01.2022

January 27 marks the 190th anniversary of the birth of Lewis Carroll, author of the famous books “Alice in Wonderland” and “Alice in Wonderland. recalls a few details from the biography of the author and the history of his works

tureen - RIA Novosti, 1920, 26.01.2020

160 years ago was written his first book – “Alice in Wonderland. It was published only a few years later. Its author had no intention of being a writer. He spent his life doing math and writing textbooks. He even had a method of calculating determinants in linear algebra named after him.

He was also a deacon in the Church of England. He even made a trip to Russia in that capacity. To establish links between the Anglican and Orthodox churches, in 1867. It was, by the way, his only trip outside England.

But most of all he dreamed of being a photographer (and even dreamed of making history in that capacity). And perhaps only after that a writer.

Crimea: vertigo

In the 25 years since Alice was published, the book has been reprinted 30 times. Its success with adults and children was incredible. But Charles Dodgson himself (Lewis Carroll is a pseudonym) invariably answered all inquiries that he had nothing to do with the book.

Was it a joke in the style of the Dodo bird? It was in the image of the wise Dodo that the author brought himself out in the book. Or was it a desire to live without the hustle and bustle?

“Alice” was subsequently translated into 125 languages. And 40 times screened. Not to mention the many epigones that borrowed the image of both Alice herself and the characters of her adventures.

The most famous of them are the Cheshire Cat, the Hare of March, the Mad Hatter (aka Dummy), the Bong Caterpillar and the Duchess.

Both adults and children love the book. Adults for the logical puzzles and linguistic jokes. Children – just for fun. By the way, children do not find the book strange at all. The absurdity of what is happening does not confuse them at all.

All of the characters not only had a prehistory of their appearance, but no less rich history of their existence much later than the publication of Carroll’s books.

Follow the white rabbit.

How did the Cheshire Cat appear?

 - RIA Novosti, 1920, 22.08.2018.

Allegedly in the county of Cheshire this picture was used to decorate the heads of cheese (by the way, the famous Cheshire cheese, which is still produced today). The cats were smiling on the picture, because there were a lot of rats on the farms.

Or perhaps above the doors of the local pubs artists painted ugly grinning cats. They wanted to paint lions and leopards, but they got cats. There were no lions or leopards in England in the 17th century, so one had to rely on one’s imagination.

Another version is a breed of British blue cats, which look like they are smiling a little bit.

And his ability to disappear so that “only a smile remains,” the Cheshire cat borrowed from the white ghost cat of the abbess of an abbey in Cheshire. Dodgson was well acquainted with this legend.

Jorge Luis Borges, in The Book of Fictional Creatures, offers his own versions. As usual, too abstruse. Among them is the forester who grinned evilly as he caught the poachers. And the version that Cheshire is such a run-down county that even cats laughed at it.

It is unlikely that a native of this county, Lewis Carroll, would have decided to “glorify” it this way after all.

The Cheshire cat is as popular today as Alice herself.

By the way, in the translation of the Disney cartoon into Russian, his voice was the actor Alexander Voevodin. He also voiced the elderly Bilbo Baggins in the “Hobbit” movie series.

The image of the Cheshire cat is used today for good reason – in computer games, in movies and in literature. It turns the imagination of the authors in anyone. Here and the evil cat humanoid, and the librarian of the Great Libraries, and the Cat God, and so on.

Perhaps the most famous transformation is in The Chronicles of Amber by Roger Géliasny. There the Cheshire Cat becomes a respected specialist in magical knowledge.

Follow the white rabbit.

The White Rabbit and the March Hare

Almost as popular as the Cheshire Cat is the White Rabbit (“Ah, I’m late, I’m late! The Duchess commands me to cut off my ears and whiskers!”).

He also appears in computer games, books – epigones, movies. It is the name of stores, restaurants, nightclubs, and… dental clinics.

The most famous reference is Neo’s instruction in the movie “The Matrix” – “Follow the White Rabbit,” which appears on the computer screen. Then Neo sees a girl with a tattoo of a rabbit on her shoulder, which eventually leads him to Morpheus. And he offers Neo a red pill that will show him “how deep the rabbit hole is.”

Similarly, although less frequently, the characters of the Mad Tea Party, the March Hare and the Crazy Chatterbox, are used accurately.

Psychologists and physicists don’t lag behind fantasy and game writers.

Psychologists have long bloodied the characters of Alice.

They claim that Dummy has bipolar personality disorder. The White Rabbit has an anxiety disorder. The Red Queen has paranoia. And Alice herself suffers from multiple personalities. In addition, she often feels “out of body” – there is depersonalization!

Physicists also contributed to the interpretation of the famous work. The shrinking and enlarging of the character is evidence of nothing less than the expansion and contraction of the universe.

Some find hints of political satire in the children’s book. For example, the Walrus and the Carpenter who ate the gullible oysters are evil politicians who get rich by devouring the income of the common people (the oysters).

And the Duchess and the Piglet are English kings from the time of the Scarlet and White Rose wars.

The running game is a mockery of the pseudo-democratic U.S. election system.

All of these assumptions, of course, are mostly humor and exercises for the mind.

Follow the white rabbit.

Just nonsense.

But what if “Alice” actually has some additional, encrypted meaning beyond the obvious?

The history of this book’s creation suggests otherwise. It was created simply as a fairy tale that Carroll told his little friends day after day.

And Carroll-Dodgson’s life itself was simple and humble. He sought neither fame nor political power, but most of all he loved illusions, fantasies, and their logical (and in fact, illogical) explanation.

He hardly put any additional “coded” meaning into it. It is a pure work of the absurd.

Г. K. Chesterton wrote: “In his nonsense there is nothing but nonsense. There is no sense in his nonsense. Carroll merely played the Logic Game…. this game was new and nonsensical, and also one of the best in the world.”

A vision inside the Scythian Steppe

That is why it is so easy for this book to become a “matrix” for numerous epigones.

And maybe that’s why these tales have been so loved and read for almost two hundred years by adults and children alike.

They are “non-commercial.” The author has nothing “to say” but a game of imagination and logic.

And here are the poor characters to be used in the future by anyone and everyone.

Any personal hatchet-punched gibberish the authors spew out to the public. And they “decorate” all this heap of graphomania with a familiar, recognizable image. Alice or Cat. The Hatter. A caterpillar with a bong.

But strangely enough, these bizarre images remain indestructible. No further metamorphosis with them does not happen, new versions of the “Cheshire cats” do not take root.

The reader reads another “work,” spits, and returns to the beautiful Alice.

“Chapter 1: Down the rabbit hole.

Alice was beginning to get very bored…”

Follow the white rabbit.

Three Alices

The real Alice was a curious and intelligent girl. Just like the heroine of the fairy tale, she liked to throw in a conversation some clever words. Like “parallels and meridians” or “antipodes.

She was very emotional; she liked to laugh and cry. Most of all she loved books (with pictures, of course!) and fantasy.

Alice Liddell was one of the three daughters of the dean of a college in Oxford. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson was a mathematics teacher at Oxford.

He was friends with this family, and took many pictures of everyone, but especially of his favorite, Alice. He even considered becoming a professional photographer for a while.

In his house in Oxford, an attic was set aside for photography. Numerous supplies, toys and costumes were stored there. Dodgson took the process of taking pictures very seriously. And costumes or toys for children back then were an essential part of “art photography.”

Alice grew up in an extremely privileged family. When she became interested in drawing, they invited a teacher for her. And it was John Ruskin himself! A famous artist and the most famous art theorist of the 19th century.

Tolkien astrology - RIA Novosti, 1920, 03.01.2022

Her parents’ family was friends with the artists, the Pre-Raphaelites. But it was not only the famous Bohemians who were close to the Liddell family. His father, a famous philologist and author of a Greek dictionary, was friends with the royal family.

There is documented evidence that the Liddell sisters were well acquainted with Prince Leopold, the youngest son of Queen Victoria. And it seems that he even showed signs of attention to Alice herself or one of her sisters.

In any case, when Edith, Alice’s youngest and most beloved sister, died of illness, it was Prince Leopold who was among the bearers of her coffin.

For Alice Liddell’s own wedding, the prince sent a precious horseshoe adorned with rubies and diamonds.

One of her sons Alice will name Leopold.

And he would name his eldest daughter Alice.

Leopold’s daughter lived until 1981 and was “Queen Victoria’s last granddaughter.”

Alice Liddell also lived a long life and had three sons, two of whom died in World War I. Her husband was a landowner, a famous cricket player, and a former pupil of Charles Dodgson.

It is known that at certain periods of her life, the famous Alice was very destitute. She ended up selling the manuscript of Alice in Wonderland, written and painted for her by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, for 15,400 pounds. Of that sum, most of it went to pay off her utility bills.

She and the author of “Alice” enjoyed a tender friendship until she was about 12 years old. After that, Dodgson stopped visiting Dean Liddell’s house.

There are various reasons given. The main version is that the mother of the family was a rather feisty woman and did not like it if things did not go as she intended. Either she was going to marry Dodgson to her children’s nanny. Or whether she was going to marry her eldest daughter. And the mathematician was not at all eager to marry.

Either Dodgson had a quarrel with Dean Liddell.

Or whether Charles wanted to marry Alice, and this was the reason for the cooling of relations. But this is certainly a fantasy.

There is no evidence of their special relationship. She married at the age of 28. They saw each other many times before that time. There is even a photographic portrait of a sad adult Alice taken by Dodgson. Together with her sisters, she visited his house. But the close friendship was a thing of the past.

Dodgson generally believed that people were only interesting until the age of 18.

Perhaps that’s why the prototype of the heroine of the second book about adventures in a magic land – “Alice in Wonderland” – was another girl.

And her name was Alice, too!

Dodgson met the seven-year-old girl in London, while visiting her uncle. He asked her to take an orange in her hand and tell which hand the orange was in her reflection in the mirror. Thus began the second book of Alice’s adventures, In Looking Glass.

The master of paradoxes and linguistic experiments loved communicating with children. They were the source of his inspiration.

Follow the white rabbit.

Kiss – Photomontage

A lot of speculation arose from here. The logician, mathematician, theologian and deacon of the Anglican Church has been retrospectively accused of all sins. First and foremost, of course, the attraction to children.

But there is no evidence of any such behavior by Dodgson. On the contrary, he was a pious, modest and serious man. These questions arose during his lifetime, and he answered them simply and humbly. He did not get angry, but clearly and distinctly denied the very possibility of such fabrications.

Amsterdam: First Contact

Dodgson’s heirs-nieces and nephews, and he had seven sisters and three brothers, and many nephews on all sides-cut out and destroyed some pages of his diary.

But researchers of his life believe there may actually have been references to his infatuation with some women. The heirs decided to remove what they thought would harm their uncle’s reputation.

A picture of Dodgson being kissed by little Alice is floating around the web. It’s a crude photomontage made up of two artistic photos.

What you can’t do for hype!

As Alexander Pushkin wrote to his friend Peter Vyazemsky about the memoirs of another English classic, Byron: “You should see him on the ship! The crowd … rejoices in the humiliation of the high … at the discovery of every abomination, it is in admiration. “He is small as we are! He’s as vile as we are!” Lies, you scoundrels!”

But the public, of course, is “hunted.” The humiliation of great men is a pleasant moment for the average man.

Charles Lutwidge Dodgson would only smile sadly. Why prove anything. Read his books and you will know all about the man.

Quotes are fictions.

Already in our days there was another strange occurrence, which no one could have foreseen. And there is no “chase the hype” anymore, just confusion.

There are a lot of quotes walking around the web that do not belong to Lewis Carroll or the characters in his books. But they are replicated and replicated.

The reason for their appearance is this. Numerous books were written – imitations of “Alice”. Their authors made no secret of their authorship. But because they borrowed Carroll’s characters, there was confusion.

And now profound “morals” are walking around the web. Anyway, beware of fakes! Like these, for example:

“Where can I find someone normal? – Nowhere,” replied the cat. – There’s no such thing as normal.”

“- If there’s a Wailing Wall, why isn’t there a Wall of Tranquility,” asked Alice.

Fourth Alice

And we have another famous Alice. Alice Seleznyova, the heroine of the famous Soviet cartoon “Secrets of the Third Planet” and the movie “Guest from the Future.”

Does she really have anything to do with Alice in Wonderland, too? Imagine that, yes. The creator of Alice Selezneva, the writer Kir Bulychev (this is also a pseudonym, the author’s real name – Igor Mozheiko) studied at the Foreign Languages Department and dreamed of translating Lewis Carroll’s tale from English.

But it had already been translated. The first translation of the tale into Russian appeared in 1879. However, the book was called “Sonya in the Kingdom of the Diva.

Translated “Alice” and Vladimir Nabokov. He for some reason she became Anya.

The most famous translation was done by Nina Demiurova and Dina Orlovskaya. It was they who gave the names Humpty Dumpty and Hatter, Jabberwocky, Brandishmyg, and all the others. They composed “Varkaloso. Hlivky shorks were poking around in the nave…”

And Kir Bulychev decided to write his own work about a girl’s travels in space and time. The choice of a name was out of the question. Alice, of course!

By the way, Igor Mozheiko also named his daughter Alice. And the heroine of his works – Alice Seleznyova – is always no more than 12 years old.


Charles Dodgson’s horoscope is amazing. Mutual trine of the planets Mercury, Saturn and Chiron.

Mercury trine Chiron. The man has access to all kinds of information. He will easily juggle words, ideas, images.

He doesn’t see the flaws in other people. On the contrary, he can find virtues in everything.

But the main thing is that he has constant access to the “database”, as if he were connected to some world computer, to a cosmic library.

All his life he strives for new knowledge, acquaintances, his sociability is amazing. Charles Dodgson wrote, by the way, a hundred thousand letters during his life!

The man easily mastered any sign system – mathematics, computers, notes, foreign languages. Dodgson even created a special device – a nikograf, to record by stenography the thoughts that come at night. During the day he deciphered them and wrote them down. Of course, he developed the sign system for this device himself.

Mercury trine Saturn. Logic and discipline in everything, especially in speech, writing, teaching.

With this aspect it is good to teach the exact sciences. By the way, Charles Dodgson’s students remembered him as one of the dullest teachers. Monotonous speech, long, uninteresting lectures.

It turns out that in teaching and mathematical works “applied” this aspect – strict and responsible lecturer and researcher. And in books – logical puzzles – the merry and wacky Mercury – Chiron.

And of course, a person with a Mercury-Saturn aspect is subject to all the norms and proprieties of society.

But there is another trine. Chiron – Saturn. The person will be philosophical and at the same time humorous about any worldly problems.

The three planets – Mercury, Saturn, and Chiron – thus make up the Grand Trine combination. It is a combination that promises a person an easy life.

But not in the sense that he won’t have difficulties in his life-no one can avoid them. But in the sense that he himself will not pay much attention to them. Always maintaining a calm and welcoming attitude toward life, people, and himself.

The Chiron-Saturn aspect gives one the ability to create new systems.

A man who had spent his life studying linear algebra, symbolic and mathematical logic, who believed that the entire population should be purposely taught logic, created such a system.

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